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  1. Dropped one of the dogs off at the groomer so the wife and I went to the local antique mall to kill time. Rarely find anything but did okay today. $15 for the two and the box.....both are screw bottoms. The Buick is missing the back bumper
  2. Pic 1.....Thrift store find. Someone repainted a bunch of these Chrysler's as there was about a dozen of them but some were decent while others were their learning curve. This one was by far one of the better ones......just needs polished July swap meet Love the old boats! Leaving it as is Grand Prix is a rebuilder. Built but dismantled/stripped.
  3. https://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2022/07/as-novidades-da-matchbox-para-2022-e.html Do I spy with my little eye an AMC Eagle Wagon????? (purple top row)
  4. Officer.....when you say 'walk the line' does it have to be the double yellow line?
  5. The lone one in the SW Ohio is moving to a new location around the corner as the complex they were in morphs into yet another car lot. Hopefully the new location brings new employees and understands customer service.
  6. An EF2 tornado did some major damage in a small town NE of Cincinnati. One of the local new stations sent their evening anchors out the next day to broadcast from the area and solicit donations. As the female reporter went on about things to donate like water, non perishable food items, diapers, etc, the male reporter talked about how hot is was the day before when the tornado his (heat index in some areas hit 111 degrees). She picked up where she left off on her list of donatable items and mentioned window air conditioners.....without missing a beat, the male reporter said "they have no electric!" OOPS!! And a quick cutaway to a field reporter. Hopefully the camera man kept it rolling behind the scenes. I was impressed ODOT had slapped snow plows on the dumps trucks as there was a great number of trees clogging the roads and within hours were out there. Cinergy staged at a nearby mall and had over 80% of the power restored in 24 hours.
  7. The voice of Mr Whoppee on Tennessee Tuxedo and Tales Corporal Randolph Agarn on F Troop
  8. Wife and son were out of town so I set my alarm to get up extra early so I could feed the dogs before going to the Cars & Coffee. As I'm checking to make the alarm is off (and not on snooze) I hear the thunder. Only a few clouds in the sky so not where it came from but so much for that plan as this one usually has higher end cars so attendance will be minimal! I shuffled to the deck door and let the dogs out before going to the bathroom to recycle myself. Less than ten seconds later, Brian is barking and getting louder. He is the diva so I'm used to it but as I finish I go to let him in and it's raining. I let all three of them but he is still barking at. I think I just got called some bad names in K9-eze?????
  9. My maternal grandmother had Alzheimers and ended up in a nursing home It's hard when they look at you and have no clue who you are. She was a sock hoarder in the nursing home.....went to neighboring rooms and took socks. Never understood that. My dad had Dementia and it was far worse as you never knew what personality he had today. He could be in group hug mode or racist rants using verbiage I never heard him use! The one thing that brought them both peace was images from the past. Grandma worked in a department store and gave so much of her life there, any tales or pics from the store put her in her happy place. Dad was a car lover so pics from car shows showing things from the 30's to the 50's would keep him focused for hours. Both could recall things from their childhood like it just happened or the last five minutes of the conversation. Everything in between was gone.
  10. Took the day off to take all three dogs into the vet for their rabies and all the other shots.....one dog at a time. They are great together at home but a road trip (less than a mile to the vet) and it's like taking three little kids out. Everyone got a check up and all are good!
  11. Local model swap meet. $110 for the two JoHans. Ambulance is complete....wheels are on the stretcher. Both are complete and the back doors work $5 for the trailer
  12. Seriously? The worst this guy was booted from an overpriced amusement park!! https://www.fox19.com/2022/06/20/owner-leaves-dog-inside-115-degrees-vehicle-while-visiting-kings-island-police-report/
  13. I'm my dog's Uber.... Brian Griffin had a grooming/manny/petty appointment. He's a diva and prefers the A/C out of the vent in the back of the console than sticking he head out the window
  14. They do have an abundance of pits, they post on their Facebook page of the daily intakes and about half of them are pits. I know they don't want to promote how many they have and encourage the folks who will use them for fighting, but that's no reason to not post any animals.
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