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  1. Skip added a post in a topic AMT circa 1963 Go Cart.   

    They were likely Mcculloch chain saw motors. 
  2. Skip added a post in a topic Anything Good at Harbor Freight?   

    I think I paid $10 or 12 for the 6" metal digital calipers on sale a while back, I have a box full of Starret and Brown & Sharp.  I like the Harbor Freight calipers, they have decent feel to them and I'm not afraid to leave them on the bench or accidentally drop them!
    ultrasonic cleaners aren't bad if you can get them on sale paid $30 for the small one, good for cleaning up the airbrush parts.   The DeLuxe Airbrush isn't too bad as long as you take the time to tune it in, I've got a couple I use as backups to higher dollar airbrushes.   Don't know that I'd use one as my number one airbrush, if someone asks to borrow one they get the Harbor Freight brush, not the Iwata or any of the others!!!    If you look around you will find stuff that is useable on your bench, small drill bits (they're sharp enough to use on plastic, when they wear toss me), files, cutters.  Just keep your eyes and mind open.  Most all of their stuff is A knock off made in China, they work but don't expect years of use out of them.
  3. Skip added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Street Machine   

    Nice work, those of us who've built that kit from when it came out as "The Bad Man" to the Street Machine...  It just didn't get any better, it fit like that from the get go!  For a kid it was a "glue bomb" in a box!  With a little patience and a lot of fitting it can be built into a rather nice "Period Correct" Blown Gasser.  It sits right for the gassers of the late '60's and early '70's time period right out of the box.  From the looks of things you've got this one under control its gonna look really sweet when you get it finished.  Would be neat to find the Bad Man decals from the original kit.  Your model brings back a few great memories, thanks for sharing it.
    Never understood why Monogram took Tom Daniels artwork and then designed some of the oversimplified kits they did, they could have done some really cool stuff with them rather than shoot for Skill Level 1 with a great deal of fitting!!   I remember paying a whopping .99 cents for the first Bad Man kit along with a couple of .99 cent Pie Wagons to build as a "rumble seat" coupe (Model Car Science article) at a K-mart "Grand Opening"!!  (A few years ago I went to the same store's "going belly up" sale.).  
  4. Skip added a post in a topic 1936 Ford Coupe - updated 2/9   

    Quell as much as I liked the "Fuel Spider" even though it technically wasn't correct it was plausible, that's what I really look for; is it plausible?  Yeah it was, it showed some good imaginative skills to go from concept to producing a thing that might actually work.
    what if you took the "Fuel Spider" and trimmed it back enough to attach flexible fuel line to the hard line from the spider then to the correct fuel inlet on the carburetors, if you can pull it off you'd have a winner especially on a Custom.
    I'm watching this one with interest, I have one in the build line to build for myself once I finish up with about five more "other people's" builds!  I've been collecting ideas from the recent round of '36's being built lately, yours has some really nice ideas.  
    I'm looking at something similar to the '36 Roadster that Rod & Custom did back in the early '70's (just before they went out of print the first time). I think it was one of Spence Murrey's projects, they used an AMC crate motor, probably use either a flathead or small block Chevy instead, R & C used a LaSalle grill and fabricated surround, which I've already collected parts for.  Incidentally they also used chrome reverse wheels and white walls just like yours, classic look!
  5. Skip added a post in a topic Revell Beetle   

    Great job on turning that kit supplied blob into a convincing VW engine!  Probably the best Revell VW engine I've ever seen built.
  6. Skip added a post in a topic Cars in Old Movies   

    Turner Classic Movies is great for old car spotting, from old beaters to brand new (then) cars of all kinds!
  7. Skip added a post in a topic 1936 Ford Custom Small Update-1/19/2016   

    Well something must have got lost in quotation!
    Luis - I distinctly remember adding that I really like what you have done with this kit.  You've massaged a ton of little stuff out of the model, your hard work shows.  I'm highly impressed with te panel fit and finish from top to bottom, it's first rate modern Street Rod quality.
    Bill didn't mention another popular '50's / '60's treatment to the top inserts.  Many Hot Rodders / Customizers upholstered the insert with the same pattern as the interior, seats and door panels. I've seen rollsand pleats, diamond tuck to name a few.  Most later Street Rods had the top filled.  Whatever way you go I'm sure it's going to look good!
  8. Skip added a post in a topic 1966 Shelby G.T.350   

    Just a minute,,, there's one too many rivets on the....   This is the absolute best job I've ever seen done on this kit!!  That's a whole lot of hard work, it really shows!!  Did I mention I really like it!  (Friend of the family had a '66 same color.)
  9. Skip added a post in a topic Kustom Mini   

    Nice job on that top chop!  When I first saw this one it looked like you were going for the Mini "Sprint" chop and near equal body section.  Now that would have made the V8 a little harder to drop in!  Interesting ideas, I'm keeping an eye on this one. Incidentally someone did a Mini-Merc in "Actual Size" a few years ago, there are probably still pictures of it on the 'net. The rear looked like they used a Riley Elf to start with.
  10. Skip added a post in a topic 1940 Ford standard coupe with AMT parts   

    Looks really good, Y-block looks like it was made for it.  Funny even before the release of the Revell 40, not many modelers kit bashed the Deluxe into the Standard, the work to do it right was always worth it.  Well now you have the makings of a Deluxe Tudor to keep you busy after this one!
  11. Skip added a post in a topic Talk About Time Consuming.........   

    Kenneth Howard aka Von Dutch was a heavy duty alcoholic, chain smoker; take your pick of which led to his demise.   Ed Roth on the other hand with the exception of his foray into the biker world was a pretty clean cut family man.  He went off the deep end the last part of his life into mormonism, not drugs or drink.  Neither Howard or Roth were huge druggies, both of their biographers are pretty clear on that point!  There have been a few books written about both no one ever tries to hide the fact Kenneth Howard was a chain smoker and heavy beer drinker who drank from the time he woke up until he passed out. (He sounds like he had emphysema in the last few videos he allowed Ed Roth and a few of his other friends to film.). In my opinion Kenneth Von Dutch Howard died a pretty lonely old guy, really a sad story of someone  who could have made money if alcohol hadn't claimed him or his talent.  Ed Roth, was really an interesting schemer who knew just what people, read that teenagers thought was cool, if they didn't he let them know it was!   
  12. Skip added a post in a topic My new paintbooth, I took a different route   

    @lysleder,  are you using any sort of filtration on the intake side?  Intake should have more filter than the exhaust side, possibly one of the "Allergy" type furnace filters which are a little more expensive than the regular furnace filters.  You could use a regular furnace filter ahead of the allergy to prefilter your incoming air supply.  (Might keep cost down on the allergy furnace filter replacement.)
  13. Skip added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F-100 Standard   

    Good golly Tulio are you like a professional (model) replica builder or what?  Every model I see you post just gets better, this one is just amazing!  You are one of those guys who could really and truthfully put "Professionally Built" on an eBay auction and not have anyone here or anywhere else even snicker about it!   So how long do you take to build a model like this, I don't think I've ever read how much time you invest into your truely beautiful models, no replicas.  You could certainly teach most of us a thing or two about nice paint which is always just right for a stock paint job on your models. 
    I just finished four of them for Christmas gifts, '53 F100 was my late uncles first vehicle.  His was a Standard model too, it originally had a straight six, which he replaced with a flathead of the same year adding Evans heads, Edelbrock dual carb intake, cam and three into one tube headers into dual smitty type glass pack mufflers with chrome reverse wheels, the rest of the truck was pretty well stock. Except for two distinguishing features a "foot" gas pedal and a 2" ball bearing that he somehow managed to drill and tap for three on the tree shifter, both items made in high school metal shop.   Calnaga Castings helped me out with the foot gas pedals, he threw them in for free with my order when he found out what my project was for.  
    My Mom, aunt, uncle and my brother (who now owns the truck) were awestruck when they saw the four '53 F100's lined up on my mantel each sitting on a gift tag.  I finished them late Christmas Eve morning!  
    Incidentally I had one that had to have been cursed or something, the dark blue acrylic paint laid down perfectly smooth on the other three the fourth from the primer to the clear coat gave me fits!!  Ended up stripping primer and color coat on the one before getting it to lay down
    I will agree with you on the windshield gasket, what a pain in the bunz!  It was worth it though.  I wood grained the bed natural ash color and bare metal foiled the strips for a chrome look, (departure from stock but looks so much better).  Grill teeth are as bad as hens teeth, I ended up masking the headlight rings and V8 emblem to keep the chrome then used 1000 grit sandpaper to get most of the remaining chrome off, another pain times four but well worth the effort. (Actually made me wish I had one of those Paasche air erasers while doing that job.)
    In researching this subject I found out that there were more six cylinders sold than the V8's!  That was sort of surprising.
    Of course like an idiot, I was so tired that I didn't even think to snap any pictures, will borrow my Mom's truck back to shoot some pictures so I can at least post one.
  14. Skip added a post in a topic Bmc Pick-up   

    Very nice build of the "Original Mini Truck"!  Like the subtle flailing of the bedsides, I assume to get the larger rubber under the wings without the use of larger arches.