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  1. run8boy added a post in a topic Truck buyers/builders and sellers on Ebay.   

    I run under superbinder13. I just went on an Evil-bay binge. Sold my "Duck" and a KW COE Heavy Haul. They brought good jing, turned them into a Revell COE, Can-do wrecker, "R" Mack, 352 Pete. I also bought some stuff form Model Express and I cruise the Yahoo Groups trying to find deals. My problem with Evil bay was bogus bidders, gotta watch them. Coop
  2. run8boy added a post in a topic new here, just sayin Hi   

    Checked out your alblum. NICE! Like the shaker and the binder. WHere are your decals from? Coop
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  4. run8boy added a post in a topic I-H Transtar, It's another Carnie rig!!!!   

    Very cool, I love te ols Binders
  5. run8boy added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    New to group
    Could some walk me through the process to upload some pics, Thanks, Coop
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