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  1. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 14,000 posts   

    Time certainly flies! Hard to believe that it's been just over ten years since I joined this board. In fact, I think I signed up within the first week or two that the board opened up.
    It'll be quite some time (if ever) I get to 14,000 posts! Some days, I'm just lurking and looking, other days I might put in my 2¢ worth more than usual.
  2. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Charlie, the name of the place was Dreamland! I was racking my brain, and then thought to do a 'net search and that's the name!
    I don't know about their quality now, but back in '05, their ribs were definitely the best I've had up to that point.
    The place you mentioned sounds like a very decent restaurant. I've not been to New England in ages, sounds like a place I'll definitely need to check out. In fact, a road trip is in order to that part of the U.S.
    Fall is a terrific time to head there as the trees change of color is spectacular!
  3. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1961 Buick Invicta   

    Clean as a whistle! Excellent! Gotta love those '61 GM wingless jets! 
  4. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Revell 1959 Impala - Black   

    Excellent job on the BMF!
    I know all too well that foiling one of these is NOT for the faint of heart! A lot of time can go into it!
  5. MrObsessive added a post in a topic (PICS) Neo's new 1/24 resin 1949 Cadillac...   

    I sure hope they do some other oddball subjects in this scale! The price isn't bad considering the level of detail, and finish. Modelhaus's version is now OOP, and considering the asking price of what they wanted for a kit, this fully finished one IMO is a bargain.
  6. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    Hmmm.....I didn't know there was a DVD out with building tips for that! I'll have to be on the lookout for one, because that IS a very involved model! If/when I ever decide to build it, I'd like to replace the leaf springs with brass ones among other things.
    After over 50 years, things get kind of brittle and fragile!
  7. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm not much of a fast food eater anymore as to me most of it tastes pretty bad. However-------there is a rib place in Birmingham AL, that I remember visiting some 10 years ago when I went to their NNL. Darn if I can remember the name of it, but those were the best danged ribs I ever had! 
    IIRC, before they brought out the ribs, they bring out a great big bowl of their BBQ sauce, (there were about eight of us or so) and a couple loaves of bread. THAT alone can be enough to fill you up as you're constantly dipping bread in that sauce! The ribs were so tender, they fell off the bone, and I don't remember this being an expensive place.
    Not so much "fast food", but they do run a chain, and I think you can order their ribs online and have them delivered.
    No kidding!
    Anyone in the Alabama area would know this place immediately, because that's all we talked about after we left there how good everything was.
    I just can't remember the name of it!
  8. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    LOL! I've got both of those too!
    The chassis had been started, but is in dire need of a resto, got the engine that belongs with it as well, but heaven only knows if I'll ever get the ambition to build either one of those you have pictured.
    I get kits not so much because I think they'll have some collector value down the road, I get them simply because I just happen to like that particular car/truck. Down the road, something will "trigger" a response in wanting to build it-------it might be a TV show, online article, or I see one on the road or at a show somewhere.
    As far as what I'll never build, more than likely some of the big scale stuff I just mentioned, as well as a Doyusha 1/12 scale Honda S800 convertible I've had for years. Once again, I'm not of the mind to sell it 'cuz I happen to like that car!
  9. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Mako Shark ll/63 split window kustom project --Updated pics 7/28/2016 -- wheel help needed --   

    Very interesting project! One suggestion if I may involving the doors. I see what you mean about moving the trailing edge of the doors forward, but I can see where this might conflict with the door cutouts in the roof of the car. It's up to you, but I always thought that Stingrays would have looked a bit cleaner if the door cutouts weren't there. Since you might eliminate the vent window posts, this may lend itself to a better appearance.
    Chevy did this of course to the C2 to make ingress/egress a lot easier-----especially for taller folks. Of course this being a custom, the sky's the limit!
  10. MrObsessive added a post in a topic glue   

    One should have a full arsenal of glues to use when it comes to building! I use everything from white glue, 5 Min epoxies, liquid glues, etc. It all comes down to what will work best for me in any one part of the build I'm doing. 
    For instance, I don't ever use solvent type glues when it comes to putting things on the body, especially after it's painted. White glue, epoxies, and sometimes clear acrylic paint are best for that. 
    When it comes to structural things within the body/chassis such as when I'm doing working features and such, then I'll get out the "regular" glue (liquid or the semi-runny stuff), CA glues, and in some cases even JB Weld if I need a super strong hold for something.
    It'll all depend on what you're after. In my world of building, one size does not fit all.
  11. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 63 corvette [ sting ray ]   

    Snake, good points about the C2 'Vettes that are out there. I too notice the "too flat" windshield header on the Revell '65, and that's something I'd like to fix as I someday want to turn it into a '66.
    Speaking of '66's, Revell didn't alter the body at all on the Penske racer. I don't have the kit, but I've seen box art examples, and the body still has the roof vents (gone for '66), and they didn't change the grille which went to an egg crate style which carried over into '67.
    Yet another one of those "flub ups" by Revell assuming that the average Joe won't know (most don't care unfortunately), but for those of us that insist on things being as accurate as possible, keeping the roof vents on what's supposed to be a '66 car, is a no-go.
    EDIT: BTW, Revell's 1/12 scale '67 coupe suffers from the same malady with the "dip/too flat" windshield header. Yet something else one should fix if they want an accurate body. I have the 1/25 scale '67 coupe, I have to look that one over to see if that one's got troubles too.
  12. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Mopar A series 318 "Poly" V8   

    Thanks for the link Bill! I just dropped them a line as I'm very interested in this engine as well. Hopefully down the road when my sight gets better, the next '50's car I'd like to do is the '58 Plymouth. I'd like to turn it into a Fury though.
    Of course as we all know by now, there's a whole lot more that this kit needs than just a better engine. 
  13. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1957 BMW 507   

    I've always loved these (have a junker built-up and a never touched kit), and I never knew that these came in that color! Wild!
    VERY nice job you did on this and definitely one of BMW's prettiest designs ever!
  14. MrObsessive added a post in a topic "Fast forward look" Mopar mirrors.   

    Greg, here's a couple pics of your mirrors..........not bad, and a sorely needed item for the aftermarket!

  15. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Keith Marks decals   

    I just emailed Keith on the 16th, and he got back to me a couple days later. This was about some Mustang decals that I'm interested in. Hmmm............I dunno what to say unless his inbox is perhaps reading your email addy as spam for some reason and dumping it?
    I don't know, but each time I've dropped him a line about something, he's always gotten back to me. The email addy that Greg posted above is the correct one for him BTW.