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  1. this is it.a 1979 KW W900A 450 CAT http://www.classyauto.com/image354492.img http://www.classyauto.com/image.php?image_id=354493 http://www.classyauto.com/image.php?image_id=354497
  2. i saw a 1979 KW W900A with a 450 cat which i assume is a 3406 painted white or light grey really could not tell in the picture.are these correct colors ?
  3. Just a few pics of my KW T900.was going to build as a T800H but will do a American W900.still doing the T800H going to use a different kit.
  4. yep,just read that .you beat me to it.i think i will go with the N14. thanks ronnie
  5. thanks for the help fellas.what year did the cummins sig 600 become available ? i have dug around and could not find . ronnie
  6. i am building a kw t800h and i think its a 1990 + year model. it will be a heavy duty tri axle .i would like to use a high horsepower engine besides the 3408 cat that comes with the revell aussy 1/25 kw donor.what could i use. thanks ronnie
  7. howdy .i am looking for a resin kw T800H conversion hood kit and suspension kit in 1/25 scale for a revell aussy T900 1/25 scale kit.i hope this is in the right place. thanks ronnie
  8. i am looking for a kw T800H resin hood with grill 1/25 scale and correct suspension to fit a revell aussy kw T900 1/25 scale kit.thanks ronnie.
  9. i sure would grab one each.had the pete and the kw when i was 13. i is ashamed to say that they both fell pray to the 4th of july and bottle rockets. ronald steiner sulphur,La.
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