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  1. In Box: Revell 1:16 Porsche 356C Cabriolet 07043

    If I were building this, I'd practice getting the easiest way possible to get everything in after the interior is done. Nothing drives me crazier than to get things all built up and then go through tons of drama to get it all together. It's one of the reasons 99% of the time I save painting the body for last. Looking at where those support beams are located, perhaps it might be better to leave those in place after the body is painted and interior put in and then cut those off afterwards? You could always touch up those spots that were cut after the fact.
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    That 1/16 '55 Chevy convertible is definitely worth getting in my book! I have a Pinto.........a unpainted builtup of a '73(?) Not sure as it's the small bumper car and I've had it for years.
  3. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    I can actually see this taking place within the next 5-10 years. Revell could simply offer the printer and .stl files for whatever they want for a price. The sky's the limit on what can be done with that. You'll still have your aftermarket folks offer chrome plating and whatnot. Or who knows..........we might be able to do that on our own someday.
  4. Are We Losing Another Model Seller

    There's a Hobby Lobby only about 5 miles from me, but I won't go near there this time of year! I'd sooner visit my LHS for something I need, or if it's something rather esoteric, order it online such as eBay and wait for it. I'm not big on shopping as it is and this time of year with crowds that can be rude which makes it that much more annoying.
  5. Pair of Bell 47"s

    Here's a better shot of my gas powered Bell 47. l took the photo just this morning and you'll see she's surrounded by plenty of models now! What I need to fly it someday are new servos and a radio. You can see how yellowed the canopy has become and as I mentioned, you can see how HUGE this thing is as it's sitting directly above 1/24-25th scale models. When I bought it years ago, I recommended that the propellers be taken off so that it could at least fit in a box. I put them back on when I got it and it's been hanging from the ceiling I'd say for at least 15+ years now.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    What attracted me to this auction was that #1.....the shipping was free and #2.........they did accept returns in case there was some problem. I knew the tire size already so that wouldn't be an issue. But considering what the shipping cost might have been for items weighing 120 lbs total, I can't complain about the cost in the least!
  7. What Irked You Today?

    Jim, I got the tires from a vendor on eBay actually. The ended auction is here. I have a garage just a few miles from me that will mount the tires of course for a price. I had them mounted the next day as I wanted them on the car as I wanted to take the trip to Maryland for the MAMA club meeting/party. While it was on the rack, I had them do a four wheel alignment and with mounting, balancing, alignment, discard fee and tax, it came to about $185. I had to make a couple trips to take the tires there because they were so large, but that was no biggie as it was only a few miles back and forth. Still a great BARGAIN simply because had I gone back to where I got tires before, it would have cost me over $1200 for four tires which to me is absolutely CRAZY! So far the tires are riding great and they got a good workout as it was pouring down rain on the way there and on the way back home. This isn't the first time I've had trouble with FedEx. About a year ago, I needed a new picture card for my digicam as I was really tired of the old one which filled up way too quickly. I ordered a 2GB card online and FedEx was going to be the deliverer. I got a notice that the card was delivered, but when I opened the door I saw nothing. I looked on the porch, in the mailbox........no card. I called FedEx and the driver swore he delivered it, however he was too lazy to simply put the (a small envelope) package BEHIND the storm door which logic should have dictated. No, he simply tossed the envelope on the porch more than likely and someone came along and snatched it up. Of course, FedEx claimed no responsibility and I ended up spending 25 bucks ALL OVER AGAIN! The next time I INSISTED that it be sent by USPS as this guy has the brains to put something like that either in my mailbox or behind the door where it belongs. Can you tell I'm NOT a fan of FedEx??
  8. Pair of Bell 47"s

    Lee, here's a pic of my gas powered Bell 47............... My model room is a LOT more crowded now, but it's still hanging in the same spot. I'm not exactly sure of the maker, but the engine does run. It would need new servos and such to make it fly but I'm not sure one can be had for this any longer. I've had it for about 15 years and I'd say it's at least perhaps 30 years old. I'll take it down from time to time and scare the cats with it!
  9. '56 Chevy four door?

    Perhaps the Revell '56 Chevy Del Ray? That one's already a two door sedan so it's just a matter of scribing in door lines and possibly making new trim.
  10. What Irked You Today?

    This bugged the heck out of me the other day! I ordered tires online for my car (Challenger) as I refuse to pay upwards of $300 for a single tire like I did before when I had to get new fronts a few years ago. I found a brand new set online through a retailer and for a set of four tires (245/45R/20's), I paid only around $460 including tax. The shipping was free and they said that the tires would be coming via FedEx. No problem. I get a notice from FedEx telling me that the tires would be delivered by this past Thursday between 5-8 PM. There's just one problem...........I'm usually just getting UP at 8PM to go to work that night and I DID NOT want to miss the delivery. I called FedEx to ask them can they move the delivery date to the next day (Friday) to possibly late morning/early afternoon. Since I don't go into work that night, I can at least stay up and not worry about losing any sleep trying to wait up for them. Well............the person on the other end said they could not move the date. I asked why not?? He couldn't give me an answer as to why he just said they had to be delivered on that day. He then said could I pick them up at a local Walgreen's or something? I said NO, because we're talking about four VERY LARGE passenger car tires and there's no way all four tires are going to fit in a Dodge Challenger. I said could you take my number and have the guy text me when he's on his way so I can be sure to meet him at the door and get the tires in the house. I said "DO NOT LEAVE THE TIRES OUT ON THE SIDEWALK AS THEY MIGHT GET STOLEN!! He took my number and then said he would definitely pass it on to the driver. So.......I wait and wait all afternoon for the tires and now it's approaching 5:30 and no word on the tires. I happen to check my email for a second and I get a notice from FedEx telling me the tires have been delivered. I go huh??...........I rush downstairs and look out the the door and there are all four tires right out on the sidewalk for all the world to see! I was more than livid as I SPECIFICALLY wanted to be at least called to let me know they were there! Now it's past 6:00 in the evening and I'm waaaay past my time that I'd normally be sound asleep in bed. I was so ticked off that I called the job and told them I wouldn't be in. There's no way I could have gotten by with only 3 hours sleep (or less) as that would have me coming in with a REAL ATTITUDE even though I work alone. So.........the next time I see something's going to be delivered by FedEx, I'll see if I can ask the seller to HOLD the shipping till a certain day so that it's either delivered on a Friday or Saturday. As I thought about the whole ordeal, there's only two reasons I can come up with as to why they would not change the delivery date despite their website saying they can do so. One reason is perhaps this time of year. It's very busy for them I'm sure and it was just physically impossible for them to do that. Not a good excuse but one I can see. Another reason is the fact that there was free shipping and I got the cheapest/no frills delivery method possible. No notification, no changing of dates..........zip. Just the same, that put a real bad taste in my mouth over FedEx.
  11. Mercedes 500SEC

    Mercedes (some may disagree) IMO are one of the best engineered cars in the world. I've had three of them over the years including a 300 SEL which unfortunately caught fire and burnt to the ground back in '99. I loved that car for the performance and for its size it handled very well! These days they're MUCH too expensive for me and that can be a downside to owning one. They can go for a long, long, long time without ever needing a thing, but when they do eventually break down................LOOK OUT! ($$$$$)
  12. Pair of Bell 47"s

    This is the first I've seen of these and they're terrific! Bell 47 helicopters are my favorite type (love that bubble canopy!) and I happen to have a HUGE gas powered one hanging from my ceiling that I've never flown. Very nice work!
  13. Fisher 2F Chaparral

    Very nice and clean and another one of my '60's road racer favorites! It's sad that we can get this kit no longer after what happened to Fisher Models (fires in CA), but you did this one justice and it's definitely worth being proud of!
  14. I had a real nice time with the MAMA Club yesterday which is in Greenbelt. MD. Lots of food of course and some real nice models turned up on the tables. Click on the pic below which will take you to my Fotki album for more pics.
  15. 59 cad sedan de Ville Flattop

    Oooooh..........I like that! A seldom seen roofline for that year Cadillac! Gonna be nice!