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  1. 67 Biscayne

    Back in the early '90's I owned for a time a '67 Pontiac Catalina which had the exact same roofline. BIG 400 with no power anything! I only had it for a couple years and then sold it to someone local. Unfortunately, the buyer lived on a busy street where he parked the car, and one day going past his house I saw the car with the entire back end smashed in. Broke my heart as it was super duper clean when he got it, and was a powerful son of gun! I wish I had kept it looking back but it was for me a real handful to drive with no power steering or brakes (bought brand new by an elderly man originally), and I had at that time my ever cantankerous Fiat Spider, so I let the Pontiac go instead. Dummy me should have gotten rid of the Fiat before it decided to break its timing belt!
  2. 67 Biscayne

    Looking over this thread several times since I last commented, I can see where this can be a daunting conversion and I love it! Just a little observation in the bodywork area if you don't mind along the lines of what Mike said...........and this is up to you. When AMT modeled this particular body style, I always thought that the rear fender "bulges and creases" were a bit exaggerated. Taking a look at the mid line crease on the body to the upper most curve of the rear fender bulge, it seems that to my eyes there's just a bit too much real estate on the kit body. It's hard to tell on the black car pictured..........I ran across this green one which highlights the body crease just a bit better. This ones a '68, but the bodies were essentially the same. Also if you take a look at the beltline area just behind the door, notice how it's a bit more level, and not as curved as the Impala hardtop is. GM's new for '67 B Body hardtops were attempting to be a bit more imposing and "daring" than what they were before. Again, it's up to you as this might require sectioning that quarter a scooch, and reshaping the crease. Just the same....keep up the good work! Plain Jane bodystyle conversions always get my attention!
  3. Running out of patience!

    Yeah, just saw that. I'm just getting up for the day, and saw that someone was PM'ing me about something. Tried to respond and got that ever annoying error message. Just now I was able to get back to them............
  4. Running out of patience!

    OK............SIX TIMES yesterday I've tried to give an update on the Shelby project I'm doing. I keep getting a 404 ERROR each time I hit the submit button, and I've flat out given up. Lately, nothing's more frustrating to take the time to put together a coherent post, only to have that effort squashed by constant board bugs. I'm soon about to give up putting out updates all together and just put them on my Fotki page with just a link..........if that'll even post.
  5. 67 Biscayne

    As far as I know, all Chevrolet B bodies for 1965-'66 had the same wheelbase. The other divisions back then had different lengths-------Pontiac comes to mind with the Bonneville/Ventura.
  6. Running out of patience!

    Well it's happening again! I'm trying to send someone a PM that was nice enough to write, and I keep getting the danged "404 Page Not Found Error". Sigh..............I may as well use a carrier pigeon some days to try to get a message through................................
  7. Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury. A Little More Progress.

    Marty, weren't those unibodies pretty much the same save for the engine crossmember and wheelbase differences throughout the '60's into the '70's? I'm asking because I'd like to update a Johan or two using that frame in the future. Some don't mind, but I'm just not a fan of the molded in stuff at all.
  8. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Yup! Any conversion to other divisions of that Colonnade body style should be based on that. While Monogram's Monte Carlo is OK.........it always appeared to me that the cowl area (to the top of the windshield) is a bit "short". I've got two junk bodies in fact of that Monte. I'm saving 'em for future projects as I need the back roof section to make an Olds Cutlass, and down the road a '76-'77 Buick Regal. No timeline.........just an idea rolling around in my head for a number of months now. Looking at that #11 Olds NASCAR reinforces everything I see wrong in the new Olds NASCAR kit body. I'll hold off judgement of the Monte till I can see good pics of the kit in plastic. Hard to go by 3D images as those can change from now till production. I'm a bit passionate about these cars...........they were mainly what I saw on the road back when I was learning to drive in the later '70's, and in fact a '77 Olds was our Driver's Ed car back in high school along with a '77 Grand Prix. Now THAT I'd like to take on as a project someday! I can certainly remember them from new, and while they were not fast cars by any means, they were certainly good looking and one of the few bright spots of '70's cars.
  9. 67 Biscayne

    They're similar, but you'd still have to do some tweaking...............
  10. Sad News

    Wow............I get up from sleeping after working all night long, and now I see this! I've run into Del many times over the past 20 years or so at the NNL East particularly, and I'm really shocked to hear this! I just saw him in fact at this past NNL and had no idea that he was ill. Yeah, he built some FANTASTIC stuff, and his work will be greatly missed. Anyone know how old Del was? I'm curious as to me he wasn't "old".......although this sort of thing can strike at any age sadly.
  11. OK Camaro fans! Tired of always seeing Camaros done in the ever present Rally Wheels? Check out these never seen before wheel covers from Chief Joseph! Many kudos to Fireball Modelworks as I asked him in doing these a while back, and they look terrific! Now for those of us that want to do the "lesser" '67 Camaro versions, these wheel covers fill the bill! You'll have to get appropriate tires and whatnot to fit, but I'm sure many of us have TONS of tires in our parts box to deal with no? Joseph's a GREAT guy to deal with and these showed up in my mailbox very quickly! Highly recommended for EXCELLENT service, and you won't be disappointed in anything you get from him!
  12. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    OK..........got to remember where I put my flame suit, but those tops for the '62 Chevy's don't appear correct to me at all. For one, the trouble I've always had with AMT was them trying to take the '62 Bel Air hardtop and turn it into a convertible. The problem is, the windshield for that is too tall and in 1:1 the two do not interchange. A quick and dirty search on the 'net yielded these few pics of how the 1:1 '62 should look with its top up. OK, I threw a '63 in there..........all the same from '61-'64. A better candidate for a convertible would have been Revell's '62 Impala.........same (and correct) windshield frame and the same glass. I don't want to come off sounding harsh, but roof shapes including convertible tops are very important to me, and the errors in this one stick out like a sore thumb to me. I'd like to build a '62-'63 Chevy Impala convertible someday--------however those tops just ain't cuttin' it for me. Just my 2¢ worth........
  13. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Bob, look no further than this thread here. I've complained about this car forever (no, not the '58 Plymouth----another one ), and when it occurred to me that Round 2 will NEVER fix this one, I set about and made the corrections myself. No CAD, no drawings, no fancy tools. Just good 'ole eyesight engineering. The conversion is not done as of yet as this was not a WIP. If I can do this with just basic tools and practically zero dollars, why can't the model manufacturers even get the basic things right??
  14. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Bob, I gotta disagree with you there. I'm not an expert by any means in kit manufacturing......quite the contrary. However, when somethings not right it isn't right. This may not be a good analogy, but if I'm spending upwards of $15,000 for a car (my '11 Challenger for instance when I bought it in '14), and it's got a flat tire right off the bat, I expect the dealer to make it right. Not make an excuse by saying "But Sir.......it IS a Dodge Challenger!" Sorry, but one need not be an expert to point out an error when it's a HUGE one. If you're talking about those on the board that do have that kind of experience, well that's up to them to comment but give the average Joe among us some slack when there's things wrong with a particular product. In this case it happens to be a model. In the case of this Olds........despite it being a NASCAR, there's just some aspects of the car's body shape that aren't right. At least that's what my two eyes are showing me, and despite failing sight in the past couple years, I can still see when there's glaring omissions/incorrect proportions. OK.....that's my 2¢ worth.........
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I totally missed these on his site! I was totally zeroed in on those '67 wheel covers! These are perfect if you want to build a sleeper '69 with a 396/427. Nosing around on Joseph's site, I see some other goodies I'll be asking him about-----I was just on there for a moment when I saw the '67 Camaro wheels.....I gotta check there more often! Looks like I'll be spending some more money!
  16. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yeah................'68's are a bit different Carl. Although it wouldn't hurt to have these even done someday!
  17. This is a bit time consuming, but here's a cheap way to make pulleys and what I use for realistic belts. If you go here and start with pic #122, I go through a mini tutorial with my Shelby buildup on how and what to use. Just another thing to consider if you're not happy with the kit's molded in belts and pulleys.
  18. Anyone use the thermoform technique?

    That sounds like an interesting technique that should work, but there's a caveat. When it comes time to paint, I seriously recommend washing the body parts in very lukewarm water as opposed to hot. You've bent the plastic to shape, but it still has its "memory" and as soon as any type of heat is applied to it, it'll want to go back to its original shape which was straight. The same can apply to resin too.........that can be fixed with some heat, but I strongly advise against washing the parts in hot water, or using a dehydrator to dry the paint. One thing that can also help in keeping the shape of that trunk lid is to perhaps epoxy some brass strips on the inside perimeter of it, which will help reinforce it against any possible deformation. Hope this helps, and keep us posted how it turns out!
  19. What inspired me to ask Chief Joseph about making these was this................. These pics were taken at last years LCBC show here in Lancaster County PA. The lady who owned the car said that she bought it brand new in '67, and specifically wanted those wheel covers instead of the Rally Wheels with redline tires. Soooooo, this is definitely another future project, and gives me a reason to fix some of the Revell kit's foibles among other things.
  20. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got these in the mail today after hoping someone would 3D print these someday.............. Another KNOCKOUT product from Chief Joseph of Fireball Modelworks! If you're tired of seeing '67 Camaros ALWAYS done in the ever present rally wheels, you need to get a set of these! You'll have to find the appropriate tires to use with them.........frankly, I think these look best in a set of redlines but that's just me. A must have item!
  21. AMT 57 Ford Hardtop News

    Hmmm........I actually tried that once. Got it to work and all in my then '57 Corvette project. Of course, this was all for naught as I couldn't find a way to get the steering wheel to attach and have a firm enough "grip" to make the shaft turn. Oh well------by now the thing would have been skipping gears anyway, so it's just as well!
  22. AMT 57 Ford Hardtop News

    The MPC '60 Corvette is not bad at all for what it is. One thing IMO that needs correcting however is the side cove area as it's a bit misshapen. Actually, overall body shape wise I think the '60 is a bit more accurate than Revell's '58-'59 kits. At least to me from a side profile. BTW, '59's had the horizontal pleats...........'60 was vertical.
  23. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    That subject has been brought up before, and to date I've never seen one. My solution for that if I ever wanted to build a first gen Camaro convertible would be to completely rework the hardtop to look like a convertible uptop. Lots of work, but sometimes it's the only way to go to get what you want.
  24. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Well, in all fairness the AMT one (particularly the '75 Laguna) is not right to me either........especially in the quarter window area. It's not so much the entire roof is off, I'm looking at particularly the shape of the side window profile-------right at the upper window line. Just doesn't look right to me, but nothing that some sanding and reshaping couldn't fix. Yeah, the Johan '75 Cutlass will be my go to source as far as doing any kind of '76-'77 Cutlass at this point. The roofline is dead on correct for that-------I was hoping that the NASCAR body would have gotten some other areas right. The bodysides are a real killer for me looking at it further. As was mentioned, there should be a distinct crease right above the rockers, as this was one of the changes for '76. Gone was the Oldsmobile "bulges" on the fenders. Also, the C pillar kink or bulge on the beltline is absent------yet something else I'd have to add. It was mentioned in another part of this thread that some raced with smooth sides. That very well may be, but it's just something more I'd have to correct. For what this kit is costing, IMO it should be a lot more accurate, even for a NASCAR runner. There shouldn't be multiple things one has to "fix" at this price point sadly. Frankly, the only thing I can see usable on this NASCAR body would be the hood! At least the creases and whatnot are correct on that-------------I think.
  25. Hasegawas Lamborghini Miura SV

    Beautiful model, and one of Lamborghinis best designs! Just wondering if this is a curbside or full engine detail kit? Might pick up one of these down the road.