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  1. Hey guys i really need to know how to lower a truck. Thanks, Alex
  2. Thanks guys you are all giving me very good ideas and im liking the kits im seeing thanks again guys. Alex
  3. ya i think i was leaning more towards the light blue on it. But im still not sure on it yet. Alex
  4. Hey guys i am doing a chevy luv truck and i am really stuck on what color i should paint it so if any one has an suggestions please tell me. Thanks, Alex
  5. OMG!!!!!!! i love fall out 3 and i have always thought to my self when i saw the cars "i wonder if some one will try to build these" lol i play that game like every day of my life but thats probably because im a 13 year old well any ways this car looks amazing!!!!!!!!! Alex
  6. thanks for the good comments guys!i will havepictures of it done ,up soon because i finished it yesterday with flat white interior with evergreen flocking and some photo etched interior junk! Thanks, Alex
  7. i am actually going to do the interior white with green flocking
  8. Thanks guys ill keep you posted,especially because i just finished it today
  9. holy cow!!!! that slammers fury snap kit is the very first kit i have ever built!!!!!!
  10. of course its still not done yet though . i have to put the interior in and i have to make a few touch ups
  11. Hey guys i know i haven't been on in a very long time but i have come back to show you this rebuild of an old johan amx javelin that i restored in less than a week. oh and by the way the white stripe isnt paint......its a vinyl lol . well take a look at it and tell me what you think. Thanks, Alex Thanks for looking!, Alex
  12. nice job on the car!!! Alex PS. is that a PRS in between those legs?!?!?!
  13. CheaterSlick

    My Avanti

    very nice work man!!!! i always have liked the avanti's Alex
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