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  1. Inquiring minds want to know what is this tool? Some kind of laser or robotic welder perhaps?
  2. I'd like to thank Andy aka 1930fordpickup for his help in obtaining the parts that I needed. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And shipped fast. Thanks Andy, I owe you one.
  3. Thanks for the parts Andy. Surprisingly, none of the parts fit without modification. I'll make them fit. So, once again, thanks.
  4. I bought a dedicated shoe box sized tuperware-like box at the same place. Filled it up with LA Totally Awesome and have used it for years. There is probably a quarter of an inch of sludge on the bottom. but it still works fine. Soak as long as needed. Sometimes it works in minutes, like on chrome, sometimes hours, and sometimes days. I once left a body in there for 6 months and it came out OK.
  5. If you're going to try cutting a can, be sure to drill all holes first.
  6. I don't know their reason for doing it, but the Johan Chrysler Turbine Car EZ build kit, not the full kit, has enough decals to duplicate the rally car from the movie The Lively Set, however you have to unscramble the letters to make the names correct.
  7. rI have had great results from LA Totally Awesome all purpose concentrate cleaner, degreaser, and spot remover. Straight out of the bottle. These are sold at Dollar Tree. Your choice 32oz or 20 oz in a spray bottle. Cheapest way I know to get a spray bottle as a bonus.
  8. ,I have had very good service and results from Specialty Resin in MI. I love their Ultra 4 mold release, Model-Pro-Slo resins, and Cast-A-Mold 30TF silicone.
  9. They were made in Neckelzum Germany. I actually road raced an NSU Spyder once and a NSU 1000Tts many times. The Tts looked like a 3/4 scale 1960 Corvair and was powered by an inline, air cooled, 4 cylinder Mammouth Motorcycle engine made by Munch.
  10. I tried to send you a PM Snake. but it said you can't receive messages. How do I contact you?
  11. Very impressive build Can-Con. Incorporates some of the custom touches that I have in mind.
  12. This is the kit I have. Of course I always want parts from a different version. The 66 Riviera Gran Sport seems to have them all, but seems rather hard to find.
  13. Actually the holes in the rear pan are not important. I believe in the 66 kit they are tail lights and in the 67 they are exhaust. Are the 69 parts interchangeable with the 66 and 67?
  14. I am looking for some custom parts from the AMT 66 Riviera Gran Sport kit 6556-200. I believe these parts are also found in a 67 Riv kit. I am looking for the custom dash. The custom rear panel and rear body panel upper. I am also looking for the custom front grill and custom hood. Will pay or trade. If you did not use these pieces, please consider sending them to a new home. Thanks.
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