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  1. DanielG added a post in a topic Tamiya Clear coat eating paint underneath?   

    TS-13 can provide some very 'interesting' results. The most common mistake is to spray it on too soon, even over Tamiya lacquers. Even if it does not attack the base material it can crack, showing up days later. Very annoying!
  2. DanielG added a post in a topic Revell Thermopylae   

    I built that model when I was in my teens. Back when the instructions were in English and every part was named and you actually learned something when you built a model. I knew the name of every halyard and sheet and stay by the time I was done. A cathead got broken and I could never properly fix it so it ended up being junked. Better luck with yours.
  3. DanielG added a post in a topic Scrap Container Haul - CALLING IT DONE!!!   

    Paint it blue and it looks exactly like the ones around here. Good job!
  4. DanielG added a post in a topic Ford LN8000 Refuse Truck   

    Well, after 20 years on one of those trucks I can tell you that looks exactly like a working garbage truck, after being on the job for only about a week. Also, you  missed the smell entirely! Great job!
  5. DanielG added a post in a topic Transfer caboose   

    Very nice work, Dave. I try to do scale for other people but I do gauge for myself. A little fudged to fit with my Lionel stuff.
  6. DanielG added a topic in All the Rest   

    Transfer caboose
    I built this transfer caboose for a friend's railway. Scratch built to 1/48 scale out of styrene with metal grab-irons etc. and a wooden deck. It covers a heavy brass cleaning component, trucks are Atlas (I think!).

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  7. DanielG added a post in a topic CAT D11 bulldozer 06-21-15 update   

    Very interesting project. I thought that these brutes were all to a larger scale. I know some guys are taking them stock and displaying them.
  8. DanielG added a post in a topic 1950's Ford "Emergency Unit"   

    At first I thought that you were going to make do with the shorter body but I see the saw has come out! Good job.
  9. DanielG added a post in a topic Diecast modeling beginner   

    Hello. I have not done much with die-cast cars (I assume you are talking cars) lately but I seem to recall that Testors and Bhurago did some simple kits. The bodies were die-cast and the detail parts mostly plastic. You don't need anything special to assemble them. If you start to  disassemble built models to modify them then I would suggest a good fine-tooth saw (Zona) and an assortment of small and not so small files, sanding supplies and fillers for metal. Checking out the various builds posted on this site (not just die-cast) will help point you in the right direction.
  10. DanielG added a post in a topic RIP SHEP   

    The most effective thing that he did in this dio is to put the vehicle IN the dio not on it! Everything follows from that.
  11. DanielG added a post in a topic The first Jaguar   

    Classic, great job!
  12. DanielG added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New Pics 4/3   

    Great job as always, Randy! It is almost enough to get me inspired to start on my F88 project, almost, and in a bigger scale and not any where near as elaborate, should I actually get motivated.
  13. DanielG added a post in a topic CPR 2317   

    Thank you. It keeps me from going squirrely!
  14. DanielG added a post in a topic 1931 Rolls Royce   

    A nice look overall, and I too like the whites.
  15. DanielG added a post in a topic First one finished in about 3 years or so.   

    Don't you just hate when guys photoshop their 1:1 into the thread?
    Great work!