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  1. 3D printing

    Good point as the '67 Shelby 10 spoke wheels I got from Plamoz were indeed 3D printed, then the molds were cleaned up and then cast in resin. Unfortunately they're no longer available after being out just a short time. I suspect it might have something to do with copyright(?), or it could be the mold wore out prematurely and they just haven't gotten around to making a new one.
  2. Autoquiz 415

    I see two little fake scoops right below the rear window. That was characteristic of the '60-'64 coupes.
  3. Autoquiz 415

    Not sure what this is, but that Corvair coupe in the background looks interesting!
  4. Sonny AC Cobra 427

    Some quick pics I dug up.......... Sunny "427" Cobra model FIA Cobra..... 427 Cobra....... The Sunny kit kinda splits the difference between the two, but IMO it's not an actual 427.
  5. Sonny AC Cobra 427

    The problem I've had with the Sunny kit is that to me, it more represents an FIA car and not the 427 body. 427's were much 'beefier' looking than the 260/289 cars as they had bulgier fenders and of course a different frame and suspension. If you want to build an FIA car that Sunny one would not be a bad start.
  6. 1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible

    Wow! I LOVE that color combination! And your chassis details look great too with the slight color overspray.
  7. AMT 1957 Ford Thunderbird

    Very sharp looking 'Bird Randy! And yes, the porthole top was a sort of 'necessary' addition/option starting with the '56 models after there were complaints with the outward visibility of the '55's. What drives me kind of crazy is to go to a car show and see a '55 with a porthole top and the owner says it's "all original". No. That's strictly a '56-'57 option and either they don't know that or they're trying to pull a fast one. That's one of my dream builds BTW.......to build a super detailed '57, but I'd have a different take on it using body parts from other kits. Still waiting for the very nice PE set I see on Model Car Garages site, but it's nowhere to be seen in the product listing. From what I see on the page, it looks to include everything you'd need to build each of the three two-seat years.
  8. '78 Cordoba

    I wouldn't mind having one of those Cordobas also. That's a car I saw quite regularly brand new in the '70's when I was in high school. Somewhere in my stash I've got one of those later '70's Dodge two doors. I have no idea what year it is, but it looks an awful lot like those stacked square headlight car kits shown. No box or instructions and I can't even remember when/where I got it 'cept I know I've had it for a long time.
  9. '78 Cordoba

    Tom, I would think the AMT '71 Charger would be a very good start with some tweaking. I think this was probably based on the MPC mid/later '70's Dodge's (can't think of the model) and that chassis would work too. Mopar didn't stray too far from chassis configuration during those years till the radical '80 models came out.
  10. Revell '69 Boss 302 Mustang

    And yes, those should work just fine as well!
  11. Revell '69 Boss 302 Mustang

    Eric, I want to add that when I did the review of this kit in my thread, the hood in relation to the fenders has very tight shut lines. When you painted it that made the tolerance all the more tighter. I like to use what I call the 3x5 card method when it comes to opening panels. If a 3x5 card will slip in and out of the shut line without binding, that should be enough clearance when it comes time for paint. Here's a pic below where this was much needed on the Turbine Car I built years ago.................
  12. Revell '69 Boss 302 Mustang

    Did you test fit the hood before you painted it?? Not one drop of paint goes on anything I build till I'm sure that it'll go together without any drama. I was burnt by an ill fitting model many years ago by painting too far in advance and learned to never do that with the exception of very rare instances (Jaguar D-Type).
  13. Dino 246gt

    BEAUTIFUL!! And yes, having built one of these a loooong time ago, I can attest to how fussy they can be as Larry said! You'd never know that looking at this and I do like the yellow on this car a bit better than the ever present red.
  14. What Irked You Today?

    It's sad, but even a 100% feedback is no guarantee anymore that you won't run into trouble. If you read my post above, the character I was describing also has a 100% feedback rating, but he's been lucky that he's not gotten bad feedback before from how he describes his auctions.
  15. What Irked You Today?

    OK, model related as this is yet another eBay annoyance. I was surfing eBay early this morning and came across a particular model that is rather common. To not give the guy grief (as he did to me as you'll read), I won't mention his seller name, or tell you what model it was. I don't want folks trying to search him out and give him grief. This particular car while offered by two different kit makers, those of us in the know can tell that there are differences in the body shape. In the auction he described the car as an 'AMT' kit, but I could spot right away that it was a Revell. I wrote and (I thought) very nicely tried to tell him that what he has is NOT an AMT but indeed a Revell kit. I even pointed out why that was the case. He wrote back and said "They're all owned by one company now". I wrote back and said.............No not really. You have another car in an auction which clearly belongs to AMT, the other one you have listed is not. Someone that's quick to bid or buy and is not careful looking, might get a bit ticked off that what they bought was not exactly what you described. To add to this, the AMT one was a one year annual and AFAIK has never been resissued, while the Revell one is a LOT more common. Just a little bit ago, I got his response that said in big fat letters "CEASE CONTACT!" OK....I seemed to hit a nerve and I was just a bit peeved at once again the sheer laziness of some sellers as to what they're describing. I see on his other auctions that he has EVERYTHING labeled as AMT. Some are obvious as those of us who know can spot a Johan exclusive for instance. But this particular car because it's so common can fool those that aren't looking closely. Just had to air that as it kinda irked me that he didn't want to hear it. And last I checked because I'm watching the auction, he didn't change the description. It'll be interesting to see what kind of feedback he gets when the buyer gets it. We'll see...............