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  1. Revell 1960 Impala.....

    Another clearcoat?? Bro, it looks REALLY good as is! You know how I feel about '60 Impalas! I still say that Revell captured that '59-'60 Bubbletop roofline 'bout perfect, even compared to the old annuals from way back when. Even better than Johan dare I say. It's the reason I went through so much trouble swapping roofs off the '60 onto the '59 Impala. Revell hit the nail on the head as far as roof accuracy IMO.
  2. AMT '65 GTO

    Steve you wanted to sell that?? It's gorgeous, I could NEVER part with that! Absolutely beautiful, and you did a really good job blending that top in. In another thread, someone wondered what top would be best to replicate a 1965 Impala Sport Sedan four door hardtop....................there ya go!
  3. Square Quad Headlights

    Hey! Those headlights are EXACTLY it! GM used that style pretty much from the mid '70's through the sometime in the '80's. I saved that auction and I know that seller VERY well! See him all the time! Now I do have a small resin casting kit but I haven't tried it yet. Something small like this would be ideal to practice on. Actually, I'm not sure I'd have to cut away the entire headlight assembly. Simply make an impression on the part, and resin fill it from there------shape and sand as needed.
  4. Revell Olds 442 FE3-X

  5. Square Quad Headlights

    Either or........but the closer I can get to what’s pictured the better. 👌
  6. Square Quad Headlights

    Those look nice, but they are not quite flat across.....they’re staggered and not flat like the Olds. Thanks just the same!
  7. Square Quad Headlights

    Steve, that's it! Thanks so much for the link! I've bookmarked his site, and he's definitely hearing from me! The parking lamps I could make on my own..........In fact, I think I have something laying around that's very close to replicate those.
  8. Square Quad Headlights

    Larry, I just checked those out and they're too vertical as opposed to the Olds' horizontal quads. Even if I were to make them horizontal, they appear just a bit too large at that. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  9. Square Quad Headlights

    Ok fellas........I've been wracking my brain lately trying to figure out which kit would have headlights like these.................. I looked at the Revell '83 Olds kit and while similar, they have an inset to the headlights in the bezels, and aren't quite right. In case you're wondering, yes this is a future project I have in mind.............'jus trying to make sure I have all the bits and pieces together before I consider tackling it. No time frame to start----just the piece of mind knowing that all is there whenever I'm ready. Any thoughts? TIA!
  10. 1958 Plymouth Belvedere kits - 4 door?

    Modelhaus's version I believe was a '57 Savoy sedan. I've not seen the four door hardtop from them------I don't think they made that one, although I could be wrong. If you want to get adventurous, you could swap roofs off of AMT's Chrysler '57 300, and after some mods use that as your four door hardtop roof section. Looking at that 1:1's between the divisions, they appear to have all the same roof crown, so with some work it's doable. At least for me it would be.............. I believe that was also a Savoy sedan ('57), although there might have been some hardtops too. I know I've seen Taxi's done in the plainest trim (Savoy) and that could have been what Modelhaus used as a base for their kit. A rare unwarped one for that matter. Speaking of warp, it really kills me to see these once beautiful models of cars all twisted up like a pretzel due to the properties of the material. Sad, as once upon a time I would have loved to have had some of those promos, but wished that they weren't so warped. Oh well, the best we can do these days is make our own out of what's out there.
  11. Model Factory Hiro discontinuing 1/24?

    Wow, another one of my grails, but I had to choose either that or their 330 LMB. Well, not long ago I got my grail from Ed Cervo of Island Collectibles. I had seen the 330 at the NNL East, but didn't' bring enough cash with me for the money he wanted. I DID pick up the 250 Lusso transkit by Airtrax from him! While certainly not as detailed as the MFH kit, it'll certainly do as the body lines are spot on 'cept for a couple minor details. I've got an engine kit on the way from HRM, and some decent Borranis lying around. When the time comes to build 'er, I'll be all set!
  12. Detailed Road Tough 1/24 '57 Nomad

    Wow Rick! They look pretty good and the proportions look spot on! I was hoping for an up to date kit of this from Revell since we had their very nice '56, but with the looks of things it's never going to happen. Guess I'll have to make my own someday and no, that hoary Revell kit doesn't count!
  13. Not good shots as I don't have any WIP pics of the Ferrari. I was building this loooong before I knew what the internet was, and what the heck was a "digital camera"?? These are the seats I got from Norm............
  14. Bernard, Norm Veber of Replicas and Miniatures once offered those seats as part of a detailing set when that kit was readily available. Unfortunately, he has since discontinued them and I'm not sure he even still has the molds available to do a special casting for you. I got very similar seats from him years ago when I was building my 250 GT SWB, but we're talking 20 years ago now. Perhaps you could drop him a line to see? He can be contacted here.............. replmincomd@aol.com
  15. I love your story telling Mike! This '55 reminds me of me Great Grandmothers Buick. Hers was a '54 (similar type roofline and windshield but a hardtop), and was red/black two-toned. That's probably (along with my Dad's '55 Plymouth) one of the first cars I can remember seeing when I first knew what a car was. Interesting enough, I can remember hearing her say that was the very reason she always bought Buicks. They were not as "showy" as a Cadillac, yet still had the same comfort and a lot of the features of those Caddies. Her last Buick would be a '58 Roadmaster Limited----talk about a chrome BEAST! She stopped driving sometime in the later '60's due to failing eyesight, but she loved those Buicks though! Very nice and interesting build, and I don't ever remember seeing a Buick police car done up before! I'm a big believer in taking a diecast and do whatever it takes to get the model you want. It's still a model, that happens to be cast in metal.