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  1. 2019 Ram

    Folks don't get me wrong. I'm not totally against trucks as they do serve a useful purpose. The point I was making is that to me it's a bit depressing to see the automotive landscape have too much of a "sameness" that I didn't notice even 10 years ago. True, car sales are down, but one has to wonder why is that?? Some can say the same about cars of today, but trucks to me have always had that upright sameness (for obvious reasons) that have never appealed to me as much as cars. Could it be the reason that cars have lost their luster as like they use to say "they don't make 'em like that anymore"? Trucks have become popular because they are the replacement "big cars" that the auto industry can't or won't make anymore. Yes, I know tastes change, but the reason I pointed to the mid '20's is that I'm looking at the young ones right now who are in their mid teens, and will be buying cars at that time. Particularly come the mid to late '20's. One has to ask............will they want to drive what their parents are driving? I'm looking way down the road and I'm saying no, but my crystal ball's been on the blink for some time and of course I could be wrong. We'll see...... Of course not! I'm talking more of the "me too" think of everyone and their brother having the need to have a truck. I know that there are some that HAVE TO HAVE a truck. I'm not talking about the commercial trucks that are needed to move things to and fro. Remember I LIVE in Central PA......the Keystone State? You gotta come through here to get to parts of New England. I may one day break down and buy a truck and I will admit I like the older Dodge Rams (mid '00's), but a single cab one not the "crew cab" versions or whatever those are called. I just don't care for them on a daily basis as I've never cared for vehicles that sit up so high. I'm a sports car, kind of guy I guess. I may try and compose a post down the road and title it "The '20's" and list what I think the trends will be come next decade, which hard to believe is just two years away. Might be interesting.......or a firestorm!
  2. new for 2018

    If the front end of that '69 Mustang is as good as it looks in the pics, Hats Off to Revell for getting that right!
  3. 2019 Ram

    I'm not a truck fan----I don't mean to sound what may be to some annoying, but it would be nice to see the roads some day not be so "trucky". Makes driving behind one tiring as I don't like not being able to see around them. The same goes for waaay too many CUV's and SUV's I have to be stuck behind. My hope is that the '20's (especially mid '20's forward) will see less of 'em. Just my own 2¢ worth.....not meant to be a killjoy for those that can't get enough of 'em.
  4. WOW! I loved their song "Linger" from the early '90's! They don't record them like that anymore.
  5. C3 Stingray

    One fly in the ointment in saving pics off of eBay is that on any one particular auction, the pics use the same file name. I just add a number such as 1, 2, 3, etc..........or add letters such as A, B, C, and so on at the end of the file name. That way I'm not getting that annoying window popping up each time about the pic sharing the same file name in that folder.
  6. C3 Stingray

    If you ever have trouble finding pics on Google, you can always go to eBay Motors. Particularly cars on auction that are sold by a dealer, they usually have a LOT of pics showing practically everything. You can even check completed auctions to check past ones that are not seen. Some auctions I've seen had pics of the car under restoration--------for me it's been a VERY good source!
  7. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    Yeah, those are a little too rich for my blood----------particularly with them being just curbsides. BUT! I'd love to have one just the same as this is the car I learned to drive in as my Stepdad had one. You hardly see them anymore, even at 1:1 auto shows you just don't see 'em.
  8. Anyone here collect Redline Hot Wheels?

    Yup! Got one of those too! The rear wing airfoil is taped on..........I hear there's replacements available, but this just stays in its Hot Wheels case so no biggie.
  9. Triumph GT6

    Why yes! It 'twas I!
  10. Love the box art! I’ll betcha they didn’t fix those front and rear windows though........ 🙄
  11. I'm fortunate that I have yet to have battery troubles in my Challenger, but I think the battery's days may be numbered. It was FOUR degrees outside this morning, and I hadn't driven the car since Friday. I figured I'd better get and first, clean the snow off (yeah, it snowed here Saturday), and then try to start 'er up. It cranked slowly, but did fire up with no trouble. It's back to work tomorrow after being off for 10 days, so I wanted to make sure that there's at least no drama with the battery. I'm sure this is the last winter for it though--------the car is a 2011, and I'm almost sure it's the same battery in the car since new.
  12. Triumph GT6

    Yup! That's one of the changes I was thinking about among other things.
  13. Triumph GT6

    Revisiting this thread after nearly nine years has me realizing that I'd have to treat this kit pretty much like I did my Turbine car. I'd have to practically re-engineer this one from nose to tail to get everything to fit well. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I have this kit-------had it for many years now and haven't touched it. This will be on my "someday" list of things to build, when I'm in the mood down the road to be tortured! General shape wise, the body is pretty much spot on. Just some proportions (windshield), certain radii and such with the roofline.
  14. Revell Germany in 2018