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  1. Tim.... I am thoroughly Impressed with these brakes and love seeing the set up of your parts. Super Impressive my Friend. I look forward to your next update.
  2. Tim.... I am truly blown away by this. You are a true Craftsman and Machinist. Nice job my friend. It is stunning!!
  3. Tim.... that is absolutely some incredible work my friend. I would definitely be curious on how many hours you have into these Bad Boys. I Know the time adds up for sure. I have a bunch of hours into my machined pulley for my 392. Doesn't help when you have to remake one 4 or 5 times... 🤣 I had to learn the hard way. Your work is always stunning and it blows my mind for sure. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers!
  4. Look at you go, you are moving right along on this build. It's looking great!
  5. Looks like you havent skipped a beat. Nice work on the Alclad as usual. This is shaping up really nice. Keep up the awesome work.
  6. Looking Good Brother!!! It's great to see you back at the bench. It's like you haven't skipped a beat.
  7. Tim.... I am absolutely blown away by the rear end set up you have machined. My mind is seriously blown thinking about how many different set ups you had to do for this. Your Work is out of this world. I haven't been around here much lately and hopefully will be back here a little more often after a few more weeks. You have set the bar really high, hope I can machine as good as you one of these days. Cheers!!
  8. Tim.... this is outstanding and mind blowing my friend. Just so impressive, I love it. I am hoping to start getting back to the bench and make some good progress in some builds this year. Happy New Year! Cheers!
  9. Tim.... this is so stunning and beautiful. I have been so blown away by this build. You have me speechless my friend. Keep up the awesome work.
  10. Tim... WOW! You seriously have me speechless at this Beautiful gem. These parts are just gorgeous. It makes me think I need to box my mediocre stuff and put them away....lol
  11. Tim.... that is just some Outstsnding work my friend. I am a little lost for words. Hopefully soon I will have some pics to post.
  12. Tim.... I am truly Blown Away by your talents by friend. These carbs turned out Killer. This whole engine is just Awesome!! I am so impressed by everything. Keep doing what your doing.
  13. Tim... it's great to hear that you are on the assembly side of these bad boys. I can not wait to see the pics once you have them done. They are amazing works of art already and only going to be better all assembled. Love these awesome reference pics. I will be patiently waiting for your next update. Cheers!
  14. Tim... I am so Blown away by your Talents. Man that is some gorgeous work. Holy smokes you sure have figured the machining game out. Really enjoying the Updates. Beautiful parts my friend. Cheers!
  15. Paul... awesome looking stuff. That third member and wheels have turned out great. Keep up the awesome work.
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