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  1. Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate it!! 🙂 Took two weeks off on vacation but unfortunately, due to the rain and delayed home projects, there was not much progress on the build. Hi Tom!!! I finished the urethane mold for the Cab, but the resin is getting saggy, as soon as I unmold it it warps from the sides. I was able to use some on the chassis I casted a couple of weeks ago but it looks that the catalyst of the remaining pots I have is not hardening the resin enough. I will order new resin next week so as soon as I have a decent cast I will post some pics. 👍
  2. Great work bringing this one back to life Tom!!! The gauge cluster looks fantastic!!!
  3. Thanks Carl !!! I am glad you like it!!! Will be posting more progress later this week.
  4. Thanks David!! 👍 I tried to get it as close as possible as the reference pics I am using. I have seen some other custom builds where the extent of the back door is larger but I liked the back door being a bit shorter that the front one. It still needs some work inside and some finishing details but I am very happy with the results so far.
  5. Thanks Tom!!! I just started vacations this week so hopefully will be posting more progress soon. 👍
  6. Just some small progress... I was able to get some bench time today and casted a few chassis for the other options I plan to build. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!!
  7. Thanks Tom!!! I am glad you like the progress so far. I just send you a message regarding the casting. 👍
  8. Great work so far Jason!!! Like the details on the engine and the body colors look great!! Thanks for sharing!!! 👍
  9. Thanks Andrew!!! The Chrome Rims you see in the first picture are the Moebius# MOE1010 set. Those are Big Rig wheels but with Pegasus 23" low profile tires that fit like a glove on them. Still have to notch the chassis and cut the bed, but the low profile tires will give me more room to set the stance I want without sacrificing too much of the bed.
  10. Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate it!!! I have a few ideas for the frenched tail lights so hopefully I can post more progress soon. Also I have to change the look of the grill to go along with the whole custom theme... Again, thank you all for your comments and thank you for looking!! 👍
  11. This is also another project that I have been working on for more than a year now. Unfortunately most of my stuff got ruined after Hurricane Maria hit us a few years ago so ended up working in a small table on the living room with was left of my workshop. This kit has some cool options for a custom build so I decided to go for a convertible look and chopped the top. I opened the trunk, added drip edges, some ribs on the trunk lid and completely erased the tail lights openings to add some frenched tail lights going forward. Build some custom panels for the trunk so I can get some power plants and speakers in there. Also added custom cover over the engine bay to hide the ugly stuff. The interior is all molded in one piece so to get some good two tone details on the upholstery I cut them out and build a new floor pan with styrene. I think I will use the white walls with the chrome rims... Lot of ideas so hopefully it will turn out pretty... Hope you like it and Thanks for looking.
  12. This picture is the reference of what I am trying to accomplish, but without the side trim. I like the color scheme but really haven't decided yet. Here is some progress of the Short Dually bed. These are old pics, just part of the actual progress of the build. I have two sets of rims that you will see below, but still have to cut the bed wheel wells to set them in the right stance. For the dually I want the "bagged" look, just a hair above ground. I have to cast the cab first and then cut the inner fenders, this way I will not sacrifice the original cab I will use for the master cast. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!!
  13. Thanks Roy!! It is definitely hard to set some time for the workbench... Too many things going on and between work and family sometimes one can barely make it happen. I have been working on this one for more than a year now, so hopefully I will be able to finish it soon.
  14. Great Job on this one brother!!! A ton of work to get there... but really rewarding in the end. Once all is glued and painted sometimes is hard to tell how much work was put into it... 👍
  15. Thank you all for your comments!!! I am glad you like it so far!!! Dan, Thank you for moving the post to the correct forum. I apologize, I didn't realize I was on the wrong spot when posting...
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