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  1. highway added a post in a topic Squad 51 with lights & siren finally done   

    I still watch the show, MeTV has it on in my area for 2 hours between 4PM and 6 PM. 
    Very nice build, where did you get the box and the decals? 
  2. highway added a post in a topic Least popular kits   

    They sold at least one! 

  3. highway added a post in a topic Least popular kits   

    Yeah, I Googled it after I said that!  I thought Revell did do that for real, because I remember seeing the Ferrari and TC's chopper, just couldn't remember if I had actually seen the van. 
  4. highway added a post in a topic AMT Mack R model being reissued in 2017   

    I'm just curious if it will match the box art this time, unlike the early 2000s reissue that had the spoke wheels and square fuel tanks (IIRC without running to the model room to look) on the box art but Alcoas and round tanks in the kit. 
    I actually would like to see this upcoming issue have both sets of wheels. It's just a matter of personal taste, but I like Alcoas for the front steers but the spokes would be nice on the drives for heavy haulers or adding something like a dump or wrecker body to it. 
  5. highway added a post in a topic Least popular kits   

    I thought the Magnum PI Vanagon was an actual kit.  And I have #1 and #2 on the list in my stash, just not the "Special Editions"! 
  6. highway added a post in a topic Corvette C7R - Revell new tool   

    I just find it funny that when it comes to a Revell goof up, that those brake rotors clearly look like to me, nobody seems to care but when it comes to Japanese kits not having a engine everyone gets fired up. 
    I guess it might just be that this kit does have an engine, regardless of the fact there is no transmission or running gear to attach it to the wheels! 
  7. highway added a post in a topic Has anybody had any paint crazing problems on Moebius kits?   

    As Greg said in his opening post, I have also used DupliColor paints almost exclusively (with a few exceptions like my custom Ford that wears Rustoleum Colorshift on both the truck and the trailer) for many years and haven't any issues other than the one I posted earlier of crazing painting over the DulpiColor "Chrome". The paint on the other custom rig in my pics is all DupliColor Perfect Match Acrylic Lacquer, GM Bright Red and GM Bright White, and some of the red on the underside of the trailer and on the reefer unit was sprayed directly on the bare plastic with no primer. 
  8. highway added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Two posts BEFORE the pictures! 
  9. highway added a post in a topic Has anybody had any paint crazing problems on Moebius kits?   

    The trailers for both of these builds are Moebius' 53 foot Great Dane trailers and I didn't have any issues with them. 

    The only issues I have had with any of the four trailers I have opened was on one roof I originally painted with DupliColor "Chrome" paint, but I think it was more a paint issue that the plastic itself. The "Chrome" came out fine with no issues, but I wanted to change it since the "Chrome" isn't very durable to handling when the trailer was in initial mock up stage and it can't be clear coated to protect the shine, it will turn a silver/grey with no shine. I sprayed grey primer over the "Chrome" and the primer started crazing and cracking. and then tried to repair the damage with Bondo Spot and Glazing putty which also crazed and cracked in the same places I was trying to repair, all the way down to the "Chrome"

    Like I stated, I think that was more because of the DupliColor "Chrome" and painting over it rather than the kit's plastic itself. The roof of the painted trailer in this pic is the one I tried to repaint and the paint was fine before I sprayed the primer on it so I could use Alclad instead. 

  10. highway added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got this yesterday in the mail in a trade with ranma. 

    Now the question is to tear or not to tear the shrink wrap!!! 
  11. highway added a post in a topic Trading   

    And you are 1,080 minutes too late seeing the post in the trade section! 
  12. highway added a post in a topic Revell 4th quarter releases   

    Hmmmmm........it sure looks like the scale in the lower right hand corner of the pic Casey posted says 1/25th scale!!
  13. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    I think by the time I'm finished putting the "lights" on both of my custom project's trailers, I'm going to make sure I have reservations for the nut house! I do have all but the passenger side of the trailer finished because I'm starting to not only get tired but close to losing the little bit of mind I have left LOL!! The two custom trailers will be done the same and here are the stats: 9 lights across the front top, 53 amber 2 red split between the top and bottom of each side, and 9 across the top and 5 across the bottom of the rear equaling a total of 133 lights and if you count the 4 tail lights, a grand total of 137 lights on EACH trailer!!

  14. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Well, it's time for an update that I was hoping would be much different but unfortunately issues reared their ugly heads. I was hoping to be finished with this and my custom Ford yesterday for the show in Pittsburgh, but instead some scratch building didn't come out quite right. I made these stack mounts instead of the stainless steel mount I used for the stack mock up pics
    and somehow after I added a cross brace at the bottom to give the mounts some added support for the monster 10" stacks and the matching straight pipes for the air intakes and everything got shifted to the driver's side. 

    Before I took the mess off the frame

    I tried to add the passenger side intake pipe (which are also from Ryan Mylnek's Rhino's Custom Model Truck Parts) and it was leaning to the rear and would not fit between the rear cab mount and the stack mounts, and the intake pipes have to be angled between the cab mount and stack mounts or they will be hitting the back of the engine, so a complete redesign is needed. I now just have to hope I can save the mounting brackets that come with the stacks or get more off of Ryan after I build another new set of stack mounts. 
    I also am hoping I didn't mess up these new cab hinges I had to make since both hinges from the kit are one of the multiple pieces that broke because of aged and brittle plastic that I was planning on saving until one decided to do a disappearing act in my model room, so my only solution was to scratchbuild some hinges.  

    Actually Dan, I would talk her into going to Hobby Lobby! The color (topaz) that I got at the same time quite a few years ago at Michael's for the front and side marker lights as the ones I used for the rear lights is no longer offered in the separate packs like the one on the left side of this pic:

    Michael's only sells the topaz now in a combo pack of 90 stones along with another color called smokey topaz and 3 different (3MM, 4MM, and 5MM) sizes, and it is $9.99 here in the states. The pack on the right is what I got at Hobby Lobby, the color is smoked topaz and they are only $2.99 for a pack of 112 stones. They seem to me to not have as much brilliance as the ones from Michael's, but for as many as I plan on putting on not only this trailer but also the one for my custom Ford, I would have probably had $50 to hopefully have enough!  As it is, even with 224 stones in the 2 packs of the smoked topaz I bought at Hobby Lobby, I'm still short 2! This trailer and the one for the Ford will be done the same, and I have started the Ford's trailer. 

    On both trailers, there will be 9 lights across the top of the front above the reefer unit, 52 amber and 2 red along the top and bottom of the sides, and 9 red across the top and 5 more will be added between the taillights on the bottom, because the area between the tail lights just looks bare with the lights already installed along the top of the rear. That equals a total of 131 lights on each trailer, and if you count the 4 tail lights, it will be a grand total of 135 lights each!!
  15. highway added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    For some reason I'm thinking more along the lines of "Hold my beer...."