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  1. Former marketing people of Toys-R-Us must have moved on GetGo gas stations. Last weekend, my teenage son and I ran to Columbus for an event and I stopped to gas up while here. I pulled into the GetGo station and inserted my credit card.....entered my zip code....and then the labyrinth of questions started. It's 9a so the caffeine isn't fully coursing through the veins and I don't have the readers on so I have to read at arms length and then need to hit the button I think is the 'no'. Am I rewards member? No I'm over 100 miles from home & they are not in my home market Did I want to save a few pennies by joining? No Car wash? No, it's in the 40's out I forgot what the fourth question was.... Final question was if I wanted to donate to the local food pantry? OMG....one more question and I put the nozzle back! I just want to get gas!!
  2. 1/18. There is a Highway Patrol version in addition to the orange, yellow and blue editions
  3. Found the yellow and orange Camaro, but the blue one wasn't showing up. Local antique mall has one w/o a box at triple retail....um NO! Several weeks ago bought an extra blue and orange Shelby Mustang with the intent to trade for the Camaro. Of course I found one yesterday.....
  4. I made a Hobby Lobby run yesterday and grabbed the same two kits as Tom This came today.....open but sealed inside. Will raid the 70 Camaro for the rallye wheels
  5. Open but complete.....not seeing this one on the re-issue horizon
  6. I like the odd and different...... 1/18 Citroen
  7. I've bought broken 1/18 die cast and used the parts to complete another broken model. I've never been detail oriented so not sure if there is any photo etched scripts and badges out there for this scale.
  8. From yesterday's toy show...... $5 for the Chevy Truck promo $80 for the Chrysler (sealed) and the Eldorado (complete)
  9. Good weekend so far.... Yesterday Went to an area toy show. Couple good finds (will post later). I gotten into the Funko characters, but won't pay the insane $$ that some people will spend on these. I finally got the Pops made for the benefit of the devastating fires in Australia. The humane society was less than two miles from the show so I stopped there and dropped off a huge box of towels and blankets as well as two small pet carriers (I frequent thrift stores and grab these for this exact reason). Today 23rd wedding anniversary. Wife injured her back collapsing the inflatable side pool so not doing anything special. Being a nurse she isn't big on going out especially the county has had a serious uptick in Covid cases.
  10. The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. It was one of the few books on the reading list that I had an interest in. I was not a big reader as a kid, hated it actually...probably because I have the attention span of a goldfish. Ironically I grew up and now read sixty page commercial leases all day, everyday.
  11. I bought a couple of the Moebius late 60 F100's
  12. A roughly $200 million residential development in Oakley (N of Cincinnati) has started with the demolition of vacant industrial buildings. Three Oaks, a 30-acre development that will transform a portion of the neighborhood, has begun with the demolition of the 800,000-square-foot former Kenner Toy factory, which will include a mix of single-family homes, apartments and senior housing. Three Oaks will be used as an example on how to enhance an existing neighborhood and community by adding a pedestrian-friendly approach for amenities within walking distance......Three Oaks will replace an abandoned industrial site “with a thriving, urban, pedestrian area.”
  13. Denver Broncos had 1,800 'fans' from South Park in attendance today!
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