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  1. 801ryan added a post in a topic Which Resin Part(s) or Conversion Would You like To See?   

    I'm new so don't kill me if there is one but A dropped axle for 32's would be cool
  2. 801ryan added a post in a topic '32 Ford Rat Rod Project (Updated 3/20/10)   

    Thanks alot for taking time to show that...that is the same way I dropped the front of my 3 window ...and exactly what I needed so see for the rear and fuel tank....Thanks agian
  3. 801ryan added a post in a topic '32 Ford Rat Rod Project (Updated 3/20/10)   

    very cool start...what mods to the frame and suspension??

    I just picked this kit up and wanted to build pretty much the same way
  4. 801ryan added a post in a topic Another 32 Ford 3 window   

    well the valve covers in the kit have a spot for a oil cap or breather but not part supplied so I found this part on a tree and thought I would look like a push on type breather but it think its tail lamp trim

    picked up my other can of paint today should haveer done soon need to order that photo etched set .....anyone got any tips on installing it ???this will be my first attempt at PE parts
  5. 801ryan added a post in a topic 1966 Ford Mustang fastback - Year One replica   

    I agree the blue/ black is a nice combo... great job on the hood I tried to carbon fiber an Integra hood about 6 years ago and it did not work for me
  6. 801ryan added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Another 32 Ford 3 window
    hi here is a couple pics of my 32 ford that was shevled for 5 years till the other day got it out and assembled the motor and frame. Color is Mopar code PVK Orange Blast Pearl coat (one year color on 05 SRT4 Neons) T's and rotors from Peguas a wired dist from Ebay (not shure of seller) and a "custom" built upper radiator hose made from solder.. waiting on some paint to finish should be here tomorrow.. plan on ordering a photo etch kit

    anyway here's some pic's

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  7. 801ryan added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Revell 32 ford 5 window S.E. kit some stop light red and had to order turn singal amber. The 32 is a cool kit if you havent got one yet go get yer self at least one.....
  8. 801ryan added a post in a topic Flat Black Escalade, Not Murdered out. Sorry   

    I like it....I am just finishing up a Datsun 510 murdered out but with some red in it...

    looks like an easy kit my boy would prolly like to build one
  9. 801ryan added a post in a topic Do you remember the first model you ever built?   

    k there was one I helped my dad with when I was about 7 or 8 it was a capri that was battery/wire controled, we..lol.. he put it together for the kid next store. then about a year later I got an old Hod Rod 30's type car molded in maroon with a bucket seat that hinged not shure what kit it was what a glue/paint bomb that was ....but about 3 years later the one that got me hooked the "Heavy Chevy" Chevelle the one you could build stock or street. the LHS had a detailed that was totaly cool plug wires, coolant hoses, BMF every detail. I bought one and took it home and built it in day slicks,blower and the centerline style wheel's...fun times ....
  10. 801ryan added a post in a topic 'Snowball 2'   

    I vote for fins,

    what a fun site
  11. 801ryan added a post in a topic Wolfies Urban Survival Camino   

    for sale on Ebay

  12. 801ryan added a post in a topic 1955 chevy cameo   

    looks great I realy like the red and chrome rear bumper