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  1. Tim... I am at a loss for words my friend. Thaose Vavle Covere are gorgeous and I love them. This Machining comes natural to you. So very impressive on the finish. I can't wait to see what you make next. I love your work 😍
  2. Tim.... what can't you do. These valve covers are off to a killer start my friend. I can wait to see this blossom into a killer set if valve covers. It's off to a great start. Cheers!
  3. Tim.... I absolutely love the stance and wheel combo. You have nailed it for sure. I can't wait to see the guy come to life. I am sure you got lots of tricks up your sleeves for this one and its gonna be a other fun ride to follow along on another one of your masterpieces. Cheers!
  4. Very Cool and it turned out great. What Printer do you have and using?
  5. Wayne.... This is an awesome build and turned out Killer!!! I am digging it.
  6. Tim.... I have been away from here for a little bit and man oh man what can I say but this build is truly outstanding. Without a doubt this has to be one of the best builds of all time and you are one of the best out there. All of your hard work has paid off on this one. Your talents are seriously impressive my friend. Though out this whole build I kept having to remind myself that this is 1/25th scale and it continues to blow me away thinking about that with all of the details you packed into this one. You didn’t miss one single detail and you continued to raise the bar on every update you posted for us. I couldn’t be more happy for you that you have finished this one, While I will miss the updates but I know your next build is going to be killer. Congrats my friend on this Masterpiece. Cheers!!
  7. That is some awesome reference material Billy. Thanks for sharing with us, its so cool to see the before and afters. I have no doubt that this will help John and he will knock it out of the park as usual.
  8. Tim... This is going to be another epic and steller build. I am all in on this and will be following along for sure. I can't wait to see you do your magic on this one.
  9. Steve.... Thanks for the kind words. A lot of people know I love me some 1/16th scale builds and I am glad to see others that enjoy them too. Please do post progress of your build, would love to see it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. There are still a few Revell Kits I would love to have myself especially with the original box art.
  10. Tim.... what more can be said about this build. It's a true piece of artwork my friend. The craftsmanship is out of this world. You took the time to get every little single detail just perfect. This build is absolutely gorgeous and I love it . Cheers!
  11. Tim.... Another Unbelievable update my friend. What a work of Art this build is. That engine is an absolute Gem. I know all too well how tough the hard lines are to get precise and you have made it look easy. I am sure you have to be excited to have the engine just about done. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter for sure. That bar keeps getting raised higher and higher for the rest of us. Cheers!!
  12. This is going to be a cool build. Looking forward to seeing progress on this.
  13. Stephen.... Wow my friend, thisnis a gorgeous and awesome build. I love all the details you added. I cant wait to see this beauty in person. Nice job!!
  14. Tim.... Just when I think it can't get any better, you pull this out of your hat and your raise the bar a couple more notches. With the addition of the wing it makes this thing look that much more agressive and nasty (in a good way). I absolutely love this build and it has me inspired to really want to dive into my FED build. I am blown away by your talents my friend. Cheers!
  15. Tim.... what more can I say but WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous. I sure love seeing the painted body on with the engine and all the details you have done to this bad boy. You didnt miss a single detail. Cheers!
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