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  1. Amen to that! 👍👍
  2. I sure hope not either! Yikes!
  3. The straight 6 is back

    I'd sure like to see straight sixes make a comeback across the board! While I like dual cam sixes like I have in my Challenger, I like the smoothness that comes with that straight six, not to mention the better proportions it gives a car. Gets rid of those 'front wheels too close to the door' appearance.
  4. Hello from Pottsville Pennsylvania

    Welcome aboard Michael! You're not that far at all from our yearly show that's in Boyertown........The Super September Showdown hosted by the CPMCC out of York County. Glad to have you among us and as you can see under my avatar, I'm about an hour or so West of you.
  5. 68 Mustang 2+0 Short Wheelbase

    Really?? That's just down the road from me! I'll have to carve out some time and go take a look at in person!
  6. 68 Mustang 2+0 Short Wheelbase

    Thanks for the pic Rex! In the last month or so, I've been collecting pics of this car. I never knew it existed and stumbled across it by accident looking for something else. Now it's on my mind and it's yet another must do car in my world. When that'll be is anyone's guess, but I like to get as many pics as possible for something I'm interested in.
  7. Kit bashing a 1961 Corvette from two Revell kits

    Dominick, that turned out fantastic! And so fast! Like the addition of the hardtop............that to me makes the car especially for those first gen '56-'62 models.
  8. Auto quiz 395 - Finished

    I saw this earlier in the week and while I knew it was something Borgwardish, I got distracted with work and other things and never did a full search of exactly what it was. Yeah Bill, at first glance Mercedes came to mind, but those fins were a giveaway that wasn't what it was.
  9. 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass

    Hee Hee! I've got several of these Olds'.......there's a certain Colonnade car I've GOT to do someday! I don't ever expect a kit of it, so it's up to me to build it on my own.
  10. 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass

    Super clean as a whistle! One of GM's better designs of the '70's and while they were not a high performance car by any means, they were very handsome looking cars and I've always like all of these 1973-'77 Colonnade body styles.
  11. Resin Buyers Beware

    Yup! Did just that, and you'll see a reeeeeal long string of links that aren't that great. My previous response above was due to the fact that each time that business is mentioned (or his name) it can very quickly turn into a skunk spraying match with threads in the past getting locked down. The search results speak for themselves, so there's no need to get into it here though........... Eric, I don't know how you paid him, but if it was through PayPal, you might try filing a dispute with them or your credit card company. Stories like yours unfortunately are all too common, and it's time it came to a screeching halt.
  12. Kit bashing a 1961 Corvette from two Revell kits

    Dominick, that is looking sooooooo good! Now you've just made me add another project to my must do list!
  13. Revell 67 Camaro

    Yeah, you'll still need to do corrections if you want an accurate '67. With the Nickey version, it's a little more work as now you'll have to modify the hidden headlamp doors and the accompanying trim. Another one of those kits that should have been correct from the start. The car's only been on the road since 1966, and there's tons and tons and tons of reference material out there to work from.
  14. A Porsche I restored (my own from the '80's) and the wheels and mirrors redone with the pens.................. To echo what Tom said, if you want to do the side trim you'll still need to mask off and trim the tape, then use the pen. To me that seems like extra work............better to get proficient with the BMF. As the old saying goes..............."Practice makes Perfect"!
  15. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    I'm definitely watching this one! I had a similar idea in mind as I'd love to do this car. You have everything you need with that Revell Impala, and you don't have to worry about replicating the 'plane' on the side. I was told this was a rare option from Chevy in '60.......I just can't remember what the option or model was called. Ron Hamilton are you seeing this?? Keep up the great work!
  16. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    If that resin top you have is the same one I got for my AMT Chevelle convertible kit.........it is waaaay to big for the car. I suspect if came from one of the diecast cars (1/24) and a better bet might be to use the top out of the Revell '72 Olds. I don't have a pic, but that fits better.
  17. 1963 Mustang II

    Lookin' Good! Everything looks to be sitting nice and square. Take your time with that one.........while it's not a terribly tough kit, there are areas that can be a bit fiddly such as the doors and glass.
  18. Four-door 'Cuda

    The rears could roll down, but they'd have to 'rotate' downward somewhat in doing so. Think '56-'62 Corvette door windows.
  19. Four-door 'Cuda

    Wow Pat! I REALLY like the conversion on this and yours looks soooo much better than the 1:1! I saw that car at our Chryslers at Carlisle show last year, and while it was interesting, something about it just seemed off to me. You pointed out the windshield, and that's exactly what it is! MUCH better using the G series roof and A pillars. Also, Chrysler had plenty of unibody four door hardtops over the years. Chrysler Corp went unit construction starting with the '60 models (save for Imperial) and each division had its share of four door pillarless models to choose from. Imperial would go unit body starting with the '67's and they still had four door hardtops in their lineup. I'm not sure your model would look right with no B pillar-------something about the shape of the roof doesn't lend itself to that. Maybe blacking out the pillar would be nice, or leaving the pillar but getting rid of the door window frames ala certain Japanese models.

    Good to see this one back and yes, the box art looks great! I built one of these many years ago (early '90's), and don't remember it being difficult at all. One change I'd have to make though is the grille is a little too upright when placed as is. It needs to have a bit more 'slant' to it to appear more like the 1:1.
  21. 1963 Mustang II

    Wow! Thanks for posting that Rex! I have this kit too with a TON of pics, and I didn't realize either that the blue was that bright. This is on my someday list to build too, but first order of business if I ever get around to building it is to chuck those plastic door hinges. Those are a big no-no in my world as they never hold up for me over time!
  22. 1970 AMC Javelin SST Trans Am

    A '68 was my Mom's first new car............... I think this pic was taken Easter Sunday of '68.........had to be as I didn't have glasses yet, but would definitely need them before I started school again later that year. She later got rid of it and during the summer of '69, she got another Javelin. This one had the 390/auto with air, power steering and brakes. She would have that one for the next 10 years and yes......you just don't see them anymore on the roads. IMO, one of AMC's best designs along with the AMX!
  23. 1970 AMC Javelin SST Trans Am

    Yes! Moebius are you seeing this?? Lots of versions can be done especially with the '68-'70's. AMX's should be in the mix no doubt! As nice as those old Johans are body shape wise, it sure would be swell if we could get these with detailed chassis' and engine bays.
  24. 1970 AMC Javelin SST Trans Am

    It certainly does! Beautiful!