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  1. Look great, Ray. Love the color scheme!
  2. Man, that's a beauty, Dave! Who makes (made) the kit?
  3. Really nice work, Helmut. I started one of these a number of years ago so I know it's a fiddley kit to build. You did an outstanding job on yours. Great Job!
  4. Really nice build of an unusual car, Rich. That's a pretty complex livery and you pulled it off very nicely.
  5. Outstanding build, Jay. As mentioned above, I've had this kit in my stash but have been hesitant to take it on. When I do get to building it I hope mine turns out half as well as yours.
  6. Below are some pics of the Tamiya Lotus Europa in the Gold Leaf livery. This kit was originally issued in 1999 and was recently re-released by Tamiya with additional p/e parts, turned aluminum carb intakes, alternate wheels, and a rear wing. Sponsorship liveries replaced national team colors for the first time in Formula 1 in 1968 with the red, white, and gold of Gold Leaf tobacco colors of the Lotus 49. I saw pictures of these colors used on a Lotus Europa and decided it would make a good looking model. My version isn't intended to be a replica of any specific car, but more of a tribute to the brand and colors. The model is built pretty much box stock. I added some engine wiring but everything else came with the kit. Paint is Tamiya Spray Italian Red (TS-8) and Pure White (TS-26) decanted, mixed with Gunze Leveling Thinner, and airbrushed. The gold parts were sprayed with Alclad II Pale Gold and chrome trim was done in Alclad II Chrome and a Molotow Liquid Chrome marker. The Gold Leaf markings are from Indycals with the remaining decals from my spares. Overall, the kit went together very well. I hope you like the pictures. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  7. Nice clean build, Thomas. I've had this car on my project list for several years as well. I hope mine turns out as well as yours!
  8. Looks great from here, Jonathan. Love the livery. How was the kit?
  9. Really nice work, Anders. Ebbro has done some really nice kits of interesting subjects and you did a great job on this one.
  10. As mentioned earlier, this is not the easiest kit to build. You did a great job on it. Nice Work!
  11. I really like this build. Creative and very well executed. Also, I love the livery you designed. Great Job!
  12. Nice Work, Ray. Makes me want to pull this kit out of my stash.
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