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  1. Kustom Rodder

    NNL EAST 2017

    Thanks for sharing the pics kevin lots of stuff.
  2. Did that set a record for people attending and thanks for the pics Bill.
  3. x2 and I would say one of the things that impressed myself was the steering wheel superbly done!
  4. Looks great nice and clean and shiny.
  5. until

    I thought carlisles shows in the 80s and early 90s was the end of the rainbow putting it cleanly speaking but I will soon see never attended this show .
  6. Yes well done your trusty gold goes quite well with the effect you were going for. But impalow blue would have been cool to always top notch work on your builds.
  7. Andy good call on your part on the 29 it will be a knock out when you are done. Way to much time in it to just rush it together.
  8. Wow amazing work and attention to detail cant say anymore than what has already been said.
  9. Nice very nice well done.
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