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  1. Skip added a post in a topic eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?   

    The other thing that I have started buying a couple I of years ago is resin parts from, B-N-L, olmandowntheroad - AKA Altered States Models as well as a few others.  I like this format for buying resin, much of the time you see the part you're buying, it arrives quickly a it's already cast before the auction began.  Once or twice I have had a seller/caster who cast the parts after the auction, but the wait wasn't much longer than an extra day or two.  There is a ton of Jimmy Flintstone's stuff there as well.  So far I haven't got bit on any of the resin I've bought on eBay, hopefully that trend continues.
  2. Skip added a post in a topic 60's Banger Geek '27 T Touring   

    Another nice one in the works!  Model T, A and B four bangers, their early speed secrets and parts are pretty cool any way you look at them.  What's not to like!!!
    From my research on Model T Speedsters, I found that the Model A engine swap into the earlier Model T car and especially the trucks was a fairly popular swap (after enough Model A's had been wrecked and were in wrecking yards).
     Whenever the subject of Hotting Up a Model T comes up, the subject of Bootleggers is frequently mentioned. They were amoung some of the earliest Hot Rodders.  One of the posts that I ran across on the Model T Club of America sort of implied that it was the Bootleggers who came up with the A into a T swap, probably shortly after the first Model A ended up wrecked.  Though they wondered about the "wisdom" of said swap, in part due to the T's somewhat wimpy frame which was usually compounded by the extra leaf or three added to the spring stack front and rear.  Their point was that when the "buggy sprung" suspension was stiffened up for the extra weight that the frame itself then became in part a torsion bar flexing back and forth, especially if they added hot parts to the Model A engine!  From our perspective today that doesn't make as much impact; especially considering that double and even triple the horsepower of the Model T engines would have been possible with the right parts.
  3. Skip added a post in a topic eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?   

    I usually search mostly for the specific parts I'm looking for, per project.  There are some parts like specific types of wheels, tires and maybe extra engines that I look for to keep as stock on hand for future projects.  Pricing, I try to find the most reasonable, then go with the proxy bid with the most I'm willing to pay for the item.  I win some and lose some that way but I won't pay stupid prices just to win the item either.  I find in that respect its best to be patient and wait those who gotta have it now out.  For me that plan normally works.  I don't normally bother with the junk yard sales even if there are a couple of parts I'm looking for.  I've already got my own junkyard!
    Breakers, nope they don't bother me a bit.  Most of the time it's cheaper than buying the whole kit for a couple of parts.  I sort of have my "favorite" Breakers whom I've dealt with multiple times enough that they're on my favorites lists.  If it was a part from some ancient kit I was looking for ID buy it from a breaker as well, as long as I could get the parts needed to finish the project.
    Parting out kits, I've done it a couple of times with kits I knew were missing parts.  I've bought too many "open complete" kits with one or more undisclosed missing parts that I won't pass that mess onto someone else.  Seems every time I've parted something out I almost always end up with parts that won't sell, stock seats, weird parts, rear ends,,,  I bought a supposedly complete sealed (with tape) Monogram Orange Hauler that was missing most of the body and the hood scoop, seller refused to admit that the kit wasn't complete.  So broke it up, pretty much all that sold was the engine and frames, so no from my perspective I didn't make money.  I kept the whitewall pie crust slicks tires and wheels; on all the auctions for the rest of the kit everyone asked if I still had the tires and wheels?  That's all they wanted too!  Didn't make a dime!
  4. Skip added a topic in General   

    eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?
    Last night as I was perusing eBay I got to wondering how many others here scavenge eBay for extra parts and bits for model projects too.
    What kind of model parts, bits and bobs do you usually look for on eBay?   What kind of pricing to you shoot for?  
    (Yeah we all know there is that one crazy guy who thinks his parts are made of unobtanium, we are Not Discussing Him, at all!)  
    Then there are the "Breakers" you know the ones who buy any kit they can get their hands on, old or new and part them out.  Do you buy from them?  I know some are bothered by them, does it bother you enough to not buy the part you need for a project or kit missing that piece?  
    While we're discussing Breakers, has anyone pieced a kit out that way, did you make enough to cover your time and the price of the kit?  I'm really wondering if most of those sellers actually sell off the whole kit or in the end are stuck with the junk no one wants, plus do they really end up making a dime or two?
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  5. Skip added a post in a topic 'Pro-built' from France...   

    Yuk, just looked at that "weld" on a bigger screen, there seems to be more defect than weld! The "welder" didn't even clean or prep the "joints" one can only imagine what is included in that mess.  That's not even a sound stick weld, seen better welds on a muffler job!!!
  6. Skip added a post in a topic 'Pro-built' from France...   

    As an AWS Level 3, I don't think I'd even bother looking at that bird poop weld!
  7. Skip added a post in a topic Looking for Model A Riley Two Port Heads   

    Got this one covered.  Thanks Muncie - Steve Payne.
    Going  to try my hand at building a few Model T / A speedsters that I've been researching on the Model T Club of America and a few other interesting historical sites.  Like the Roots of Hot Rodding we know today!
  8. Skip added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for Model A Riley Two Port Heads
    Looking for a couple Riley Two Port heads and aluminum  ribbed tappet cover  from either AMT '29 Ford Roadster or Revell '31 Ford kits - Sedan Delivery, Tudor or Woodie.  Bad or no chrome not a problem, they're going to be stripped anyway.
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  9. Skip added a post in a topic Old Ford ID   

    It's the Riley Two Port head, looks to be out of the AMT '29 Ford Roadster.   Your picture looks different than the Revell '31 Ford sedan, woodie and sedan delivery Riley Two Port Head included in those three kits.  So I'm saying it is the AMT, also based on the white unpainted block and transmission.  
    There was a thread asking about the Riley Head Conversion being offered in kit form.  See below.  Riley started making the Overhead Valve head for the Model T then for the Model A and I think Model B ('32 Ford 4banger).  They were a popular conversion with Speedsters, truckers and especially Boot Leggers forcing a few Police Departments to invest in either the Riley or Frontenac (Chevrolet brothers) head conversions just to keep up!  In addition auxillary transmissions and two speed rear axels like the Ruckstel and Columbia were necessitated to put all that extra power to the ground!
    see previous Riley Head Thread below

  10. Skip added a post in a topic B-N-L   

    I've purchased parts from b-n-l both from the website and off of eBay I've got the same great service either way.  Parts are always excellent whether it's been a carburetor, transmission or valve cover they always come the same zero to no cleanup required!  I've never had an issue with b-n-l, professional, great communication and with a large enough order you might get a surprise goody with it!!!  They're one of my favorite resin shops.
  11. Skip added a post in a topic 56 Chevy Drag Car - Complete!   

    Super job!  Reminds me of some of the old Hank Borger models he built for his Car Model articles.  Low parts count or not, your '56 just has that look that a period correct Ex-Gasser has to have to be credible.  With a little tweeking here or there this could have easily been a Stock Class car as well.  Every thing about your model is plausible, there aren't any parts or doo dads that don't belong, that's what separates a decent subject related model from a really good one in my book.
  12. Skip added a post in a topic Revell '30 Model A Ford parts by R&MCoMD   

    Got an email answer from Norm this weekend I added a couple of the firewalls, tops and a roll-n-tuck insert to my current in process order.  
    According to Norm, yes he is running behind schedule for orders placed over the summer, he just said that things got piled up this summer.  
    I highly suspect he got hit with the Modelhaus Hysteria, now everybody is sort of afraid that other resin casters will pull the plug as well.  (I have no real idea, that's my theory.)
  13. Skip added a post in a topic Avoid the reissue Revell Ramcharger   

    Statistical Process Control,  inspect 1 in 13, find no defect for next 26 lots, inspect 1 in 50,  no effects for XXXX, 1 in XXXX,,,  The Asian manufacturers bought into everything W. Edwards Deming had to say about quality, they thought Deming's 14 points were the thing the world revolves on, which includes greater and greater use of self inspection procedures.  Now couple that with a manufacturing facility in a country where workers are harshly punished for mistakes.  Think said worker is going to blow the whistle on themselves, yeah right.  Couple that with workers being paid piecework wages and you have a recipe for warped bodies!
  14. Skip added a post in a topic Satin Slipper   

    Pics open perfectly for me on my iPad.  I'd echo th comments already made so far you've done a ton of work on that shoe box and it works, even sectioning and shortening through the interior.  Not all cars look good after taking a chunk out of the middle like that, yours looks good.
  15. Skip added a post in a topic 30 A-Bone   

    I like the single air cleaner too, it looks different as in not a cookie cutter Hot Rod.  
    Something you might consider if you  do.  The bottom flange on the single air cleaner looks both too thick and too wide.  Thin it down both in width and thickness adding a nice eye appealing radius as you thin things up.  Spray it with Alclad or other chrome replacement, I think the air cleaner would look 100% better after that alone.