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  1. I can't speak for NJ as to how he's going to print these Peter, but the air cleaner is not that severely conical. Sure it's slight, but yes, printed with the center ring cut out and not a complete solid circle would be ideal. I can always punch out that center area if it's to difficult to print in that manner. I've placed decals like that before on other builds ('69 Daytona comes to mind) and it's nothing that decal setting solution and a hot moist cloth can't cure.
  2. Johan 1969 AMX glue bomb resto

    Beautiful save on that!! The yellow one pictured was the EXACT shade of the 1:1 I once had! I sure miss that car which is 25 years gone now.
  3. OK! Here's a real quick pic I have of a junk AMC V8 (from a Matador) and the proper air cleaner as far as the basic shape........... The very outside diameter of the decal should be roughly 15/32", while the inside diameter (so it can go around the molded in raised circle) should be roughly 11/32". I'm leaning strongly towards building an AMX whenever I get to cycling back to '60's muscle cars. This engine of course will be totally taken apart and redone to represent a proper 390. I have all the other bits and pieces on hand to make the car the way I'd like, including using a shortened Mustang chassis to better represent the undercarriage Unibody. Thanks for asking!
  4. Yup! That’s it! To me, an important detail when doing one of those engines!
  5. 76 Buick Century Project

    I'm definitely following this! These were sharp cars in their day IMO, and you just don't see 'em anymore. Unfortunately, GM had indifferent build quality back in those days, and many of them succumbed to the dreaded tinworm. One project I have on my radar is the '76-'77 Olds Cutlass Supreme, doing something somewhat similar that you're doing with your Monte Carlo roof and the Johan '75 Olds Cutlass. I've got all the bits and pieces (with spare Monte bodies) to start it, but other projects will take priority. One of these days though............... Keep up the good work!
  6. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Same here! All the others I was here when they first hit the roads. My how time flies! To think that once upon a time, the first cars I saw on the road when I first knew what a car was, all had tailfins and TONS of chrome!
  7. NJ, I sure wish this was available in other colors besides red or blue that the kit only offers............... Likewise the '60 Chevy only comes in those colors. This of course is out of the '50's, but I hate when the kit interior decals limit you to only a couple exterior color choices. Another one that would be great to see is correct AMX-390 air cleaner decals. Interesting enough, Keith Marks makes all the other decals for AMX's except that one. To me that makes the engine to have that nice, bold decal on top of the air cleaner!
  8. new for 2018

    Looks like they did! It's now not so sad/forlorn looking!
  9. What did you see on the road today?

    I remember when this car was new (fall '77) for '78 and being REALLY disappointed in how it looked. To me, it wasn't as nice as the previous "Colonnade" cars of '73-'77, and somehow seemed to take a step back instead of forward. Now forty years later, they're not bad looking cars at all, and even here in the states they're just not seen anymore. A lot of that was due to indifferent build quality, and of course the dreaded tinworm claimed many of them. That one does look to be a very clean example of what was the car industry's "dark days" and it's interesting that these are now turning up in car shows as either plain 'ole stock, or tricked out in a Pro Street style. Who'da thunk??
  10. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    What's needed in 1/12 are some steelies! There are those that I'm sure would like to build the 1/12 scale '69 Camaro for instance with those wheels and poverty hubcaps. That would make for an interesting build. I was all over Shapeways website, and not a one makes those.
  11. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Luc, you don't like this one?? I absolutely LOVED this one when it came out for '73! It was by no means a fast car compared to the GTO from several years earlier, but I just thought it was flat out sexy! This Grand Am's out in resin (DrKerry?), but I have at least five of those Johan '75 Cutlasses to try my hand at this since I'd want to work in plastic................the '77 Olds Cutlass Supreme would come first though! Mine MUST be a solid roof however! No vinyl roof for this!
  12. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Speaking of razor sharp lines..........I was crazy about this one too when these were new! Not everyone's cup of tea for sure, but when's the last time you've seen one on the road?? I liked this sooooo much better than the previous Mark IV.........despite its size (and huge overhangs) I think this is an awfully handsome car!
  13. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I liked the razor sharp looks on some of the later '70's cars-------in high school we had three cars for Driver's Ed..........a '77 Olds Cutlass Supreme, '77 Pontiac Grand Prix, and '76 Chevy Caprice which was a holdover for some reason from the previous school year. I'd DEFINITELY take a model of the '77 Cutlass and Grand Prix, and the Cutlass is one of my dream projects to build someday using the Johan '75 as a base.
  14. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Steve, I think that originally debuted as an '81 model, while the Seville was intro'd as an '80. The Seville would have been on the drawing boards as early as 1976-'77 to be ready by the fall of '79. Bill Mitchell retired from GM in '77 so that would have been one of his last cars.
  15. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Paul, I'd LOVE to see sometime your take on this! My idea was to reshape the current kit Torino--------of course lots of re-proportioning would need to be done, but at least the wheelbase, windshield shape, and running gear would be the same. With the different guises that car came in, maybe there's hope. I know it shows up a number of times on Revell's "Wish List" that they put out at the NNL East each year. We'll see..................
  16. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Here's another that I'd like to see, although there are some diecasts and 1:43's out there to be had. 1980 Cadillac Seville. Actually, any of the '80 to '85's would be great to see. This is a love it or hate it design----I personally LOVED it! It came out at a time when we were in the dark days of car manufacturing as far as American makes were concerned, and it would be one of Bill Mitchell's last hurrahs. I'd make mine a solid color......I wasn't a fan of the two tones I saw, and DEFINITELY NO DIESEL! That engine (along with the dreaded V8-6-4) nearly put Cadillac in its grave among other things.
  17. Post pics of your 68-70 dodge chargers

    Yikes! I need to get busy! Lots of GORGEOUS Chargers here! Hard to believe this is my ONLY Charger I've built, and it was done back in 2000.........almost 18 years ago! Here it is, "incorrect" wiper motor and all!
  18. What would YOU like to see as a model

    This thought just came to mind...........during the "downsize" mania of the late '70's I have to say that Ford with the T-Bird I posted above, did the best job in making a nice car even nicer! While the previous 'Bird was not a bad car, IMO it had gotten too big and bloated with front and rear overhangs that had their own zip codes. By comparison, GM with their downsized 1978 midsizers were so bland and boring IMO, I considered them a big letdown compared to the gorgeous '73-'77 "Colonnade" cars. Myself and buddies of mine in high school when this car came out in late '76 as a '77 were STUNNED by the way this car looked! Everyone else must have thought so to as the mostly unchanged '78 T-Bird was the best selling one ever for Ford........something the car was never able to achieve in model years after that AFAIK.
  19. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Lincoln Continental Mark III! I learned to drive in one these (my Stepdad owned one)! What a really neat car, and FAST!! I'd love to see a model of this! Another one I'm not holding my breath for with each passing year. Looks like I'll just end up making my own using the '75 Ford Torino as a starting point. A lot of work for sure, but doable!
  20. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I lay a lot of the apathy since that time at the feet of the automakers, and more so our government. Not to turn this into a political thread, but you have to admit that one of the reasons we got the kind of cars we got was the ever encroaching nonsense of "political correctness". Oh, let's not make them too offensive,..........Oh, lets not make them too fast,.........Oh, let's base everything on boring FWD with bad proportions so we can save money, after all the public needs a car, so they'll buy anything! I'm being a bit simplistic I'm sure, but throw in the insurance companies, OPEC, designers no longer being taught what "good" design is, and it's no wonder we've had some of the monstrosities foisted on us since that time! And yes, I'm a bit biased when it comes to certain kinds of cars. Sure there's a place for what I would consider nothing more than "appliances", but what happened to the distinctive features that told you what kind of car was coming at you, are leaving you in the rear view mirror? Must all of the cars have the same windshield rake, the same C pillar "kickup", the same rounded off rear fenders with no such thing as some sharp lines and cuts?? I don't buy the BS about aerodynamics............if that were such a big factor, trucks and SUV's would have been off the road long ago and they're the least aerodynamic things running the roads and there's a lot of 'em. I'm not a big fan of those either.............way too vision blocking when you're behind 'em, and everyone and their brother just "has" to have one. Yeah I'm very BIASED! I'm thinking about composing a thread starter possibly titled "The '20's". Not the 1920's, but the soon to be here 2020's. What I think the trends will be vehicle wise (not what you might think), and why I feel the way I do. We'll see......................
  21. Never Underestimate a Cat!

    I got a real hard laugh out of this short clip. Just goes to show you never know what cats will do!
  22. 1969 Oldsmobile?

    That '69 Olds chassis would also make an excellent donor for GM's 1973-77 "Colonnade" cars. There are some out there in resin, and that makes a nice upgrade.
  23. Paging Jimmy Flintstone!

    Ok folks............anyone out there have personal contact with Jimmy Flintstone? I emailed him back on the 27th last month regarding a part that I need to find out if he would sell separately. I've received no answer so I tried calling..........no dice as that's a fax number which gives a very distinct sound when ringing. Do any of you out there know or see Jimmy, or know of another way to get in touch with him? I tried contacting him before, and received no answer--------I thought perhaps it wasn't the correct email addy as I tried through the website. This past time, I copied and pasted the addy and sent it through my regular mail. It didn't bounce back so I have to assume he received it. Thoughts anyone?? This is a little frustrating as I'm not one to complain.........I'd sure like to receive an answer however when I take the time to send an email or try to call.
  24. Paging Jimmy Flintstone!

    Yes, I tried that number the other week, and it rang like a Fax machine does when you're sending something. Not like a regular phone we all know and love. Thanks Kerry..........I just sent you a PM.
  25. Ok! Check out the latest from Round 2 for this month!