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  1. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    An article today on a local news report had each states top paid CEO.  Gee no wonder our health insurance cost is jumping.......
    Indiana: Joseph Swedish, Anthem Inc., $16.5 million
    Minnesota: Stephen J. Hemsley, UnitedHealth Group Inc., $15.7 million
  2. HomerS added a post in a topic Cincinnati Challenge Model swap meet and contest   

    I'll be there but the wife is more nervous I will come home with another dog.  This guy came home with me after the show last year from the Clermont County Shelter.

  3. HomerS added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    The local pet food pantry had to relocate as their current space (which was donated) ended up with a paying tenant so it had to move to another location about a mile away.  I took my ten year old son with me and I truly expected him to be off to the side playing on his phone.  Nope....he was right in there with the rest of us filling bins, helping load/unload the box truck, rolling food into the new space and getting all set up.
    Needless to Dad is very proud tonight!
  4. HomerS added a post in a topic selling stach   

    I go by what they sold for on eBay as their value.  Years ago, I had some that i knew I would never build so I reached out to a couple ads in the back of that other model car magazine.  I was specific...no calls.  Two of the four reached out thinking they could get the bargain (sorry if you can't honor my request we won't be conducting business) with both offering a whopping an average of $8 per kit.  I ended up going the eBay route and the lowest one sold for $30.
    If there is an antique mall in your area, see if there's a vendor there that would be interested or swapping for something else you want.  I've traded off a few kits for sports team-issued bobbleheads.  Be careful as some of these vendors are just as bad thinking they will buy them for about 25% of their value.
  5. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    This was funny when you were in your college years and share a place with your buddies but when you've been married for 20 years AND have a ten year old who doesn't understand why he is not getting his allowance.....garbage can Jenga has lost its humor!!!!!!!!!

  6. HomerS added a post in a topic Lima,Ohio contest??   

    Home/EventsEvents Calendar
    Sat, 8/12/2017 - Sat, 8/12/2017 August 2017SMTWTFS  12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031  Categories
    Competitions, Show, Swap MeetsLocation
    2240 BATY RD.
    ELIDA, OH 45807
    United States
  7. HomerS added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    The local pet food pantry had to vacate their free space at months end and time was quickly running out but the news came out today that they've secured another location so they can keep helping those families who need help to keep their furry family members.
    I gotta say that all the years I've volunteered here, I've never met one person who didn't appreciate the volunteers and what we do.  We're all animal lovers and treat our pets as family so we are happy to help.   If people cant afford to keep their animals, they set them free or dump them at the shelter.....either way it's moving the problem not solving the problem.....that's why we do it
  8. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    A private all girl school is raffling off a GoldenDoodle.  As a StepDad to four rescues myself, I think this is truly pathetic.  Even the local shelters asked me for references, vet name and other questions to make sure the one I was adopting was going to a good home.....the last shelter even made the wife and I bring in the other threesome to the facility to ensure they would all get along.  Just in the past couple months I've seen a handful of this breed end up at local rescues and shelters.  No mention if the dog is fixed.
    I guess money talks.......
  9. HomerS added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Mercedes AMG GT.....on the expressway and I tried getting a picture of it but he opened it up and was gone.  Nice sound!  Not what I expected from a Mercedes
  10. HomerS added a post in a topic Six more weeks of winter   

    No less accurate than the 'professional' weather forecasters that have millions of $$ worth of Doppler radar.
    As one of the local radio stations morning radio said about the one local weather hottie.....if you're going to give me complete inaccuracy, at least give me something to look at!
  11. HomerS added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    1992...fully loaded, 5 speed, black on black 1986 Toyota Supra w/ low miles.  The contractor replacing the windows in my house didn't know I was a car guy.  I had just bought a POS Mercury Topaz for about $3K more than what he sold the Supra for.  ARGH!!!    2.5 years and a AAA 'frequent flyer card, I unloaded it for a Dodge Stealth.
  12. HomerS added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Basketball rules question
    i'm a die hard hockey fan so I know very little about basketball.  My ten year old son plays in a recreational league.  The team that they were playing today had a player get his fifth foul (so he should be out of the game).  Not only did the home team have to point this out to the two refs, but between his fifth foul and the refs took him out, his team went down and scored a two point shot.  At a minimum, shouldn't have the points come off the scoreboard?
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  13. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The local school system passed a tax levy to build a new school replacing three schools the district has let deteriorate to the point its cheaper to replace.  The location of the new school will need to have the road widened to accommodate the additional traffic.  When the city council was asked what the traffic study recommended, it was announced one was never done!  
    My tax dollars at work!!!!!!
  14. HomerS added a post in a topic Silly warning labels   

    One of the best commercials (I think it was on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Shot)....this safety moment was brought to you by the Nine Digit Tool Company.
  15. HomerS added a post in a topic Silly warning labels   

    I don't know if it's still there but years ago while vacationing in Florida, there is a small pond as you come out from The Pier in St Pete.  Posted in several places was a sign stating boldly "Do Not Taunt The Alligators".  Even before the Animal Planet channel, i would think this would be common sense but I'm sure someone got too close. I wish i could find my picture of that sign