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  1. Same here. Machine Operator for the company I work for here in Central PA. A LOT of what we do is for the medical industry and in fact, I found out that many of those companies we supply parts for were BEGGING us to stay open in light of all of this. So we do get to stay open as we are definitely "essential". Some have been told to stay home due to either their age, or their overall health issues which includes both for some. Word has it they're going to bring in "outsiders" (family members of those that are home) to help out as we still are very busy. Don't even ask about the stores........fortunately I live in a rural area so it's nowhere near as crazy, but in the city?? Absolute mayhem as HALF if not more than half of the store shelves have been empty. 😮
  2. Steve, absolutely FANTASTIC looking! Very good stance and looks the way it should! CONGRATS!
  3. Yup! Those parts layouts look an awful lot like the '67 GT500 I have. I'm sure this will another terrific build from you Bruce! The paint on yours from my end look exceptionally smooth. My kit while very nice, the paint to my eyes is slightly orange peeled. When I get back into full swing building on mine, that will be on the to-do list.........rub out and polish the paint. Keep us posted!
  4. While not as bad as others on this thread when first received, looks can be deceiving! It wasn't till it was time to take this thing apart did I run into some issues. Namely the glass was toast and the chassis IMO was simply UNUSABLE! Sooooo..........after some thorough stripping of the paint and correcting some body gaffes, I came up with this...... As far as I can remember, in my over 40 years of building, this is the first time I do believe I've restored a glue bomb. If you want to take a look at the whole WIP, you can click here.
  5. My late Uncle was one that knew ALL things Corvair! I swear he owned just about every Corvair model that Chevrolet made at one time or another except maybe the convertibles. Never, ever complained about the handling of the car, or the quirky things that could happen to them such as the notorious "fan belt throwing" that they were known for. He was one of those kinds of guys that could fix literally anything and he still had a Corvair when he died back in '09. It was a '66 Monza in excellent shape and I don't know what became of the car. None of my cousins have it so my Aunt must have sold it. I have an unpainted but built '66 Monza in my collection. One of these days when I'm in another restoration mood, I want to redo that one in the color of his car. I've always like Corvairs........they're another one of those cars (along with older Chryslers) that I can close my eyes and tell when one is starting up. VERY distinctive sound they have!
  6. OK, this looks like a make I'm VERY, VERY familiar with. Yet, it's not what I think it is!
  7. Oh I almost forgot to mention..............earlier I said something about using "Critter Clay" as a buck for making the glass. Well, scratch that. There's waaaay too much shrinkage for it to be any use and the way I did this pretty much works for me in the future. Thanks goodness I'm not a prolific builder! I couldn't deal with the distorted glass on a regular basis! Drives me CRAZY! 🤪
  8. OK..........posted too soon earlier. Hit the Ctrl/Enter keys by accident and needed to add more. FINALLY! After numerous tries in doing the glass, I was able to get copies that I liked so here they are. It would have been MUCH easier if the glass existed already and I could do molds off of that. But..........since this car was never done before I had to make my own bucks as you saw previously and go from there. On a side note..........I have no extra time to build like a lot of you guys might have due to the virus and its aftermath. Where I work is considered an "essential business" and I'm working my hours as normal (third shift). Just the same, that may change in the coming days so I'm not ruling anything out. Here's the result of what I was able to do with my vacuforming machine. BTW, I should warn those that are looking into getting one of these that PATIENCE is a definite must here. With both the front and rear glass combined, I'd say it was a total of a dozen tries till I got what I wanted. Still not 100% perfect, but MUCH better than fighting with stiff clear stencil sheet like the last time and to my eyes the rear glass is better shaped with those compound curves. Here we go.................. I might tint the glass that '50's bluish-green which was popular back in those days. That'll depend on how well I can get the glass in after a number of test fittings without scratching things up such as the tint. Now it's on to the dash which I wrecked as I mentioned before. After that's done, it's on to base primer/barrier coats, then the color coats which can be set aside for a bit till I figure out what I want to work on next. Thanks for keeping up with this!
  9. Ditto on that '57 Caddy! I never cared for that gen of Taurus..........just TOO round for my tastes as if Ford was scared at the time to put some creases and edges on it. Yes, it would probably be more reliable, but when you look as good as that Caddy, such things can be overlooked! BTW, that year of Cadillac is another one of those "early cars" I can remember seeing when I first knew what a car was. So there's some nostalgia in it for me too.
  10. MrObsessive

    The future

    Justin, I have to agree with you on the subject matter of what young folks want to build. I've talked models with young guys I work with and yup.........the subject ultimately turns to the Gundam kits as was mentioned. So young people ARE building, they just don't get passionate about the cars we can remember as kids. I've said this a number of times and time will bear this out to be true...........there WILL come a point where there will be very few of us left that will remember '57 Chevy's and '69 Camaros. That's a definite reality we will face someday. Time marches on and there's always something down the pike to supplant what once was.
  11. Yeah, I caught wind of that earlier...............oh well. Looks like I'll be saving a few vacation days as I always take off a couple to go to the show. Hopefully I can get there in September!
  12. OK..............My screen being what it is, it seemed rather "squashed".
  13. The side vents are what had me doing a double take, but also the car seemed more "compact". I didn't know about the shorter wheelbase they had. I knew it was some sort of Jensen, but not the Interceptor. I had to look up this one to get the exact model name. I'd still like to see a model of one!
  14. Kurt, that is absolutely FANTASTIC! The car ain't so bad either! Seriously, you did a bang up job on what's not that detailed of a kit, but your added items really make this one a KNOCKOUT! Come to think of it, it's been MANY years since I built a Ferrari and this gives me some inspiration. I just happen to have this kit.........hmmm...........
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