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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Call your insurance company and see if they offer roadside assistance that can be added to your policy. I ditched AAA years ago as it was far more expensive and after they damage my car (tow truck driver made a U-turn over a center island and damaged the lower front valance panel....they eventually paid for the repair). I know Safeco and Progressive offer it.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Should be here next week. Opened but sealed inside for slightly more than retail on a Round2 kit. I've heard rumors that the stock truck with the standard bed is under development but like their Demon and the Vega kits, I'll believe it when it's in my fat little fingers. (Pic plagiarized from eBay)
  3. 1/24 Greenlight 'green machine' VW bus and tear drop trailer
  4. It's a good day to be outside!

    Earlier this week, I never thought I would hear of possible delay for a certificate of occupancy (possibly delay inspectors) for one of our stores in Alamagordo, NM.....60 miles from the Mexican border
  5. Need a 1967 car

    1967 Corvette 427ci/435hp
  6. What Irked You Today?

    My middle school son's school was put into lockdown as a high school student brought what was later determined to be an AirSoft gun to school. The city has a new school under construction which will include metal detectors and all the current safety measures. He's somewhat troubled by it but not as bad as I thought he would have been.
  7. The current episodes are severely lacking but I'm still a fan. I know Duffman was only available with the environment and I've not seen Devil Homer since they first came out. I don't have a pick but I also went back and got MooMoo Homer
  8. I gave up years ago answering family/in-laws when asked what I want for Christmas as I truly believe they use that as a target what NOT to get me. Bought myself this off the InterWeb as I only saw one at a show and it was far more than I was looking to pay. Pic plagiarized from eBay
  9. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Left over spiral sliced ham.....diced......mixed into mac-n-cheese using sharp white cheddar. My office clothes are so not gonna fix next week
  10. My maternal grandparents worked their whole lives and saved a great deal. Due to my grandmother's health issues, they never traveled in retirement as planned and both ended up in a nursing home so the home reaped the benefits of my grandparents work. My parents continued to work including my mom worked the day she had her stroke. They never got to enjoy their retirement as planned (Mom passed 48 hours after her stroke) and Dad burned through his savings spending the last two years of his life in a nursing home due to dementia. I have a retirement plan but in the interim I'm buying my toys. I doubt either of my sons will want my stuff and I have a detailed list of what kits are where that they can easily search on line what they are worth and where to sell them. The bigger question will be what to do with all the minor league hockey bobbleheads and pucks.....
  11. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Steve....you are killing me! Shrimp, crab, lobster, squid, octopus, gator, shark, oyster, clams, scallops...it's all good. Not much of a fish fan but everything else aquatic, I'm in!! Don't know how I married someone who've seafood is only BBQ'ed Salmon.
  12. On TV...nothing. Outside....to see which house on the street has the biggest pile of trash for the garage man tomorrow morning. The wife went into purge mode so I've already dropped half a dozen boxes at the thrift store and three boxes of blankets/towels to the animal shelter. The rest along with the boxes from Christmas are at the curb. FYI...if you get anything in a styrofoam cooler like Omaha steaks ships there products in and you won't be re-using them, shelters will take them and turn them into shelters for feral cats that have no protection from the cold.
  13. I can't do that as the wife is an ER nurse. If I end up there, she'll list me as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) and wheel me out into the parking to collect the life insurance.
  14. BTTF nativity

    Good luck getting a contractor out on Christmas to board that up....
  15. New "most annoying sound"

    Cris Collinsworth. The only thing more annoying than his voice is his 'football knowledge'. He went to twp Super Bowls and was on the losing team both times....and a costly fumble in his first one. I'd rather hear commentary from a guy on the winning side about how to be successful