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  1. I may have to give it a go on the dogs. One is a Husky/Aussie mix and we had the typical one day of spring before the temps hit the mid/upper 80's, The groomer at his vet isn't open yet but others in the area are booked out several weeks.
  2. Got a haircut so no longer look like a muppet. Great Clips were maxing out on their sign in at three hours waits this week. There's nothing i can think of that at this point in my life that I would wait three hours for! The local one had no wait and three technicians. She had it was a zoo last weekend as they had a two to three hour wait.
  3. Etouffee made with shrimp and alligator andouille sausage. The only seafood the wife eats is BBQ salmon. I'm not a big fan of fish but love all the other creatures of the sea. My wife is a nurse so when her 12's fall on the weekend, time for me to break out the stuff she won't eat.
  4. I was hoping to find a can of Pickle Rick Pringles but they never seemed to hit the shelves around here. It's been several months since these were on the internet but last week going through Meijers the wife found this one all by itself. My youngest can have the contents, I just enjoy the show...... I'm Pickle Rick!!
  5. 2020 Corvette. Nice to see GM finally figured out how to shoot paint without an orange peel!!!
  6. I remember this car from the opening credits of Hogan's Heroes as a kid. It wasn't packaged properly but got a reasonable settlement from the seller so need to do some door and side window repairs
  7. Took piano lessons from 5th thru 8th grade as enjoyed watching him, Elton John, Billy Joel, etc play. The nun told me their form was all wrong as you should positioned over the keys like there was a ball in your hand. They made a well paid career of it while I never touched a piano after 8th grade graduation...... One last "Woo"....RIP
  8. In salute of the first responders to the COVID-19 pandemic, A-10s performed a flyover Indianapolis May 2, 2020. (not my video)..They came in from Terre Haute, made the 465 loop and out 64. Took my teenager and we made the 90 minute drive over to Franklin, IN to see these. It's nice to see them at Wright Patt or just one flying in an airshow, but when do you get to see them in formation and not be the 'target' for the 30mm machine gun on front of it! Although the wife is a RN, this isn't her thing so it was just a guys trip.
  9. What happened to real journalism? This is an actual story from a local TV station website: (I removed the person's name) Police said the shooting victim, {Name Redacted}, 21, was taken to {Redacted} Hospital where he was pronounced dead. {City} police said the investigation is ongoing. The victims name has not been released pending family notification This is why all the stories on Yahoo are videos as none of the 'journalists' can type!
  10. This would make an interesting project..... Grell Trabant 601 K├╝bel
  11. For me......Styx (with Dennis DeYoung) and Def Leppard! For the wife.....Back Street Boys (she is ten years younger than me) For my senior in college.....Doobie Brothers
  12. Wow.....are you my brother from another mother??? Even my dogs look at me like I have an even shorter attention span than they do.....
  13. Thank you for posting this as I never knew this was made!! This afternoon may be spent looking to acquire it..... My father served seven and half years in the Air Force after high school (honorably discharged), including as a radio operator deployed to West Berlin, Germany during the construction of the Berlin Wall. However as his health declined due to dementia, he was denied moving into a local VA nursing home as that wasn't considered deployment to a hostile territory!! (That lead to a moment like Bluto in the movie Animal House when he went off when his frat brother said it was "over!"). Sorry for the rant.....very sore subject with me
  14. Yeah it was another one of those GM ideas where they get it dialed in and then pulled the plug on Pontiac (albeit Holden built). Because of the age I doubt they will rebuild it.
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