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  1. duesie added a post in a topic 2015 mustang headlights in resin for Revell snap tight   

    Thanks for the information and response about the headlights.  I will be checking with you soon about two sets.
  2. duesie added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    2015 mustang headlights in resin for Revell snap tight
    Is anyone casting headlights for the 2015 Revell Mustang snap tite>
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  3. duesie added a post in a topic Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria   

    Eric, I had a few questions about other Duesenbergs that you had built from a forum post on Nov.14, 2007. How can I contact you by email to discuss further.
    Looking forward to any progress on the Judkins Victoria soon.
  4. duesie added a post in a topic Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria   

    I don't mean to jump the topic, but my Rollston Convertible Victoria is not the Rollston Riveria. Fred Roes book is excellant resource for Duesenbergs and mine is replicate of one on page 209 at the top on the long wheel base.
    Thanks for everyones indulgence. I will study your picture closer .
  5. duesie added a post in a topic Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria   

    Where did you find pictures of the dash gauges to make copies of for this build?
    You have inspired me to finish a Rollston Victoria model.
    Keep up the good work as we are all enjoying your progress.
  6. duesie added a post in a topic Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria   

    Eric, your building skills are impressive and glad to see anothe rDuesenberg fan on the site. The resin hood is a life saver as I have eleven currently on started projects. Please finish it this time so we can see it.
    Aardvark also has the down exhaust and carb for this conversion.
    The monogram metal Packard kit has a great body for conversion to open car duesenbergs per Lee Baker previos conversations. Currently modeling an Murphey open car on short chasis.
    Sorry to ramble on, but you hit one of my passions.
  7. duesie added a post in a topic 68 Barracuda fix - Finished   

    When question have come up about paint removal on model bodies, I currently use Super Clean from Walmart at less than $8.00 a gallon and strips lacquer and enamel.
    Try it and you will love it as it doesn't damage plastic. Cleanup is wash with soapy warm water.
  8. duesie added a post in a topic 427 cobra with a few mods   

    Another fan of cobras, but wasn't aware that amt had a 1/25 scale 427 cobra kit available or I am missung something. Larry
  9. duesie added a post in a topic Resin Parts for Monogram Blue Beetle   

    I would like to model a clone of the Monogram Blue Beetle pickup. I have the body from a late kit, but neet the seats and the cadillac valve covers. I thought I had read somewhere that someone was casting the seats and valve covers.
    I know Replica and Minitures does the scuba tank and such.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    Larry Casey
  10. duesie added a post in a topic For the 30's era kits. Questions   

    I would add that being a great fan of the older classic cars and particularly focused on the Duesenbergs that any of these listed kits can make great conversion pieces with some research and effort.

    Model Martin's Mudd coupe is fantastic as is the stock Duesenberg hood he created. I have an order in for 10 of the stock hoods for already in progress Duesenbergs on my desk. The stock carb, air cleaner and stock exhaust can be cast from one of Art's old Duesenberg stock hood and accessory kit or from a Franklind Mint Gary Cooper yellow Duesenberg.

    I would be a candidate for any of the reissues or new classic resin kits.

    Larry Casey
  11. duesie added a post in a topic Morgan Automotive Detail   

    Is Art going to sell 6 slot Model AA or TT 1928-1929 wheels? I have been searching for some for some time. Have a couple of 1929 trucks to build.
  12. duesie added a post in a topic 1/25th scale Berkeley Jet Drive Kitbash Ski Boat   

    How could I get the web site to Steve Perry's Cainaga Casting so that I may order a berkeley jet drive unit?
  13. duesie added a post in a topic Conversion Parts For Monogram Duesenbergs   

    Being a die hard Duesenberg fan with over a dozen different ones started on the model desk, I would purchase any new kits or parts made available.
    I was fortunate to purchase the Cord kits and all the Duesenbergs from AAM in the 90's. My mouth still waters for more and also wished I had purchased a Mudd Coupe when they were available.

    I have tried to cast the louvered Duesenberg hoods with little satisfaction. I am in the process of up grading my casting product and want to try to cast the exhaust / carb for the louvered hood that I have. Thanks to Art and Lee Bake for the effort.

    My conversion of the Brunn torpedo waits on the 8 pipe exhaust if it ever comes.

    We are a small group that are passionate about these classics, but someone please tease us with some resin parts offerings.

  14. duesie added a post in a topic 32 ford commercial grill   

    Grandma's Resin also has the tires in blackwall with Firestone on the sidewall. Firestone was a camping buddy to Ford.
    The Johan classic Mercedes and Cadillac kits have the same tires.
    The wheels and tire from these kits can also be used on the 29 ford trucks.
    The rear end is the most difficult part that I am still struggling with on my build. May substitue the 28 Lincoln rear end as a temporary until issue solved.
    Best of luck and hope to see the results here.
  15. duesie added a post in a topic 32 ford commercial grill