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  1. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim... You are in a league of your own my friend and I love it. Your work is just top notch and you set the bar really high for the rest of us. Everything is so precise and perfect. I am just blown away.
  2. Great Update John...you sure are trucking along on this bad boy. It is coming together very nice. Keep up the awesome work Brother!
  3. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim.... That is one Beautiful and Stunning Work of Art. It’s a piece of Jewelry for sure. It has me wanting to finish the Design of my 392 Hemi and Donovan 417 I have started to draw up. I just love your work, the precision of everything is just amazing and I have to always remind myself that this is 1/25th scale and so much smaller than my 1/16th scale stuff I have been working on. I can not wait to see the Transmission Married up to the Engine and then sitting in that Gorgeous chassis. It’s exciting to think that soon you will have the engine mounted into the chassis. Keep up the Killer Work my Friend!! Cheers!
  4. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim..... that transmission is a pure Beauty. All of your hard work has paid off for sure. It is gorgeous. Don't think you missed a detail. Cant wait for what's in store next.
  5. 1/16 th scale Micro Nitro Wire Lacing tool

    Jeff.... those are some NIce wire wheels. They look great. I would Loce to try and lace some wheels some time. Would love to see what you are going to put these on.
  6. Wow John... you aren't even a week I to this build and you are practically done with the fabrication. It is turning out killer so far. Can't wait to see more of this build.
  7. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Holy Moly.... Look at that Beautifu eye candy ... Tm that is some gorgeous work of art. It just looks killer. So glad to see you making progress with this. I can't wait to see what you surprise us with next. I am hoping to get some design time in the next few days for the next build. You know I will be asking you and Dave questions when I get to that point...lol
  8. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim.... I am a little slow at the design phase at the moment with a few things and really need to get back to the computer to finish them up. I would sure love to see your new pup Stella. I bet she is a bundle of joy. I need to consider another pup for sure. As you mentioned about getting fatigued on your build. I know that feeling all too well. You are in the home stretch and my advice would be to continue pushing thru. I know some days are just hard to get that motivation to push thru what’s needed for some of the teadious tasks. It is a great feeling knowing you are so close and seeing all of that hard work come together on your Masterpiece. Cheers!
  9. Hello Everyone.... Thanks for all of the replies. Sorry that I have been slow to reply to them. I have had a bunch going on in my life lately and haven’t been able to get much done for some personal reasons. Tim... It sure was fun to have a photo shoot of both of these cars together. Wish we would of taken more of them. Dave... Thanks man, I think that both cars look great together. John... Thanks, I really appreciate you letting me use your famous spot. The pics turned out reall good. Bill... Thank you very much for the kind words about this build and for following along for the many years. I am glad it is finished so that now I can start. Some other builds that have been on my mind for a while now. Ftanco.... I still haven’t created a store on Shapways and I am really up in the Air at the moment on what to do. I really need to think about it, since I have concerns if I was to make my stuff available. I will put it this way, I have a good friend who has made some stuff and a caster came along got a copy of what he made and now is selling it. Barry.... Thank you for the kind words. I still have a lot to learn though. Jessee.... Thanks.... LOL He does need to be holding something huh. I should of put a blower in his hand Randy.... Thank you so much my friend. Can you believe it, I really finished it....I know people figured I was making a career out of it....lol Don’t be sad that this build has come to an end. I have a few builds I am planning that should be pretty awesome and hope that everyone will enjoy following along with them. I just have to finish some design work on one of them before I can really let myself get to work on it. Hey are you going to be at NNL West?? Desert Scale Classic?? GSL?? It would be great to see you and catch up for sure. Brad.... I don’t know if you got to see it 100% done.. It was missing some final touches at DSC.
  10. And in the blink of an eye.... the frame is done just like that. This is looking totally sweet!! You are on a roll for sure and you just started this killer build. Like Curt said, you captured the look of the 1:1 for sure. “They See Johnny Rollin....” Keep it up my friend.
  11. John... this is going to be another epic build from you that we all will get to watch come together. You always come up with the most Unique builds. I really like the creativity you have done with taking the top of a Coke Can and incorporating it into the main body. I personally thing it adds a lot more character to the build. Keep doing what you do because you always pull off awesome builds
  12. 69 pro mod chevelle, 12/27 Scoop is here!

    Ahem ... oh Paul... you getting any bench time at all on this bad boy??
  13. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim.... I do not know what to say other than you made my jaw drop on the floor and am having a hard time picking it up. This engine is so impressive with all of the work that has gone into it so far. I absolutely love it. Hands down has to be one of the best builds out there. Keep up the awesome work on this. Can't wait until your next update.
  14. That is some Mighty Fine and Impressive work there Johnny Boy. To build a high detailed and scratch built build in less than 2 months. I don't know how you do it but you always do gorgeous work. Looks like it's time for a new build.