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  1. We clearance out our kits the end of June and are just authorized to do our reset this week. Can't wait to see what's new.
  2. Sorry, wings aren't allowed at Bonneville.
  3. I work at Hobby Lobby. About three weeks ago at, 2 in the afternoon, I saw our hobby dept head marking down the kits to $7.49. We talked about it and I saw several that I would buy at that price. We can't set items aside for ourselves and there were multiples of the ones that I was interested it. When I clocked out at 5 I went to pick out some kits. To my surprise, all that was left were PT Cruisers. I asked the dept head if he had moved the kits. He said no, but some guy came in and bought 45 kits, $350 dollars worth and another $50 worth of modeling tools and supplies that were also marked down. So I, too got nothing. Some people are greedy, and I'm sure that most of these kits will be on evilbay.
  4. Not sure about the nose, but your skill is appreciated.
  5. wisdonm

    Indy Rod

    These are pretty darn sweet. It's always been sad that there's no 1/25 Lotus 7 kit.
  6. It was part of one of those 24 hour builds. I usually paint outside. It was 31 degrees and several inches of very wet snow. So, I painted in a cardboard box in the basement that night.
  7. I built this for my my Lemonz entry. A 1992 Dodge Stealth. 3 liter, twin-turbo, V-6, five speed manual, with all wheel drive, and the rare jet option.
  8. wisdonm

    Hobby Lobby

    I work at HL and have ordered the model kits. We order the models individually. Sometimes they don't come for months, like the Foose truck this summer. Now there's no problem getting them. Keep checking and yes, it does help to find out who does the ordering for your store and make sure they know that you want a certain kit. Some of the girls have little interest and skip over missing kits.
  9. That's the worst resin that I've seen, ever.
  10. It looks like the axle tubes are bolted to the rear end housing,(not stock?). Is this where the negative camber is achieved? If not, how was it done?
  11. Very nice. Back in '76 a friend built this Corvair Isetta.
  12. I understand that all the 1:1 articles say it's a 289, but the Surf'n Van box says 351. Would AMT lie to us?
  13. I've been wondering which motor it has. Usually you hear small block Ford or 289-302, but the SurFin Van clearly shows this engine to be a 351, which is harder to find. Need to check if it really has the taller deck height.
  14. Don't think so, just something I had laying around. I think silly putty would be shiner.
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