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  1. Rear engine Austin Mini

    There are several around here with various Hondas in the back. Good track day and autocross cars.
  2. AutoQuiz 365. FINISHED

    I see nothing...
  3. Let's Post Our Snap Kits!

    Jada Mach 5 with working lights Chrysler Turbine Car Black Force
  4. Little Known Car Facts #5 Shackles

    Air shocks were a better alternative. You could easily adjust them for the occasion. The secret to good handling was individual air filler valves. Had them on my '67 Cougar XR-7.
  5. Dan Gurney Tribute Scale Race Cars

    Eagle T 1G This guy sells them from time to time on evilbay
  6. Muntz Jet

    That's correct. I still have an unfinished one, but I cut it down to make a Kurtis SC.
  7. Thanks for showing how you are doing this. So if I understand. Instead of endless measuring and trial by error, you are drawing this on a computer program, that does all the measuring and shapes for you, then cut it out on a machine, and then assemble it like a kit. Very interesting. I saw this the other day and it reminded me of your build. It received the Klingon Kruiser Award as the most "out of this world" entry at a prestigious contest in Salt Lake City. It's a 1/25 AMT 1960 Ford Starliner combined with the bubble top and interior from the Roth Beatnik Bandit Revell kit.
  8. VW bug front suspension

    The best way to lower a VW model is to just sand the axle mount at an angle, as shown. by the black line. Do a little at a time, until you reach the amount of lowering that you like.
  9. Post pics of your 68-70 dodge chargers

    Eliminate the parts on the lower left. The Chrysler A-925 Dooms Day Machine. Good for 700hp in street form.
  10. Post pics of your 68-70 dodge chargers

    Two seater hacthback Daytona R/GT with a 500 cu in Doomsday DOHC engine.
  11. What did you see on the road today?

    Lotus Elan Plus 2
  12. Ed Roth's Surfite

    That is the dry suspension. The Mini also used a wet suspension. The system used fluid displacer units fitted to each wheel. The front and rear units were connected so that the front and rear nearside form one connected pair and the front and rear offside form another connected pair. The units were made from sheet-steel and rubber. Each unit consisted of an upper and lower chamber housing containing a diaphragm, reinforced by nylon, and a compressed conical rubber spring. The units were filled with a mixture of alcohol, water and additives to prevent corrosion. A valve in the top of the fluid separating chamber replaced the conventional damper of other systems. When either wheel on one side of the car hit a bump in the road, the fluid was displaced and caused the unit on the other wheel to react. In this way a bump at the front made the rear of the car rise to a corresponding height and the car always remained level. As weird as this sounds this suspension was also used on a few Indy race cars.
  13. Hey, That's no inline six!!!
  14. wire wheels???

    Bill, I have searched shapeways for these rims unsuccessfully. Do you have a link to them or Pico?
  15. Christmas tree/wreaths?

    HL X-mas crafts. By the x-mas stickers, decals, and things. Don't wait until after x-mas, there won't be anything left. Slim pickings even now. Crafters start buying this stuff in July.