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  1. Scam 'Bay Listings?

    Thanks for starting this thread. Last weekend there was a listing out of China for the More American Graffiti "Milner's Dragster" for the paltry sum of $24.99 on a buy it now. I tried to buy it now, thankfully it didn't go through. So I tried to contact the scam artist asking what the trouble was and why the sale wouldn't go through blah, blah.. after that I saw this thread, knew what the deal was. So I tried contacting again, telling them that if they didn't make contact within the next 24 hours that I was through dealing with them. Even before the time was up I turned the "Auction" in to eBay as a possible fraud, it was down within an hour or two so they must have thought so too! starting to get like it was in th early days of EvilBay when there were a few stalkers on there who tried to scam people into sending cash instead of money orders. eBay rooted them out pretty quickly too.
  2. Earl Years Resin???

    That's too bad, really, there is some cool stuff, I was primarily looking for the backdate stuff for the '32 Ford frames. Well I see why he doesn't answer his email now!! Least they coulda told somebody!!
  3. Earl Years Resin???

    Does anyone know if Early Years Resin is still up and running? I enquired about ordering some stuff on the email address furnished on their website about two plus weeks ago, haven't heard a word. Anyone have a better way to contact Ron Royston at Early Years?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    This should have been pinned a while ago!
  5. Karmann Ghia

    Nice your red primer reminded me of painting my own '61 KG cabrio. Years ago I bought a tattered '61 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet, I think it's stock color was Yukon Yellow, which with its black top looked like a bumble bee, when I got it the yellow paint was worn really thin the top tattered. So as was common then, I decided to go with a full color change to '67 Savanah Beige with a darker beige Hartze cloth top. With all the body work done I primed it out with red oxide primer (like yours is) sanded everything squeaky smooth. (Like when your wrinkly fingers squeak acsoss the paint, you know it's clean and smooth enough to topcoat.) Next evening we shot the topcoat, I had a buddy who was a body man and great painter, do the topcoat. I found out years later why my color shifted from Savanah Beige to a perfect Kraft Carmel color, my buddy was an "eyeballer" he could mix paint by feel not so much by manufacturer's formula. I'm pretty sure he mixed too much reducer in to get the consistency he liked to shoot, which reactivated the primer causing the red oxide color to bleed into the beige. It turned out to be a cool color, and the nitro lacquer shined like a brand new car for as long as I owned it. When people would. Ask what the color was I'd tell them it was Karamelle, which is the German spelling of caramel! So it became known to me as the "Karamelle Ghia", it was a fun car lowered 3-1/2 in front and 3 inches rear on chromed 356 Speedster wheels and nipple hubcaps, 15X 4-1/2 and 5-1/2 rear can't remember the size of the rear tires but were 135's up front. I learned my lesson earlier running bonsai/grenade 2180 on the street and went with a much milder 1835 with dual 40 Webbers instead of the 48 IDA floodgates for this one! Back then you could build an extremely nice car for far less than the price of a house!! Sorry to hijack your thread with a backstory on my own car.... I really love the direction you're headed with this one!!!
  6. Apple Barrel acrylics

    Quality wise the Delta Ceramcoat craft paints are the best then, Folk Art better, Apple Barrel good, the main difference being the amount and fineness of the pigment. My Mom did craft, tole painting for years, she wouldn't use the Apple Barrel craft acrylics straight out of the bottle, she only used them to mix with better grade acrylics. When I started using acrylic paints on models I ask her about the Apple Barrel paints and that was what she told me. Less pigment = less cost which is why they are cheaper. Don't get me wrong I still use them, just not for stuff,I want to cover in one coat. Just be careful when you need the coverage without the buildup.
  7. Hawk Woodie on Surfari

    Great job! Those Weird-Ohs are hard to build box stock aren't they!?!?
  8. 29 Ford Roadster Pickup "Gow Job"

    Nice looking beater, like you'd see someone running around at Bonneville during Speed Week!
  9. Hawk Woodie on Surfari

    You're doing a great job on this one, I've built nearly all of the Hawk Weird-Ohs (except this one for some odd reason) at least once. If you look at any of the illustrations Bill Campbell did Hawk Models really did a great job of staying true to Bill's designs which is why some of the parts have a wonky fit in places. According to a book that I was given for my birthday on Bill Campbell, he was very hands on with the production from illustrations to the models. He designed and or illustrated box art for a whole lot of Hawk's aircraft models as well, most of which had pretty normal fits. I've used baking soda and thin superglue to bring the characters seams together a bit more than they fit out of the box and it makes them look a whole lot better. The last couple of Weird-Ohs that I built I was on a rushed time schedule so I ended up using two part Bondo glazing putty which works as well if not better than the superglue does, if you aren't careful with the superglue and soda filler you can oversand the surrounding plastic and end up with more filler to fix it. With the Bondo I used a super light glaze of Tamiya white putty, it's fine grained and gives a good transition from filler to plastic. Don't be afraid to use detail washes of black or other blending darker colors to bring out the highlights. These models all came out around the same time that Revell was doing Ed Roth's Rat Fink and the other monsters, Monogram did Stanley Mouse's Super Fuzz a few years later. The Weird-Ohs really look great with decently scratch built doo dads that fit the theme, as I can see you are doing with your Woodie character already. Yours looks great, have a load of fun building him, these are great modeler's block kits.
  10. Got Bit On eBay!

    I tried contacting the seller through the "ask seller a question" when I hit send I was greeted with the message in red that said the seller doesn't offer combined shipping. Figuring that was the case I paid the invoice. Normally if I win a single auction I pay immediately, multiples I request a combined shipping and pay as soon as the seller replies. Since seller used eBay to automatically reply I paid the invoice. A buyer shouldn't have to go searching for email addresses elsewhere to contact the seller. I used the packing material for example that the second auctions shipping did not go to shipping materials, I've had sellers send stuff in neatly folded paper shopping bags. I don't care as long as it arrives in the same condition the seller sent it in as long as they took reasonable care.
  11. Got Bit On eBay!

    Tom, I've delt with this guy before, each time he combined shipping, this time no combine. I'd call that bit. I do not have to leave fabulous feedback when it isn't deserved, the wouldn't allow email questions to go through, this is less that poor service, I'm not going to reward someone for it. Or do I have to give them a "Participation Trophey" too? I've been on eBay since '98/99 I've worked with a whole lot of buyers and sellers, this one is one of two I'm not trading with again, period.
  12. Got Bit On eBay!

    Update, the seller indeed combined the shipping into one used bubble wrap envelope, blacked out previous addressing, used the opposite side to address to me, postage was less than charged for each auction. Then seller charged for the two auctions shipping per each. Now I would call that being bit! Left feedback as per normal with exception of the shipping line, indicated on just one of the two auctions that the seller's shipping charges were too high. That's OK, they won't be getting any of my business again.
  13. Chopped Phaeton - April Update!

    Grand Salami Home Run!! Misha you hit that one out of the parking lot too! Has to be one of the best retro Deuce Chassis that's come around in a while, your interior, top and paint are stunning! Did I mention I really like what you're up to!!! Keep this thing going, no stalling please!
  14. Got Bit On eBay!

    I sort of see both sides of this as I've bought from sellers that you can tell prepackaged everything, they write what the item is on the box the put the label on top. So obviously they don't like unpacking an item to combine with another. Big deal if you're that meticulously organized then eBay must be your thing! I never was, sure I had bits in boxes but never sealed the box until it was ready to ship, I hate running around for cartons at the last minute. (Couldn't have been the case here the items were small stuff for my wife, both would fit one small box.) I always tried pleasing every person I did business with, your feedback is only as good as the last person you sold something to. To me as a seller combining is less work, better customer satisfaction and less postage for all. Which in this case I ended up feeling a little used and abused, I'd have never done this to a buyer. Guess that's why I don't sell on eBay anymore, especially after a run in or two with blatantly dishonest buyers. Agreed, it seems like eBay is likely behind the stupid stuff going on lately, more money in their pocket skimming off of everything they can think of. Trouble is that when it comes to looking for some stuff like model parts, old magazines,,, this is the site with the widest audience so everyone gets nicked one way or another.
  15. Anyone have an English Bull Terrier?

    Cool breed, I've liked them since seeing Spuds in the Bud commercials. We are on our third English Bulldog, rightfully known as "the Clown of the Canine World". Like your Bull Terrier, many people misinterpreted their stubbornness for stupidity. Not so, we've had bullies that sit and you can literally see the wheels turning in their head as they figure it out. Normally it's the easiest, least energetic method but they'll git'er done! Not sure about your brand of bullie, but English Bulldogs because they are so stubborn they tend to obsess about things, sometimes it is something pretty goofy like not wanting to step over something, or just waking the whole house up because they don't like the sound of the neighbors kid's fart can muffler on his ratty Honda! From what I hear nearly all bullie breeds are chewers, read that power chewers, our male stripped a tennis ball of all its fuzz, set that aside then chewed up and ate the rubber ball part, first trip to the emergency vet! Everyone could just imagine a large chunk of tennis ball turning sideways having to go in and unclog plumbing! They ended um making him puke, the vet told us he was very thorough in chewing the whole ball, there was nothing larger than a quarter of an inch! So make absolutely sure that any toy that you give them is "Power Chewer Rated", Kong and a few others like that work well for them, anything light and hollow lasts about five minutes! Make sure that you inspect toys frequently for chunks that could get swallowed. As someone said already, unless you teach a bully breed to relax on a leash they will tug your arm half off. Bully breeds also have a high pain tolerance, probably a carryover from their fighting days, so often when a bully gets hurt they're not going to let you know like a wimpier breed would. Our first girl blew out her ACL playing ball, she never even limped the only reason we found out was her knee was swollen! They are tough compact balls of pure muscle, even the English Bulldog, with their loose skin when they walk you can just see the muscle ripple beneath. I had Boxers before getting my first English Bulldog, thinking that the Boxers were higher energy than I wanted to deal with. I thought that the English Bulldog was a couch tater, well they can be. You don't want them to be otherwise you'll end up with a dog that's so out of shape. That it cannot even go for a walk around the block. Health issues tend to show up on couch potatoe dogs too. They need a walk every day. It takes an English Bully about 2-1/2 years to start transitioning to adult behavior. Their whole life they are mischievous, especially when they want your attention or they think no one is paying enough attention! If you train and socialize any bully breed right, then everyone who comes to visit will visit them before you!!