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  1. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic Pacer racer - weathered - final update 8/20   

    Looking beatsly!!! 
  2. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic Randy Ayers Forum   

    I hope that rumor isn't true. If the site's not back up by the first of the year I may have to do Fantasy Cup over here. Know if Lee Loggins is on this forum too?
  3. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic Speed Shop Dio   

    This is looking epic!!!
  4. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic The Dukes of Hazzard "behind the scenes" the moment of impact   

    That's friggin' cool!!
  5. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic Vel's Parnelli Jones F5000 Al Unser Car   

    Nice fab work!!
  6. motorhead4646 added a topic in Dioramas   

    Razorback Motorsports Shop
    Often, your model only looks as good as the setting you photograph it in. I built this out of foam board, corrugated plastic from Plastruct, and various tools and spare parts. The cover for the garage door roller was made with 2 blister packs for Testors glue.

    There's never a dull moment here either!!

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  7. motorhead4646 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hey, Vern, it's me!!
    Hello hello there!! I'm Jared but I mainly go by JR (not junior XD). I'd TOTALLY forgotten that I had a profile on here so I hope to make some new friends and steal ALL of y'all's modeling tricks!! XD
    A bit about me, I started building models in 2004 and went pretty hard at it for about 10 years. I don't do it as much now but I still at least consider myself a casual builder. My love lies mostly with NASCAR models and I have enough in my room to fill an entire field and then some!! I've done a few other projects such as a Megadeth monster truck and a set of My Little Pony cars (as you can tell from my av, I'm a brony too).
    You can find about 95% of my work here:
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  8. motorhead4646 added a post in a topic Randy Ayres   

    Glad to know the site's on the comeback trail!! I'll hopefully be posting some silly season/preseason content for Fantasy Cup soon!!