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  1. MrObsessive added a post in a topic The 59 Dodge bought 9 yrs ago   

    That's a thought, but I'm not familiar with how to do that. I could fix the roof on the '58 to something much more correct, it's just that the ambition to fix it hasn't struck me yet. I'll need to recover from the roof job I had to do on the '59 Impala!
  2. MrObsessive added a post in a topic The 59 Dodge bought 9 yrs ago   

    Yeah, the two I have I got from Okey. Actually, I got a "complete" kit, and another with just the body shell. My original idea was to cut the roof off the '59 Dodge body and replace the woefully inaccurate one on the RC2 '58 Plymouth. However, I haven't had the heart to do it. Those '59's are getting ever harder to find, and one need only look on the 'Bay to see what they're going for. I'll just hang on to it, and turn it into something someday.
    If all else fails with Moebius/Model King, I could always kitbash the body with the mechanicals of the '58 Plymouth kit They were pretty much identical mechanically during those years.
  3. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Parents first car? Any stories remembered?   

    Tom, that's funny!
    I'm fortunate that I was literally surrounded by car guys in my family. I have an Uncle (Mom's brother) who's now in his 70's. He was so crazy about cars that it wasn't unusual for him to have at least three different cars at the same time at varying times during the '60's-'70's. My Aunt was telling me one time a guy showed up at the door and said "your husband just bought this from me".........she just took the car keys and set them on the counter and went about her business, as that was just normal for her.
    My Mom was dating someone not long after her and my Dad broke up and I swear this fellow had a different car every 2-4 months. One time he'd show up in a Corvair, the next time it would be a '60 Olds four door "Flattop", and then the next time a few months later in a '60 Plymouth Fury to name just a few. Turns out his job had something to do with state owned vehicles so he had his pick of whatever suited his fancy for the moment.
    So, my liking all kinds of cars started at a very early age, and I've never been able to shake it!
  4. MrObsessive added a post in a topic The elusive GMC B-7000   

    I'm not a heavy duty truck guy by any means, but I DO like this! Super excellent work.........looks VERY convincing!
  5. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Speaking of News, Any updates on the Moebius 1959 Dodge   

    Cautiously optimistic on this one!
  6. MrObsessive added a post in a topic The 59 Dodge bought 9 yrs ago   

    Ken, I got a couple of those too. I'm hangin' on to 'em because Johan was the ONLY one to do that '57-'59 Dodge-Plymouth two door hardtop roofline accurately. AMT's '58 Plymouth is a big miss for me for various reasons that's been beaten to death.
    I truly hope Moebius (or Model King) reissues this one. One can never have enough late '50's Chrysler stuff!
  7. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Need some helping using airbrush   

    When I airbrush, I keep the PSI's somewhere around the low 20's. I also like to have my paint to where it's the consistency of milk. In other words, when you swill the jar, the paint inside should wash away slightly to where you can see how much you've got in the jar.
    As others have mentioned, having a good primer coat/barrier is paramount in making sure the paint doesn't craze your plastic. I'm not a big fan of having my paint "pre-thinned" by anyone. A lot of times the paint is too thin for me, and if you don't have a good primer/barrier coat on beforehand, you're sure to get crazing of the plastic without a doubt.
    If it were me, I test out your method of painting on plastic spoons before trying it out on a new project. The spoons are of the same plastic as your models, and surely will save a lot of grief when you get the technique down as far as painting.
    Hope all this helps!
  8. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    That's a tough one to figure out. I could see Moebius maybe sharing tooling between the two, but then of course there's the extra cost of making the changes that distinguishes one year from the next. A mold line separating the major changes between the bodies might work. I would hope that the mold line wouldn't be severe enough to interfere with body contours when it comes time to get it ready for paint.
    As far as interchangeability on plastic kits in 1/25------I'm about 100% sure that the doors off a Johan '69 Javelin would fit those for the AMX of the same year, if one wanted to go super-detail like I'm fixin' to do some time next year with an AMX build.
    Separate doors and fenders won't do on new model kits today in the smaller scales. I could deal with that, but the majority of builders out there would not. As far as the emblems-------who knows, Moebius could go fancy and offer PE for those!
  9. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Parents first car? Any stories remembered?   

    Well, the car that I pictured in my original thread wasn't my Dad's first car. I believe it was a  '49 Mercury two door he bought in the mid '50's and sold just before he and my Mom married in 1959. I have no pics of it, but I remember him telling me it was a dark blue.
    My Mom never drove until she had to learn after she and my Dad broke up around 1966. Her first car (I think she bought it in early '67) was a '61 Falcon two door wagon. I remember it being silver with a white roof. It had chrome pillars all around, so it must have been the "deluxe" model!
    Her first NEW car was a '68 Javelin that she bought in late '67 when they were first intro'd. The Falcon was a troublesome car from the time she bought it, and it left us stranded about 2 miles from home one night coming from a Drive-In movie. Here is a pic of my sister and I standing in front of the Javelin which I believe was taken on Easter Sunday of '68.

    Don't know where the "brown smudge" came from......this is an old Polaroid after all!
  10. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    There's a bit more on the body sharing between Javelins and AMX's. 1968-69 the cars are the same pretty much from the doors forward save for the hood and grille. I know this because my '69 AMX was hit on the street once in front of my house and the door got dented. 
    The dent couldn't be pounded out, so I ended up taking the door off a '68 Javelin, and it was a perfect fit. From the doors rearward is where a lot of stuff changes. Shorter "doglegs" (the section behind the door to the rear wheels), different quarters, roof C pillars, side windows (including the doors), and of course a shorter floor, driveshaft, exhaust.
    In 1970, things were the same again between the two models, but changes were made to the '70's front fenders and hood, rear quarters (side marker lights), so those changes among others would be unique to '70. It's the reason the 1970 AMX is the most sought after among the three years. Only about 4100 or so were made that year, and then you have the changes that were unique to that year only.
    I'd love to see Moebius tackle any or all of these years of the Javelin/AMX---------time will tell if they do. 
  11. MrObsessive added a post in a topic ¼ Scale 426 Hemi   

    Mark, you have my attention with this one! I too have had this kit for years ever since they were first intro'd, but never did a thing with it. I do have the poster they give you hanging on the wall in the model room though.
    Another one that's always interested me that I have but it still sits in the box, is AMT's 1/6 scale '57 Chevy 283 Fuelie engine. This thread may inspire me to take a long look at that one and give it a shot. Andy, that's an interesting point about the belts. Yeah, I guess they would dry up and get brittle over time--------too bad there's no replacement one could get as they've not reissued this kit since it was discontinued years ago.
  12. MrObsessive added a topic in General   

    Your First Ride
    I saw this topic on a 1:1 automotive forum, and thought it would be interesting to start this subject here. So----what was your first ride? What kind of car were you brought home from the hospital? Or, if your family didn't have a car, which car do you remember taking your first ride in?
    In my case it was this one owned by my Dad............

    A 1955 Plymouth Savoy which looked just like this, but Dad's was a light gray. I was brought home from the hospital in this. The '55 would make way a few years later ('64-'65) for a '57 Plymouth Belvedere. A car I can remember VERY well as it was certainly distinctive looking with those fins! what was your first ride?
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  13. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    Oh well, might have been nice, but I'm not heartbroken.
    I've no lack of AMX's..........I have the one I built in '85 that'll be one of my next big projects, an untouched '69 USA JoHan kit, a built '70 in need of a resto, and a pristine MPC 1/20 scale '69 kit.
    So I have quite a few AMX's to keep me going for a while, not to mention a resin '69 Javelin.
  14. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    Yeah Casey, I'd rather see those years Javelins too over the AMX's much as I like them. 1968-69 I'd prefer over the '70 because as you mentioned, they would have the never done correctly trunion front suspension setup as well as the engine. However, '60's Mustangs front suspension IMO would make a reasonable facsimile if one wanted to build a detailed Javelin/AMX for now.
  15. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Matt, it seems as though your second method works best for your system as the second Ferrari pic is the only one I'm seeing at this end. Like you mentioned, Safari may work differently on a MAC for whatever reason as opposed to Windows. I'd go with your second method albeit a bit a of pain to have to type IMG tags in each time.