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  1. highway added a post in a topic Models at the Office?   

    I think you misunderstood my statement, and I'm just going to leave it at that. 
  2. highway added a post in a topic Now what do I do with it ?   

    Thanks Jon. 
  3. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    I have been busy with this over my "weekend", but I have to go back to the real things in the morning. I did, after two 8 oz cans of DupliColor GM Bright Red, get the frame, body of the cab and the trailer, and the trailer suspension and landing legs all painted.

    I think it may have been good and bad that I have to repaint the white next "weekend", good because in the second pic it looks like I may have been a little off getting the truck and trailer white stripe matched, but bad because if I widen the trailer stripe to the rib below where it ends at the bottom now, I have to cover the red. 

    I did start the pinstripes, but I think it is going to be a challenge to get them all to lay flat around the curves on the front.

    The gold are two different stripes, but the last curve I did for the night on the upper driver side came out the best.

    Hopefully by next "weekend", I'll have the engine ready to sit between the framerails, some modifications have to be made to raise it slightly so the exhaust manifolds I made will clear a few things and also not be sitting on the frame. I also have to now fix both cab hinges, because the only "good" one snapped off, and I barely touched it! I'm half afraid to breathe on this thing, because the plastic seems like it is so brittle from age even breathing will cause something to fall off!
  4. highway added a post in a topic Looking for Revells T600 kit   

    This one:

    And no, I don't have this, I just found the pic with a quick Google image search. 
  5. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Actually Dan, the glue residue is not an issue anymore, and pics of the clearcoated cab and probably a mock up should be coming later. I had same issue with another tape when I masked the base aluminum strip at the bottom of the walls, and why I didn't use that same tape for the fine line masking this time, and I just had to wait a little while for the glue to dry out a little more tonight. I then took a microfiber cloth and simply rubbed the rest of the glue residue off in about 10 or 15 minutes. 
    I also did a little touch up on the red on the front, and also noticed the Pactra fine line tape I used must have shifted on the passenger side, because I could see a faint line that matched the arc of the driver side, but the red was below that line and the two sides did not match. I took a white ultra fine paint marker and carefully touched up the two sides so I don't have as much to try to hide when I do the pinstripes. I'm just hoping the Pactra pinstipe tape I bought sticks better than the fine line masking tape did, but also why there will still be a coat or two of regular clear to go on everything to help seal the pinstripes. 
  6. highway added a post in a topic shout out   

    Thank you Kevin, glad I could help you out! 
  7. highway added a post in a topic Now what do I do with it ?   

    I wouldn't use it for swap fodder, remember a happy wife=happy life! She may get......for a lack of a PG term.....upset that you didn't like what she got you when clearly she was thinking of you. I agree with building it for her, and if not for her, then at least make it something like the roadster idea. 
    Of course, if you use it for something custom, I might need the stock wheels!  I got a secondhand partial built from a friend that I had bought it for as a birthday gift for him when we were teenagers, but some of the parts have gone MIA!
  8. highway added a post in a topic Models at the Office?   

    BUT.......you wouldn't have to work eight hour shifts, you could work on them whenever you felt like it and just at a few hours at a time. I've had my "weekend" the past two days, and nothing planned, and I have spent most of it in my model room working on a couple projects, and I spent probably eight hours total yesterday and probably four or five today so far, but I'm currently on "break". 
  9. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Thanks Rich, and stocked up on the GM Bright Red I used by getting 2 more cans today. And speaking of paint, it is time for an update and.......
    SUCCESS!!! Well, somewhat, because I did have a little issue around the curves on the front of the cab and I expected that, but that area will be covered with black and gold pinstripes anyway to hide the boo boos.

    A couple issues I was not expecting was that the tape I used to mask the center white stripe between the red would be nice enough to leave its glue behind

    and that the Rustoleum supposedly low tack painters tape I used for masking everything else pulled off some of the white on the trailer. 

    I was hoping that maybe the clear I used, which is DupliColor "Clear Effex" to give all the body panels a metallic pearl look, would maybe blend the white and the white of the trailer together, but no such luck if you look closely to the upper left corner of the white. 

    I'm hoping the clear will protect the red from doing the same thing when I repaint the white during my next weekend off next week. The only part that I haven't had any issues with is the reefer unit, and also shows the effect from the "Clear Effex" clearcoat. 

    I wanted to have a pearl look to the cab and trailer sides so the frame of the truck and the legs and suspension on the trailer wouldn't just "blend" with the body panels, but also I wanted all the red to be the same matching color with just a little visual difference. 
  10. highway added a post in a topic Ford LTL 9000 Custom with Livestock Trailer   

    Thank you Andrew, and it's time for a little update. 
    A small step towards getting this closer to something I haven't done in many, many years.....COMPLETION!! It's also another small step in learning a little more about using my airbrush, because this is the first time I've thinned regular paint to use in the airbrush and not just used a airbrush ready paint. 

    I used Model Master USSR Fulcrum Gray/Green to hopefully get close to Detroit Green, and at least to my eyes, it is at least close. 
  11. highway added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Italeri does offer a wheel and tire set just like Moebius does. Italeri does also offer two different accessory sets, one that is a mix of parts and one that is mostly exhaust "sidepipes" for Euro trucks but also has a frame mounted Effin crane. The Detroit Series 60 as a separate parts pack would be a wonderful addition! 
  12. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Well, I'm going to be nervous and scared to see how this turns out, it's the first time in almost 30 years I have attempted to do a two tone paint job. Everything in this pic that is white has magically turned red, and hopefully everything under the tape will still be white! 

    I have to wait until I get more paint AGAIN tomorrow to see how it all turned out, and I don't understand why I seem to be using to much paint for projects lately, because a brand new 8oz. can of DupliColor GM Bright Red has bit the dust with just a few mist coats and only about one or two heavier (just heavy enough to start to start covering completely, and even the truck roof still has light spots an a little white showing through) color coats on the cab, trailer sides, and reefer unit. I don't know if it is just because I'm out of practice since this is really the first serious painting I have done since a few projects in 2010 and 2011 or the paint has changed somehow, but I used to get a lot more mileage out of a can of paint!
  13. highway added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    No, they weren't, though the Petes share a common frame also, and the Volvo really doesn't fit the discussion because though it is a nice kit, it also isn't what I would consider a "full detail" kit and with the one piece frame not a real challenge either. 
    And I think they will, because even with the newest trucks prior to the Volvo, the Freightliner FLD 120, Ford Aeromax,  and the Western Star Constellation, still used the same common frame. The Freightliner FLD 120 did get newly tooled more modern single bellow airbags for the rear suspension, but that was the only change. All three were modern trucks at the time, because I had the FLD 120 riding around in my 1:1 FLD 120. 
  14. highway added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Honestly, and not to discredit or put down your post in any way Vincent or yours Chris because it goes along with this comment too, but a key word in your comment Vincent is UNIVERSAL. Italeri has the horrible habit of making all their US truck kits UNIVERSAL because all of their truck kits use the same frame and running gear no matter what the truck is, and they mix and match parts from other kits. A very good example of this I just posted in the under glass section recently was a build of the Western Star LA Fire wrecker, the small sleeper in the kit does not match the look of the Constellation cab at all, and looks to me to be actually an older Freightliner sleeper. The build itself was very nice, but that badly matched kit sleeper couldn't help but keep my eyes going back to how badly it looked with that Western Star cab. I'm sure if we would see a KW in any version or any that Chris mentioned, they would either butcher it to fit the "universal" frame or if we would be fortunate enough to see a new tooling, it would be like the Volvo and just a curbside. 
    And also, don't believe I am knocking Italeri either, because I have many of their trucks in my collection. I just believe any new subjects would end up being anything they could put on the "If you've built one Italeri truck kit, you've built them all" frame. 
  15. highway added a post in a topic Models at the Office?   

    I used to do that too when I was still driving long haul. I have a partially built Italeri Freightliner FLD120 like one I used to drive way back when that has probably close to a million miles on it!