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  1. Yes.........this has been my attitude towards building for many a year now. Treat each part as a kit. Yes, it takes time, but the results are so much more worth the effort IMO.
  2. I was in high school when those '77's first came out and I remember not liking them at all. Probably because they were a DRASTIC change from the previous '76 cars. In fact, I was a little cold towards all of GM's new for '77 full size lineup. Now, I wouldn't mind having any of them as they're never seen any longer and they were very nice riding cars. From the Chevy's all the way to the Cadillacs. I could have swore that someone did a two door '77 in resin.........Might have been The Modelhaus and I might be getting it confused with a four door I had seen. I always liked how the stylists did the rear window on the coupe. A semi wraparound style with the glass "welded" on the sides. Very cool touch!
  3. Sigh.........I sure miss Danbury Mint. I have one of those stored away and it is a very nice model! I couldn't resist getting one as it's one of those cars that stick in my mind, as I can distinctly remember riding in one of those as a kid. I didn't know what it was, but the shape of the car and those fins definitely never left my mind.
  4. Tom, I feel the same way about 1960 Valiants. It was a car owned by my Dad and then in the late '60's he gave the car to his sister and brother in law. About a year or so after they got the car (Christmastime 1970), she was killed in it by a drunk driver. Dad was a car guy, but he avoided talking about that one for that very reason. It might be why I never got a model of one as I did like those. Reminds me of the accident too much. As far as that '67 Chevy......yes! I can distinctly remember being taken to my speech therapy session (I was deaf as a kid), by my school Principal as she had one when it was new. I can even remember her asking me what year of car it was as she knew I was a car kid. I told her it was a '67 and she said "How do you know" with a smile..........I told her it "looks" different. Norma Gotwalt was her name.........I never forgot her or the car.
  5. Yes, my biggest complaint about the kit the moment I laid eyes on it. I have a way to fix that, but right now it's waaaay down on the totem pole as far as WIP's are concerned. Not for the faint of heart for the average builder, but for those of us that are serious about getting this car to look right, my solution might come in handy. If you remember my thread from here, I'd have something similar in mind to fix that Belvedere.
  6. If you want to work with the AMT kit (foibles and all), I'd go to the craft store such as Michael's for example and look for something called "Cake Decorating Foil". I have a roll of it (buried somewhere) and it has that pattern you're looking for. I have mine in gold, but I do believe it comes in an aluminum as well.
  7. Very nice indeed! I remember when these were new and it was one of Chrysler's bright spots for '79 when there wasn't much else to be excited about. Now looking back, I'd have to say any car from 1979 in good shape would be collectible as there's very few on the roads any longer.
  8. I think starting with the '71's, there was a V12. Bigger 2+2 coupe at this point and dare I say to my eyes a bit ungainly looking. For whatever reason Jaguar discontinued the two seat FHC. The OTS I think might have been a bit bigger as well, but still looked good.
  9. I had to look twice and yeah, should be straight across. Not a hard fix at all. That windshield height though..............
  10. I like what I'm seeing! Of course, I can't help it but I do see a couple gaffes that need addressing. While the side profile looks good, to my eyes the windshield seems a bit "low". Here's a 1:1.......a '69 model I believe. I understand why Revell did this, but I'd absolutely have to thin down those A pillars. A bit too thick to my sight and takes away a bit from that lovely sweeping roofline. Granted these are test shots and of course, things may change by the time it gets to the hobby shelves. Either which way, this looks like a must get for me.....one can't have too may Jag kits!
  11. I've owned several convertibles in the past and I gotta tell you.............replacing the top on one is NO JOKE! I had to replace the one on my '65 Dart Convertible years ago when it got broken into and the rearmost part of the top was shredded. That was an all day job getting the old one off and then getting the new one to fit tightly once it was on the frame. A job I swore I'd NEVER attempt again! I'd sooner pay the money and have someone else do it! As far as uptops for the '57 Ford, the '61 is close in shape if all else fails but those aren't easy to come by either. I was fortunate to grab one of those while Don and Carol were still in business as I have a '61 Sunliner that's in need of a resto.
  12. How'd I miss this one?? One of my favorite Ferrari racers and yours is simply EXCELLENT! I did one of these too back in the late '90's (still have it) and Norm's engine is THE BEST out there if you want to do a detailed engine in one of these. A few years ago, I got another one of these Italeri kits (one of the most accurate 250's) and I was able to get another one of Norm's engines before he quit making them. I want mine to be a street car this time in red. Thanks for showing us this!
  13. That is a GORGEOUS Eldo Peter!! I've liked those ever since they debuted in late '78 as '79 models........one of Caddy's nicer designs along with the '80 Seville. I know that particular car has a love/hate relationship among enthusiasts, but I gotta hand it to Bill Mitchell in making a design that stood out and I think it was one of his last before he retired.
  14. Some real gems I see there! As Steve said, you landed a terrific deal in getting that '65 Fury. Those are getting very tough to find in good shape and I'm fortunate that I was able to get both the '65 and '66's in decent shape a few years ago. Another tough one to find in decent shape anymore without paying a pretty penny is MPC's 1965-'66 Dodge Monaco. Prices for those in unbuilt condition are in heart attack territory! 😮 Congrats!
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