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  1. Amazon pop up on site

    That's what I have too.
  2. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Both have been done, MPC had a 1978 annual kit of the Camaro and Monogram/Revell have reissued this 79 multiple times. The Thunderbird has been done too.
  3. Amazon pop up on site

    Use some type of ad blocker. I have Avast antivirus and there is an ad blocker with it, and I never see an ad here.
  4. You're quite welcome and just wish I could help more than just the info, but I've been thinking about trying to convert the 377 into a prettier truck too! I've don't remember seeing the CNC frame rails, are they metal or plastic? I've started two custom projects with big frames and just did the "slice and dice" to them. This one that has been an ongoing project for about 8 years on and off now I added C channel to and put some small square brass tubing inside the rails to add strength and this one used the center section of the unused frame rails in the Can Do wrecker to give this Revell of Germany Pete 359 a little more frame length light those beautiful Rollin Transport trucks! It's ironic that you posted pics of Rollin Transport trucks, because I have a computer game called American Truck Simulator that I have a paint skin with the stripes from the orange truck that I use for my "company" trucks for my more experienced "drivers" in the game. Of course though, being the "boss" of the "company", I have to have the more stylish ride! I just wish I could find paint to replicate the paint job, the black shifts to a metallic rootbeer brown and the sliver/red on the bottom half, and if you couldn't tell I love my chicken lights and chrome! The trailer isn't mine, just one of the "jobs" in the game so that's why it doesn't match my truck. She's also lit up like a Christmas tree when I'm pulling an oversized load! Everything lit on the bumper in the pic has a matching light on the other side all set up in a wig wag pattern, and the lights not lit on the tank in the pic are also strobe beacons.
  5. Best Way to Store Molotow Pens?

    The ones that I have found at Hobby Lobby come in 1MM, 2MM, and 4MM sizes, and they also have refills for the pens that can be sprayed through an airbrush and eliminates the need for the pens.
  6. 1978-'83 Chevy Malibu questions

    While I don't know about what the resin wagon is based on, I think I would have to agree with Rick that the 86 Elky would be the best donor since I've found through some issues I'm having finding a good donor for a 70 Elky resin I recently got that Elkys were based on a wagon's wheelbase.
  7. Monogram 1940 Ford Truck

    I don't know about what colors these were molded in other than obviously the "Lemon Crate" release was molded in yellow, these are some Google images of the different box art variations for the 40 Ford Pickup. I also found an approximate timeline for most of the issues on a site I'm a member of, scalemates.com and here is a link to that timeline and the years above the pics are what the timeline indicates for a year of release. https://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=265704&p=timeline 1964 1973 1980 1985 Though not in the timeline, by the box art I think this is around 1990 or 1991 1995 2000 2011
  8. Monogram Buick GNX

    Are you sure you are not checking a regular Grand National?? The original GNX was in the High Performance Series from Monogram and the GNX is different from the stock Grand National with the added fender flares, vents added to the front fenders, and tires and wheels similar to the Trans Ams of the day. The GNX kit tires are Goodyear Eagle VR50s and the standard Grand National has the Goodyear GT Radial that has been in almost all their car kits since the 70s except for the ones needing performance tires. The flares John is looking for ARE listed in the instructions of the GNX. Sorry that I can't help out with the parts other than the information here so that those that can maybe help can ensure they are looking in the correct kit John, but I only have the one GNX in my stash.
  9. Our Michael's is a joke

    Actually you did leave out one thing, embossing powders in various colors for flocking interiors.
  10. AMT Trailers

    HAPPY DANCE!!! Though I would also like to see them offer up some new trucks and/or trailers to their lineup.
  11. Just a quick poll

    C. None of the above
  12. AMT Trailers

    Is there any time frame of when the Wilson will be out? I'm not that excited about the Peerless, I have one from the old Paystar Logger and the standalone kit, but would like to get a few more Wilsons.
  13. Lowe's Home Improvement leaving Hendrick Motorsports

    Oh, so being a next door neighbor and a customer makes you an "expert" on Hendrick's business then? I guess that makes me an expert in the pizza business because I live less than a half mile away from 2 and eat their pizza. I guess too that working someplace for multiply years qualifies one for "expert" status too, so I guess since I've driven a truck for 20 years that makes me an expert in the trucking industry. Also, I guess you have proven you aren't "just some hillbilly" because at least hillbillies at least know the difference between "manufacture" and "manufacturer"!
  14. Lowe's Home Improvement leaving Hendrick Motorsports

    Oh, I'm sure after an almost life long involvement with Chevrolet, Hendrick would go to a different manufacturer! Does City Chevrolet ring a bell?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Hendrick
  15. Hobby shops in Pittsburgh, Pa

    Hobby Express in Cranberry Township and Auto Models LLC in Greensburg PA are both great shops. Auto Models LLC, in addition to new current releases, also carries a nice selection of OOP (out of production) kits. I live in the Steubenville OH area and both are worth my drive! There is also Tony Tyler's Hobby Center in the West Mifflin section of Pittsburgh, and though I haven't personally been there myself, is another you might check out.