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  1. Voice of the original Charlie Brown....back when cartoons were simple entertainment Sounds like he had some serious demons going on the past couple years.
  2. Auction wins. I was victim of I don't NEED any of these, but ohhhhh, look at that! Less than $27/each shipped. All sealed except the Rover but the bags inside are still sealed.
  3. No truer words!!!! The superintendent e-mailed me back that he cannot discuss the other child due to privacy laws. I said if an adult would have done this it would be a terroristic threat and the law would have been all over them. Even better, another parent got a call back from the principal that they cannot say if the kid that made the threats is back in school or not. Wait.....the kid IS back in school hence the whole BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH storm!!!! I've told my kids that there are rules and possibly laws in place because of stuff we did as a kid. We certainly didn't threaten to shoot teachers and others. I guess there is no rule of conduct anymore.
  4. In early December, a kid made threats of a bringing a gun to school and threats against a teacher as well as another student. He arrested and became a guest of the county juvenile system. His family tried to claim he's never been in trouble before, honors society, etc but the court disagreed and did not allow home release. Every other school in the area that had similar incidents, the kid is expelled and prohibited from even being on school grounds. Imagine my reaction when one of my sons friends moms texted me that this kid is back in class!!! Seriously!! No parental notice! Absolutely unbelievable!! Guess they don't want that levy to pass in May!
  5. Expensive autograph for not getting any kinda COA verification. I've never paid for an autograph as there was never anyone I wanted to meet that badly.
  6. The Dr mentioned this but he said my BMI is above the upper threshold......translation: I'm too fat to have it done. If I could lost the weight, I may not even need one. The wife did Keto and was very successful.
  7. Anyone else on one? I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in the pre-testing for my knee surgery. I did the home testing and the results were ugly. Friday night I had the in clinic study. The first model (basically plugs both nostrils) was a huge fail as I couldn't get enough air in so I got the face mask which covers the nose and mouth. Not the best for a side sleeper and even worse for a teeth grinder. I messaged the Dr and told him I don't want to proceed with the machine right now so he said he would look at the results and set up an appointment to look at alternatives.
  8. Bengals get first playoff win in 31 years Twenty one (!) years since Paul Brown Stadium was built at taxpayer expense that they get to cut the shrink wrap on the trophy case....wonder if they know where the key is?
  9. My cousin stopped by to share that his dad passed away. Both of them are the very few family in my entire dysfunctional tree I even acknowledge. His dad knew his end was coming so he took it upon himself to make the arrangements. When he did pass, one of the other bottom feeder funeral homes called his son. Somehow with a straight face, he asked the caller if they did a Viking Funeral. The caller was puzzled and paused before replying that he didnt think they offered such a service. Ever since he told me he did that, all I can envision is the scene from Mel Brooks HIstory of the World Part I..... Well played Jason!! RIP Mike!
  10. Sadly some never grow out of it. I was a facility manager for a health insurance company and the female restrooms were always far worse. Even with the toilet seat covers (aka a** gaskets) some would hover over the toilet and hit the back of the toilet, flush mechanism and even the wall....and not with just urine. Feminine hygiene products being flushed instead of using the lined container in each stall and then clogging the toilet. What always shocked me was even with the disproportionate number of females in the office, the men's soap dispensers always needed refills more frequently. My favorite was having to put up a memo on each stall to NOT conduct cellphone conversations in the restroom due to numerous complaints from other females that they are uncomfortable completing their 'transaction' as someone on that call may hear them.
  11. Just gonna leave this pic here........
  12. About three months ago, Turner had a seizure two days in a row with the second day one the worst ones I've ever ever seen, even on line. He never had one before so I called the vet who got him right in. He had an elevated liver enzyme so the vet immediately put him on anti-seizure med. No issue until Christmas Eve and then again Christmas night when he seized again but nowhere near as bad as the ones several months ago. Got him into the vet Monday and they ran bloodwork. The vet did a thorough check and said if they continue and it's not the liver, he should have an MRI to check for a tumor. The wife was working so I was flying solo at the vets office and the lump in my throat was getting bigger by the moment as he's about 13 years old and I have serious concern about him getting knocked out for an MRI. The bloodwork came back late today.....his liver enzyme is the lowest its been since they have been checking it! It doesn't explain the seizures, but if it was higher, it likely meant his final countdown clock was moving closer. They upped one of the doses of his med and no issues since so we'll just watch it.
  13. Firebird, yes. The Cady was a different vendor at the swap meet.
  14. Swap meet last Sunday.... Jo-Han Cadillac. Bad box but and only missing one tail light. Very good chrome MPC Firebird. Traded off the collection over 100+ issues of SAE, SA (no E), MCM, Car Modeler for it. Looks complete. I believe this was the last issue WITHOUT the T-Top scored into roof
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