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  1. Porsche 959

    This one jumped off the screen for me. Superb color choice and great job on the build!
  2. Auto Union C by Fernando Pinto Portugal

    Fernando Pinto's models are not shake and bake, but with a little work his kits can produce some really nice models. Here's a link to a posting on his Talbot Lago I built a couple of years ago: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/114198-talbot-lago-1950-le-mans/?tab=comments#comment-1644844 He also does kits of some really interesting subjects. I've got several of his cars from the Carrera Panamericana races of the '50's.
  3. Fujimi Porsche 911

    Really nice work. I like the color as well. What paint did you use?
  4. Porsche 356 race car .

    Wow! I like that a lot. Great job, Bruce!
  5. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    Brian, thanks very much for the offer, but after our conversation I took another look at those lights. After stripping the chrome and painting them aluminum with chrome light faces they didn't look bad at all. They've now been mounted on the car and I feel much better about it! Thanks again for your input and offer to cast me some new ones.
  6. Porsche 935 .

    Really nice work, Bruce. My experience with Patto's decals is that the color seems a bit washed out, but yours really pop. I may have to give them another look. Again, well done!
  7. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    Thanks again for the kind comments. Brian, I'm comfortable with the color of the plug wires. The orange is pretty close to what I've seen in color shots of the motor in several references I have. They do appear to be a bit bright due to the light I used for the pictures and the actual color is toned down a bit in normal light. Although I've seen the intakes in black I wished I would have set them off a bit more. Maybe a brown wash is what they need to give a more period-correct tone. I'll look at that. Not adding those number lights has bugged me to the point that, although the model is on my shelf, the chrome sprue that contains the lights from the kit is still on my workbench. I didn't use the kit parts because I thought they were overscale but plan to do something. Maybe stripping the chrome and painting them aluminum will make them look better. I definitely agree they need to be added. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Honda NSX

    Really nice work, Marcel.
  9. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    Thanks again for the kind words, Guys.
  10. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    Thanks again for the kind words, Guys.
  11. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    Thanks for the kind words, Guys. Mark, the engine has 12 cylinders with 2 plugs per cylinder. As you assumed, there's one distributor for each side of the engine.
  12. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    This is a model of the first Le Mans winner for Porsche, the 917K driven by Richard Attwood and Hans Hermann in 1970. It's the Fujimi kit with the Historic Racing Miniatures engine, a corrected rear body section by Renaissance, some p/e details and decals from Studio 27, and a number of scratchbuilt and parts box details added to the engine compartment. Overall, the the added details went together well with the base kit, but unfortunately the engine cover doesn't fit as well as I'd like. This isn't a huge problem for me because I plan to display the model with the back end opened up, but I want to put the cover back on occasionally to show off the car's great lines. The model is far from perfect, but I was glad to add this important car to my shelf. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  13. #50 IWC Watches Mercedes Benz AMG GT3

    Really nice, Clay. Fantastic job on the decals and finish.
  14. Jaguar XK 120, Revell

    Beautiful build, Peter. I recently finished this kit and also wrestled with the windscreen. Yours came out a lot better than mine. Outstanding work!
  15. Mercedes Benz 300SLR

    Thanks again for all the kind feedback, Guys. Steve, sorry but I don't have any info on MG Models. When I bought the wheels about 15 years ago it was a one man operation in Italy. I did a quick search just now and can't find anything, so he may no longer be in business. If you're looking for photoetched wire wheels, KA Models, Model Factory Hiro, and Detail Master all have really nice sets with turned aluminum rims. In fact, they're actually nicer than the MG ones in that the spokes are finer and better represent real wires. If you are looking for real wires you might check out the Facebook page for Fernando Pinto Models of Portugal. He has several 1/24 sets available and he uses wire for his spokes. The rims and tires are resin, and may need some cleanup, but I've got a couple of his kits with wire wheels and you can get them to look pretty nice. Hope this helps and if you need any more info, please let me know.