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    Here I am back again checking out the Chilly Willy man what a nice willy's. Love the paint job and that Chilly Willy Penguin. You did an awesome job building this Rod. This is the TRUE Hot Rods of Yesteryear and always will be in my book. The 27 Ford Sedans the 32 Ford Coupes the 39-40 Ford Coupes the 50 Mercs, right on up to the 55,56,57 Chevy's. Plus some others in between. Im still stuck in the Oldie's and I can't get out. I used to own some real nice ones but, due to two Back Operations had to sell them and get out of it. It was truly some of the sadist days of my life when I had to let my last car go a 1948 Anglia Pro-Street. All you guys that get goose bumps when you see a Willys like this one driving down the street then you know where I'm coming from. Keep up the great work and take good care of Chilly Willy something tells me I didn't really need to say that cause I know you will.