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  1. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Skyliner - Revell   

    Shaun, I believe that engine is supposed to represent a 352 for '59. I have a diagram here that can help you out if you want to see how the wires go from the distributor to the spark plugs.

    IIRC, on this era of Ford engine, the #1 cylinder starts with the first spark plug in the front on the passenger side. Your distributor is in the front looking at your pics------------the #1 plug would be on your left hand side in the front looking at this diagram.
    Hope this helps!
  2. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Ford Victoria ´53 (Lindberg)   

    Oooooh! That is NICE!! 
    That paint looks flawless from where I sit!
  3. MrObsessive added a post in a topic LETS GO BIRDWATCHING...FOR JUST 10.5 SECONDS...   

    I don't know how I missed this 'cept that I don't get much into drag cars-----------this one is super-duper nice!!
    Very sharp and clean and it "sits" right!
  4. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Another Reason.   

    I hear ya Steve! I was trying to patch up some tiny areas on the roof of my Shelby build, and I tried to use masking tape to cover over an area that I had already puttied. Either I didn't mix the putty for that area correctly, or there was some grease on that spot, but the masking tape pulled the putty clean off the plastic!
    I've since fixed it, but that'll be the last time I use that! Tamiya's tape worked fine over the other puttied areas, and no drama so far.
    I've got a looooong way to go on bodywork with all that I want to do, and I'd like as little drama as possible!
  5. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Well, when I first knew what a car was (early '60's) I was surrounded by fins and chrome. I didn't really pay attention to what was happening to cars until about '73 or so when I was in Junior High School. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew something about the automotive landscape was changing. Some of it might have to do with the fuel crisis which hit later that year, but I noticed that the appearance of new cars was changing. Of course, most '50's cars were off the road, but a lot of the mid/later '60's stuff were still roaming the roads. Things were definitely changing come 1973 however.
    Gone were new convertibles 'cept for the big full sizers, GM had intro'd "Colonnade" styling on their mid-sizers which were an unreasonable facsimile to a true hardtop with roll down rear quarter windows. The cars had gotten definitely slower as I can remember my Dad complaining about that as he was looking for a new car at the time. Yeah, things were not the same as they were a few years earlier, and it wouldn't be till the FWD cars started showing up in the early '80's when the auto industry IMO was TRULY in the dark ages.
    I was disappointed by the "Road Runner" when it was re-intro'd by Chrysler based on the Volare, as I still had fresh memories of what a Road Runner was SUPPOSED to be, at least what I can remember when they were new as a kid.
    I never bought the original kit, and while it's nice that guys are enthusiastic about its return, I just can't get past that I was never really crazy about the 1:1. Now if they're going to go '70's with some new kits, here are just a few I'd LOVE to someday see on the store shelves..........
    1976-77 Olds Cutlass Supreme (Scott mentioned that one and it was our Driver's Ed car)
    1977-79 T-Bird (Starsky and Hutch's Torino holds out some hope for that one)
    1977-79 Lincoln Mark V (see above)
    1971-72 Buick Riviera
    I've gotten a bit off topic, but since we're talking about Malaise era cars, these were part of that era, but at least they represented some class unlike that which followed later which was about as bland as they came-----for the most part.
    Adam, that was a good review, and while I'm not a big fan of this car, your write-up on it does it some justice, and certainly would pique anyone's interest if they were thinking about buying this one.
  6. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Will Slow Down of Cottage Industry Slow the Hobby?   

    Tom, I gotta disagree with you here. The NNL East doesn't charge two different fees to attend the show, and dare I say the NNL East has become a MUCH better show than Toledo has been for some time. You have quite the number of vendors that set up shop there, and there is not another price to see the models at the same venue.
    I dunno, I was just rather put off by it as I could see the models on display at Toledo from literally across the room, but if I wanted to either participate or simply be an observer, I had to "get in line" and pay yet another fee to do that.
    EDIT: I should add that perhaps it's time to split things up and let those hosts part company and go their separate ways. If the show (NNL) can't survive on its own merits and has to keep resorting to that kind of business practice for whatever reason, then maybe its time has come and it's time wave goodbye.
    Sad, but that's going to happen sooner than later.
  7. MrObsessive added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    Snake, that was Steven Guthmiller that's doing the '68-9 Coronet build with the much needed quarter window fix.
    Back in June, I posted a tutorial on how to fix AMT's '68-'69 Road Runner which can be found here. Namely I focused on the rear fenders of the car, and the rear wheelwells. I also tackled that quarter window shape. Not everyone will be able to do what I did, but it may be a cheaper alternative as original late '60's Johan B-Bodies are getting more scarce with each passing year. When they do turn up on eBay for instance, the prices for untouched pristine examples can be sky high. Even rebuilders are getting pricey these days unfortunately.
  8. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Tamiya Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4   

    I have this kit and always wondered how much trouble it would be to kitbash AMT's mechanicals of the Stealth with this Mitsu? As you mentioned they were the same car, but of course this one's 1/24 scale, while AMT's Stealth was 1/25. BTW, I can't remember the last time I've seen a 3000GT as opposed to a Stealth which was a lot more common around here.
    Hmmmm----the wheels are turning in my mind..........
  9. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1979 Chevy Corvette _reworked from a Promo   

    Wow! I LOVE that yellow! A not too often seen color back when these were new so they really stood out!
    A somewhat unloved era of Corvettes as they were not blinding fast like say 10 years earlier, but are nice drivers if you can find a decent one today, and not terribly expensive considering.
  10. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1958 Thunderbird   

    I'll be watching too! I had this kit untouched, but it was lost when my place got flooded back in '11.  
    I've since got another one----------a rebuilder looking for a nice home I got off eBay. Watch out for those rather stout sink marks that are just in front of the leading edge of the doors. They're a result of impressions that were made on the inside of the body for the door hinges/hinge retainers. Filling those in (or maybe even sanding that area level) shouldn't be too hard.
  11. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 61 Pontiac Catalina   

    That would go a long way to making a very nice kit all that much more desirable! It's a trouble spot for a lot of builds I've seen, and it's unfortunate because that's a signature feature of '61 GM "bubbletops". 
  12. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1976 Chevy Caprice 4-door Hardtop Sport Sedan conversion   

    LOVE the four door hardtop!
    A body style I sorely miss since the Safety Nazis essentially banned them from production due to dubious "safety regs". Yours looks a lot like the ones I used to see in the '80's-----body damage and all! 
  13. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville   

    Yup! Sure does! I know that they are different scales, and there was a difference between '58 GM B and C body hardtops, but the basic shape is there and that's all I need.
  14. MrObsessive added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Skyliner - Revell   

    Oooh! This will be fun to watch! I'm fortunate in that I had an Uncle (Mom's younger brother) that had a '57 back in the later '60's, so I got to see one of these live and in person with the top working and all. To a seven year old kid, it was really neat to watch as the top motors made all kinds of whirring sounds, and I can remember a kind of a "clacking" noise after the top went down and the deck lid closed up. I guess that was the automated "locking" mechanism so the rear deck didn't fly up and act as some kind of parachute!  
    I can also remember that the car had to absolutely be running while the top was operating. It can put a REAL STRAIN on the battery as my Uncle found out!
    I built this same kit many years ago (early '90s) and I can tell you to TAKE YOUR TIME! The kit will go together as intended, and I got the top working as it's supposed to, but taking your time and test fitting everything over and over will go a long way to a model that you'll marvel at when done.
    I'll be following along------this is another one of my favorites from the '50's.
  15. MrObsessive added a post in a topic Revell 1960 Chevy September 21 Update.   

    Must be something with the '59-'60 Chevy David!
    I had the same feeling when I was building my '59.......more than one issue popped up at different times. The glass issue was the biggest! Your paint is looking really great, and it's no shame if you'd want to take a break for awhile. I did that and ended up building the '67 Mustang as a bit of a breather. It was a bit detailed as well, but not to the extent of the Chevy.
    After I was done with it, I jumped back into the Chevy build with both feet and was determined to get it done!