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  1. guysmilie added a post in a topic Revell 1940 Custom Pick Up--Coming Soon   

    It looks like a straight reissue from the photo on Tower Hobbies site.
  2. guysmilie added a post in a topic Interests outside of model cars?   

    Is it a mechanical or biological problem? Mechanical, it's only money , biological, That sucks, hope things get better. Driving these cars is therapeutic
  3. guysmilie added a post in a topic Interests outside of model cars?   

    I also play with real cars, and as an extension of that I also found that I enjoy track days. I drive a modded Solstice and took it to the track a few months ago and enjoyed the heck out of it, unfortunately I am in BFE, La and they have nothing here...except very crappy roads.
  4. guysmilie added a post in a topic out of the box builds   

    What is this "box stock" that you speak of? Even my 1:1 are modified before I get them home. Everything I build or drive has some mods on them, I am the weirdo that modified a Lincoln Mark VII at one time .
  5. guysmilie added a post in a topic Revell's Black Widow 1957 Chev Special Edition   

    Yep, it may not be blue, but they carry it. You can also check wally world or target, just look in the office supplies.
  6. guysmilie added a post in a topic Converting a Viper ACR to a ACRX   

    Uhh, do you plan to offer those decals or vinyl sheets for sale? If so I want a few.
  7. guysmilie added a post in a topic Burn Baby Burn   

    Sadly, it's a new Ferrari 458 Italia
  8. guysmilie added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Fujimi GT-40 Question
    Did any of the Fujimi MKI GT-40 kits come with the BRM wheels? I know they were in at least one of the MKII kits, I ask because I was asked by my aunt to replicate my uncles Race Car Replica MKI GT-40 kit car. The picture you see below is what it used to look like, unfortunately it was totaled two weeks ago due to suspension failure.

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  9. guysmilie added a topic in General   

    Check this out...UAZ
    Completely scratch built
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  10. guysmilie added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    2006 Pontiac Solstice, so far fairly stock...but not for long
  11. guysmilie added a post in a topic collectors choice special edition- 1961 Impalas   

    I want, I want, I want!!!! Did I mention that I want this kit?
  12. guysmilie added a post in a topic way gone mustang   

    Go to wallyworld or a hardware store and get some "for sale" signs, cheap styrene right there.
  13. guysmilie added a post in a topic GM on the critical list   

    Completely off topic, but go with the Mazda3, I was looking for a new car about a year ago and looked at the exact same line up you are now, and went with the 3 because it holds it's value and is a very quality piece. I have had mine for just over a year now and have 43,000mile on mine(yes i drive a lot) and it still feels as tight as the day I drove it off the showroom floor.
  14. guysmilie added a post in a topic allison cameo and 72 4drshortbed   

    Who casts that crew cab?
  15. guysmilie added a post in a topic 87-93 mustang LX coupe/Hatch   

    So what's the story? I went to the site to order one but none were shown, please tell me where to get one