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  1. Eric Aitala added a post in a topic New Here from PA   

    Any idea if there will be vendors at the Three River show? Its a bit of a drive from State College...

  2. Eric Aitala added a post in a topic Three River Automodelers Show and Contest.   


    I was hoping to go but life has gotten too busy... Maybe next year...

  3. Eric Aitala added a post in a topic IPMS questions   

    There has been talk about updating the Auto Categories at the IPMS Nationals, but I'm not convinced that will have much of an effect.

    I'm thinking more about what might be possible at a local model club (and maybe contest) level...

  4. Eric Aitala added a post in a topic IPMS questions   


    So here is a question... what could IPMS/USA do to bring more auto modelers into the Society?

  5. Eric Aitala added a topic in General   

    Lotus 79 from Tamiya!
    Well, it appears that Tamiya is jumping on the Lotus parade by also producing a kit of the Lotus 79!

    It should be available in May. Hopefully, we'll hear more about Hasegawa's Lotus sometime soon.



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  6. Eric Aitala added a post in a topic IPMS/USA Forums Open for Everyone...   

    I forgot to copy the link... that's what happens when you post at 1 AM...

    Thanks for posting it..

  7. Eric Aitala added a topic in General   

    IPMS/USA Forums Open for Everyone...
    As of this evening registration to the IPMS/USA Forums open for anyone. Once you have registered, you will have access to the General Modeling section - there is an IPMS/USA member-only section for society business.

    At the moment the Forum Admin will need to approve all accounts, but that should be pretty quick, and it is a temporary situation; Dennis wants to get a feel of how many folks are joining. Once he does, approval will be automatic.

    For those who don't know, I was asked to take over as the IPMS/USA webmaster about 9 months ago... this is the first major change to how things are being run. And while I know that scale auto modelers (here in the US) don't always have warm feelings about IPMS, I would really like to see some changes in that area...

    Stop on by and register... we could use more F1 and race car modelers.


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