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  1. Skip added a post in a topic LHD v RHD USA   

    interesting, but I wasn't even thinking of gray market cars, most people that I know who have brought a 25+ year old vehicle into the States from Europe have brought in Collector vehicles not gray market vehicles.  These were the Federal Statutes  we worked to when we imported our Mini in from the U.K. To the Port of Tacoma in 2000.  We then took the U.K. Title/proof of ownership to my local State DOL where they swapped the title into our name, no inspection, no emissions check, nothing, the Customs said it was good to go so the DOL accepted it.  They even gave me back the original title as a collectible piece to go with the car, I still have it in my safe.   ( I know of at least a dozen Mini's brought into the U.S. From both U.K and Japan since then, there was no hassle, no Federalizing of emissions equipment; the only thing checked on the vehicle and paperwork was that it was 25+ years old, being an early '70's Mini there was no issue whatsoever, not even the RHD was a question.)  It is extremely simple to import a collector vehicle into the U.S., many of the U.S. Customs Agents who work with vehicle importation are quite familiar with what they are looking for and what they are looking at.  I'm not saying that there was not some Customs research along the way that I may have been unaware of, just none that I am aware of.  The last year that the Mini's were imported to Dealerships in the U.S. Was 1967 then discontinued for supposed safety issues as were a few other Foreign car makes, most likely for taking a bite out of Detroit's sales.
  2. Skip added a post in a topic LHD v RHD USA   

    you can import any car you want to as long  as it's 25 years old or older under, collector car status.  So if whatever Model Nissan you are looking at isn't rusted into the ground you're in luck!  Can't you find someone to trade dash and pedal-box with?  Most cars that are sold in RHD or LHD markets are set up so the switch is possible, with some work.
  3. Skip added a post in a topic LHD v RHD USA   

    Been driving a RHD Mini since around 2001, takes about ten minutes to get used to, the only real coordination issue was shifting left handed.  I always get the question of RHD being legal to drive on US roads, always answer with something like,  "When was the last time you saw a mail carrier pulled over?"  They always get that light bulb moment and look when they understand the goofiness of their own question. 
  4. Skip added a post in a topic Has anyone ever hot rodded to your standard Greg?   

    I'd agree with your list, with the caveat of the old pre-48 rule which probably has slid way newer thanks to Goodguys and others.  The '27 T looks way better in the black and white pic, most definitely the pics Glenn posted those are classic stance and styling.  Never liked the '32 3W which Chip Foose helped with some styling including the Faux bare metal along the chop lines, supposed to make it appear to be a fresh unpainted chop.  
    What looks good to one person doesn't always look good to another, browse through a stack of old Hot Rod magazines and you'll prove that point.  Even when the Golden Age of Hot Rod styling was new there were those pushing the envelope and missing the mark by a mile.  Most of who appreciate the Classic Traditional Hot Rod tend to be drawn to those cars which were mainstream in styling, especially those cars clean enough to make a magazine.
  5. Skip added a post in a topic Createx Paints   

    I've been using the Createx and their Wicked Colors lines for quite a while both for model, automotive, panels and other projects.  I've found through the years that you are better off as far as being able to duplicate the desired effect when you stick with the paint manufacturer's paints, reducers and any other additives they recommend.  Createx has their own line of Reducer and acrylic base which work well with their Createx and Wicked Colors lines, I won't gamble using anything else on either a customer's piece or even something I will be giving someone else.
    My normal formula is a base of automotive primer, White makes most of their paints pop, I've used Hot Rod Black and or Flatz topcoats of various colors, plain old white is the best.   Depending if I am using the transparent colors or the solid colors would be to lay down a pearl "Backer" color reduced 2:1 with Createx Reducer (thinner).  Next come the Transparent Colors reduced to 2:1 to begin with, adjusting for coverage either bumping up paint or reducer until the desired effect is achieved.  Solid colors go straight onto the Primed base, again testing for coverage and adjusting color or reducer to get the coverage I want.
    Last comes some sort of clear coat whether it be an automotive clear, Future or other acrylic clear.
    Createx has an excellent DVD of how to use their products for best results, I've seen it at Hobby Lobby for around $5 or about the price of a bottle of paint.  I shared my copy with another person on this board who was struggling with acrylic paints in general and he reported success after seeing how to use the products.
  6. Skip added a post in a topic Why go to all the trouble of a nostalgia look and leave the Edelbrock sticker on the carb ?   

    Just saw a set of block hugger type headers in a July 1960 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Honest Charley Speed Shop was selling them for Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Buick... for $39.95. Difference is the collector shape looks like the early square type versus the later triangle shaped collector. So there's nothing wrong with those headers, (like there ever was). I stopped hanging around over at that Traditional Hot Rod site a while ago, just for the reason that there are too many "Rivet Counters" who seem to think someone else's Hot Rod is their "build by proxy". Even to the point of badgering and bullying the builder if they do something the "In Crowd" doesn't like.. No one owes anyone anything on the parts they prefer to utilize when they assemble their Hot Rod. It's amazing that people get far less excited about the trash used to put together a rat rod than they do when someone decides to put the wrong valve covers, wheels, headers, mufflers, nuts and bolts, or a dreaded fiberglass anything on a Traditionally Themed Hot Rod. As long as it drives and the owner enjoys driving their Traditional Hot Rod who cares!!!
  7. Skip added a post in a topic Why go to all the trouble of a nostalgia look and leave the Edelbrock sticker on the carb ?   

    Because they built it without a "Build Committee" dictating which parts they could or couldn't use to build their Hot Rod.  Two some people could care less what others think or care about it's their Hot Rod.  Three They probably couldn't find a sponsor to bankroll building their Hot Rod.  Four it's their Hot Rod!   Five The people who chip their gums the most about period correct Hot Rods, Vintage Cars, Brit Cars...  don't even own one!   Six Maybe they know they're not competing for The Riddler Award and could care less, they just wanted a nice driver...
  8. Skip added a post in a topic Not even close   

    That would be a late in the war B-17, Boeing painted the full exterior surface on the early ones, then as the missions stretched farther and farther into Germany less and less got painted until at last they were nearly all raw aluminum except for the cloth covered control surfaces.  In the interest of weight savings, by that time the Gremans knew they were coming anyway, no need to hide.  When I worked for Boeing I worked with a guy who was an Engineer on the predecessor to the B-17 once they delivered the plane to the Army-Air Corps he took a leave of abscence to fly those same B-17's over Eastern Europe.  Amazing guy, would only talk about his WW II service when pestered to, had some cool stories to tell.
    Back to he Rat Rod in question, nothing traditional about that thing, nothing even close to a B-17 even in the Artsy sense of things.  There one or two interesting features in the interior, I wouldn't want to see them on anything I'd be driving though.  Agree the interior is better than the rest of the car.  I like Traditional Hot Rods, I've got tons of little pages and early Hot Rod magazines with examples of them.  Don't believe any of them contain anything remotely close to this nightmare!!
  9. Skip added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    Here's my long two cents on the subject:
    @ Force;  you are probably right regarding the carbs, from the time the teams receive them who knows what modifications if any are done to them.  I remember reading about Bill Jenkins ordering a ton of Holly Denominator Carbs at a time placing each one on his flow bench, either returning the ones he didn't like or selling them to others.  The ones that flowed well we're the ones he would tweet into Race Carbs, Cams,,,  until he got the best of the best.  That takes a huge pile of cash and the time to work the parts.  (If I remember right it was in an early to mid  70's CARS magazine).  I've read a lot of articles on Bill Jenkens over the years, he always intriegued me with his methodical approach to his engines, chassis and overall set up.  Gotta know the successful Teams are doing lots and lots of R & D work still.  I think going to Fuel Injection will help bring some competitiveness back to Pro-Stock.  The other step NHRA has to do is get the Big Three back into the picture, if the excitement is there for the fans they'll buy their cars.  It's happened before.
    I hate the Unrecognizable Jelly Bean Blobular Funny Cars with their Vinyl Wraps, maybe it's done for weight reduction (in theory).  Just hanging a manufacturer's Badging on them doesn't make them Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers... It just makes them a Blob with a Manufacturers's Badges on them.  The fact that Team Force could take a "Mustang" body and  call it a "Camaro" and have NHRA buy into it is proof that the Funny Cars are Unrecognizable Blobs.  There was a period during 80's through 2000 then the Funny Cars became not so recognizable in name of aerodynamics, until NHRA put their foot down and told the Teams to make the cars look like they were what they said they were supposed to be!  NHRA, it's time to put your foot down again, bring back the driver talent that was once needed to drive these cars.
    Top Fuel, what do you say, they aren't supposed to look like anything production and never did.  It might be time to return this Class to the truly "Unlimited" Class it once was, where only the best of the best drove them and survived!  NHRA would have to mandate across the board Safety Upgrades to every track the Fuel Cars run on or they don't run there period!  It took the death of Dale Ernhardt Sr. to change the walls of the NASCAR tracks, it has seemingly worked.  NHRA still hasn't done the things needed to assure Driver's have as safe of a racing surface as possible, that goes for all the "Pro" classes.  
    I never have got all that excited about the Pro-Stock Bikes for some reason, they're sort of an extension of the Sportsman classes.  A door slammer without the doors!  TV coverage would either be better dropping Pro-Stock Bike and having more interviews, showing close Sportsman Class races, viewer educational stories, how and why things are done, new innovations...
    Announcers - Mike Dunn does a really good job, especially giving the Driver Perspective which is much needed side of the stories most of the time.  He also knows when to shut up and let the story tell itself, something that's needed in sports announcers across the Dial, get tired rather quickly with announcers who just drone on and on.  That's what the mute button is for!  Back a while ago, years, when TNN was broadcasting the NHRA events they had great announcers who knew what was going on, as well as the relevant sidebar stories to highlight, Bob Frye was really good at that. (He's probably retired or gone by now.)
  10. Skip added a post in a topic Just an offer   

    Puyallup, Bremerton, Kent, Arlington a few times.  In addition to the names you mentioned we got to meet guys like Ed "The Ace" McCulloch before the Ace, Herm Petersen, Jim Green - Green Elephant F/C, Gene Berg who ran VW Gassers, major VW performance innovator, Walt and Bucky Austin, Lee Beard before his Crew Cheif days...  Bremerton, Kent which became known as Seattle International Raceway now Pacific Raceways are really the only two active Drag Strips in Western Washington.  Wish the good old days were back, Drag Racing was so much up close and all around fun for both the Racers and the fans alike.   Too bad things had to get so corporate that it just became a side show at the national level, it's still much the same at the regional and local levels.
  11. Skip added a post in a topic Let's take the "DRAGSTER TEST"   

    You got 91% (10 right out of 11). The average score is 41%.
  12. Skip added a post in a topic Just an offer   

    Welcome to the forum, (we must be about the same age).  '64 was around the first year I got to tag along to the Drags, mostly local stuff like the Strips here in western Washington.  
    i used to Tag along with my Uncles for the price of being their parts washer, cleaner, sander, sweeper and any other dirty job they didn't want to do!  Well worth the price of admission in my book! 
  13. Skip added a post in a topic Cigarette smoke smell How to get rid of it?   

    I think most fabric softeners contain silicone in them including drier sheets, that's what lessens the static cling!  Just make sure that you wash the parts really, really well or you could end up with fisheye in the topcoat.  I use the dryer sheets to deodorize stinky or smoke smelling old magazines, works well.
    For models I usually wash in liquid dishwashing soap then about a tablespoon of baking soda in a ziplock bag, the box goes to the garage where it stinks up the garage until it's finally aired out.  It may take a bit longer for the baking soda together the smell out, it works and I'm 100% certain that I'm not coating the parts in silicones.a
  14. Skip added a post in a topic stock bantam
    The above link to the Austin Bantam Club has some really cool reference pictures of the various cars that the American Austin Co. made. I'd never seen that the "Coupe" sedan looking body style had the cloth covering like a Model A sedan, I thought that I knew quite a bit about them until I hit on that website.