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  1. bill w added a post in a topic Ghost Flames   

    You can use any paint, just thin the paint more than normal and spray light coats until you get what your looking for!
  2. bill w added a post in a topic Alumilite clear resin not curing - advice please   

    I use Alumilite clear for all my clear parts and never had a problem. Everything Ace said is true, the mix ratio is 1:1 by weight. Clear resins as well as rubber resins
    require a Platinum base RTV for proper curing, the Tin base RTV will inhibit the resin and it will not cure. Alumilite clear also requires heat for parts thinner than 1/8"
    thick. I cast parts that are .065 to .075 thick and I always use pressure and 125 to 150 degrees F heat for four hours and let the mold cool for 10 hours.
  3. bill w added a post in a topic Silicone rubber reacting badly, unsure why?   

    I have been making molds for a long time, and from what you described it seems to be a bad mix. If the container was the problem then the silicone touching the container would be
    soft and gooey, and that would only be 1/16 to 1/8 inches soft all around the container... the rest of the silicone would be cured. If the silicone around the part is soft then the part is the problem.
    I may be wrong but I never heard of using 3% catalyst for silicone unless it's a new product. I use both tin base and platinum base silicone and the mix ratio is 10 to 1 (10% catalyst)
    which leads me too believe it was a bad mix. Again I don't know what brand of silicone you are using.
    If you primer your part that will do the trick.
  4. bill w added a post in a topic Let's hear it ILLINOIS modelers   

    Thanks for the update, I haven't been there in years. Gonna try and be there.
  5. bill w added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    I remember an out of the box  build white Mercedes in the window of the Sharper Image store, price tag was $5,000.00. Just white plastic no paint.
  6. bill w added a post in a topic 1924 Fiat Mefistofele   

    Add the rivets, it's a must.
  7. bill w added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    535.00 for a Pocher kit.
  8. bill w added a post in a topic This could provide a more durable chrome finish than alclad...   

    Not working for me either!
  9. bill w added a post in a topic Pinholes In My Resin Parts-HELP   

    Ace is correct. I do a lot of casting and I always vacuum the resin and use a pressure pot. The resin I use has a 20 to 25 minute
    pot life. I'm not sure about the low viscosity resin not creating bubbles, I have a clear resin that's almost like water and it creates more bubbles!
    Best bet is de-gas  and use pressure for casting. Also super glue is the way for filling pin holes!
  10. bill w added a post in a topic A question for those of you who do resin casting   

    First never use black for a chrome base. The best results I have is a gray base, 10 to 40 percent gray. Chrome dose not have color, it reflects whatever is around it.
    I use a two part automotive urethane clear, wait 5 to 10 minutes and spray Alclad. The two part clear cures in twenty four hours and you can try rubbing the Alclad off
    and it will not smear.
  11. bill w added a post in a topic Modeler Survey   

  12. bill w added a post in a topic 1/12 Camaro Pro Street and Twin Turbo Touring 69   

    Excellent work Ralph, a very clean build!
  13. bill w added a post in a topic Wall Mural   

    It's been hard to find time too work on my hobbies, but I finished it.
    Hosted on Fotki
  14. bill w added a post in a topic Black Chrome ?   

    You need a black tint which would be transparent. www.alsacorp.com they have what you need, it's expensive.