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  1. HomerS added a post in a topic They're Back!!!   

    Sledsel......PM Sent
  2. HomerS added a topic in General   

    They're Back!!!
    Ollie's is getting models.  So far, the three local ones have the Lindberg Ford police cars, Lindberg Ford F150, Chevy SSR and Dodge L700 with the flatbed or the box trailer.
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  3. HomerS added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Losing two arenas in one day
    Cincinnati Gardens - Modeled after the Toronto Maple Leafs Gardens in 1949, it was built on the outskirts of northern Cincinnati.  It's been the home to concerts, rodeos, minor league hockey, UC and Xavier basketball and the Cincinnati Royals (now the Sacramento Kings).   A two local auction houses....one auctioned off the center ice scoreboard and practice rink boards, while today the other one auctioned off the Legends Museum memorabilia.  Operation of the building stopped Wednesday.  Port Authority bought it for the land to be redeveloped.
    Dayton Hara Arena - today was the last die cast show.  There was a toy show scheduled for November, but due to a family dispute having drained the funds over the past TWENTY YEARS, it was decided to close the building.  Built in 1964 north of Dayton, it's last tenant was a FHL ("A" level minor league hockey team).  There is a comic book show next weekend but then that is it.  Reportedly it may be raised for a new fairgrounds.
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  4. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    My irk today is the emission test/tax.  I am the original owner of a 2004 Dodge diesel that has tested zero or next to zero emissions.  I was just told they won't test it because it has no catalytic converter.  It never had one from the factory and still put out next to nothing emissions.  I had unkind words with the technician and plan to find someone knowledgeable with 2003/04 Cummins that run so clean catalytic converters were not necessary.  By the way, they were only required on newer models because of regulations not need.  I hate government! 
    Ohio had a great idea of emissions testing years ago (and since been abandoned).  I had a Dodge Rampage that had to get tested as it wasn't old enough for the exemption.  First, it took a while to find THAT GUY who knew how to drive a manual transmission to pull it onto the rollers.  Almost always they put the back wheels on the rollers before I told them it wasn't rear wheel drive.  They typed in the VIN into the computer and it always came up as a V8.  Really?  It says 2.2 on the hood!  Where would I put the other four cylinders???
    The states "logic" doesn't end there!  It was considered a truck so I had to buy truck tags or non-commercial plates (an additional $20 money grab by the State).  We currently have a 2003 V-8 Durango.  A beast of a vehicle, but the State calls it a wagon so it gets car plates?
  5. HomerS added a post in a topic Armed Robbery for Honey Buns!!!   

    Ironically his cell mate will be calling him by that very name!
  6. HomerS added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby Clearance in Glendale AZ store   

    At least one in my area has the Beetle Bus, Volare, Bonneville convertible and the Hurst Olds.  It looked fairly recently stocked
  7. HomerS added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Hardee's.  I'd be happy if they put one local as the closest one is 30 miles away.  They have a mexican concept in some as well with The Red Burrrito but the closest ones are about 100 miles away.
  8. HomerS added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    My personal wish is the Ertl International Scout SS II
  9. HomerS added a post in a topic How About A Call Out For The Old Time Hobby Shops   

    Tim's Trains and Hobbies, Covington KY.  He bought out the last Johnnys Toys Latonia location.
  10. HomerS added a post in a topic The taxpayers need to stop funding sports stadiums!!   

    Taxpayers built new stadiums 16 years ago for the Bengals and 13 years ago for the Reds.  Home owners got a token tax reduction on property taxes.  The Bengals lease is the worse of the two where they control what events can be at the stadium and the county is on the hook for latest, greatest upgrade other NFL stadiums get.
    The Reds had a fire sale in the off season so they are fielding mostly AAA players but the ticket prices haven't dropped.
    Norm is right...roads are full of potholes and the main bridge over the Ohio River is functionally obsolete (per the Feds) but no $$ to fund it.
  11. HomerS added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    The taxpayers need to stop funding sports stadiums!!
    Cincinnati Reds.............They are on pace to lose the most games in franchise history, (136 years!!!!)  Reds pitchers have a Major League Baseball-worse 5.51 ERA and are on pace to give up 281 home runs this season.  That would shatter the Major League record of 241.
    Cincinnati Bengals........0-7 playoffs, yet the head coach still has a job.
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  12. HomerS added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Car/truck builder but sometimes you see that one odd one that just HAS to come home with you!

  13. HomerS added a post in a topic long weekend   

    It's also my wife's birthday.....she gets parades, fireworks, special sales, cookouts, etc.  Not much I can do to top that kinda thing.  She's an ER nurse so she doesn't get the day off work
    Me.....I hear HIroshima was nuked on my birthday.
  14. HomerS added a post in a topic If I hit the lottery   

    Witness Relocation Program....I'd be off the gird
  15. HomerS added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The police have decided not to pursue charges against the 'mom' (in quotes as clearly she is one in name only) who let her child climb through the barrier into the gorilla cage.  
    Our society of no accountability continues!