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  1. 1966 Cadillac Closest to a perfect '10' condition I've seen.....
  2. Had to get one for myself after my teenage son came home with one. Shame we can't get it in plastic......
  3. 60 Cadillac....got the chance to speak to the driver. Older gentleman has owed it for 35 year. Bought it from the original owner. Original vinyl top
  4. Never did I imagine that I would ever say 'watching an NHL playoff game' for my birthday (today) but to watch the Blue Jackets come back from a 3-0 deficit to win in overtime was a great ending to the day Made Jambalaya with alligator sausage and shrimp for dinner.
  5. Just found out from a co-worker who had plans attending
  6. This was my first import and I didn't think about it until the battery died. Has to use an adjustable wrench to get the cables off and bought a set of metric sockets the next day. I was single and under 30 (neither good for insurance on a car like this). There was a 25% surcharge on the ES or the RT because of the 24v version of the 3 litre. Even with a spotless driving record, they wouldn't talk about insuring these.
  7. Amen! I have one son finishing up college and one in jr high. I'm disappointed that they teach kids even less life skills now than when I went!! No home ec, no auto mechanics, no wood shop! My oldest was working for a catering company when one of the vans wouldn't start after and event. There was about 20 people standing around with no clue what to do so my sons grabbed jumper cables and started it. Even more shocking is the number of kids not playing sports. Last year in rec league baseball, my youngest played one team that had to forfeit (played the game for experience) as they only had eight kids? He had another game that the opponent had to reschedule as they only have nine kids on the team and only ONE pitcher (they had played the day before so do to the pitch count he couldn't pitch back to back...their relief pitchers threw like Ricky Vaughn!) Nine years ago when my oldest played these same teams, they had enough players to field two and three teams respectively!
  8. No definitive date..... I had a base model...still miss that car. I wanted either the blue or the dark green, but it was two years old with 13k miles and $4,000 below market so silver was okay! Sports car that was still usable in the winter because of the FWD, except when we had a freak storm that dumped over a foot of snow (only had about 5" of ground clearance).
  9. I found that after moving the wife divided box contents into "keep" and "why did we even keep this".
  10. Congratulations!!! Great looking Caddy. Please include interior pics later.....
  11. Auction win. Yeah I know the Vega is coming back but this is an original (missing the engine)....and it was very cheap
  12. From Yahoo's home page... 2021 Ford F-150 Limited 4x2 SuperCrew starts at $72,520 Seriously??
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