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  1. JC, I always thought of that Sunny kit as an FIA car, and not a true 427. It's body doesn't seem to have enough "bulk" to be a real 427. I've had the original kit for many years..........it's somewhere in my pile of forgotten kits!
  2. My Last Modelhaus order

    I got an email from Carol back around October or so. I had wrote her originally to let her and Don know that I had a change with my bank, and had to give them new account numbers. She wrote back thanking me, and let me know that my order wouldn't be ready until late Winter/early Spring. IIRC, I had placed the order I believe literally the last week they were taking orders on the 'net. It may in fact have been the last day they had the site open. There's certainly no hurry I told her as I have a TON of stuff I could build that could last a couple lifetimes!
  3. Is Modelhaus selling there molds?

    Ron, how's the roof on the Airtrax one? I'm asking because I've got one from Time Machine, and to me while it's not bad, the roof just seems a bit too flat from a side profile. I don't have a pic offhand to show, but I do remember from a side profile that there should be a curve of the roof from front to back.
  4. I don't think the the Italeri 250 SWB kit has been available since the '90's. I built mine in '98, and it wasn't that long before then that I bought it. Would love to see it back, but with the shape the hobby's in these days, I'm not holding my breath. I do have an untouched one in my stash, but I'm hanging on to it as their incredibly difficult to find. The hoary AMT one is all over the place............it figures as to me it's subpar at best.
  5. Jo-Han

    Okey was at last years NNL East in New Jersey and he seemed to have a fair amount of Johan stuff for sale. Most of it looked to be NOS X-El promos in their boxes, but it's curious that he's got a bit of items leftover at this late date. I ended up getting a beat up '55 Pontiac Starchief hardtop body and bumpers, and a PE set for 1968-70 AMX's.
  6. What would YOU like to see as a model

    OK David, I found an expired auction which had the Corvair wagon, but it's not sold by the same seller. If you click here, it'll take you to it. This seller is also quite good as I've gotten parts from them (a '67 Dodge Dart conversion set), and the quality is also top notch. I have to wonder if they got the master for the Corvair from Time Machine as it looks for all the world just like his. It's interesting too that when I did a search for the kit on Time Machine's eBay page, it was nowhere to be found as far as ended auctions, but I know I saw it on there as I thought about buying it before I bought the coupe several months ago. Hope this helps!
  7. What would YOU like to see as a model

    The Corvair coupe I have (a ‘64) is resin cast from Time Machine Resins on eBay. He does have good castings and while not Modelhaus quality as far as chromed parts and such, his castings are pinhole and flash free. Not slush cast in the least! 👍 More then likely you’ll need a donor kit (the ‘69) for tires and such, but it looks like it should, and I’ve got several kits from him that have been very good. He posts items roughly once a week, so you’ll need to do a search for him, and save him as a fave seller. You’ll get a notice when he puts up something new. Last I’ve seen of the Corvair wagon was a couple weeks ago, but I wasn’t watching it so I don’t know if it sold or not. He does seem to put one up whenever he has a round of resin kits to sell. His auctions end quickly though (five days), so you’ll have to look and act fast! 😁
  8. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Robert, of those you listed a number of them are out there in either resin or plastic. Porsche 356A (Fujimi made this I believe in their EM series) Corvair Wagon (I've seen resin version available through Time Machine resin on eBay) 1939 Ford (Can be done with the various '40 Ford coupe kits done over the years in plastic) The others I'm not sure about, but the Corvair coupe can be had (you don't mention what year but I assume first gen). I've seen those in resin (I have one for a future project), or a decent restorable built up can be had at either shows or eBay.
  9. I have those wheels for the Ferrari 250 Testarossa.................VERY nice set and a great alternative to the no longer available DM ones. When I want something detailed bad enough, I have spent some BIG $$$$ and time to get it done! Gerry, your collection about mirrors mine! I don't have the MFH kits though. I see a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso pop up on eBay from time to time (along with a 330 LMB). One of these days I'll bite the bullet and snag one of those!
  10. Thanks Kurt, and yes those are Detail Master's Borrani wheels when they made them way back when. They are aluminum rims with PE spokes. As James mentioned this one's never made it back to the shelves, and at this point it we may never see it again. Of all the 250 GT's, I've always thought this had the best proportions. Model Factory Hiro's kit is no slouch as well, but it's EXPEN$$IVE! It too may be unobtainium at this point however.
  11. '69 Monogram Super Bee

    Cruz, lookin’ mighty excellent bro! LOVE that shade of green! 👍👍👍
  12. Ford GT40 mk II Daytona '67

    Would you believe luggage?? Cars in this class were required to have some sort of luggage compartment. Of course I wouldn't want to put any type of groceries back there. It could be cooked by the time you got it home!
  13. Moebius new stuff

    I've liked most of Moebius's offerings so far, but that '61 Pontiac glass was a sticking point with me....to the point that I made that tutorial on how to fix it. The wheels too were an issue with me. About the glass.............1961 GM two door hardtop glass trim are 'bout flush with the bodywork. No sticking up whatsoever of that trim should be showing from all views. The term "bubbletop" was given to that roofline for a reason............from a shadowed profile, that shape forms nearly a true bubble shape. Not to beat a dead horse, but when the time comes to build mine, I'd probably deepen the glass channels that much more. One has to take into account paint build up and such, and glass fitment to me is as important as paint/bodywork. It's VERY visible!
  14. Flea Market Score

    I'd scratchbuild that broken windshield frame, but that's just me!
  15. Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland

    Grab his parts when you can fellas! We're all not getting any younger, and the time will come when Norm no longer wants to cast, and enjoy retirement. And yes, Norm I believe is at least 70 now. I've known Norm for years and you've never met a nicer guy and an excellent caster/businessman. Not to be sounding dour, but time does march on.........
  16. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606 (3/11 update)

    Beautiful Kit!! D-Types are one of my absolute favorite road racers of the '50's! I'll be following along to see what you do with it! And yes, Profil24's kits are very nice, but they can cost a pretty penny.............I've got their Maserati 450S kit which is so nice, one can just marvel at the parts molding and be impressed with that!
  17. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Ron, my only beef with the SRT version is the tires in the kit don't have quite enough of a low profile as they should. Seems more suited for an RT version rather than an SRT. I ended up using the tires out of junk C6 Corvette kit to get the correct profile.
  18. Dodge Magnum srt8

    I like how this is turning out! I built one of these too years ago, and had no problems with it. Everything went together well save for the usual body prep and such. It's too bad this car and wagons in general have not caught on. These are starting to get somewhat scarce as it's been 10 years since they made the last one. In fact, I wanted one of these before I bought my Challenger, but the bank told me the car was "too old" (late '14). I'd love to see more wagons make a comeback as I'm not a real big fan of the whole Truck/SUV/CUV craze.
  19. 1973-74 ? Pontiac Grand Am in resin ?

    OOOOH one of my favorite cars of the '70's! I always thought they were one of the coolest things on the road when they came out in late '72.
  20. Someone say "D" Type ?

    Oooooh! I gotta grab that book! That would also come in handy for the "street" XKSS!
  21. Someone say "D" Type ?

    Thanks to Dale (935K3) for linking to my D Type! I built mine during late 2000 into early 2001. And yes, the ROG Jaguar XKSS was the basis for it. I sure wish I had the internet back then building it...........I must have had at last four books and a magazine article (the basis for it) to help out. The toughest thing in building mine was painting. Since the car has a monocoque chassis, I had to pretty much paint the car inside out. I painted the aluminum inside first, masked it off with Parafilm, then painted my own mix of British Racing Green on the outside after the interior was built and the basic structure of the car was together. I then covered the body with Parafilm so it could be handled putting everything else together and not damage the paint. The is one of my favorite road racers of the '50's, and it's a wonder that there's never been a full detail kit of it. It would be a tough choice to say which is prettier......this one or the 1957-'58 pontoon fendered Ferrari Testarossa. My heart say the Jag!
  22. Some new stuff for February..........only the Fairlane I might have an interest in, the other kits I'm no too crazy about as I either have them, or they just don't strike my fancy.
  23. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    You can check out Harry's Porsche here that Amy is selling. I had a partially built one of these (Silver) years ago, but just wasn't impressed by the kit at all, and later lost interest in it and sold it. These were kind of a letdown IMO compared to their fantastic (but fiddly) earlier 1/8 kits.
  24. Did you experience the Blizzard of '78?

    Lots of long gone cars in Jon's original post, and YES.........I remember that nasty winter very well! I don't remember getting a lot of snow in the DC area (where I was in HS at the time) but I can remember getting some really nasty ice storms which can simply paralyze that area........heck just an inch of snow sends DC in a state of paralysis! Blizzard of 1967? Hmmm..........don't quite remember the impact of that one (First Grade at the time), but I can remember that winter particularly was very snowy. I'd say that the winters of the '60's were REALLY snowy as a matter of fact!
  25. Round 2 February 2018 Product Spotlight

    I couldn't help but take pics of this fantastic looking car when The Hershey Museum (a few miles from me) had it on display at an exhibit called "Fins! The Rise and Fall of The American Tailfin" back in '08. I have a few more pics of it starting here.......Hard to believe this car is now over 60 years old!