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  1. If you don't know about this seller, you might want to make a setting where you get notifications whenever he has something to offer. I've seen those very windshields for sale on his auction page (also '59's) and some time back I got a VERY nice and clean/unpainted '59 Parklane body from him. A bit pricey, but as you know, most of them have been glue bombed to death (ESPECIALLY the rear quarters), and I wanted a nice clean body to do a good model of that one someday. I have everything else including some resto parts from The Modelhaus.
  2. Welcome along Peter! It's great to have more folks from England!
  3. Perhaps not the boot, but the windshield for that particular kit can be a tough bird to land. I have seen those parted out on the 'Bay, but of course get set to compete in an auction, or you might get fortunate and snag one for a reasonable BIN.
  4. Absolutely fantastic Rich! That is one of Modelhaus's rarer kits as I've not seen very many of these listed on eBay or even built for that matter. You getting that kit might be the subject of an interesting thread............the last items bought by us before Don and Carol closed up shop.
  5. Delton, I remember the incident about the young girl at the gas station with her Pinto. I believe that happened in the early '80's? I think she also had a couple friends with her in the car that died as well? I never was a fan of the Pinto when they were new. I knew folks that had them and I don't remember them being worried too much about the fire issue. I do believe that's one of the reasons however you no longer see center gas filler necks in the rear of any car built today. They're either on the right or left side. That also I think has a lot to do with gas tank placement these days. In my Challenger, the gas tank is under the rear seat. Safer place for it as it's not hanging way out there in the back as the cars of old. The Saturn I had before was the same way. It took me a bit to figure out why the rear seat seemed to sit "higher" than the front seats. Well, that also had its tank right directly under the rear seat with the filler door on the passenger side rear.
  6. On the old Hobby Heaven board, there was a lady I used to correspond with on a regular basis by the name of "MustangGal". Her real name was Jackie Murphy and I thought she was a darn good builder. Haven't heard from her in years now and I don't think she ever joined this board that I know of. Jackie you out there? We'd love to have you posting here!
  7. Tell me about it! I cringe going over those things! I have 20's on my Challenger so it takes bumps like that especially hard. I try to slow down for 'em, but there's always some idiot right on your tail that makes it tough to do that sometimes.
  8. Pat, that's lookin' good from where I sit! 👍
  9. Donn! That is one of the NICEST I've seen of the '67 Camaro! LOVE the paint, and the engine details are excellent!
  10. Robert, you're fortunate that you got this kit! The kit looks great and each time I've see one of these, they're total glue bombs with tons of stuff glued on everywhere. I happen to get a clean builtup about 15 years ago.......debated off and on over the years if I should ever redo it. I got it from a nice fellow off the 'Bay whose brother had built it when the car was new, but had since passed away. That was pretty much the only reason I've kept it as is..........as sort of 'tribute' to the past to how the model was built, instead of trying to make it 'modern'.
  11. Very nice and clean! Until you turned it over, I would not have known it was a slot car! This is another one of those I wanted from The Modelhaus, but looked for one too late. Now it's unobtainium (unless I pay a STEEP price on eBay), so I'd have to make my own sometime.
  12. Glass. Not much can drive me more bonkers than to have glass that's either ill fitting, or is so distorted that it takes away from the appearance of the model. I consider that to be like bodywork so I like glass that's as smooth and distortion free as possible. It's one of the reasons I'll go through the trouble of either using clear stencil sheet for glass, or I'll make a buck and vacuform the works. Glass was a MAJOR sticking point for me when I first saw Moebius's '61 Pontiac Ventura. The couple builds I had seen had the glass sticking up so far (should fit nearly flush with the roofline), that it looked REALLY out of place and prompted me to do a tutorial on how to fix that properly.
  13. Very nice! This is the first I've seen one of these done! I've had this kit for many years now and it's good to see this one done up so cleanly. If I ever get around to doing one, I'd like to put on Fernando Pinto's excellent hand laced wires which I have a couple sets. Very period correct for this type of car.
  14. I see an early '60's Falcon judging by the taillight albeit blurry.
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