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  1. I went on vacation last week here is some of what I saw, the first pics are of a used car lot in Nashville.
  2. SLIXX Decals.com has the brown decals for the bronze colored car. Then there is another guy on facebook making the other color mod top decals
  3. Congrads to the Riff Raff Club, that was a great show yesterday. Here are my pictures from the show.
  4. Missed you this year, hope everything is good with you.
  5. Mike will you be at Memphis Tomorrow ?
  6. If you count down to picture #20 & 21 that was the best paint, best Ford and 1st in the full custom class
  7. My stash adds from last weekend at the Heartland Nationals
  8. First I would like to thank the KC Slammers model club For another GREAT model show. Here are some pics from the show.
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