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  1. Very impressive and great knowledge of a true race car1 great work.
  2. Engine is a 62 catalina 421 pontiac with a 4speed with dual 4 barrels.
  3. Thanks guys was a fun build challenging but fun the engine is a nascar SB chevy with twin indy car turbos.
  4. A build i built awhile back thought you may enjoy 56 Mercedes gullwing with tonssss of mods and a nascar twin turbo engine
  5. Thought id share a few pics of my Tamiya 1/24th scale Beetle with tons of mods.
  6. Thought id share a few build pics of my project
  7. Custom 33 willys BB chevy dual stages of nitrous.
  8. 40 Ford sedan delivery custom many subtle mods.
  9. I have always loved the 40 ford thats why i had to build one myself well sorta lol started out as a 40 sedan delivery has willys front clip etc. Great job on the coupe.
  10. SSR Chevy Truck shortened 13" scale inches straightened rear wheel wells 427 bb 61 chevy dash and custm built bed with shortended tunk.
  11. LOL Its all the light saber action he has sensitive eyes!
  12. Mike love your avatar im building a real fleetline just like that and yes its a radical custom just like my models 48 pro street on air ride and i have tons of photos of it aswell. And thanks for the paint comment actually i shoot all my models from a rattle can lol
  13. Thanks cut down custom merc grille.
  14. 56 Mercedes Gull wing AKA "Wingless Flyer" Mustang II interior roof and windsheild with Nascar engine and twin turbo chargers Tons of subtle mods!!!
  15. 33 Willys prowler front clip BB chevy with 2 stages of nitrous and smoothed belly pan!
  16. I want a real one just like that! sweet
  17. Yes 85% of the frame was scrath built!
  18. WOW thanks! A little about the build its a 1/24th scale tamiya kit with a 1/25th scale viper front end on it also used the viper scoop molded it in. opened the doors smoothed up the jambs chopped the top also smoothed up the body lines console is a nose peice from an indy car has a corvette imsa car dash with plenty of subtle lil mods. Model really shows well and what few shows its been to really makes alot of smiles and leaves people asking plenty of ?'s To me i just wanted to clean up the ugly and make a fun car that i would loveeeee to build real. Thanks again
  19. Thought id might aswell share one more build started as a mini cooper and added a vette rear and running gear a tons of mods smoothed belly pan etc.
  20. 40 Ford panel deliver well use to be lol willys front end and a sb2 engine custom chassis and prowler inteior.
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