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  1. Brent looking good do far man. Chase 1, Doug and Mark have some great ideas on the fenders. I will add one more for you as well. I built this Prerunner out of the same kit and I used some rattle can paint caps and a ton of bondo to smooth everything in. Just make sure you use alot of glue if you go my route, LOL. You can always fix it when you start smoothing everything out. Good luck man, I am waiting to see this one done. Jake
  2. Thanks Mark. The mold did it's job and I am sure there are a few other tricks to making the mold last longer than it did. I am still learning on casting bodies and I can only improve on the next ones. Jake
  3. Hey man nice looking rig. Congrats on the 1st place finish too. Jake
  4. Looking good man. Keep up the progress on this one. jake
  5. Thanks guys I do appreciate the comments. Slammer, I will be waiting for the pics of yours. Jake
  6. I just finished this model. I took about a month and a half to get it done. It has resin wheels, scratch built high lift jack, scratch built suspension and shocks, resin dana 60 axles with resin knuckles. The base was built out of some green floral foam that I carved and sanded into the shape needed. I used some model train turf and ballast to cover the foam. The mud was a combo of chalk, water, and flour mixed up. I used my dremel tool to apply the mud on the body and frame. I am happy with the results. Thanks for looking. Jake
  7. The canvas top looks great man. Overall the truck really turned out nice. Great job Jake
  8. Here are some updated pics. I just finished the terrain for the build. I still have some more work to do but I am starting to wrap it up and weather the model. The stuff in the back is just placed there for the pics. I have plans for each item you see. Jake
  9. Thanks man, I used kleenex soaked with elmers glue. It worked out ok. I still have to spray the thing a final time to cover up the last bit of white. Well the body is painted and most of the detailing is done on the outside. I was torn on the color so I grabbed a color I had and went with it. It is growing on me the more I look at it. The flat black trim really makes the difference. Anyway I figure I should get it done by the end of the week. Thanks for the comments so far. Jake
  10. Its been a while but I am still working on this one. The front suspension is glued in and I am finishing up the details in the bed. This canvas top was a lot of problems but I am happy with the results.
  11. Brent, it is good to see you back on this. You have come along way since the last time I saw pictures of this truck. I will be looking forward to more pics. Jake
  12. Which kit is the 181? I only know of the WWII Kubelwagon. If you can let me know which kit you are talking about I would love to make a baja body and cast it. Jake
  13. I hate to say this but the mold has taken a turn for the worst. I knew this would happen eventually. I got a great run out of the mold and I casted about 70 bodies from it. The really bad news is I am not making another mold of this body. I still have 23 bodies left that I am bringing to the NNL in Georgia. This is all that is left. I would like to thank the guys who ordered bodies and I hoe they make great models. I am working on a new Baja body now and I hope to have it ready very soon. Jake
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys, it is much appreciated. Andy, email has been sent.
  15. This is going to be one sharp model when it is complete. Have you come up with some springs yet? Can't wait to see more. Jake
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