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  1. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    Yeah Casey, I'd rather see those years Javelins too over the AMX's much as I like them. 1968-69 I'd prefer over the '70 because as you mentioned, they would have the never done correctly trunion front suspension setup as well as the engine. However, '60's Mustangs front suspension IMO would make a reasonable facsimile if one wanted to build a detailed Javelin/AMX for now.
  2. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Matt, it seems as though your second method works best for your system as the second Ferrari pic is the only one I'm seeing at this end. Like you mentioned, Safari may work differently on a MAC for whatever reason as opposed to Windows. I'd go with your second method albeit a bit a of pain to have to type IMG tags in each time.
  3. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Something about the URL in your first pic isn't right. You'll want to make sure that your text window is free and clear of any previous messages. I've found that this board "saves" things from the last time that you post something.
  4. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Matt, I just went to Amazon (I'm on Firefox via Windows) and here's what I'm right clicking, copying, and pasting..............

    As you said, the pic is showing up on my text window, and it should be showing up on your end.
    As far as Thanksgiving dinner, I'm having dinner at my Niece's home at 3PM EST, and she's literally 3 minutes away from me.
  5. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    It would be interesting to compare the two if this ever comes to be. I'd try not to come down on it too hard, but I'm an AMX fan through and through as I once owned a '69 390 4spd for a number of years. The car was a real blast to own and drive and I wish I could have kept it.
    BTW, the model I want to do is a beat up '69 Johan kit I built back in '85. I'd like to restore it giving it the full boat treatment and paint it "Big Bad Green" with painted bumpers and all.
  6. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    That makes sense Ace as I kinda figured that may be what's going on. It's one of the reasons I switched from a free account on Fotki, to a paid one. Fotki had sent out notices a while back that they would no longer be offering the free account. Your pics would remain, but you would be limited on how often you could link them and whatnot.
    Times are tight, and these photo hosting sites are trying to keep their heads above water just like everyone else.
  7. MrObsessive added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?
    I know some lips have to remain sealed, but I've heard from two different people at different times, that Moebius has an "AMX" in the plans. They didn't know which years, but I'm assuming with the popularity of the two seaters from 1968-'70, it would be one of those years. Of course we all know what "assume" means!
    I'm hoping it's any or all of those years, and my curiosity is up as that's my next super detailed model I'd like to do after the '59 Chevy is done. I want to hold back to see if and when they're going to kit this.......It might be another year before I get around to starting mine.
    Anyone know or heard anything about this?
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  8. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    OK, I'm going to run a little test here. All of the pics you're seeing are by the copy and paste method. I'll identify them by which picture host is carrying them.
    First these pics are from my Photobucket album...................

    Now from one of my Fotki albums....................

    ALL of these pics were loaded using the copy and paste method as I've described. The only difference, and this may be what's happening to PB users is my PB account is free, and the Fotki one is a paid account. Time will tell if the PB pics stay up, but I do know that the Fotki ones are still active, as I've checked on recent threads I've created using Fotki, and the pics are still there.
    Now, if you're copying and pasting pics from another site, keep in mind that the pic is loaded on two servers-------here and theirs. It may be that the original picture from where it was obtained, the owner of that site may not have their pics linked or used but for so long on another site. Costs them bandwidth usage just the same whether the pic is there, or being linked to another site.
    Just my 2¢ worth.............I could later be all wet on this.
    EDIT: I wish to add that if you want to use pics from another site to use here, it might be best to save that pic to your hard disc, and then upload the pic to a pic host site such as PB or Fotki. Keep in mind though that if you (or they) move the pic which changes the URL, the pic will be lost here.
    Hope this helps you all!
  9. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 66 Bonneville Convertible restored   

    Super Sharp! I have the hardtop (actually the Hasegawa which I believe they're one and the same), and the color on your convertible is extra nice! Really shows off the low and lovely lines of this car!
  10. MrObsessive added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Just an observation on my "obsessive" part, but AMT's new tool '57 Chevy always seemed on the "big" side to me. Particularly in the wheelwell area, they just seem to be a bit too large in relation to the rest of the car.
    A fantasy build of mine would be to cut the wheelwells out of the old tool '57, and graft them into the new body. Call me crazy, but it's just something I've noticed for years. And yes, when looking down on the body, the roof does have sort of a "pie shape" or taper to it from front to back. Could be the actual car is this way--------I was surrounded by '57 Chevy's when I was a kid in the '60's, but have never got on top of one to check that out to notice!
  11. MrObsessive added a post in a topic AMT Prestige '63 Corvette convertible   

    The '63 'Vette Convertible Prestige kit is on my "someday" build list. I've had this kit for years, but the biggest turnoff is that too basic chassis. I'd kitbash mine with the Revell '67, and fab up some other bits and pieces. I've always liked the standard wheelcovers with whitewalls over the finned aluminum wheels.
    Yeah, I guess I'm weird too!
  12. MrObsessive added a post in a topic AMT Prestige '63 Corvette convertible   

    I thought that too. The Hemi went to hydraulic lifters in '71, but I believe they still didn't come with air. Those heads make things mighty crowded to fit in even those large engine bays back then.
  13. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Music Streaming for Desk Top?   

    I have iTunes on my PC.........all types of genre for music and whatnot, it's also free. I had Rhapsody (don't know about Spotify), and Rhapsody was starting to charge to stream their music, whereas before it was free.
  14. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1957 Chrysler 300C   

    Frank! You just keep crankin' 'em out! That looks terrific! A not too often seen model these days.
  15. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Rough Weekend :(   

    That's interesting Tom. Both of my cats passed away pretty much within a few weeks of each other, albeit in different years. Not long ago, my sister who lives in N.C. told me that her cat had died-------he was 14 and had the same problem as mine which was kidney failure.