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  1. highway added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '83 Camaro Z28   

    So it will be the one in this pic???

    Good to hear if it is, because I prefer this kit much more than any other 3rd Gen Camaro or Trans Am from MPC/AMT. 
  2. highway added a post in a topic Italeri 1/24 Volvo VN 780   

    You aren't the only one old and stubborn!!!  As a driver, I don't like super singles at all and won't drive a truck with them not only for the safety factor of being stuck on the side of the road and not able to get to an exit ramp like I can with duals but they seem to me to ride much differently as well. I drove a couple tractors from a factory to a terminal for one company I worked for while waiting for a truck assignment, and the ones that had super singles seemed to ride much rougher and also wander on the road more than the same tractors I drove from the factory with duals. 
  3. highway added a post in a topic 78 Firebird decals..   

    Jeremy, if you have a way you could print the decals or if someone here could print a set for you, I have the "Warbird" version and could scan them for you. I wish I could do more than just offer you the scan, but I am a Trans Am lover and finding the "Trans Am" names are near impossible in newer kits. 
    Since you did mention specifically the "Bandit" though, you might be better off getting this kit:

    Though you would still have to source the "Trans Am" names for the front fenders, nose, and rear spoiler, it would give you everything else you need down to the correct licence plates for the "Bandit" and has the correct "Hurst" T-Tops that the 78 does not have as well as the correct automatic transmission. The only real downfall of this kit is that it has four screws to attach the chassis to the body, but other than that seems to be about the same level of detail as the 1/24th scale 78. 
    One last suggestion would be this "Blackbird" from MPC, it also has the correct "Hurst" T-Tops and DOES include all the "Trans Am" scripts! 

    This issue I have was reissued in the maybe about 10 years ago, and while I've personally not ever been a fan of the older MPC Trans Ams compared to the Monogram kit, it does have all the markings you'd need to make the "Bandit" except for the licence plates. 
  4. highway added a post in a topic Lifeguard decals ?   

    Yes, Lindberg did one of the trucks (99.9% sure it was the Toyota) as a "Baywatch" version.
  5. highway added a post in a topic Datsun Monster Tow Truck   

    Mike, while the Datsun kit has the appearance of a Holmes wrecker unit as in this box art pic

    it still does not appear to be close to the closest style of boom that I could find in a Google image search. 

    Honestly in my opinion, if you want to build a correct light duty wrecker, I suggest the GMC from Revell. 

    It appears other than an older version from the late 70s or early 80s from Revell called the "Capt. Hook", Holmes also called theirs "Capt. Hook". 

    You could also modify the GMC kit's bed to make one like this with a little scratchbuilding. The old Revell "Midnight Cowboy" also has a bed like this one, though the boom is slightly different. 

    I'm not knocking the Datsun in any way, because I don't have the kit yet, but I think the GMC or a Cowboy bed would be a much better starting point if you want a regular light duty tow truck. 
  6. highway added a post in a topic wheel help   

    You're welcome Chris, and what you found online was exactly what I meant by permits making all the federal guidelines go out the window! 
    As for the wheel size being a factor, I don't know able that either but since you did mention the manufacture rating, it could have an influence in the GAWR (gross axle weight rating) and the GVWR that the truck as the manufacture equipped it, but that still doesn't make a difference in the state or federal guidelines for allowable weights. The manufacture specs are different depending on how the truck is equipped, a vocational truck such as a dump truck, garbage truck, or a tractor built for heavy hauling is built with much heavier duty components than an over the road truck would be.  
  7. highway added a post in a topic wheel help   

    This may or may not help Chris, but by federal regulations the maximum weight is 80,000 pounds for a regular 5 axle tractor trailer with a breakdown like this:
    Steering axle=12,000 lbs
    Tandem drive axles=34,000 lbs
    Trailer tandem axles=34,000 lbs
    Trailer tandem spread axles=40,000 lbs but total GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) still cannot exceed 80,000 lbs
    That is the rules for federal interstate over the road trucks, but there are also state regulations that muddy the waters so to speak, but the max I would say a three axle truck could weigh would be more around the 50,000 lb range with a steering axle with wider "float" tires, which I believe may raise the max steer axle weight to 17,000 lbs. Other than the wider float steering tires, tire size doesn't have a difference in the allowable weights. The common size for wheels today are 22.5 rims, though 24.5 are still used, but the biggest difference is the sidewall height, which is why the tires for 22.5 rims are commonly called "Lo Pros" because of a lower sidewall profile than the "tall rubber" 24.5s. 
    You could still build a dump truck with three axles, but at least most in my area in the WV, OH, and PA region near Pittsburgh hauling coal usually have at least one liftable "tag" axle and more commonly two or three tags, making them 5 or 6 axle trucks. 
    5 axle

    6 axle

    The lift axles add 17,000 lbs to the gross weight, so one added to a 3 axle dump truck with a steering axle with the wider float steer tires (like the 5 axle Peterbilt has) would give the truck a 68,000 lb GVWR. 
    Hopefully this helps you some, but those are the easiest examples using the federal guidelines. Everything can vary state to state, and permits to haul heavier can throw everything out the window! 
  8. highway added a post in a topic Biiiiig turbo   

    Not only would you crush the Mustangs with that, you'd crush your Honda!!!
  9. highway added a post in a topic AMT Mack R685ST Semi Tractor Kit Review   

    Are the 10 hole Alcoas in this issue? I thought that I had heard that it was going to have both fuel tank and wheel options, but I didn't see the Alcoas in the video. I had plans to add a few more of these to the stash, but no Alcoas could change that since a few of my ideas either include having all Alcoa wheels or at least a mix of the front Alcoas with the spoke rears. 
  10. highway added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    Danny, do you make a four hole dually front with the hubs for the single wheel or will those hubs fit the dually wheel drilling out the 2WD bearing cap to replicate this?

  11. highway added a post in a topic Papa / Hideout truck builds ?   

    This is not finished, but this is an original Papa Truck kit that I transformed into a regular tractor with some custom touches to be a long frame custom rig. 

    This will be now a project for one of the two Papa Trucks I currently have in the stash, as working with the original kit has become more of a pain as the project progressed. I got tired of fighting brittle 30-40 year old plastic and shelved the project for now after it seemed all I had to do was breathe on it and another part would break!  I do plan for the other Papa and one of the 3 Super Bosses on the shelves to actually be built as the racing combo, the other 2 Bosses have "donated" their V12s for other customs! 
  12. highway added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Ace, from reading Mike's post, I'm not quite sure that is what Mike is taking about. 
  13. highway added a post in a topic Revell 1/8th L.A. Chopper   

    I'm not sure of all the details, but about 6 months ago at one hobby shop I go to from time to time, I seen a few police bikes on the shelves from one of the Japanese manufacturers. I'm not sure if they were the Harley or not, the only thing I clearly remember was one was CHP and another was LAPD. 
  14. highway added a post in a topic Revell 1/8th L.A. Chopper   

    Honestly in my opinion, the older kits here and another I have very similar to the reissue of the "Grim Reaper" from Revell called the "Chain Gang" (which oddly is a 1/12th scale) are more what I consider a chopper compared to the newer Revell offerings. I'm not saying the newer kits aren't nice, but for my tastes they are more a stock type bike with added "bling" than they are a chopper. I had to heavily modify the "Crusader" I have to meet my personal tastes to be a chopper. 

    Also, though I don't know you, I would build a cop bike! 
  15. highway added a post in a topic Nelson Truck hood conversions   

    Not really sure if I can do that or not, as art is not one of my strong suits!  I'll give it a try though.