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  1. Finally got the Firebird done in the process I also finished a AMT 2008 Dodge Challenger. Here are some pics. The Firebird II used Fred Cady decals and my own resin Honeycomb rims with SHABO marking, the Challenger was built box stock. I am in if we do this again.
  2. Real nice and I love them old early Chevy II's
  4. My dad was Mighty mouse that sold Ray's stuff on Ebay. Everything you said about Ray is so true, I never new what happen to the molds. Also way back in the day when Ron started out with that 1/16 Dodge Daytona conversion, Ray use to take them around with him and sell them for Ron. My dad passed away about 3 or 4 years after Ray did they got along real good as they were cut from the same cloth. I got a Christmas card from Ray's wife that was done by her daughter, and was informed that Ruth has gone blind. Also Star Models in Nebraska has released some of the old Ray kits.
  5. I am looking for the Revell snap kit Hummer any version. This is what I have to offer
  6. Snake I didn't finish the Trans Am put me back in this next round with it.
  7. Mike and the Memphis crew knocked it out of the park again this year. I had a blast. Here are some pics. Enjoy and join us at next years show. What are those themes Mike.
  8. check with globaltoy on ebay think it is around 12.00 and is a reliable sell, I have been buying from for years.
  9. that is great box art, they should sell those excellent boxes from there kits separately.
  10. here is some pics of my favorites from Heartland
  11. More kits to add to the stash. got all at Heartland Nationals this past Sunday. This not counting all the resin I got from JPS Customs
  12. I am going to jump in with a Firebird Trans AM and try to finish for Memphis show in 2 weeks. I started this in 1991 used Fred Cady decals, my resin cast Honeycomb rims fuzzy fur on the interior.
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