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  1. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Autocar Bucket Truck   

    What a beautiful model, very nice job on it.
  2. 89cxsport added a post in a topic older trucks   

    Link to the rest of the photos.
  3. 89cxsport added a post in a topic older trucks   

    He worked for Fairacy Trucks in Colorado when these photos were taken I believe they sold IH trucks.
    Here are some Scouts that he added stripes to.

  4. 89cxsport added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    older trucks
    My dad use to paint trucks when he was younger and I have a some of his photos. Thought I would share a few.

    and my favorite one.

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  5. 89cxsport added a post in a topic What European automotive subjects would YOU like the see as a 1/24 scale kit?   

    this one http://midatlanticmotorwerkes.com/pix/VW_2_1.jpg
    and this one http://midatlanticmotorwerkes.com/pix/BMW-2.jpg

    as well as several others that have been posted.
  6. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Bizzare Race Car thread   

    Here's one that some people I know run in the Lemons races.

  7. 89cxsport added a post in a topic So you have run out of ideas from the northern six continents.   

    The first picture is very cool. On another forum I am on, a member is custom building one in 1/50th scale.
  8. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Alaskan Logging Trucks and Equipment   

    Juneau125 have posted these photos on any other websites? One I often go to has a collection of similar photos.
  9. 89cxsport added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Revell Big T
    I have an original Big T that my uncle built when he was a kid. I managed to save it a few years ago from its box in my grandparents basement. I would like to restore it and need info on replacement parts to fix it up I am not sure what all is missing at the moment I do know that front axle is broken beyond repair and it is missing some of the engine components like the valve covers. Any help is appreciated.
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  10. 89cxsport added a post in a topic What else do you collect   

    I collect diecast construction equipment, hot wheels and matchbox cars of the Ford and European brands. I also collect books ranging from kids books that I remember when growing up to current best sellers. I also collect weight around the waist line that I need to get rid of.
  11. 89cxsport added a post in a topic A rough year   

    I have to say after reading all of these I realize that a lot of people had a really hard time this past year. I on other hand have felt that while this year has been tight it was no where near a hardship. I maintained similar pay to last years maybe a few hundred more. My wife have come closer to paying off both her car and our credit card, and we have been considering doing a medium size home improvement project. At work we had our best month ever in March, with sales and service being the highest ever. We hired a third technician, so we improve the life of someone who had been out of work for over year. I feel for everyone who has had it rough and thought maybe we needed to see that some parts of our economy is slowing coming back to life to give those who are down some hope.
  12. 89cxsport added a post in a topic What are your Projects for 2011   

    I don't plan on building anything next year, I need to get my "man cave" fixed up organized and set up so that I can build. I also plan on downsizing some kits that I no longer plan on building. If I get the shed in order I may try to pick a Mercedes Benz DTM model to build, or the Jagermeister Porsche kit.
  13. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Fifty Ford   

    Makes me want to pull mine out and do something to it, either the scale model or the 1:1 in the backyard.
  14. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Mercedes CLK DTM warsteiner   

    Very nice I want build one of those one day.
  15. 89cxsport added a post in a topic Interests outside of model cars?   

    I work on european cars for a living, and since entering that field I have gotten into NASA and SCCA track events, I loosely follow world challenge racing but only if my boss is driving. I read a heck of a lot, my library goes from David Baldacci to Stephen White. I also have several teen and youth book in my collections because after several long reads a few simple "quick" reads is a nice break. I have an intrest in early Fords and intend to someday complete my project pick up that resides in my back yard. I collect diecast construction models and Hot Wheels, as well as any other automotive trinket that strikes my fancy.