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  1. I am on my way for the 5th year in a row. Anybody with in driving distance should be at this show it is AWESOME.. My Tulsa buddies are going to be there also.
  2. Like the look you got on the Caddy
  3. First I would like to thank everybody for there input. Since nobody makes what I was looking for , I decided to making them myself. This is as far along I have gotten so far.
  4. If I was building a factory stock version. However pro street version.
  5. I had 1 years ago cut it up made a El Camino out of it
  6. Anybody make daully fenders for this truck
  7. ok guys thanks for the reply. I will send another pm
  8. Has anybody had a successful trade on this thread?? I ask because I sent an pm about a week ago and have received no response.
  9. Very nice build/ Always wanted one of these kits. Maybe someday
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