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  1. He was the voice of Death on a couple early episodes of Family Guy
  2. I reached out to their customer service through their website and they got back to asking for more product information. I sent the pic of the shipper and the brand name of the models that would be in there. Three weeks went by and I poked them for an update. They again responded promptly but said for specific product info, I would have to call each store. Great idea if you can get someone to ANSWER the phone let alone find someone in a department that can answer a question
  3. Sorry for the delay. Injured my knee (not even a good 'hold my beer story to go with it) and ended up going to the Dr barely able to walk. Went to the man cave today and snapped these pics.
  4. No offense to participants in Germany but I get to use that two years I took a foreign language in high school 35 plus years ago.....that college NEVER required.
  5. I tried to as I ordered an AMX and a Superbird....sent my money order. Reached out several times for an update, but at the one year anniversary, asked for (and received) my money back. Following year, they actually sent me a catalog which promptly hit the trash.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/events/516771639474308/ September 5th I've strained my knee so no road trip for me, but if you appreciate Italian cars this is a great show on the grounds of Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio. There is a silver LM002 in the area as all times I've attended it's been there.
  7. I must have walked past these three or four times before my teenager pointed them out. Never knew these existed.....
  8. Bought this one a few years back along with a black one at a thrift store. Peeling the decals wasn't too bad but getting the glue was a pain in the shorts. Needs polishing and making a team bus logo....and some detailing
  9. I reached out through their website and it says they will contact you within 24 hours.......holy cow they really did! They asked for more info on the type of model and I sent the pic of the shipper, the bar code of models that are shown in the pic. That was over a week ago......
  10. Huge fan of The Simpsons (the older, funny episodes). As I got older, I saw my body morphing into Homer's shape....don't have his hairline, yet
  11. Diecast Models Wholesale has the 1966 Johnny Lightning hearse. Regular version is $8.99 and the Rat Fink version is $12.99.
  12. The Kaiser came from a local die cast toy show. 1/18.....only missing the passenger side mirror The Range Rover is a 1/24 from Rite Aid....once I got through the transaction with the snotty cashier
  13. Local die cast show. All are open/complete. The Skyline was solely to irritate my teenager Already have a Sierra (Merkur) but it's only the second one I've seen
  14. BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WAVE) - Taco Bell is set to break ground on a brand-new, innovative concept restaurant in Minnesota opening next year. Called “Taco Bell Defy,” the restaurant will be the first-of-its-kind, with a two-story, 3,000 square-foot location that offers four lanes for drive-thru service. So when (not if!) they get your order wrong, do you have to toss it up to the second floor?
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