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  1. this is it.a 1979 KW W900A 450 CAT http://www.classyauto.com/image354492.img http://www.classyauto.com/image.php?image_id=354493 http://www.classyauto.com/image.php?image_id=354497
  2. i saw a 1979 KW W900A with a 450 cat which i assume is a 3406 painted white or light grey really could not tell in the picture.are these correct colors ?
  3. Just a few pics of my KW T900.was going to build as a T800H but will do a American W900.still doing the T800H going to use a different kit.
  4. yep,just read that .you beat me to it.i think i will go with the N14. thanks ronnie
  5. thanks for the help fellas.what year did the cummins sig 600 become available ? i have dug around and could not find . ronnie
  6. i am building a kw t800h and i think its a 1990 + year model. it will be a heavy duty tri axle .i would like to use a high horsepower engine besides the 3408 cat that comes with the revell aussy 1/25 kw donor.what could i use. thanks ronnie
  7. howdy .i am looking for a resin kw T800H conversion hood kit and suspension kit in 1/25 scale for a revell aussy T900 1/25 scale kit.i hope this is in the right place. thanks ronnie
  8. i am looking for a kw T800H resin hood with grill 1/25 scale and correct suspension to fit a revell aussy kw T900 1/25 scale kit.thanks ronnie.
  9. i sure would grab one each.had the pete and the kw when i was 13. i is ashamed to say that they both fell pray to the 4th of july and bottle rockets. ronald steiner sulphur,La.
  10. Thanks for the pic's Len .enjoyed looking at them.
  11. well here it is fellas.got home today and it was on the porch.cant wait to get started on it.it will be a T800H KW heavy hauler.
  12. it is vol. 1 i think.as there are no numbers on it.so i think it is the 1st one.the truck on the front is a purple KW owned by clinton hwy.the truck i am talking about is on page 102 in the worlds greatest tow trucks.it is owned by summit towing.i am fixing to post a pic. if you can scan a couple please do .my pics are taken with a camera of the book.dont know how they will come out.could not get scanning to work,.
  13. yes sir ,i will try to do this .our printer does this ,but i am not sure how.will atemp this tomorrow. thanks ronnie.
  14. are the any Peterbilt gurus here that can tell me the details about this truck ? please help. Thanks ronnie.
  15. Good luck with your new venture,look forward to checking out the new site,
  16. Sounds like the show went well.Good deal.Matt tired ? No your just old.LOL!!!!!!!!!!
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