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  1. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Do you have any updates for us Johnny Boy!!!
  2. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    Clay.... This turned out great and it's Gorgeous. You know I love your work my friend. Nice Job and I can't wait to see what you start next...
  3. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    John.... You got any updates for us you know we are all waiting...
  4. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    As a huge El Camino Fan and considering I have a 1971 1:1. I love this build. You did an amazing job with weathering it. I think it turned out Killer. There are so many little touches that just stand out. Again Nice job on this build.
  5. Tim.... Outstanding work my friend. I know it might not look like much work but I know for a fact you have a lot time put into this small part of this build. I can appreciate the extra work you are doing because I think you are going about it the right way. Why try and shortcut anything at this point. Your work is amazing and love that you made a jig to square everything up. I am looking forward to your next update on this.
  6. Thanks Brad... Looks like I need to make a trip up your way because I can't find it anywhere around me.
  7. World's Coolest Paper Airplane

    Holy Crapola... That is so freaking awesome and the builder has some serious talent. Super impressive. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Hey Fellas... Sorry I haven't had a post in a while.... Stephen... You are welcome, Hopefully you have been able to find it in the Valley. I can't find it any where on the east side of the valley where I am at. Let me know if you do find it. Ray... Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Brian... Thanks for the nice words. Joe... Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for following along since the beginning. I know its been a long road and its long over due to be finished. You know when I do finish it I would love to be able to send pics to Mr. Hendricks. I would actually love to get pics of this build and the real car together if that was possible. Kind of like Putting it on the injector hat of the real car But I know its a pipe dream for that to happen. Few years back when I tried contacting Hendricks Motorsports museum to see if they could get me some pics of the real car, they told me that they didn't have the staff to be able to get me some reference pics of the car. So that's when I have had to make my own assumptions on certain Items that I had no pictures of. I have done the best I could with what information I have. Its not perfect but will be good enough for me when I am done. Mike... Thank you. Dave... Thank you my friend. I have been having my struggles with this thing and it gets frustrating after a while and makes me want to give up. Bob... Thank you. Sorry No new updates right now. Actually I haven't been to the bench in probably over at month at this point. I have had family in town for the past month and been spending time with them. I wish I could find my minions and be building like John but to be honest the motivation just hasn't been there for me. Sorta feel like I am in a slump.
  9. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    John... awesome update man!!! The wheels are looking great and nice job on the starter. Everything is looking killer. I always enjoy your updates.
  10. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    It's about time for an update Brother. You sure never Disappoint that's for sure. Killer update. This build is looking great!!! Nice work!!!
  11. Double "A" Dale Rail

    Mark... You are off to a great start on this dragster and it looks great so far. That front axle looks killer. I will be following along in this build for sure. Looking forward to your next update.
  12. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    Still waiting....
  13. Thanks Tim... I always enjoy our emails. I can't wait until you sure with us what this next pro mod build will be. I know it will be epic that's for sure.
  14. top dragster scratch build

    Dave.. That salt flats car is awesome my friend. Can't wait to see you back at that one and this awesome top dragster as well. I haven't forgotten about getting your parts drawn up for you. I have had family in town for the past month and they go back home next week. I will get back to designing your parts for you then.

    That would be a pretty cool build to do.