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  1. Cord Sedan

    Eric The Cord resin that you are referring to were reworked efforts that Lee Baker created and the supplier lived in South Africa. He tragically died and all his resin production ceased I believe. Art Anderson may have more description of the history on the gentleman effort to revive has All American Duesenberg and cords. I was fortunate enough to acquire all of them as I am a Duesenberg nut. contact me if you need some help in acquiring a model for a project . Have some multiples of nearly all of the classic kits. Looking forward to your next project as the six ford model Ts were great.
  2. I used the amt 67/68 mustang chassis on a amt maverick and shorten the front frame in front of the firewall a small amout and penned the pieces together for strength. Worked out great. Will use the mustang chassis on a Comet as well. Good luck and looks like success. Duesie
  3. Great news for Duesenberg fans

    I received the Rollston Torpedo Victoria from Andy Martin today after ordering it a week ago. Fantastic transkit and upmost quality. Contains body, fenders, hood, carb ,exhaust as well as dash, interior seating and door handles. Thanks Andy for the great product and mailing after ordering. This was listed on ebay. I am still working on posting on the forum. Larry
  4. Great news for Duesenberg fans

    Thanks for the heads up on an yew Duesenberg kit. I ordered the Rollston Victoria kit last night. i know Andy will not sale a lot of these kits, but always looking for any Duesenberg in this scale. Want to thank Andy for making this kit available. I have fifteen of the hoods and exhaust pieces which are of the highest quality. Highly recommended vender. i want to list some of my Duesenberg projects as soon as I figure how. I will go to the top of the forum and ask direction as I have a Rollston Victoria in the Ford collection that I would like to post. Larry
  5. Art, I was learning a couple of good ideas on this build and it when away. your work had inspired me to get back to the modeling desk. Have you moved on to another great idea like many of us do before finishing our last creation? Thanks Duesie
  6. Bandai Duesenberg Body 1/24

    I will keep looking on ebay for the Bandai Duesenberg. A Japanese company called KOA also kited this Bandai Duesenberg as I have seen one for sale on Ebay also. The car in the kit is probably Car 2385, J365 body by Frany and just sold in San Antonio auction a year or so ago. Thanks for the looks. I am going to try and post a few Duesenberg conversiDuesieons very soon. Fuesie
  7. Bandai Duesenberg Body 1/24

    I would appreciate any help locating the 1/24 scale Bandai Duesenberg kit with the incorrect spelling on the box. I would be happy with just the body parts as the rest can from the monogram kits for parts and fenders. My most unobtainable kit. Thanks for Looking and currently working on to many Duesenberg conversions. Duesie
  8. 2015 Snap Mustang Headlights

    I ordered 2 sets of 2015 Revell Mustang Snap kit head lights and mirrors and was very pleased with the service of one week and quality. Frank Rizzo says best way to contact him since he took the store web page down was to mail him at Daftwheels@gmail.com.I I don't know what you have tried, but just a suggestion an search under my post as Duesie for said head lights. Duesie
  9. Mustang headlight arrived today ( Tuesday) and only ordered end of last week. Daft Wheels, Thanks for such responsive service and a great product. Duesie.
  10. I just placed an order for 2 sets of Mustang headlights through Paypal. Thanks for your effort in creating these since we may not get a full kit of a 2016. Duesie
  11. Thanks for the information and response about the headlights. I will be checking with you soon about two sets. Duesie
  12. Is anyone casting headlights for the 2015 Revell Mustang snap tite> Thanks Duesie
  13. Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria

    Eric, I had a few questions about other Duesenbergs that you had built from a forum post on Nov.14, 2007. How can I contact you by email to discuss further. Looking forward to any progress on the Judkins Victoria soon. Thanks Larry
  14. Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria

    I don't mean to jump the topic, but my Rollston Convertible Victoria is not the Rollston Riveria. Fred Roes book is excellant resource for Duesenbergs and mine is replicate of one on page 209 at the top on the long wheel base. Thanks for everyones indulgence. I will study your picture closer .
  15. Duesenberg J Judkins Victoria

    Where did you find pictures of the dash gauges to make copies of for this build? You have inspired me to finish a Rollston Victoria model. Keep up the good work as we are all enjoying your progress. Larry