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  1. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    ^^^^ What he said! ^^^^ 👆👆👆
  2. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Gotta disagree just a little. While the hobby has shrank to what it is compared to years ago, I wouldn't call it an end of an era. The hobby is still alive and well in Europe and Asia (look at their shows), and one difference may be that they're offered a lot more choices in modern cars than we are here. The Modehaus? Don and Carol had one thing that will strike us all-------they're getting older and now saw the need to retire. I look no further than the last show where I saw them in person (Toledo Show 2015), and they had a line a mile long of folks waiting to buy something from them. Not to mention the sheer avalanche of orders that they got when they announced their closing. The hobby is still alive and well, and look no further than the explosion of 3D printing in the last few years. So while we may not see the burgeoning releases of new tooled models like in the old days, I say that we're heading in a different direction..........I wouldn't necessarily call it the 'end'.
  3. ebay Has a sense of Humor

    The link he gave showed the auction as ended. I saw the model in the sold category from the same seller and it sold for $29.99. The completed listing is here if you want to check it out. EDIT: OK, when I saw this auction earlier, the price was listed in green, so it was sold. Now I see it as "relisted", so perhaps the buyer backed out? I'd take a stab as it but the hood is jacked up, and the original wheels are missing as well as the couple tires. With The Modelhaus out of the picture, good luck finding wheels for that without paying an arm and a leg! EDIT Part II: Looks as though the model has disappeared altogether. So either someone bought it offline, or he pulled it for whatever reason. Oh well...........

    Jon, I don't have a part number for you as it was sample of it given to me in a tiny container, so I don't have the bottle it was in. Perhaps someone else can let us know. I do know that those that have used it swear by it. I tried it on a tiny part-----a mirror that was on my '63 Porsche I rebuilt months ago, and I saw no ill effects from it.

    That's the first I've heard that and something I'll have to remember! I do know that the finish doesn't like to be handled much after it's on, but guys have swore by the Liquid Createx that you can find in Hobby Lobby. Apply it after the pen paint has dried completely, and then apply the Createx. This protects the finish, and it doesn't affect its brilliance once it's on.
  6. Senior citizen

    Welcome on board Rodger! I share your passion for muscle cars but in a bit different way. I was a kid growing up in the '60's and '70's when these cars were new, so I could only look (and hear) them coming and going up and down the street. While I wouldn't know what many of them were till I was in high school in the mid '70's, I always thought they were the coolest cars! Actually I have a bit of a passion for the '50's finned freeway flyers as they were pretty much the first cars I ever saw when I first knew what a car was. So yeah........post away when the time comes to start your first project! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Someone here is bound to have an answer for you.
  7. Mid-Engine Corvette

    Dale, I'll bet that racer is a good preview for the production version coming in '20. It appears killer, but I'd like to see Chevy keep the current front engine car simply for tradition. This can of course be the top of the line model, and then keep the regular version for the 'purists' out there. Just the same, glad to see a mid engine 'Vette FINALLY come to life. This has only been talked about since what the '60's?

    If I were you, I'd use some kind of scratch filling primer before putting anything on something that's 3D printed. There's always a bit of graininess to the appearance to that material, and if you want those letters to appear right, you'll want to make sure the surface is as smooth as can be.
  9. Round 2 Website

    I've tried other configurations of their URL, but I'm still getting a blank page. Very strange............maybe it's just down for maintenance?
  10. Model factory hiro

    I'm AMAZED at the detail this beast has! I've got the Fujimi one with HRM's engine kit, but that pales in comparison simply because of this thing's sheer size! I'd LOVE to someday get one of MFH's Ferrari 250 GTO's but the price is a tad out of reach for me, and then there's carving out the time to build it. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
  11. Favorite Car

    Nice car Bill!! Is it a Hemi or a 440 car? I've always like these, and it's too bad that they've been overshadowed by their '68-'70 brethren. Arguably a nicer car style wise, but these had that serious/clean square jawed look to 'em that I really like.
  12. Favorite Car

    My Dad had told me years ago that he wanted one of these badly when this was new. I thought he said that the car was something like $5-6K off the lot, and he couldn't afford it as that's how much he made in an entire year. Throw in the fact that Mom was expecting me at the time, and there's no way he could afford something like this! Dad was a diehard Chrysler man though, and he ended up settling for a very nice '57 Belvedere a few years later to replace his now tired '55 Plymouth Savoy.
  13. Favorite Car

    Back in those days (like today even), folks would either get fired or quit from one auto company, and then move on to the next. Think Elwood Engel when he went from Ford to Chrysler, and then take a look at the Turbine Car. Styling cues very much like the '61 T-Bird which he had a big hand in designing. Chrysler then took him on, and he pretty much redid practically the entire Chrysler line for '63 (thank goodness!).
  14. If you really want to use the Duster chassis, but don't want to trash an entire kit, well there's sellers on the 'Bay that are probably selling just that. Parted out a kit and now have the chassis only to get rid of. Some hate when eBay sellers do that, but this is an instance where this can come in mighty handy. If not the Duster, than you can check out the Dart as well but there's a bit more tweaking to do on that one.
  15. Favorite Car

    I had a reeeeall tough time beating one of those in my AMX years ago. That is one KILLER car, and could still probably put the hurt on many a performance car today!