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  1. I don't know how I missed this one Bruce, but I LOVE what I'm seeing! I had a choice to get either this or the Ferrari Daytona Spyder when I wanted another MFH kit. I picked the Ferrari as MFH had announced they wouldn't be doing anymore Ferrari kits in the future. I STILL want this one badly and who knows, I may get this as a Christmas present to myself before the end of the year. Yes, MFH's white metal parts can be quite fiddly. I noticed a fit issue with the Daytona's hood as it's white metal, but looks like it can be bent to shape easily. I'll certainly keep this one on my follow list!
  2. Loooooong overdue update coming up! When I got a hold of Eaglemoss and the nice lady told me that they would not be shipping new parts for the Mercedes 300 SL until mid October, I figured it's simply time to dig out the parts for the Shelby that were put away from moving and get more done on that. A bit of a task as the parts were split into several boxes as there are so many you get with this kit. Not to mention finding the ones that you need to keep things "in order". This is the first I've worked on this since I moved out of my other house a year ago and into the new one. The engine intake manifold for what they give you is quite sparse to my eyes, Some kind of detail is definitely needed as far as the carbs and while I won't add every nut bolt and fitting to them, some linkage is better than none at all, especially in this scale. The carbs represent the Holley double pumpers that were in the 1:1. At first I was going to hollow out the carbs and do sort of what I did to the 1/25 '67 Mustang I built with that carb. Then it occurred to me that if I stray too far from what they give you, it might affect the fit of something else down the road and lead to more frustration. Some fuel line hoses added along with linkage tying the two carbs together. Trying to get things to look in scale is a bit hard for this one as it's not a scale I normally build in. I wanted everything to look "right" without being overbearing. I drilled a hole in the manifold (a bit tough as its solid diecast) and make a bracket for the return spring. Later on as the rest of the engine gets built, I'll add the throttle rod along with making a possible bracket on the rearmost part of the manifold to hold it per the 1:1. The air cleaner element was painted silver along with everything else......I wanted to change this and paint that more of a tan to represent what you'd see if the air cleaner was taken off. The next step in the instructions has you moving on to the driver's side door. I didn't like the bit of orange peel I was seeing in the paint's clear coat, so I got out the polishing cloths and rubbed out the surface starting with the 3200 grit all the way up to 12,000. After that I used both Zymol and Meguiar's Car Cleaner wax to polish things out. I had to be careful and mask off the lower stripe as it does NOT take to rubbing out well as I suspected. Pretty sure that's some sort of decal and they recommend protecting those stripes as they can chip if one is too aggressive and not careful how the parts are stored. Now the door glass. DeAgostini slipped a bit of a red herring when they said the model has "opening windows". I understood this to mean that the model actually had roll up windows just like the 1:1. No. The models windows "open" because they attach to the door via this frame and of course they're going to open along with the door. So, instead of going through a lot of changes re-engineering the door to take a roll up setup AFTER it's all painted, I decided to let that go and build it as is. One annoyance though is that they chromed only the one side of the frame, leaving the rest clear. No.......I got out the BMF and decided to foil ALL of those areas that would be seen especially if the doors are open. Now we move on to the interior door panels. As most of you detail guys know, your panels rest on the door jamb which is BODY COLOR. It's never the same color as the panel itself, so I took the time to mask the door off and primered it gray. Thank goodness I got the '67 Midnight Blue from my local paint guy before I moved. Last I heard he was no longer open due to a new road they're about to put right in front of his business and he decided to sell off the place and retire. As you can see here, I painted the outside perimeter of the door with the dark blue and I put this in my dehydrator to dry. Here is now the finished door with glass, handle and mirror in place. There is some slight distortion with the glass, but nothing to get too crazed about and nowhere near as bad as some kits I've seen with terrible optically distorted glass. The kit gives you the aluminum inset, lower trim panel and handles as separate pieces. The upper trim panel was quite tricky as it snaps into place, but you have to be careful slipping it in behind the one handle and you have to make sure the door panel is attached to the outer door before putting it on. Got another wheel and tire done as seen here. Like the other wheel, I dunked the entire thing in a can of lacquer thinner and stripped the silver paint off. Every Magnum five star wheel I've seen on a Shelby has always been "chromed" and not painted aluminum. Looks more realistic than what's originally in the kit. I wanted to scuff up the tread just a bit. A big model like this to my eyes would not look right sitting there with "shiny tread". That's it for the time being. Looks like the instructions has me moving on to the seats. I got the one seat back done and the seat bottoms are next. I'll post pics of those when the entire thing is done. Thanks for following along!
  3. As I mentioned above, hopefully I'll start getting parts again the middle of next month. I got the complete chassis done, it's the rest of the front suspension and the complete rear I'm waiting for to finish things up. At least I got a timeline when shipping should be. When I called there a couple weeks ago, the fellow I spoke to had NO timeline at all to tell me. Oh well.......I still have that 1/8 Shelby to keep me busy with more than enough work to be done on that one.
  4. I'd LOVE a kit of the new '20 Charger Daytona "widebody". Just something about that car and I'm not the biggest fan of four doors. Word has it (unless something changed) that 2022 will be the last go round for the Camaro. Sad as I feel that Chevrolet missed the mark with the car's styling. Not bad on the outside, but on the inside with those small windows, the car IMO felt woefully claustrophobic. I had considered one about a year after I bought my Challenger and after sitting in one I said, "No Thanks"! Hopefully there'll be something to replace it, but with the current market tripping over themselves with the latest trucks/SUV's/CUV's, I don't see that happening.
  5. Just a bit of a heads up for anyone that's building this. I spoke to someone from Eaglemoss the other day to ask about the latest shipments which I have yet to receive. She tells me that backorders should start shipping again around the 13th of next month. That's good news as I'm tired of looking at just the bare chassis and would like to make some more progress on it. What I should have asked her though is will the shipments include just the one that was missed, or the others that are also behind? I don't want any surprises in my bank account if all of sudden they want to charge for four months worth of parts!
  6. Sorry to hear that Carl. Sort of what's happening to me now. I was told it's a coming cataract in that eye but they can do nothing till it fully "blooms". Meanwhile, I have to deal with lopsided vision because if I go and get new glasses, once the cataract fully hits my vision will change yet again in that eye once the cataract is out. What's really annoying is they're not able to tell me how long it'll take for it to form. It was four years ago I had the retinal tear. I was told then a cataract had the potential to take YEARS to grow. Well it's been four, so hopefully soon this thing can come so it can GO!
  7. This'll be neat to see Ismael! BTW, I have YET to see any of these on the road around here! Plenty of Corvettes, but not a C8 in sight.
  8. Reading further in this thread, you did get it checked. Keep an eye (no pun intended) on it though. When they did the bubble implant thing, that had to be the most miserable thing I ever went through. They do it while you're AWAKE and it's the ickiest feeling in the world when they put that thing in. Not to mention you have sleep with your head FACE DOWN and walk around with your head bent over for X amount of time. I hope to NOT have to deal with that ever again!
  9. Be VERY careful! As has been said, that is a sign of a detached or soon to be detached retina! Went through that a few years ago and that bubble implant treatment is NO JOKE. While it did fix the retina to a degree, my eyesight has never come back 100% and it's put a crimp on building. I'd say ASAP get that checked out!
  10. That's the next one on my wish list. I have the Monogram one, but the D'Agostini one is soooo much nicer! In fact, there's a seller on eBay I follow that has all kinds of detail parts for that including a resin rear clip to turn the Monogram one into a convertible. Good stuff!
  11. I was wondering where this topic went! I started my sub to this a few months ago, but Eaglemoss has me on a standstill right now with backordered parts. Seems to me this virus might have set things back a bit. Either which way, I got as far as the complete frame and engine and I'm now waiting for the rest of the front suspension and rear. Bruce, VERY impressive work so far and as far as the paint issues, I notice on the hood there is a bit of orange peel in the clear coat. Not anything a rub out and polish job shouldn't be able to handle though. Down the road I'll start a thread on mine, but there's not much to show except for the bare chassis and engine. Meanwhile, it's given me some time to do more work on that 1/8 scale '67 Shelby which I DO have all the parts for, but the engine is WOEFULLY lacking in detail.
  12. Very nice work! For whatever reason, the 1973-'77 GM midsize colonnade body styles keep getting ignored by the model companies. I'd LOVE to see a '73 Pontiac Grand Am, or even a '73 Chevelle with base, Laguna and SS options in full glue kit form.
  13. I've got one of those X-EL promos lying around somewhere in that EXACT color! Excellent save and those are getting harder and harder to come by now in decent shape. At least you have the interior...........mine is the "empty" one with no interior per the original promos.
  14. MrObsessive

    59 Impala

    Super Sharp Impala and that red interior looks FANTASTIC! Like you mentioned Stephen, our neighborhoods were once littered with cars like this here in the US. Big land yachts like that '59 made it reaaall easy to play hide and seek as they were tall enough for a little kid to get under. Trying to explain to your Mom why your back is all dirty and greasy however was another matter! A younger fellow I work with who just turned 40, we were talking cars one day and I was telling him there was once upon a time where no matter where you looked, you saw a '55, '56, or '57 Chevy in all styles. He was like "WOW! Really??" You couldn't go a few blocks as a kid in the '60's and not see one of those parked somewhere. I built my '59 a few years ago and now I'll have to take a look at it to see if there's any issues with the tires. I do believe I painted the whitewalls on mine before I put them in as I wanted to tone down the "shiny plastic" look of the molded inserts. Now my curiosity is up...............
  15. I'm definitely watching! This car (the sedan) is another one of those "etched" in my childhood memory as we had a close family friend that had one. Actually, I believe hers was a hardtop as I can remember all the windows down and not seeing that center pillar. One detail that I want to mention and it's totally up to you to attempt this.......the wheelbase in the kit is actually for an Ambassador (longer) as there was more real estate between the leading edge of the doors and the trailing edge of the wheel wells. They give you parts for an Ambassador as far as the grille, but the side trim on those is different. Weird as I don't know why Johan went this route (possible reissue losses), but shortening the front fenders and hood is not for everyone.............I'd thought I'd give you a heads up.
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