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  1. Thanks Tom, I literally just got the card in the mail a couple days ago. They had to forward it since I moved back in October. Just called the hotel and made reservations so now I'm all set!
  2. True. What may be considered today's "appliance" might be tomorrow's collectible. I look no further than the ever present 1955-'57 Chevy. In the '60's they were "just another car" because there were still soooo many of them. At least in my neck of the woods as a kid you could hardly go a block and not see one in some form or fashion. Then they started to disappear and they were wanted..........again. Same might be said of today's vehicles. I'm not going to be so quick to write them off as "unwanted" because you never know what's going to be the hot item say 30-40 years from now.
  3. Man, that looks soooo good! Still eyeing this one (among others) and just might take the plunge sooner than later. Gotta find somewhere to put the boxes though as I know the 1/8 Shelby ended up taking up quite a bit of space to put everything till I get to it. 🤔
  4. Oooh.........Paul that is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Sure would like to land one on the 'Bay whenever you get one on there!
  5. Looks good from where I sit Kurt! 🥰 As far as getting the model room ready for paint.......one of the things I do is to make sure NO cats are around! It'll never fail that if they step into the room, one of their hairs is BOUND to find its way onto the paint. But with the noise of my dual chamber compressor, as soon as that baby turns on they're OUTTA THERE!
  6. Hawks would be the first of what would come to be known as the "personal car". You could argue that Studebaker started the segment with the original '53 Starliner. It would be a few years later that Ford would play catch up with their T-Bird as they daren't call the two seater a "sports car". Then the four place '58's would cement the personal car segment for the 'Bird and of course in the '60's, that segment would explode! I'd sure love to see the likes of Moebius or someone offer a series of Hawks starting with the '56's. Of course there were the larger finned cars of '57-'61 and then the squared off '62's. But the basic lines were there through all those years. I'd think it would be a good seller, but I'm not in the board room making those choices!
  7. I was one of those that had to teach myself how to drive a manual as my Dad refused to show me. He had a very nasty experience trying to teach my Mom many years earlier, so I guess it reminded him of that too much. My first stick car (didn't get a manual till I was 21) was a 1965 Dodge Dart Convertible with three on the column. I was determined to learn first where the gears were and within a day I had it down pat. Very few young folks learn to drive a manual these days sadly. I've always had the mind that if you can drive one of those, you can drive anything. No handicap in the car buying department IMO.
  8. Awww........your orange one looks a lot like my KitKat. Hard to believe it's been over 10 years since he's been gone and I still miss him. My three come into my model room, but they don't bother anything on the table. It could be that they don't like the smell of the glues and paint on it that makes them stay away. At my last house, I kept the door closed to the room as one of them once wrecked a model that was in its case. Fortunately (for them), I was able to get it back together with no major damage done.
  9. Rich, you've just built one of my favorite Studes! I like all of the Hawks, but especially the '56-'58 ones as those were one of those "first seen" cars when I first knew what a car was. I've got a resin one of these but I don't remember who made it. R&R?? Needs some work to be correct, but it's among my favorites as far as kits go.
  10. I hear ya on that! I have some reaalll expensive 1/12 and 1/24 Model Factory Hiro kits and I sure hope to heck they don't go bad. I would be rather ticked when the fancy strikes me to build one of them and then much to my surprise and chagrin, they've turned into an unbuildable mess. I thought some years ago there were some Danbury and Franklin Mint models that seemed to suffer from "diecast cancer" as they got old. I may be thinking of something else, but I thought that was a thread here once. 🤔
  11. Oh OK Gary! The title of the video throws things off as this configuration of the Ford GT I don't remember seeing raced for '66. Either which way, I'm glad they're doing this car as it was a high watermark for Ford when they were into racing.
  12. ModelSpace is absolutely killing me with some killer releases I've seen them intro as of late! You all know about my 1/8 '67 Mustang Shelby I got from them. A model that I haven't touched since I moved and now all the parts are in their respective boxes waiting for the chance to be put together completely down the road. Well, I got this notification from YouTube about another SUPER NICE kit that is GOING to be a MUST HAVE! Take a look............. One of the things which is a must in my new place is building/buying more shelf space. I have the room, just not the one cabinet that I had. It's here, but believe it or not, it is literally too tall for the ceiling. Either which way, that's something I want to do throughout this year. Get more stuff displayed that I'd like to see not just boxed up. Now about the video........I thought this car ran in the '68-'69 race? I'm not a LeMans expert by any means so you guys can help me out here.
  13. Ugggh! Or take you somewhere you DON'T want to go! 😳
  14. This reinforces what I've said about some car makers giving up on cars (like Ford). I still say that by the end of the decade, the truck and SUV craze will have come and gone. Not that they'll die off and no one will want them, but they won't be as hot a property as they are now. I just can't see young folks today (especially years from now) wanting to buy the same type of car that their parents and grandparents are driving. I could be all wet, but this has happened before in the car industry.
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