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  1. phatfender added a post in a topic ’68 Camaro Replica   

    Terrific build!!!!!
  2. phatfender added a post in a topic 66 Chevy Impala SS   

    Really nice build. Great work and like that paint.
  3. phatfender added a post in a topic Old Kits, Old builds,.....From my early adult period   

    WOW!!!!!!!! What a great group of Oldsmobiles. I really like that '57 the most. Great paint work and foiling on them.
  4. phatfender added a post in a topic 1959 Imperial Speedster...   

    As we all like to give our two cents worth on anything I decided to give a NICKEL'S worth on this thread. I like the pictures you posted Mike at the beginning and the size so everyone can see this car and the terrific craftsmanship. Since I see that none of you have said you have seen the car in person let me give you some info that may help you understand the car and the builder. Murray Pfaff and quite a few friends built this car in Murray's 2 1/2 car garage, not in one of the many pro shops around the country. You should all go to pfaffdesigns.com and look at what he is about. He has designed projects for Boyd Coddington and for Rad Rides by Troy as well as many other top builders and is a regular contributor to Hot Rod mag as well as many other top pubs that a lot of us read. This car was built as a "what if" concept. This may have been what Chrysler had built if they had put a 2 seater on the market. This is what Murray's intention was when he put his ideas on paper. The car has to be truly seen in person to appreciate the work and see what it is all about.
    To Green Duster---the magazine articles have been great but, you cannot get the true dimensions of this car from a few magazine pics.
    To crazyjim---the stock emblems on the sides of the fenders are there because under the Imperial emblem it says 'Speedster'. This is not a CUSTOM car. It is a concept car that could have been at the 1959 Auto Show.
    To Harry P.---as stated above, this is not a custom car. I have looked at some of your drawings and they are very nice. I would have expected you of all people to look into the entire story and design of this car before you wrote your reply. It is very obvious to me that you have never seen the car in person. You need to make a trip over to the Motor City and check it out. We have many car shows it can be seen at as this is no trailer queen.. It was on the Hot Rod Power Tour last summer for the last two legs as it doesn't have a top for it and we had rain the last day and a half and he had to head for home. Murray also brings the car to our Sat morning gathering at a local car store and drives this car very regularly as you would your daily driver. The proportions were carefully thought out and put to paper and then the saw came out. It is not as you put it 'a very silly looking custom'. The car was improved on as it was narrowed eight inches to make it look in proportion as a two-seater. There is a car show at the Chrysler museum on June 9 in honor of the 2 seat sports car and the Speedster will be there. Why not make plans and come on over from Chicago and you will truly change your mind about this car. I give you all of this info as I know Murray and I am a true Motor City car guy. My name "phatfender" is because I really like the '37 and '40 Fords but, I am a true Mopar fan and I think the Imperial Speedster is one fantastic car honoring the pentastar. You can't judge a car by a few pictures you see in a magazine and make your judgement. The Speedster was at the 60th Autorama here in Detroit and was a big hit. People stood for awhile looking at it before they understood the full size '59 Imperial in the display was the starting point and really liked what they saw. Enough said.
    I guess that was about ten cents worth in the end. Thanks for reading and thanks to Murry Pfaff and his crew for giving us all the Imperial Speedster.
  5. phatfender added a post in a topic '60 Starliner, smoothed out *New, brighter pics, in first post*   

    Great build, Ryan. Really nice looking paint and engine compartment.
  6. phatfender added a post in a topic traditional 40 ford   

    That is one great looking old schoos hot rod. Great build.
  7. phatfender added a post in a topic 1970 super bee   

    Very nice Super Bee. Great looking engine and love the Plum Crazy paint. My favorite color on any Mopar..
  8. phatfender added a post in a topic Toy Show/Model Contest HIGHLAND,MI   

    Will be there, John. Missed the last one. The short time for the show and contest with an hour drive time and getting off work at 9 AM is a problem for me and my friends. Could the show be made a little longer next time?
  9. phatfender added a post in a topic 1961 Chevrolet Impala 2dht   

    Beautiful '61. The color is nice as well as the whole build. Nice detail on the engine.
  10. phatfender added a post in a topic 69" Chevy Nova Yenko   

    Yes, that is one great looking Yenko. You sure nailed it right on. Your build sure looks like the 1:1 reference you used. Great work for a first time.
  11. phatfender added a post in a topic 64 Falcon Sprint HT   

    Great looking build. Very nice detail underhood. I like it all. Nice job.
  12. phatfender added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger   

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great looking Challenger. I can see Darth Vader getting out of it. Great paint job and the wheels really set it off. Really nice build.
  13. phatfender added a post in a topic "Feel Good" Modeling   

    Really nice builds, Joe. Glad to hear you and your daughter found each other and she gives you 3 grandkids to now enjoy. Since you aren't working you have plenty of time enjoy what you missed early on in their lives. If you are serious about quitting the smokes just look at your grandkids' faces and do it for them. With the cost of a pack upwards of $10 in places that alone should help because you would have money to do things with them. Maybe even get them into building along with Grandpa.
    I quit "cold turkey" in 1983 and haven't looked back on that decision. Good luck to you and your family.
  14. phatfender added a post in a topic 72/10 Challenger   

    Great looking pair of Challengers. Nice choice of color for both. Looks like you pulled the '72 right out of the picture. Nice work on both of them.
  15. phatfender added a post in a topic 70 Challenger   

    Great looking Challenger. Nice color choice and real nice suspension. Terrific detail overall.