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  1. Skip added a post in a topic Ultrasonic Cleaners & Airbrushes
    Harbor Freight, it's the larger of the two that they sell.
  2. Skip added a post in a topic Airbrushing-Keep Paint From Drying In Gun In Between Passes   

    Typically, I try planning the painting whether it's model car, sign work or whatever, working from light to dark colors.  That is if it's possible to do so, some times it isn't.  Working light to dark determines the extent of airbrush flushing or cleaning between colors.  Normally what I do is shoot enough of the reducer through until it comes clean. Paying particular attention to the tip and needle which a quick  run run over with a Q-tip is all that's needed.  Cleaning the needle and tip will make sure that the next color doesn't sputter shooting out globs instead of the fine atomized mist you're looking for.  I used to surgically clean the airbrush between colors until I figured out that it wasn't any better than just a quick clean up like I'm doing now.  I leave the surgical cleaning for after the painting is done!
  3. Skip added a post in a topic 41 Willys   

    Yep, quite a few High Horse Power "Purpose Built" Race Cars ran two and four wheel disc brakes in the early 60's timeframe.  It wasn't all that uncommon to see "High Dollar" Hot Rods running disc brakes then too, rear wheel disc brakes were less common on the street than the strip.
    i suspect the SWC car that Revell modeled this one after is the "Restored/Recreation" of the SWC "Black Willys", if so then it is possible that if the original wasn't running 4 disc's I it may have been added during restoration. I think it's their last Willys which ran a Hemi rather than Olds as did their earlier cars.  Time period would be anywhere for original Black Willys would be 70 - 72 or 3 which wouldn't put 4 wheel disc's out of the picture either.  (Too lazy to pick through a pile of Popular Hotrodding" magazines at the moment to give you an absolute definite answer.) 
  4. Skip added a post in a topic Street Outlaws   

    I've watched a few episodes, can't say that's I am a fan of the show or theatrics that they seem to pull because of the producers.  The cars are interesting, I'd rather watch it if they would take the racing to a track or other safe racing surface versus "public streets".  Not sure if I read it here, hamb, Hot Rod or somewhere else but NHRA watches the show too watching for their own racers street racing; they'd said they'd pull individuals competition license if they saw them Street Racing on the show.
    the cars appear to be running former 80's and 90's Pro Stock type Chassis, possibly well designed Pro Street Set Ups.  Smaller tired cars are probably either back halved or tied-subframe cars.  Most of them look like they're running four link setups.  I see a whole lot of these cars running what many of the quicker bracket cars were running just a few years ago, you have some looking like they're backyard homebrewed and others that may have come out of a legitimate race shop at one time.
  5. Skip added a post in a topic Where do you buy your drag slicks ?   

    At one time JCP Scat-Trac tires were at a whole lot of hot cars, they were cheaper than the Goodyear and Firestone tires, held up pretty well to a whole lot of abuse, with a tread wear guarantee to boot.  Penny's automotive departments were a whole lot more performance minded than Sears stores were, Penny's sold mounted and guaranteed mag wheels, Sears wouldn't guarantee them.  Penny's sold all kinds of performance stuff like cams, pop up Pistons, headers, ignition stuff like Mallory Duel Point Distributors and more.  I had Scat-Trac tires on my '65 GTO and '69 Z-28, I can gaurantee they withstood a ton of abuse, they smoked like crazy!!!
    I seem to remember Penny's Automotive Department still operating until about 1982'ish or so.
  6. Skip added a post in a topic Tell me this didn't hurt   

    Happens all the time when's when an old guy not used to light high power to weight ratio Hot Rod gets on it and loses it, because he's been driving a Prius all week!
    the reason that the grill she'll isn't torn up is the impact was taken by a good stout spreader bar which ties the impact directly to the vehicles frame.
  7. Skip added a post in a topic Ultrasonic Cleaners & Airbrushes   

    I use my ultrasonic cleaner with lacquer thinner to clean airbrush parts, works well.  I have the large tank model that Harbor Freight sells, unheated tank.  I'd be a little bit careful using a heated tank with volatile liquids, don't want anywhere near the flash point or vapor point.   I use windex for acrylics.
  8. Skip added a post in a topic Interesting Flocking Applicator   

    what I normally do is paint the area to be flocked then tint the Elmer's white glue with the same acrylic paint I just used on the interiors floor.
  9. Skip added a post in a topic Cowboy '69 Camaro   

    When you first posted this one from the title I didn't connect Dallas Cowboys, I was thinking cowboy Camaro.  As in what in the world does a Camaro have to do with Cowboys, I was picturing some sort of hideous Cow themed paint scheme!! I think I saw it like about 03:00 hours, I was relieved it wasn't a cow paint scheme and surprised at how nice it looked, great job.  (Don't blame me I take my iPad to work, when I work nights.  So I can keep up on stuff and not use the taxpayer's computer, don't get in trouble that way!)
  10. Skip added a post in a topic 51 Chevy Belair custom   

    Nice paint, reminds me of Larry Watson's style.  Is that engine using the Fisher Crossflow head, the AMT '51 Bel Aire had   one in it the last time I built one.
  11. Skip added a post in a topic Interesting Flocking Applicator   

    I've tried the shakers, strainers before as well, if you watch their video of their applicator it appears to be superior to the methods most of us have been using.  It's capable of covering sharp corners and intricate shapes, something I can't do that easy shaking the stuff in.  That's why I shared it.
  12. Skip added a post in a topic '32 Ford roadster gluebomb rework. Sept 8, '15: back on track   

    Well Bill,,, you've made me want an aircraft model now!!  The Lindberg Gee Bee was one of the models my Uncle and I put together as a kid.  I remember now that it was not quite 1/32nd scale, can't remember what plane he got to build but it was true 1/32nd scale, there was a major size difference!  You are correct, with a little fiddling it can be turned into a pretty stunning model, I've seen a couple built by talented aircraft modelers.
  13. Skip added a topic in General   

    Interesting Flocking Applicator
    Came across a website called "Just Flock It" through Dave Lindsay's So Cal Car Culture links.
    They carry flocking in small amounts that would be perfect for model car applications.  What really interested me  is the applicator it's like a cardboard tube balloon pump, from the how to video it looks like it just shoots the flocking out of the applicator instead of using the small strainer most of us normally use.  They say that their small model car size bag, which sells for $2.60 has enough material to cover a square foot of surface  (12" X 12").   Even if you didn't use it for models, can be used for automotive uses - glove box relining, woodworking - drawer lining, boxes...
    Anyone ever use this brand flocking, looks like the same stuff we've all used.  Specifically anyone ever use this type of applicator for flocking?  I'm thinking about picking up the applicator for models and some other Christmas stuff.   Looked interesting enough to share.
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  14. Skip added a post in a topic Engine wiring?   

    Harry, I think the question was more like examples of the mechanics of wiring and plumbing an engine versus specific engine applications.  (At least that's the way I interpreted it.)
  15. Skip added a post in a topic Air brushing help   

    I was just going to mention that, I've had static electricity pull paint right off of a paint brush, string together atomized paint off of an airbrush nozzle so that it cobwebs the paint onto the surface being painted.  Unless you have some sort of elaborate grounding system dreamed up I wouldn't even consider plexiglass for an enclosure.  Just pulling air across the surface of plexiglass or even fiberglass will build up enough static to cause problems.  The more air you pull the higher the chance you're going to build static.  One major problem not mentioned yet with the static is attracting tons of dust that can get transferred to the fresh paint!
    if it were me building an enclosure to spray paint in I would consider using plywood, MDF, or sheet metal.  I am running a Paasche sheet metal paint booth, I run a ground strap off of the booth itself, since doing so I haven't had any issues with static while spraying any plastic, fiberglass or plexiglass items.
    Pressure Regulator, consider adding an inline type regulator with gauge just before the reducer to the smaller airbrush line for fine tuning without having to go back and forth to the compressor.
    Water Trap, add one just ahead of the pressure regulator.  Even small amounts of water in an airbrush will give you fits an hour extra water trap is cheap insurance.