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  1. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1957 Chrysler 300C   

    Frank! You just keep crankin' 'em out! That looks terrific! A not too often seen model these days.
  2. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Rough Weekend :(   

    That's interesting Tom. Both of my cats passed away pretty much within a few weeks of each other, albeit in different years. Not long ago, my sister who lives in N.C. told me that her cat had died-------he was 14 and had the same problem as mine which was kidney failure.
  3. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Hurst/Olds Cutlass Kit   

    Excellent! That's what prevented me from buying the Pace Car kit in the beginning! Good to see the uptop make it in the kit. I've always hated convertible kits with no uptop...........makes them incomplete to me. Now we get to see those crazy 'Bay kit prices come down. Some of those guys were asking waaaay to much for that!
  4. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Greg, I just right clicked and hit "copy image", pasted it in the text box on the pic you just posted here-----and here it is.

    Frankly, I think this is the easiest way to get pics to show here without pulling your hair out. As Bill (Ace) mentioned though, the pic has to remain at the current URL. If it gets moved, or if the site decides to take a dump, wave goodbye to the pics showing here in the original thread.
  5. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Addictions   

    Yup! The '67 Mustang while not totally accurate for a GT, goes together pretty well without too much drama.

    And yes, I think all of us here are certainly addicted to plastic! In my case, my addiction is to not leave well enough alone. I can never just "build them"-----I'm changing this or fixing/opening that.
    It's what makes life interesting, at least for me!
  6. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 10 spoke Shelby wheels   

    AMT's '66 Mustang "Shelby" wheels are missing the inset "angled" inner hub which is quite prominent on the '67-'68 1:1.

    You can see the difference from what he offers as opposed to the 1:1 he also has pictured. A set of Shelby wheels I've always found quite nice were the ones offered by GMP. While not 100% totally accurate, they're a much better offering than what's out there.

    These are on a GMP '67 Shelby Diecast that I have. Here you can see that the inner hub while seen, is not at an angle like the 1:1 pictured above. The spokes also should be painted aluminum like the 1:1, not black as seen here. Another little nit is that the spokes where they touch the rim, should be tapered in-----not shaped parallel as they are here.
    Unfortunately though, GMP's wheels are unobtainium, and I've never seen them offered on the 'Bay. If they are, prepare to get out your wallet and shell out some big bucks. I hear that they're very much wanted as they haven't been offered by GMP since they were made. I happen to have a set, but don't want to part with them as I want them for a future Shelby project.
  7. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Yup! You got it!
  8. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Rob, i just copied and pasted the pic here in the text box. Right click, select "copy image", and then paste it here. I've been doing this ever since the board made the change-----less crazy making for me.  
  9. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Here ya go Rob......;)

  10. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 58 Lincoln   

    Modelhaus does make a '58 2 door hardtop Lincoln. If you click here it's the ordering info. No pic do they have of the kit though.
    Edit: OK I did some digging and here's a pic of what they have. Not the best pic as it's behind a case, and the sign is covering part of it.

    Hope this helps!
  11. MrObsessive added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    I was wondering the same thing. IMO, the sportsroof looks soooo much better than the formal one. It would save me some work from having to swap roofs (again).
  12. MrObsessive added a post in a topic New FIAT 124 Spider   

    While I do like the new Miata, I REALLY like this one a lot better! To me the Miata is a touch too "feminine" looking, while this one is a bit more masculine appearing with sharper/straighter lines. That's a really sharp color too.........all the pics I've seen so far have been black ones. 
    This one should also be MUCH more reliable than the old 124 Spider. I once owned a '78 back in the early '90's and yup------it broke a timing belt with no warning practically destroying the engine.
  13. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Rough Weekend :(   

    I want to thank everyone for all the nice words and condolences. Indeed, my cats are like family as I've never had kids so when one of them passes away, it cuts deep.
    Later on, I may get another kitten-------only to have one much closer in age to my younger cat who's just seven months old. My Manx (Yori) is six years old, and she's not gotten along quite well with the younger one as she was once the Alpha cat. Strip now wants to take over, and as you can guess, there's a lot of hissing and spitting going on. A kitten much closer to his age may alleviate all of that as he'll have more of a playmate.
    Still, there's the cost I have to think about for vet bills, food, etc. They may in fact be the last ones I'll have. If they live to be 15+ years old (the kittens), by that time I'll be in my 70's and I'm not sure I want to deal with any more pets after that. I say that now, and of course, they always tug at your heart strings, but I'm looking more at the aspect of who's going to take care of them when I'm no longer here as they may in fact outlive me.
  14. MrObsessive added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Rough Weekend :(
    This has not been an easy last couple days for me, My oldest cat Captain died a couple days ago. He had been sick for some time-----the Vet had told me a year ago that he was suffering from kidney failure. Those of you who've had cats and dogs know the difficulties they can have when they're suffering with this.
    The last number of days, he stopped eating and he stopped drinking water..........I knew then that it was not long for him. When I came home from work Friday afternoon, he had passed away. My other two cats, I wanted them to see that he was gone, so I let them around him for a little while. A pet groomer some time ago recommended this as she said that would minimize my other two cats from howling wondering what happened to him if I were to have just taken him to get put down. Nevertheless,  it hurts. He was not quite 14 (He was born on March 14, 2002), and I had him since he was seven weeks old. He was also the only cat that I had with me for the longest time in any one place. I've been in my house for nine years now, and he was here when I moved in.
    This time of the year is a rough one just the same. It was this time six years ago that I had another cat put down (KitKat), and it's interesting that they both are gone right at the same time of year. KitKat was put down the day after Thanksgiving in '09 (November 27th).
    Here are a couple pictures of Captain in better days.......................

    It's tough for me to even type all of this at the moment.............thanks folks for taking a look. He was such a good cat.
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  15. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1969 Coronet R/T.   

    I'll be watching! I have the same conversion kit, but haven't had the ambition to tackle it yet.