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  1. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - Assembled Strut/Brake New Pics 2-5   

    Tim... I am truly blown away and Amazed at ever update on this build. I know how much work is going into this and its paying off. I know that these had to be pain and I can relate with some of the items I have done on the funny car. But I can't believe the detail you are doing in 1/25th scale, Its freaking amazing. I will be honest... I think you would love a 1/16th scale build. I think you have done a Kick Butt job on these from struts. it turned out amazing. I can't wait to see what you work on next... well after you finish the other strut 
  2. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic MJ Engines   

    Tim... As others have mentioned already I use Westley's Bleche Wite and then after I do that for a bit I then wash the parts with Dawn with a little scrub down. I will tell you hands down that Mark Johnson has the best resin engines in the business. You can see Marks 426 Hemi that I am using in my 1/16h Army Vega F/C build. I would sure love to see this Dual engine dragster you are going to be doing. It sounds like it will be a killer build. For posting pictures I would recommend either Photobucket or Fotki to upload your pics to and post them from there. I am looking forward to seeing some progress pics of your dual engine FED as I love 1/16th scale builds.
    George... They are talking about 1/16th scale Resin engines from Mark Johnson. As of right now I am unaware if he has a website. If you get a hold of Mark, he will be more than willing to send you pics of his engines and parts that he makes. If you want I can PM you his email addy.
  3. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic 1/16 Dragster for trade   

    Wish I had those kits to trade you.
  4. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered   

    What kind of pie are we taking about? 
  5. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered   

    Brad.... this is looking outstanding and I am totally loving it. I bet it feels great ro have it just about done.
  6. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic 1/8 scale turbo 350 Transmission, and a SBC crank   

    Very sweet. I have interest. I have been trying to find dimensions for a Powerglide for a project I have in mine. Mind me asking if you drew this up and had 3D printed or is it from a kit or resin?
  7. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    He's kind of like a Houdini isn't he Danno?? .... Builds models so dang fast and makes your words Disappear...  
  8. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 1/31/2016 Kill Switch   

    Danno...  Thank you very much. Yep I couldn't leave that little yellow wire out. I fought with that thing pretty good for quite a while. Those wires are about .012" in diameter and I had to use a #80 drill bit which is .0135" Diameter. So I actually had to strip one end of the wire and bend it over so that it would stay in the
    John.... Thanks my brother.... well I have to be honest, I don't think that this a perfect model by any means... it's far from it but your kind works are appreciated.
    Brad.... Thanks Brother.... That sucker was very tiny and a pain in the butt to get the holes drilled in then for the wires. They each had their own hole drilled and the two on the side. Yes it was great to talk to you. I started getting that information for you that we talked about yesterday. I will finish it up and get it over to you sometime today. Thanks buddy.
  9. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Super Gas SS Camaro   

    Leonard... It's great to see you back on this. It's looking great!
  10. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    Aaron... I am not sure about that I am pretty much a hack at Photoshop. Too me forever to do
    Joe... Looking forward to seeing you at the DSC.
  11. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 1/31/2016 Kill Switch   

    Alright Fellas... I have a quick update. Been doing work most of the day but what mostly seemed was mocking stuff up as well as trying to figure a few things out with the parachute which I am hoping to button some things up in the Parachute department tomorrow. Don't have pics on that yet but I will show you what I do have pics of. Well I decided to strip my headers once again because I saw something in a picture that I did not notice before. I was having to repaint them anyway prior to noticing this little detail. I never saw it before but the real car had a support piece on both side that was welded to the outside of the headers. so I decided to make the piece out of brass and solder it onto the part. I also was working on a kill switch last night and today. So far I am pretty happy with it. Here are a few pics...
    Here is the headers after being stripped and adding a 1/64" thick piece of brass that I soldered to the headers, Now they are ready for their final paint job:

    Here is the Kill switch that I made for car. This switch was made from .040" x .040" Evergreen Styrene rod along with, Pro Tech Detailing wire and the Toggle switch was a turned aluminum piece from Top Studio out of a 1/12th scale toggle switch set:

    I just had to take a pic of the switch and penny in my hand to show how small it actually was:

    Here is a shot of the real car and you will have too look close just to the right of the right hand grip of the butterfly steering wheel you will see the Kill switch:

    And another shot of it which you can see in lower left hand corner of the picture:

  12. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    John.... Thanks for the Kind words brother. You have become a dear friend of mine and I am so glad and thankful that we became friends... I still remember when I first got to meet you out at the NNL West. I can't wait to see what your next 1/16th scale drag car is . 
  13. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 1/31/2016 Kill Switch   

    Tim... Thank you very much!! I am more than happy to share how I do things with everyone.
    Dave... Thank you... I can't wait to see how the ignition turns out once printed.
    Jim... Thank you. I am doing a little modification to them and will post the results hopefully later.
    Niko.... Thank you my friend. I appreciate the kind words and I hope to have some updates to share later today.
    Dave... Thank you so much. i ts been fun being back on this one and I can't wait to get all of these parts sent out and printed to see how they turn out. Hoping to have stuff ready by the end of the weekend to send away.
    Bill... Thank you. I know I am nuts for trying to accomplish so much on this build but the whole times its been to prove to myself that I can do it. I really appreciate you kinds words about the debut. I think as of today I have 70 days before the Desert Scale Classic is here and I am pushing to try and have it done by then. We will see if I make the Deadline... lol
    I did try to contact snake racing a few years back to see if I could get any information on this... I sent them an email as well as posted on their facebook page with no response. After finding out that Mr. Prudhomme had sold the car to Mr. Hendricks of Hendrick Motorsports, I emailed them to see if they could take some pics of the car. And I got a response from one of their staff members saying that they didn't have the time or staff to be able to take a few moments to take the requested pics. So I have continued on with this build by doing what I have been doing all along. Using the only pictures that I was able to find and filling in the details that I could not see by either looking at other cars from this era or just making my own decision on how i would do it.  I was out at the Hot Rod Reunion this past October and I had heard Mr. Prudhomme was going to be there so I had printed out about 100 pics hoping I was going to get to see him and talk to him. I did run into him while he was on his golf cart driving around and when I asked if he had a few minutes to talk because I wanted to talked to him about the Army Vega F/C he said he had something to do at that moment and told me to meet him over by some RV's by one of the gate entrance's in about 15 mins. Well I went over there and waited for a while and never saw him, I am sure he got tied up and was busy. I was a little bummed cause I was so close to being able to talk to him about it and felt the opportunity slipped out from under me.
    Charlie... Thank you very much my friend. I am really close to being able to start installing some of your Awesome braided lines and wires on this build. Its something I have been looking forward too for quite some time. The light is getting a little
  14. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    John... My Brother... I am loving this build. Still can't believe that you finished this Steller Build in less than 2 months. It is sure a beauty and one of your best and I can't wait to see it in person in a couple months. You are one Helluva builder my friend, one of the best builders out there. So I have been playing around with this for the past 3 hours or so.... Hope you like it.....


  15. Mooneyzs added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    I believe it is the one in Garlits Museum that has beem reatored.