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  1. An e-mail from my teenager's school..... Ohio recently passed a law allowing community members without a Bachelor's degree to substitute teach for the remainder of this school year. Seriously....a pulse is a qualification to substitute teach? Just for a laugh I clicked on the link and there is about 20 local schools. I joked with the family I'm disqualified as I have two Bachelor's. The wife said I would last about an hour.....my son had less faith and gave me 30 minutes. I lack that filter between the brain and mouth.
  2. Congratulations!! My mom passed six months after they hit their 50th anniversary. I made Dad put it in Mom's obit as it's not an easy accomplishment
  3. Two of my foursome are on a Glucosamine supplement. Turner is almost 12 and (per the Xray) the ball never fully developed in his hind hips so he's always had issues and this has helped him tremendously. I've been on it for 20 plus years after a recommendation from a former NFL player turned trainer.
  4. I have a serious thing for redheads (Ginger) but the 'girl next door' type was much hotter.....
  5. When posting pics on your store's Facebook page, pay attention to your background! Both of the following are 'toy/collectible' stores Store #1....picture of individual items but took the pic on the register counter, but also in the shot is the notebook showing a column of 'sell price' and 'cost to buy'. Oops! Store #2....either they drove a few miles away to purchase an item for $12 at Bargain Hunt or gave the seller around $6 and priced it on their page for $28. Come on, like the people that sell the kits hoarded from Ollie's at least pull the store tag.
  6. Wally World only had one.......(picture plagiarized from eBay)
  7. We went Iams mini-chunks as I have an Aussie that has an allergy to a lot of the meats in dry food that she ended up getting hot spots. The mini-chunks as I also have two smaller dogs that snarf their food and it sounds like Nathan' Hot Dog eating contest. We were buying it from Sam's Club but you can get comparable prices from Chewy and not have to deal with people that ring up a cart full of stuff and then act surprised they have to PAY for it as they go searching for their debit card.
  8. 19 x 10 x 72 cabinet. The door is on the wrong side so will have to fill it and slide into place in the man cave. $11 at local auction.
  9. the Grinch is alive and well in SW Ohio.... Clermont County. Three years ago, the county outsourced the operation of the animal shelter to an organization that made it a no-kill shelter and it became a benchmark for others to copy. The organization found out on Facebook they were getting booted as the county thinks they can do it better and cheaper. Hamilton County. Reassessed the properties and tax bills are going up on average 15%. People out of work and struggling to make ends meet so lets pile on the debt.
  10. I'd say Dallas mostly this year...... NFL Team Leaderboards: Receiving NFL Passes Dropped Rank Team Passes Dropped 1 Dallas Cowboys 27 2 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 3 Detroit Lions 25
  11. On Yahoo's home page.....ESPN is expecting the Atlanta Falcons to name Marvin Lewis their next head coach!!! I'm a Buccaneers fan (back to the creamsicle jersey days.....not jumping on the TB bandwagon)....this is great news. No playoff wins in SIXTEEN seasons for the Bungals.
  12. 1966 Falcon awaiting front and back chrome. It's not the one currently on eBay but ironically missing the same pieces and same damage to the B pillar.
  13. Nowadays, it's all about seeing how much the company can gouge the customer..... Requested a bid to frame the new deck we were building (we hadn't decided on the pattern layout for the decking itself). We got a quote for over $5k to build it out including the decking Had a switch that went bad my car that I took to a dealership to get fixed. They added a charge (I think it was $20) for shop towels that was a plug and play as well as a hazmat charge. Replaced a garage door and found one I liked but no one would install it unless they sold you one too (it was the same brand) Took quotes for new roof. Mr Roof salesman was so aggressive pushing me to sign he was one sentence away from having me call 911. A second one gave me a quote & I gave him a warning I've been in commercial real estate for over 30 years and know what this should cost....they came in over $3k over the third bid who not only got the work, I gave them recommendations that lead to two more jobs. YouTube videos are the go to as they don't teach life skills in school anymore!
  14. I've limited my Funko purchases (due to space) but had to have John "Bluto" Blutarsky (pic plagiarized from the Internet). They need to do one of him in the Dean's office when the Delta's get their midterm grades..... Still a big fan of his work on SNL as well as movies so I will need to watch it
  15. Yeah...caused public school lunch flashback. Food was so bad that the students organized a brown bag boycott to get the school to change. This was over 40 years ago and it took alot to get everyone to participate back then. Now kids flip out if there's not a vegan, gluten free, non GMO option.
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