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  1. After two weeks at the Jeep dealer, they gave my boss back her SRT8 unable to find the cause. It's been traded in on a Mercedes SUV.
  2. Parade in Cleveland today. Jeez!!!

    Cincinnati Bungals re-signed their head coach who is 0-7 in the playoffs......
  3. The MPC pick up kits of the 70's......4x2, 4x4, standard bed, step side, etc With the Ford Econoline van reissue, I was hoping for the Off Road 4x4 version.
  4. The hobby shop may have fallen victim to a Landlord that was able to get higher rents and a longer term lease from Verizon. I've been in several different areas of commercial real estate for 30 years and currently do the in house leasing for a small footprint retail store nationally and my company has fallen victim to such actions.
  5. Would it be a Cherokee? My Director has an SRT8 that the dealer cannot resolve. It will start with a jump but the 1000 amp portable battery jumper wouldn't start it.
  6. Man how we love out pets

    Especially this time of the year, the more we are around people, the more we love our animals. I've had to do it three times and it never got easier! It rips your heart out!! Now is not the time, but when don't let it stop you from adopting again. Clearly she was loved and too many dogs/cats never get that. Condolences from me and four rescue dogs Jeff
  7. What I want for Christmas!

    Expensive upkeep...hard to handle..... The Ferrari would be these things also
  8. Revell Lightning truck parts

    Reach out to Doug.....he had a parts kit on the shelf last weekend https://www.facebook.com/ModelCarBoneyard/
  9. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    My former Director texted me a pic this morning of 'flurries' from Birmingham, AL. I asked her not to send it this way! I'm suppose to go to Columbus OH tomorrow for the funeral of a friend/former co-worker but may have to bail as the meteorologist around here told Noah it would just sprinkle with the sun coming out in the afternoon
  10. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Four door Jeep (Wrangler)
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    I'd leave my wife and kids Christmas morning for Reba. Normally I prefer a deeper voice to sing "Mary Did You Know...." but she sang it tonight with Little Big Town on the ABC country music Christmas special. Great ending to the show
  12. What Irked You Today?

    I've always noticed that people are quick to escalate things when they get poor service but never stop to say thank you. Back in the spring, I wasn't able to tip the lady at Ollie's who saw me eyeing up the models and she took me into the back and showed me what else came in. Yeah I left with another dozen I didn't need but I sent a long winded 'thank you' to corporate who did reach back to me.
  13. What Irked You Today?

    The front right tire on the G8 has been low but the tire pressure varies widely due to temps and I have a bad sensor on one of the wheels so the monitoring system is in error mode. Took off this morning and it rides rides harsh on 45 series tires but it's not pulling. Turn at the stop sign and I hear crunching....pull over....NOW it's flat. Safeco's roadside was there in 20 minutes to inflate it and took it to Firestone. It leaked at the bead so they had to pull the tire reinstall it. I gave the young guy that blew up the tire $20 and I'm taking the Firestone crew donuts in the a.m. (they were booked but they are the only ones that touch my cars). Gotta take care of those who take care of me!
  14. Free shipping (per the check out thru the end of the year) and discount code (01A15) gets $15 off $50 order I have a feeling will be bringing me the Revell Germany Mercedes AMG GT I wanted.....
  15. What did you get today?

    Syclones is open but complete Tuff Truk is sealed inside