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  1. Sorry I wasn't able to make the show. I literally just moved the week before and to say it's been difficult would be an understatement. I don't know who lived here before, but anything that could go wrong with the house did, chief of which was the plumbing. All the models are packed away anyway, so it would have been a real task to dig out which ones I wanted to take as I have no idea now which box they're in. Looks like it was a great show and I had even took time off work way in advance in anticipation of going, but the moving ordeal and other difficulties were just too much.
  2. I sure hope one of them is a '69 Pontiac Trans Am Tim! I've been wanting someone to do a GOOD kit of that for some time now. I can make one out of the Revell '69 Camaro and MPC one, but you just know as soon as I attempt it, a kit will be announced!
  3. Ray, that is very, very NICE! I guess I'm not exactly a "youngster", but I've never heard of this show till you mentioned it! Very clean work and yes, I actually like this "slim body" Cobra a bit better than the later 427 ones. Whitewalls are a very nice touch also................so '60's!
  4. MrObsessive

    Model Dating

  5. Just looked this up on the 'net and all I can say is WOW!! 👀 Terrific looking engine and this one is DEFINITELY high on my wish list! I'm in the middle of moving to a new house, so after the dust settles, I'm going to see about getting a subscription to this one. Gotta get going more on that 1/8 '67 Shelby though..........haven't done a thing to it in quite some time as I've been just waaay too busy with getting the new place and then of course I'm taking literally a hobby shop with me! 😮
  6. GOOD job on this so far as I'll be following along! I grew up around Studies particularly the finned Hawks so this has my attention! Studebaker gets no credit for this, but those Loewy designed coupes were arguable the first of what would be called a "personal car". The early two seat T-Birds took the credit for that as they were not "sports cars" in the strictest sense, but Studebaker had them beat by a couple years. It sure would be nice to see some newly tooled later Hawks such as the finned '57-'61 cars as well as the '62-'64's.
  7. ALL of GM's 1973-77 Colonnade cars. ALL models including the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo. IMO not an ugly one in the bunch.......big bumpers notwithstanding from '74 on. VERY underrated as far as models and to some degree in the 1:1 world but that is changing quickly.
  8. Wow......she's GORGEOUS!! Reminds me a lot of my Great Grandmother's '54 Buick (Special?) which had the same roofline. Hers was two-toned red and black however.
  9. I can remember exactly what I was doing. I was at work and had literally just sat down after break and a coworker of mine said, "Did you hear about a helicopter or plane hitting a building in NYC or something?" I had told her no, and didn't think much of it. We had a radio station that played over the speakers at the time, and there was music playing. All of a sudden the music went off and news of a second plane hitting the towers was all we heard about for the rest of the day. Folks were numb and couldn't believe what they were seeing/hearing. There were people leaving work early as some of the schools were shutting down and they had to pick up their kids.........the local malls were closing early as there was wind that a terror attack was in play. I remember driving on the way home, how eerily quiet the streets were. This was 3:30 or so in the afternoon........hardly any traffic on the road as folks were shutting down early and sending people home. VERY strange to see here in this area on a bright sunny day on a Tuesday no less. And yes, after that just about every other car I saw had an American flag flying in the breeze. People are forgetting, and we have to remember there's a whole bunch of young ones born since that time that have no idea what happened then. Not to stray into the political, but I'm of the mind the real truth of what happened that day back will be coming out sooner than later. I have to admit that model wise, I was putting the finishing touches on my '58 Chevy convertible back then. I remember that because that previous Saturday, a bunch of us from the club got together at a members house for a get-together/cookout and I had brought the model along which was all but finished, except for the wheel covers/bumpers which were still out at Chrometech. We were laughing and having a good time with no idea what was to follow just three days later.
  10. My how time does fly! I started very shortly after the forum got going in March '06. I think I was member #53? One good tip I found when trying to search something on here is to type in............."site:modelcarsmag.com 1969 Camaro" for example. You'll come up with all kinds of results and more than likely find something you were looking for.
  11. OK, I was going to refrain from commenting on this section as I'm of the adage..........."If you don't have anything nice to say......." But I'll use myself as a good example of how constructive criticism can indeed help especially when you're on the downside of getting a model done. A few years ago when I was trying to finish up my '59 Chevy, I had showed the body sitting on the frame, but nothing was quite glued together just yet. Someone had pointed out (John Goschke?) how nice the work was coming along as they loved the car, but could something be done about the way too low hanging frame rails that ALWAYS showed up on every '59 Chevy build he's seen. I took a good look at what he mentioned and indeed, even after I had re-engineered the kit to keep the frame as tucked away as possible, the frame rails were still peaking below the rockers. Sooooo...........after some thought, I decided to mask off what was already painted, got out my Dremel and ground away at the excess. Here's what I'm referring to................ Before... And after..... Hard to see in the last pic, but no showing of the frame now. Just goes to show that even among us who've been building for a loooong time, there's things we miss that others can see and vice versa. So now I'm happy with the way it turned out and for future '59 Chevy builds (there will be more ), I'll definitely remember this particular issue with this kit.
  12. John..............Yeah, I forgot about that one. While to my eyes it's not bad, there are some changes I'd do to it if I had one. I also forgot that The Modelhaus made one. I may as well forget about that one as the price if one ever turns up on the 'Bay, would be outta sight! 👀 If I wanted to spend some time, I could scratchbuild that car using a '57 Chevy as a base. Way down the road I may got that route as I'd rather work in plastic if possible than resin.
  13. When I was restoring the '74 Corvette, I got disgusted with how much glue was used to put in the glass, I got out my Dremel and ground it out! So much was used that the roof was damaged............. Of course, I had to fill in the depressions which I did with my Dynatron Putty-Cote. Now one would never know what damage there was unless I showed them. That can be the drawback to buying a builtup......too much glue can be used which sometimes can be more trouble than it's worth to fix.
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