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  1. Looks good, Rich. I've had this kit 80% done for several years. Your post may have inspired me to finally get mine done . Nice Work!
  2. Beautiful Job, Chris. Like Tommy and Peter, I've had this kit for a while and plan to do it the same color as yours. Hope mine turns out as nice.
  3. That's a beauty! Doesn't need a thing.
  4. Thanks for the review, Gary. Also thanks for the reference photos of the real car. I've been on the fence about buying this kit, but the car is such a stunner, I may go ahead and add this one to my pile of kits, which already contains a few FPP's. You've mentioned the odd choice of including a complete engine in a kit with a closed hood and the lack of dashboard details. Also, the brushed aluminum pe fret contains windshield and rear window frames when they're already molded in the body. On the other hand, the side window frames use the pe parts in channels in the body. On the plus side, the already nice wire wheels look even better than usual. Also the chrome bumpers and lights are a nice addition and look really nicely done. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Very sharp model and an exceptionally clean build. Great Job!
  6. I like this one a lot. Really nice work! Also, your color choices were perfect!
  7. Really nice work, Nathan. You got a good, "non-sparkly" silver finish that looks very realistic. What paint did you use?
  8. Looks great, Joe. As you said, it's a rough kit and you did a nice job with it. Good Build!
  9. Nice Work, Matt! You really got the most out of that little kit.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, Guys. Jason, when I was opening the hood, the front edge of it scraped off some of the white strip on the nose. I'l try to do some paint and body work over the weekend and if I get it fixed, I'll post a front end pic or two. Thanks for asking.
  11. I've had the Tamiya Honda S800 kit in my stash for years. Although it looked like a good kit, I felt it needed "something" but couldn't figure out what it was. After looking at it for about the tenth time, I decided it would be interesting to envision what Caroll Shelby would have done to it if he saw it in the same way he saw the little British AC that became the Cobra. I started by opening up and flaring the rear wheel wells to accommodate the great resin Minilite wheels and tires from Motobitz that have been calling my name since I got them a couple of years ago. Then I got the 289 engine from the Revell Mustang GT350R and grabbed my grinder to start hogging out room in the engine compartment that was sized for the little Honda 4 cylinder that came in the kit. I scratchbuilt the roll bar and braces, got the seats from the Revell 289 Cobra, and found some seatbelt hardware and extinguisher in my parts box. I sized down some leaf springs and made a much shorter driveshaft. Paint is Automotive Touchup Guardsman Blue and the stripes are Tamiya Spray Pure White. Decals are cobbled from my spares. Side pipes (which may be a little too large) are made from aluminum tubing. The rest of the parts came from the Tamiya kit. The are still some things that need to be fixed before it ever sees a contest table, but I thought I'd post some pics anyway. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks again for the kind words. Niko, I don't remember what I paid for my kit but Pinto just sold one on ebay for $139US. He also has a Facebook page and you might be able to get one a little cheaper if you order from him directly. Hope that helps.
  13. Thanks again for the kind comments.
  14. Gluebomber

    Ferrari F430

    Beautiful work, Anders!
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