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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Took the day off work to go to Wright Patterson AFB museum for the opening ceremony of the unveiling of the 15 plus year restoration of the Memphis Belle. Gates opened two hours early there was to be a fly in of three B-17, six P-51 Mustangs and three WWII era trainer aircraft. All were to land and be here until late Friday afternoon (except one of the Mustangs). A quick shower moved in shortly before the gates opened and delayed the fly in two hours. More rains pushed it back further and further until eventually 11a BUT, at least according to the staff, the planes were not permitted to land on the military runways due to the wet pavement. The landings would now only be a fly over and return to the airport where a couple of them are otherwise housed NW of Dayton. All of the B-17's participated but only five other planes did. The flyover was three passes (two planes peeled off after the first pass, the other three smaller ones and a B-17 after the second pass) with only the two authentic ones (the third one was from the movie) flying over on the last pass. The sound of the radial engine was impressive but this was a far from what i was hoping to see. I can't make the flyout Friday afternoon.
  2. Ollie's strike again

    Same automotive stock here. There were some dinosaur kits and ship models as well, but didn't look at the specifics
  3. What Irked You Today?

    I used to be a facility manager and the account (health insurance account ironically) I was on, they stressed was no phone use while driving unless using a hands free device. They wouldn't pay for one even when pointed out part of my territory included states with laws prohibiting cellphone use without one. I had one for my personal phone but refused to answer the work cell on the road.
  4. What Irked You Today?

    I went for an interview, checked in with the security desk, met with the director's admin....and then waited....the person I was to meet with never materialized so after 20 minutes I left. I understand things come up but either have the decency to reschedule or at least come let me know what's going on.
  5. What did you see on the road today?

    Vipers Snakeskin green on the Challanger
  6. What did you get today?

    1/24 die cast Presidential Limo......$4.99 at the thrift store. Missing hood ornament and fender flags.
  7. What did you get today?

    1/43....1/32...? Don't know but couldn't pass up the Thunderbird. All complete except Firebird which is missing glass and rear bumper
  8. What did you see on the road today?

    Back parking lot actually....the original monster truck Bigfoot
  9. What did you see on the road today?

    Rains rolled in before I could make the Cars & Coffee in Dayton.... 2019 Camaro SS
  10. New Forum Rules

    What about the first time you saw what was in a Palmer kit? (sorry......had to go there)
  11. I stopped at the local RC Shop yesterday after the Cincinnati Auto Replicas show and the young man was extremely helpful but didn't have the size I needed. Went to Lowe's this morning (best bet to get a retiree who actually makes the effort to help you!) and we found ones that worked......#4 x 3/4.
  12. What Irked You Today?

    It's bad enough when radio stations speed up the music to jam in more commercials, but when country singer Eric Church sounds like one of the Chipmunks, they need to back it down a bit
  13. What Pleased You Today!

    Coming home from work Tuesday night, I can see a HUGE puddle covering half of the road coming up ahead. It's bubbling up through the pavement at the entrance to a private business and it's coming pretty good. There is no one coming the other way so the choices are slow down and use the suicide lane to go around it or drive through it......or a third option of stab and steer. Yeah, number 3 kinda won out. 245 series tires really displace a significant amount of water! I watch in the mirror after I did it and two cars behind me used the suicide lane to go around it but the semi behind them had the same idea I did and, well it was an awesome display.
  14. Vietnam Veterans Day

    The Vietnam War Traveling Wall came through the Cincinnati area last year. Second time I've seen it and I got to take my youngest (10yr old) to see it as he is getting of the age that he can understand its significance. Inside the union hall, a vet had a collection of artifacts that he has amassed through the years of various wars. He does this so people can feel what it was like for these heroes to wear this and carry the gun/ammo versus locking it up in a museum. This is Garrett as that young soldier. He had a much greater appreciation for DOING this versus just reading about it. (It was July 4th weekend so he understood how the heat took its toll as well). My oldest (20yr old) and his girlfriend spent the night the first night as security for the memorial wall. My father (a 7.5 year veteran of the Air Force/deployed to Berlin during the construction of the Berlin Wall) had just passed six weeks earlier. He did this as a tribute. Just when you can't be more proud of your kids, he goes and does this and I never knew about it until days later. Thank you Vietnam Vets and all the vets for putting their butts on the line for all of us!!
  15. I've only taken a couple of the cars out of boxes and put them in a case, but I tossed the screws. Recently I bought two Ertl AMX's still in the box but they were not mounted. I have some screws from cannibalized diecasts that fit diameter wise but certainly not long enough. Anyone have some they can measure or give me a rough guestimate of the length?