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  1. hey niko i have a question what is the color you painted the cobra i like it and wanna either try and get it color matched or find it in my area thanks
  2. just refreshing this to see if i can get anyones help this turbine car has been a dream of mine to build for a while and i would hate to mess it up thanks
  3. yeah the one i have is the trophy series one thank you for sharing the tidbits of info andy
  4. this is the original kit that had the engine and all its the thin long box from the 70's the reissue is a snap together i guess they thought it was too hard to make the other way
  5. hey bill thanks for trying but believe it or not in all the johan stuff there there isnt the turbine car.they must have had every kit but that one thank you for trying to help me out
  6. i have an original chrysler turbine car that i bought about 6 months ago and it came with no instructions .Well ive built enough models that i thought hey i can make this with no instructions how hard could it be.....boy was i wrong :-( so after searching high and low on this vast place we all call the internet i cannot find them. i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me by posting them i would forever be in your debt. thank you
  7. this was one of my favorite cars to build i love the 60's fords and mercurys they just scream cruisin'
  8. that is one amazing truck the attention to color and detail is meticulous she did an awesome job kudos
  9. thanks guys this one was one of three i was doing at one time ive made like 30 since then and it just keeps more fun ill post more when i can
  10. the pictures are a bit grainy i will get some better pics tomorrow
  11. this was my first attempt at building since i was a teenager hope you guys enjoy more to come
  12. You love Yenkos, don't you?

    I do too ;)

  13. thank you very much that was the answer i was looking for looks like i have to start over i appreciate your time to help
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