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  1. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Well, hmmmm...ummmm...

    Hosted on Fotki
    Hosted on Fotki

    Monaco with stippled rust layers, awaiting salting.

    Hosted on Fotki

    Initial painting of interior. Seat is not attached. Highlighting, shading and weathering to follow. Also visible are items (not weathered) to be placed inside.

    Hosted on Fotki

    Salting test on my son's camaro model, no rust coat. The top turned out well but I went a bit heavy on the deck lid. I'm sure with a more judicious use of the salt I can get the effect I am looking for.

    Jeez, I was SO looking forward to arranging flowers...

  2. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Been doing some forum research and have decided to forgo my normal, armor-type weathering in favor of salting. If you don't see any more pics of the Ol' Monaco, it means I have thrown it across the room in frustration and am on my way to Cranky's house for tutoring! LOL!

    I am leaving the computer now to put on the second coat of stippled rust in prep for the "Morton's Method" aka salting...

    Fingers crossed, here we go...
    If I'm not back by this evening it means I have decided to take up flower arranging instead!

  3. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Hey all,

    A little progress:

    Hosted on Fotki

    Final armor.

    Hosted on Fotki

    Hosted on Fotki

    As you see, the first layer is VERY loose and runny, allowing it to accumulate in corners and such. This is basically a "wash" applied with an airbrush.
    Very ugly but the final result is worth it as the future weathering will allow the different depths of rust to show through, adding dimension.

    Keep up all the great work folks!

  4. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Slow day so far, but a bit of progress:

    Hosted on Fotki
    Typical light from a kit.

    Hosted on Fotki

    After: Hollowed out with appropriately large drill bit tip, lined with Bare Metal and lensed with clear nail polish (thanks daughter of mine!).

    Hosted on Fotki
    Hosted on Fotki

    Initial rusting with baking powder over a wash of dark rust. The extra will be lightly brushed off when dry, leaving only a hint of texture. Remember, the frame is a curbside and the engine will only be partially visible through the hood. Why weather or paint unseen parts? (Yeah, I have been guilty of building / weathering parts for my satisfaction only so no razzing me! LOL!)

    Many of the other builds on these forums are truly incredible and do inspire me to go hog wild, just not on this one. Maybe my next Apocalyptic build will be all-out! Jeez, I'm hooked! Augh!!!!!

  5. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Brian, thanks for the words of encouragement! And yeah, the bike is mine. Built it myself out of a wrecked '95 Dyna Low Rider.
    Hosted on Fotki

    Michael, your next project looks to be killer too! That grill is great and I can visualize pieces of "road kill" ala "Death Race 2000" hanging off it!

    As an avid armor modeler, I can say that this build is right up my alley and I'm having a hoot! Not often you can model real-world functional yet imaginary stuff. I might have to go the way of ol' Cranky for a few years and concentrate on this new found aspect!
    Now, if I can only get my cars to look like his...hmmmmm...

  6. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    LMAO Michael!! Love the story line! I also love the tube front bumper! It reminds me of a schedule 40 bumper I build in High School for my 67 F-100. "Deer Pusher" for sure! Yours looks like it could take on an elephant, or a horde of zombies for that matter! Cool Build, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    Not much progress on the ol Monaco today:

    Hosted on Fotki
    Minor armor to protect the trunk mounted fuel cell.

    Hosted on Fotki
    Updated front guard. I am thinking of some removable armor skirts for the wheel wells...I dunno...
    Haven't come up with a paint scheme yet. Any ideas out there?
    Note - the driver's side front fender will be from a donor so it will probably be weathered pale blue.

    Keep up all the amazing work everyone!

  7. rat95dyna added a post in a topic Sanding tires   

    I am pretty bare-bones about it.
    I utilize various grits of emery cloth for the tread and a fine grit sanding sponge from the hardware store for the sidewalls.
    I lay the cloth on the bench and rotate the tire tread area by hand. This allows me to get even wear around the circumference in case the tire is out of true. Using the tire in a Dremel in that circumstance results in shallower patches of tread as the tire grinds down to true. In 1/25 scale, untrue tires are usually not noticeable unless you pull out the micrometer.
    Sidewalls are done with the tire rotating on sponge, which conforms to the shape allowing even wear.
    Sidewall detail is added later with the tire rotating on a jig. Lettering is done using stencils and an airbrush allowing me to achieve whatever level of wear I want. Weathering is done by whatever means you normally use.

    Hosted on Fotki

    Hope this helps!

  8. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Unfortunately Brian, I utilized the headlight frames under the armor. They were the dual, stacked rectangular units. The kit is the Dukes of Hazzard, Roscoe sheriff's car from MPC.
    More pics:

    Hosted on Fotki

    Dash with new green glass made from interior parts of a Polaroid camera.
    As you eagle eyed viewers probably noticed: airbag in a '78 car??? Yep. Remember, the owner of this vehicle is a scrounger...like yours truly!

    Hosted on Fotki

    A red bulbed search light - beginning stages. Made from the tip / barrel of an epoxy glue tube, interior is polished Bare Metal Foil. Will have red lens when finished and mounted whoknowswhere...

    As usual, I am continually amazed at the workmanship here on this forum! The more I browse, the more I likey!

  9. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Tires and wheels:
    Hosted on Fotki
    Hosted on Fotki

    As you see, the B4 tires are hideous but all I have. I removed lettering and tread with judicious use of X-Acto and various grits of emery cloth. The rim slots were hogged out and the lip thinned to more scale-like proportions. The second photo is of the front and rear together. The fronts are from my sons Camaro and are a bit on the small side but in keeping with the "use what ya got" motif I hope it will work!

    Hosted on Fotki

    This is a length of "climbing rope" (thread coated with wood glue / water mix) that will be inside the rig.

    Hosted on Fotki

    Typical sleeping bag out of tissue paper and the aforementioned glue mix. the straps will be painted appropriately.

  10. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Here are some others:

    Front overall.

    Beginning dash w/nail polish gauge covers. More weathering to come (obviously! LOL)

    Armored seat w/foil belts, styrene clasps.

    Rear w/frame mounted hitch.

    Overall so far.

    As you can see, this will be a curbside model as the MPC kit is designed as such. Also note many details (dash, seat) will only be visible through slits in armor or the cut out roof so superdetailing is not necessary, only hints of what's there are needed.
    You'll notice some armor has smooth edges and others are rough. This denotes scavenged plate steel and/or oxy-acet cut pieces. The cut portions were represented by "skipping" my X-Acto blade along the edge, giving it as rough texture as if torch cut. Note most of the armor is "bolted" on as welding heavy steel to body work is weak in real life. Bolting to an underlying structure is stronger so that is what I tried to duplicate.
    The top view of the engine only reveals the air cleaner and not much more so "creative gizmology" (thanks Shep!) will be utilized.
    The tires/rims are garbage but as I mainly concentrate on armor I have no alternative at the moment. I think I'll see what I can do with what's there. Mods and heavy weathering are a must for the running gear to say the least!
    Again, I am building this as if I were the one who stumbled across the old girl and had to modify her in a hurry and with scrounged materials.
    This is turning out to be an enjoyable build!
    Interior next and on to primary paint!
    Keep up the great work everyone! They all look fantastic!

  11. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Thanks for the warm welcome! This looks to be a great forum with some talented, nice folks!
    Here are some more in prog pics:


    Removing trim (broken pieces will be added later).

    Making bolt heads from appropriate size round stock.

    Staples stolen from wife for grab handles.

    Front bumper ala Hedgerow Cutter style! Beware zombies!!
    More to follow...
  12. rat95dyna added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Hi all,

    New to the forum and thought I'd jump right in so here's the beginning:

    1978 Monaco with mods that someone would do if they didn't have a whole lotta time to prep, ie: down and dirty!
    I want to portray a vehicle someone might stumble across while trying to survive and needed to modify it in a hurry.
    I don't use photo etched parts (no good hobby shops around here) and have always scratch-build stuff anyway.
    I hope this fits the bill as there are fantastic works of art here on this forum and in this contest so far! "Wow" is all I can say about them all!