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  1. Hi Ismael!!! Outstanding work as ussual. Sometimes we see the finished build and miss the challenges the builder went through to get it done. Hours and hours of fitting, filing, sanding, primer, over and over again... To get the paint right, to make it look like the real deal... I take my hatt off my friend... I really admire your tenacity and attention to detail. Congrats on all these amazing builds!!! Merry Christmas and best wishes on the holidays!!! My favorite... C7 Convertible Corvette 3LT
  2. Thank you all for your comments, I will post more progress soon. Hi David for the roof I plan to make a rag top.
  3. I met Miguel in 2004, I was new to the hobby and it was the first time I was going to participate on a scale model contest. It was his "Mc Tonight Model Contest" which was more than just a contest, it was a gathering of family and friends. When I got in, he welcomed me and my family with a big smile and a strong hand shake. He worked really hard to promote the hobby here in Puerto Rico as well as outside of the Island and always encouraging others. His main event the "Caribbean Scale Auto Expo" (CSAE) is the biggest event we have had in a straight line here in Puerto Rico for more than ten years, as well as dozens of exhibitions and other small NNL Top20 events he organized. His footprint in our hobby here in PR has been a key instrument in promoting the work of his fellow modelers. He was a true fighter, with a steel strong will even in the most difficult situations. He inspired me to move forward in life not only in the hobby, but in my personnel and professional life. For me Miguel is and always will be family... I deeply feel his loss and my prayers are with his wife and sons. Rest in God,s hands brother...You will be missed, but never forgotten...
  4. Spectacular job Yuri !!! Your attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!
  5. WOW!!! Absolutely stunning work!!! Definitely a Masterpiece!!! Thanks for sharing
  6. Well... It has been a year since my last progress post on this project... Had to put the hobby on hold for some time again, but last weekend I was able to get some paint on it so I just wanted to share some pics with you. The color is Teal Marble (nail lacquer) from sinful colors. I will take better pics outside soon to get a better shade of the color. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!!!
  7. Hi Rick, You can also use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. I have use it for lacquer paints like Tamiya, Duplicolor, Nail Lacquer etc. Pick a small container big enough to fit the kit body in it and fill juts half of it with the Alcohol. Leave it there for about 15 Minutes and using an old tooth brush rub it and the paint will start to come off. repeat the process turning the body upside down and the rest of the parts you need to repaint. I use this Brand that is easy to find and at an affordable price. It is very important weather you use the Purple Bath, Alcohol or any other method to always work on a well ventilated area and use disposable gloves to protect your skin. Below are some before and after pics of a salvaged kit that was painted with duplicolor lacquer. and Tamiya Clear. As you can see some attempts were done to get the paint off but with little success until I used the alcohol. Before: AFTER: Hope this helps and best wishes on the Holidays!!! Luis Ayala
  8. Great body work as always Buddy!!!!! Engine looks awesome!!!
  9. Awesome Build Buddy !!!! Congrats on your win yesterday!!!
  10. You did a Fantastic job Andy!!! I started one of these long ago and I know that fitting and aligning the parts on this Old kit is not a walk in the park. The body is a two piece assembly, plastic is thick heavy & brittle and you can't tweak a part without the risk of breaking it. The paint looks great, nice color choices and the interiors looks beautiful. I really like the grill, you did a fantastic job on it considering it is molded to the body. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  11. Excellent Job Thomas!!! Smooth paint and the vinyl top looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Beautiful work as always Bro !!!! The paint color turned out great !!! Shades like that have a tendency to fade out while airbrushing and sometimes you don't notice it until clear-cote is done, but this one is just perfect. Love the engine Carbs!!!! Brutal Hermano !!!!
  13. WOW !!! Outstanding work Buddy!!! Saludos!!!
  14. Beautiful Build !!! Excellent color choices!!!
  15. Spectacular Work Ian!!!! The paint and the attention to detail are outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing
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