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  1. Got my second shot on Sunday. I had more pain at the injection site from the first one. First shot, Walgreen was well staffed with two techs and a pharmacist. Second time, (same day of the week/time as the first one), not much. Only one tech and the regular pharmacist was out sick so the one subbing needed roller blades to try to keep up)
  2. He hosts four shows a year.....1st and 3rd are die cast, 2nd and 4th are collectible toy and hobby. Usually Carney plastic comes to the 1st show which is in early February so you can get deals on cases.
  3. If it's a legit cause my parents would have donated to, I send it back marked deceased. If it's an obvious money grab, I put the cemetery's address on the card inside to let them know they've 'moved'
  4. We've had to post a large sign on the front door to NOT put packages right in front of the door as they have blocked the screen door from opening to retrieve it or gotten stepped on as we didn't know it was there when we stepped out the next morning. Since then, most understood the sign but we've had USPS and UPS take that as put it at the side door so it gets rained on instead. The front porch is 6x10....there's space! You can't fix stupid....
  5. I plan on going. John always puts on a great show! The February show was fairly unproductive as a couple of the vendors I was expecting to have certain die cast stuff didn't have what I was looking for.
  6. The Blue Jackets game was essentially over about six minutes in after Tampa scored three goals on five shots so you didn't miss anything in this game
  7. Something I never thought about..... The Ohio State Highway Patrol has a new tool to help rescue stray animals thanks to generous donations from a humane society. The Ohio chapter of the United States Humane Society donated dozens of leashes to OSP for troopers to keep in their cruisers. It happened after the agency posted about one of its sergeants rescuing a stray dog on the highway. Now troopers all over the state will be able to keep a leash in their vehicles in case they need to make a rescue.
  8. My father suffered from this and it's painful to watch an able body unable to perform the simplest of tasks as the brain deteriorates. It started with taking away his car keys (before he ran into someone or I get a 3a call he had driven hundred of miles away)....then I rehomed his dog as he was no longer able to care for the ten pound furball......eventually it was an assisted care nursing home. Glenn Campbell's song "I'm not going to miss you" really gives an inside look to someone on the outside from the person that has it.
  9. I would suspect is was more of a CYA investigation on Hyundai's part for their first effort on a higher end SUV
  10. Tiger Woods flys his SUV at double the speed limit.....no citation issued......Wow, just Wow!!
  11. Shrimp Etouffee w/ Argentina Red Shrimp (and cook the white rice using coconut oil)
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/stray-dog-stole-unicorn-toy-064245523.html They are like kids with their toys. My greyhound had a koala stuffy he loved......wouldn't play with it for weeks if you washed the crusty thing.
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