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  1. Thought it might be helpful to show how i made a CB doing my -67 Chevy DirtRoad Burner a little while back: Just took some kind of TV-game console (?), coming to think of it it came with that kit, added some imagination and, tadaa!: Sorry about the lousy pic, but ya get the idea... Btw, that Juiceblender is looks awesome!
  2. Awesome work as usual! I would have gone for a shaved and painted front bumper tho, but thats just silly little me . Love the pinstriping btw!
  3. JAFFA

    Gun for hire?

    Fine craftsmanship never does... And i am kinda struggling with my money right now, living in a motel i have about a 50$ surplus after bills every month.. Ill keep looking!
  4. JAFFA

    Gun for hire?

    As the title, photoshop, airbrush, pencil, renderings,,, show me some of your work if youre interested, and we'll come to an agreement on payment. Heres a pic of one, i don't have any pics of ours on my photobucket right now; http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/your_garage/cars/3122.shtml
  5. Like it, all the way!! great wheelchoice!
  6. Yop, and Draggon here got it right! Epa tractors were built from regular cars up until the 70's when they became prohibited to re-register, due to the new rules, making the A-tractors, both could do no more than 30 km/h.
  7. Leningrad Cowboys, i havbe no clue of what they do or are tho, X2
  8. He wired the horn, but he didn't paint the guages? Crazy goth-rocker i will never get you people! Looking good man! love purple, love trucks! Love your builds! Btw... why would you want to do "that kind of reading" in you'r car!?
  9. Now when i saw this, i just instantly thought of those Daytons i saw awhile back, let's see if i can just find the link... here we go: Dayton Sceptre KO
  10. After seeing theese pics, i really must give my 2 cents, how about making it factorystock, BUT low in the weeds? it looks SO DANG GOOD in the pics!!
  11. Uhm... nice paintjob. Would love to see ya go for crewcab on that c-1500!
  12. Warmer.... This kind of "custom" exists only in Sweden, and makes for a certain re-registration of the car, lets see if you can find out what i'ts called?
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