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  1. I can't believe I missed this one the first time around. I stumbled on it because I just ordered this kit and was looking for build-up articles. Great Work, Anders! Extremely clean build and your color scheme makes a gorgeous car look even better.
  2. Super clean build. Great Work!
  3. Beautiful work, Anders! Coincidentally I pulled this kit out of my stash a couple of weeks ago. I hope mine turns out as well as yours.
  4. Really nice work, Anders. I especially like your work on the interiors.
  5. Nice Job on another unusual subject.
  6. Nice clean build, Chris, with some good detail. Great Job!
  7. Really Nice Work, Ray. I'm tempted to pick up one of these kits but I don't have enough room to display it!
  8. Nice build of an unusual subject. Nice Work, Chris!
  9. Gluebomber

    427SC Cobra

    Really nice, Chris. As others have mentioned above, super clean build and great color choice.
  10. Turned out great, Harry. Really nice work. Thanks for the lessons you learned the hard way. Here's one from my experience - Tamiya White Surface Putty DOES NOT work well as a polishing compound!
  11. Really nice work, Helmut. I started one of these a number of years ago so I know it's a fiddley kit to build. You did an outstanding job on yours. Great Job!
  12. Really nice build of an unusual car, Rich. That's a pretty complex livery and you pulled it off very nicely.
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