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  1. Hi Gang,

    Starting to experiment with lacquer, thanks to all who have posted/replied before on this topic, but still not sure about primer vs. sealer. Do I need both? If I use a good primer, will sealer be necessary? If I use a good sealer, will I need a good primer? Is sealer sandable? Won't using both, even if lightly misted, obscure detail? If I use both use sealer first? Do I sand it, then prime, then sand again? Does it matter what type of paint goes on top? Man..... I think I'll just go buy diecasts..... :lol::lol:;):lol: PHEW!! Thanks.


  2. Harry,

    Good topic for you and Gregg to acquire more insight into what people here think. Personally, I like cars, respect anyone building anything, but I get on the Model Car Forum to watch Model Cars. Simple links to other items might be good, but keep it simple....if it floats, it is a ship, if it flies......If people care to look they can, and if not.... I think seeing other ideas and converting to our passion is great, armor, ships, planes ALL bring some interesting ideas for assembly, finishing, weathering, displaying, but at the end of the day, it's all about Model Cars. Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi gang,

    This is a very interesting and very important thread. I am returning after a extended time away from something I have loved since I can remember, models are cool and cars are the coolest. I build for me, I emulate the good builders to improve my skills, I log onto the forum daily and watch/learn/drool, but I do it for me. I am planning on going to the IPMSHAMS show August 21st in Houston, it will be my first event ever, and it will probably be my only event as a displayer (competitor is too strong a word?), just want to try once, then build for me from that point on. Not too concerned with turning my passion into a contest, but respect so much the work of those that do!! Just doing it for me, for fun, always has been and always will be. Thanks and here's two pennies.


  4. Highway,

    Allright, thanks for the reply!! You know, it is a little bit unnerving at first, I am still trying to figure it out, plus asking the best of the best for some advice on my little dog-and-pony-show-and-all-I-have-is-the-dog, know what I mean?

    Did a mock-up of what I wanted, a real mechanic would probably point out all my errors,. etc. but it looks cool!! Ran two spliced tubes out of the intake on the engine, split them up so one on the left and one on the right of the bike, put two box-part carbs on, two stacks on that, going to run cables, etc., but it looks cool! So, in my mind, is is "right" or "art", "form" or "function"? I am sure that question would bring a lot of responses, and I can learn a little from each and every one.

    Still working out the taking good pictures and posting, steep learning curve on my end, trying to do all the tasks it takes to take advantage of this great forum and the great people here. If I can get a mock-up, will post and you can tell me what you think. Thanks again for the encouragement.


  5. Folks,

    Thanks for the replies, very helpful. What if I just wanted to use venturi/carbs instead of blowers? If I just used a carb from parts box that looked "right" would it matter if it was wrong? I guess my initial question should be rephrased... when building, if I can't find thr right parts, should I bluff with other parts that look right and cool, or should I abandon that part of the build? I could just use an aircleaner with FLAMES (oh Lord...) on it. Or should I just sculpt something "cool" that looks like it would start? What would you do....art....or function? LOL


  6. Hey gang,

    I have been working off and on on a Revell Crusader motorcycle, I have sliced and diced and done a bunch of interesting things, but now I am stuck. I want to do a more elaborate carburetor/blower system, but have two problems. First, I can't find any aftermarket parts that will really suit my needs, second, I really would not know how to do this in a 1:1 situation, so obviously can't do it precisely in a 1/12 situation. My thoughts are to just "go for the cool" and if it is not mechanically proper, oh well..... Is this wrong, or should I just keep reading and researching......and hope I figure it out someday?

    What do you think....?

    Thanks!! Mike

  7. Hi O. C.

    Build looks just awesome, for what it is worth, Gay Pontiac is still there, right down the road from me. They, along with "Artie the Farmer" did some really cool cars in that era, my favorite time and style of racing.....altereds, gassers, and floppers....the best. Great job on your builds, really enjoy them a lot, thatnk you very much for posting!!


  8. O. C.

    Beautiful, remember that car well, you did such a good job on your build, sure brings back memories. The cars from the 60's & 70's are just the coolest ones of all, and you sure know how to make 'em look great!! Thank you for posting.


  9. Wow, lookin' good, that is gonna be one nice Chevy, man, thinking about that movie sure brings back memories, probably one of the best car movies of all time, one thing I really remember is the sounds of the engine were right...for a movie.

    Enjoying watching the build, know it is gonna be killer when done!!


  10. Andrew,

    Hobby Lobby has a coupon every week for 40 to 50% off, print one up and go shopping! Sometimes you will see something that just jumps out at you, that's the one to build! Print a coupon once a week and shop once a week, great way to start, they also have some basic tools and a lot of odds and ends that will help as you get more advanced. Ebay is pretty good after you get a little more knowledge of what you need or want to buy.

    See, told ya everybody would jump in to help, wish the world worked like the forums!!


  11. Andrew,

    Ok, had to check my memory, there is a very talented guy named Mark Taylor who is posting a "Back to the Basics" guide under "Tips, Tricks and Tutorials", just take your time and take Mark's advice, if you make a mistake (which you will on occasion), ask for help and you will get it. REad all the different topics and take what you need from each one, don't be shy about posting and asking questions, get a subscription to MODEL CARS magazine, and enjoy this great place to learn. When I first signed up in February, I read everything but was too shy to post on the forum, one I started communicating it is amazing how many GOOD people and GOOD builders will be there for you. Enjoy it!!


  12. Andrew,

    Welcome aboard and welcome to a great forum with a great bunch of people! I know how you feel, I had built cars years ago and stopped, things have changed so much. Keep reading the different topics for a little bit before you buy, several people (much more advanced than me) post threads that you can watch where they take you through different phases of the build, when you find a car to build, take your time and have fun, it's all about having fun, your skills will increase as you go. Let me sign off, be right back with a good thread for you to follow.


  13. Hey Daniel,

    Visited your link to your club, very nice, good tips, ideas and pictures, left a visitor comment, like to see what others are doing. Looks like a good bunch of folks who love the hobby just as much as we do. Don't forget "BLKOUT" for Lyle's license plate. Man, he did such a good job on that car, black & wheels look great, gotta love it!!


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