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  1. hotrod347 added a post in a topic Amt Competition Parts Pack   

    in particular yes. i've been in search for that allison engine in there. been wantin to finish a rat build i started a year ago, but i haven't the right engine for my build. the allison caught my attention.

  2. hotrod347 added a topic in General   

    Amt Competition Parts Pack
    can these still be found, or are they out dated?

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  3. hotrod347 added a post in a topic cancer warrior   

    not nervous at all. to be quite honest with ya, the original idea was to build a girly type hotrod to begin with. this one took on a life of it's own. the nervousness was more the case when i went to post the pics up on agapemodels.com. this was for a fellowship build that a member here (midnightprowler :lee) started. the build it's self has some importance to me as well. my mother lost her sister to ovarian, hence the blue, and i dated a gal in high school who's mother has been free of breast cancer now for the past 8 years now. i still keep in touch with her and her mom.

    the engine is not gold, but yellow.

  4. hotrod347 added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    any northeastern ohioan clubs?
    just curious really.
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  5. hotrod347 added a post in a topic What's ur favourite build?   

    View Postcazxr2, on 31 July 2010 - 01:23 AM, said:

    I'd love to see more pics. Is there a wip anywhere for it?

    i don't have one up in the workbench section, but i'm sure i can rustle them up somewhere. i'll have them up for ya later craig.

    i'm very sorry, craig. but i went searchin for the wips on that build i think i may have deleted them off my harddrive by accident. i researched my photobucket account as well, but to no avail were they anywhere to be found. sorry.
  6. hotrod347 added a post in a topic What's ur favourite build?   

    i don't have one up in the workbench section, but i'm sure i can rustle them up somewhere. i'll have them up for ya later craig.
  7. hotrod347 added a post in a topic any one build in 1/20   

    thank you drew, it helped a lot.
  8. hotrod347 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    any one build in 1/20
    my neighbor across the street from me has been movin his belongings to his camper out in andover. since i've been helpin him move, i've been comin home with some pretty neat things. one of which is a 1/20 scale Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. yet it hasn't any instructions. i mean i've built kits without them before (mostly in 1/24 and 1/25), but it's the lil things in this kit that are quite confusin. and not to mention this is my first big scale kit. not only am i buildin blind this time, but i'm customizin it as well by addin a 1/18th hemi 426 under the hood. i'd at least like a lil instructions to go on. so by chance does anyone know where i can find some online inst. to go by.

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  9. hotrod347 added a post in a topic What's ur favourite build?   

    honestly, i'd have to say my rat hauler set. i was the first time i ever branched out and kitbashed/scratchbuilt anything to make what i saw in my mind. (thanks for the push, geezerman) i put so much effort into both of these that i could honestly car les what would happen to the rest of my builds, and that includes all my aircraft builds as well.

  10. hotrod347 added a topic in Under Glass   

    cancer warrior
    this build was done not to long ago. i did it as a tribute to the families and friends i know as well of those i don't that have either suffered with cancer, lost a loved one to cancer, or survived the ordeal. each color on this kit represents a cancer ribbon. pink bein the more obvious one for breast cancer and light blue for ovarian cancer. even the tires have a role, well the white walls do anyway. white is for bone cancer.

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  11. hotrod347 added a topic in Under Glass   

    The Demon Extractor
    the thought behind this build was to build an altered street rod for the strips. however it began to take on a life of it's own.

    i built this shortly i built the rat hauler and it's cargo about 2 years ago.

    it's a '23 ford T bucket. a '51 chevy PU bed. a '28 lincoln Y block. homemade velocity stacks and distributor. plug wires are normal electrical wires. the stick shift is a clutch and hand grip off a '57 vespa kit. the taillights are made with LED's as well as the headlights. the battery/slicks/steering wheel and column/ and frame are all from my parts box. the brake lever on the drivers side is from a rolls royce silver ghost. the grill is made from left over plastic layin on my bench. the rest is made from household items just layin around.

    ok folks i give you my '23 T altered...."The Demon Extractor"

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  12. hotrod347 added a topic in Under Glass   

    1930 model A ford woody PU
    well i built this a while back. i had intended on building a street rod of some kind in nothing but sharpie markers and this kit seemed like a perfect candidate.

    this kit was supposed to be a hauler for a johnny lightning ford of the same year of the kit.

    the kit.

    the lil' johnny lightning ford

    it has a blown hemi in it from an old rail build from back in my early teens( since fallen apart and used for other builds)

    i goofed in the end as far as the exhaust goes, and improvised a lil'. so without further wait. here is my '30 ford woody PU RC hauler.

    i added a chain to the rear of the bed to give the tailgate stability when opened. it also helps to hold the gate up when i lay the toy ford on the gate.

    and for an added set of pics, the '29 ford rat hauler carrying the '30 woody. and a pic of the 2 haulers together with their cargo.

    thank you
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  13. hotrod347 added a post in a topic Thinkin of a movie car   

    the kid in the Porsche is Anthony Edwards. boy is he ever young there. must have been before revenge of the nerds.
  14. hotrod347 added a post in a topic seein as i'm new, i'll post my prized possessions   

    here's where i keep the ratrod duo and another rat. this s a display over my toilet, thats right my toilet :lol: odd place i know. i just recently added the Plexiglas window to keep the dust out of the cubby hole. forced air is not a model's best friend.

    the car to the left of this shot is my first attempt on a rat. it was done 2 years ago. lucille is a '41 plymouth business coupe.
  15. hotrod347 added a post in a topic seein as i'm new, i'll post my prized possessions   

    thanks to all for the nice welcome.

    the answer to the question for the headlights is i took a set of 57 vespa headlights i had layin in my parts box and just added it to the body.