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  1. Nice Work, Jim! Like a couple of the others, I'm a fan of the classic MB's, but I really like what you did on this one. Good styling without being over the top. What kit did you use?
  2. Really nice build, William. Would you give some info on the paint and decals you used? Also, does the hood open or did you build it as a curbside? As others have said, Great Work!
  3. Very cool, Ismo! Clever idea and some really nice scratchbuilding. Great Job!
  4. I like it a lot, Michael Do you have an idea on what the price would be?
  5. Nice clean build and I like the color. What paint did you use? Great work!
  6. Looks good, Rich. I've had this kit 80% done for several years. Your post may have inspired me to finally get mine done . Nice Work!
  7. Beautiful Job, Chris. Like Tommy and Peter, I've had this kit for a while and plan to do it the same color as yours. Hope mine turns out as nice.
  8. That's a beauty! Doesn't need a thing.
  9. Thanks for the review, Gary. Also thanks for the reference photos of the real car. I've been on the fence about buying this kit, but the car is such a stunner, I may go ahead and add this one to my pile of kits, which already contains a few FPP's. You've mentioned the odd choice of including a complete engine in a kit with a closed hood and the lack of dashboard details. Also, the brushed aluminum pe fret contains windshield and rear window frames when they're already molded in the body. On the other hand, the side window frames use the pe parts in channels in the body. On the plus side, the already nice wire wheels look even better than usual. Also the chrome bumpers and lights are a nice addition and look really nicely done. Thanks again for the info.
  10. Very sharp model and an exceptionally clean build. Great Job!
  11. I like this one a lot. Really nice work! Also, your color choices were perfect!
  12. Really nice work, Nathan. You got a good, "non-sparkly" silver finish that looks very realistic. What paint did you use?
  13. Looks great, Joe. As you said, it's a rough kit and you did a nice job with it. Good Build!
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