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  1. Judging by what I see on the 'Bay and even for built-ups, I'd say that Caprice would definitely sell if it were reissued. A lot can be done with that kit, especially if the trailer is kitted along with it.
  2. I've done that with mine David and it still managed to work its way loose eventually. I thought about taking a #61 drill bit and putting a like size brass or steel rod through the two parts. Epoxy or super glue the rod and no more separating at the dangdest times!
  3. I too can vouch for Doug's great work. Several years ago, I did a thread of a buildup with his initial test shot of the Poly engine. The original thread can be seen below...........
  4. John, that looks a lot better with the revised wheel openings! That should have been the original stock look than what GM did with the original '59. 👌
  5. OK..............I've been using Tamiya Tape for masking for MANY years now and I've had nary an issue. These pics will speak for themselves.......... A still in progress '55 Ford which two toning was a must for the car I wanted to replicate........ I have to agree with what others have said about the tape. I only leave the tape on until the paint is dry to the touch. When pulling off the tape, NEVER pull the tape straight up. You'll want to pull it back, and then slowly at that. It might not hurt to use some clear paint along the edges before you paint to prevent any bleed under if there's a problem with soaking. BTW, I've used Tamiya Tape on all sorts of paints and simply have not had an issue. Along with the use of Parafilm, it's my go-to source when I want to do two-toning or stripes.
  6. I remember going to a McDonald's around 1965-'66 because we were moving and my Mom didn't have the means to cook anything yet on a stove. My Dad took my sister and I and for whatever reason I can remember a hamburger being something like .15-.20¢? 🤔 I would eventually work at that same McDonald's when I was a senior in high school (1978), and I can distinctly remember .30¢ burgers at that point and a cheeseburger was .35¢
  7. Back in the late '90's, SA did an article on my '61 Ferrari 250 SWB. In one of the captioned pics, they commented about my "Obsessive" attention to detail. A cousin of mine who saw the article, called me to mentioned how they used the word Obsessive. She got quite a chuckle out of it. When I started to go on the 'net in the early '00's, I remembered that article and figured why not use that as a handle? I've been on here since 2006 and that's been my handle since then. It's also part of my email address and there are times where people have asked how I came to use that. I've sent them links to Fotki and they write back and say....."OK! I see now WHY you use that!"
  8. That Bronco would be an EXCELLENT reissue! The tooling should still be there........it was last seen as a funny car set maybe 10 years ago by Model King.
  9. If the pricing is typical for most of their subs (DeAgostini had offered this), I was paying $71 a month for two years including shipping for their Ford GT40. That comes to about $1700 for the whole kit. Pricey, but I don't know anywhere else you'd find a 1/8 scale Charger. I wish it could be built stock......I'm just not crazy about that particular Charger with the hopped up items on it.
  10. Yes.........there should be just a bit more real estate between the trailing edge of the door and the leading edge of the rear wheelwells. Stretching the body behind the wheelwells may be in order too. This is another one of my brainstorm projects way down the road as I have this kit and all what's needed to cobble it together. I just need to get through my other stuff first!
  11. Wouldn't you know it! I just looked on eBay and there are a number of those fiberglass 'Vettes on there. This one here for instance doesn't look bad at all..........now I'm tempted!
  12. I originally sold it back in 2010 (or thereabouts) to a fellow in Great Britain. I got a lot more selling it than I originally paid for it. I regretted it later on and have since got another one with the box and all. The next one I got didn't have the display base or cover, so I went and got a nice mirrored glass case for it. Safe and sound from my nosy cats! ☺️ I've seen the fiberglass ones from Franklin Mint in 1/24 scale (a '63 Split Window Coupe). Not bad at all if not slightly off on the body lines. I haven't seen those listed in years and I can bet they go for a pretty penny these days, especially since neither Franklin Mint or Danbury are making model cars any longer.
  13. It is diecast metal. As long as it looks right (it certainly does), I don't get crazed about whether it's fiberglass or not.
  14. I bumped into this very interesting article about what Stellantis has in store for Dodge in 2024. In the article here, it reinforces also what I've thought about the future of ICE's and why auto manufacturers are going the route they're going. 🤔
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