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  1. Hey Snake now that things are calmed down here, put me in I will decided in the next day or 2
  2. won this in a dirty Santa club meeting for Christmas Party. We all had till 3-22-21 to finish. The only changes I made was I used the top part of the engine fron the Revell F&F Dodge Charger. Tires are from 1 of the AMT part pack.
  3. Nice looking build. How did the kit go together, as I have 1 of these also.
  4. Would be interested in the Aston Martin. Let me looks and see what I got.
  5. AMT 1/25 2010 Camaro Convertible. There are no 2 parts that fit together.
  6. Great trade with Cobraman, will trade anytime.
  7. Alright this is what I am going to try to finish. Started about 6 years ago. Revel 2010 Mustang GT Convertible.
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