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  1. Here a few pictures of the other Jada Models I have built
  2. with this Mustang complete I have built all 4 cars and the Camaro twice
  3. Those rim & tires are from Pegasis 20 inch chrome T's
  4. This is the Jada Toy plastic model of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. Just finished last night.
  5. Hey Snake I did finish the Honda S 2000. I thought I posted pictures. sorry , here are some pictures done
  6. If we are doing another round I will be in with Jada Toy 1/24?? Ford Mustang, kit is the plastic model version. Modifired the chassis to take the Pegaus 22 in Chrome T's painted with Tamiya TS 100 spray can with hood painted with Tamiya semi gloss started this about 10 years go
  7. Base was made with .99 cent wood base from Wal-Mart craft department. Trailer is a Jimmy Flintstone resin, rims & Tires are from Revell 1/25 1970 Chevelle snap kit. Ground work flowers and gravel is train supplies. Trailer hitch was cut from one of the trailers from the MPC 1976 Chevy Caprice. Concrete block is one of my resin blocks.
  8. One slick little Falcon. Looks great.
  9. Awesome build, and love the color. I have been looking for years to add one of those to my collection.
  10. Here is some of my glue bomb rebuilders I have collected over the years.
  11. Do not if you know , North Pulaski is no longer a school they built a new school where the old Jacksonville High School was, and built a new High School that combined Jacksonville, and North Pulaski
  12. I am looking to trade these kits. I am looking for Lindberg 1/25 1966 Chevelle Revell 1/25 Foose 67 Firebird Revell 1/25 1967 Camaro gold on the box cover All must be mint and not started.
  13. well I got some paint on the Honda here is some pics. Hopefully will finish this weekend. Already have my next build ready to go.
  14. very nice looks good
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