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  1. Thanks again for the kind comments. Skip, quite honestly, I built this model 3+ years ago and don't remember my thought process. I probably just thought the polished aluminum trim would look better than the red leather.
  2. Looks great, Marco. You got the most out of this box-stock build!
  3. Thanks again for the kind comments.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Guys. David, it's the plastic kit.
  5. Below are some pictures of the Revell-Germany Jaguar XK-120. I didn't do much to the kit other than adding some engine wiring, detailing the dash, and adding some p/e wipers. Otherwise the kit was built box-stock. Paint is Tamiya Spray Dark Blue (TS-55) decanted and airbrushed, and a mix of Tamiya acrylics for the interior. All the kit chrome was stripped and repainted with Alclad Polished aluminum. I've built a few of the Revell-Germany classic sports cars and despite their age have found them to be great kits to build. They're also pretty readily available at model shows and I try to pick up as many as I can. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  6. Below are some pictures of Aardvark Models Maserati Birdcage built to represent the winner of the 1960 Nurburgring 1000 km., driven by Dan Gurney and Stirling Moss. This kit has been out of production for many years and has become a "Holy Grail" kit for a lot of us car modelers. I was able to get one from a member of one of the racing discussion groups who was selling off part of his stash. Overall the kit built up well but I thought by taking some extra steps it could be improved a bit. The resin sections of the "birdcage" were pretty warped in my kit so I rebuilt that section using Evergreen plastic rod. I Dremeled out the molded in screens over the vents and covered the openings with brass screen painted black. I added an air intake that was a characteristic of this car by flattening and shaping some aluminum tube. The instruments were wired and p/e bezels were used on the dash. I also replaced the kit p/e wire wheels with some from the Gunze Ferrari 250 GTO, which I thought looked a little more refined. Paint is Tamiya Spray Pure White (TS-26) with TS Blue (TS-15) for the stripes. Different shades of Alclad and Metalizer were used on the interior. Amazingly, the ancient Fred Cady decals that came with the kit worked like a charm. The model is far from perfect, but I'm glad to add it to my shelf. If I could I'd like to get another kit to build the red Penske car, but the folks that own one don't seem to want to give them up. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks again for the kind words, Guys. Gareth, thanks for the info on UK car licensing standards. Tim, on the fender beading, Gunze made it a little easier by molding in a tiny channel along the tops of the fenders. I used some nickel silver wire from a company called Albion Alloys. The wire comes in straight lengths that can be shaped and I tried to shape the wire as close to the shape of the fenders as possible. When I had the shapes I needed I laid a bead of white glue in the channels, put in the shaped pieces, taped them down with narrow strips of tape , and left them overnight. The next day I carefully removed the tape taking care to not lift the wire from the channel. There was some white glue residue left behind that had to be cleaned up. On my first one I ran a damp Q-Tip along the bead and learned quickly that dissolved the white glue holding the wire. On later ones I used a Q-Tip with some fine Tamiya polishing compound along the bead. That cleaned up the residue and helped to further seat the wire into the grooves. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks again for the kind comments, Guys.
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Guys.
  10. Below are some pics of the Gunze Sangyo Triumph TR-3. The kit is a curbside and was built essentially box-stock with the exception of some stainless steel wire added to the fender tops and some rivets to simulate the snaps for the convertible top. I also replaced the kit wheels with the plastic wire wheels from an Italeri Ferrari 250 GTO. Paint is Tamiya Spray British Green (TS-9) decanted and airbrushed and a mix of Tamiya acrylics for the interior. I was lucky to find this excellent kit at a model contest. Too bad it's out of production. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  11. Below are some pictures of the Porsche 911 GT1 driven by Allan McNish, Laurent Aiello, and Stephane Ortelli that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998. The kit is by Scale Productions, long out of production and built out of the box. Paint is House of Kolor white basecoat with an Omni urethane clear coat over the decals. Overall the kit was an easy build with the biggest challenge being the decals. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks again for the kind comments.
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