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  1. highway added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    That shows just how much I know about the turbine cars, because I never even knew there was more than one or that they actually raced. I bought these for the tractors! 
  2. highway added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    Did they do that kit in 1/20th scale, or are you talking about the 1/25th scale like this one?

    If it is that one, I know where there are TWO right now! 
  3. highway added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    $125 for a Revell AG Can Do wrecker, and that was in 2001 during the second release of the kit. 
  4. highway added a post in a topic Auto Transporter Trailer By Revell   

    I'm guessing you didn't read the entire thread?  Please reread my post I quoted above from 2014.
  5. highway added a post in a topic Wanting to buy kits   

    X2. I went through this about 20 years ago, the house I grew up in and the everything in it was destroyed by a fire, and I didn't have insurance on anything because I was young and stupid and also still not in the greatest frame of mind because I lost my mom just the year before. A collection I started when I first started building of probably 300 to 400 kits was among the loss, and there are still a few rare kits like an MPC 74 Firebird and a Lindberg (might be wrong on that???) Kammbach (and probably misspelled that) Trans Am that I still have not replaced 20 years later. 
    You'd figure I'd have renters insurance on my apartment for my even larger collection now, but still haven't done it yet, the thought of inventorying probably 800 kits now by myself could take a while. I have talked to my insurance agent (State Farm too ironically) about it, just haven't gotten it done because I still haven't gotten some of my collection even moved from storage when life started a roller coaster in 2012 that just now is smoothing out again. 
    I wish you well in rebuilding Mike, and looking through your interests, they are very similar to mine in ways, but most of my collection is muscle cars and hot rods. As I do start the task of taking inventory, I'll see what I have that may be able to help you out, because I know just in unpacking some of what I have moved so far into my model room, there have been some that have had me scratching my head wondering "Where did this come from!?!?" and "Why do I have this......WAIT....WHY DO HAVE TWO!?!?" That is another reason for me to do an inventory, not just to see about getting it insured but just to know what I have!   
  6. highway added a post in a topic Mack R with Freuhauf Tanker   

    In my case, crazy AND addicted!! 
    Nope Angel, no updates on any of the four projects fighting for desk time as of late. My days off work last week when I wanted to do a little on this and get some paint on my B.R.B.O. build somehow went "POOF" and was gone before I even knew it! I'm hoping this "weekend" (my days off float every week because of my six day work week, Thursday and Friday are my weekend this week) I'll have what I wanted done last "weekend" done and more! 
  7. highway added a post in a topic Questions about builds on the following   

    From one of the original Ryder release:
    Pictures 10 and 11 cover the box and lift gate.
  8. highway added a post in a topic Big Rig Exhaust System, Help Needed   

    Ken is right, and that is why the ones on my KW seem to drop so low, because they will be low! 
    And as Larry said, the key word is CUSTOM! There are some big pipes coming out with the reducers like in the pic that do come out under the cab

    but there are also some that like my KW will be have to worry about speed bumps! 

    And though I didn't get a very good pic of it (yes these are mine from the 2012 Walcott Trucker's Jamboree ) this truck looks like even the 45 angles you have would work because it looks like these pipes might be coming from underneath with a 45 then a short section into another 45 at the bottom of the heat shield. 

  9. highway added a post in a topic TV cars in kits   

    No Jesse, they didn't, though the AMT "Movin On" Kenworth can be used as the truck from the original movie

    and the AMT GMC General with some modifications to the sleeper could be used as the truck from the second that the trailer is branded but not 100% correct for. 

    That trailer in the second movie, though slight, has a lower floor than the kit trailer. 
    Also, here is another truck that has been overlooked even by me the trucker, the F.L.A.G. mobile unit from "Knight Rider", which could be closely, but not 100% either, be built using AMT's GMC General and one of their old moving van/NASCAR hauler trailer kits. 
    Early Seasons:
    Later Seasons:

    I'm not sure of the manufacturer, I can't read it on the pic I found and haven't been brushing up on my Chinese or Japanese lately , but there is a 1/28th scale kit of the later season version and appears to come with K.I.T.T. as well. 

    One other that there is no "official" kit of, but can be made from AMT's Peterbilt 352 cabover kit and a trailer like the "Smokey and the Bandit" trailer (which is a 40 foot Great Dane dry goods trailer by the way) is "Goliath" from "Knight Rider". 

  10. highway added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

  11. highway added a post in a topic Questions about builds on the following   

    I'm not sure of the actual length of the plow truck's frame, never actually measured it, but I had thought of using one of mine as a dual drive tractor. If I remember correctly, because it has been quite a few years since I was in my plow kits, but I'm almost certain that it does have a fifth wheel included in the kit. 
  12. highway added a post in a topic How to mount rear semi fenders?   

    You don't know until you try Brian, and paths can change!!  I don't know how many changes I've already done on that Ford, and just thought I still have things to add like frame mounted toolboxes that I also bought after having the frame painted that I still have to make and fit mounts for. 
  13. highway added a post in a topic TV cars in kits   

    That wouldn't be too far of a stretch depending on how much it shares with the recent "Deserter" reissue of the "Fall Guy" GMC. 
  14. highway added a post in a topic Directions   

    And here is the specific page for them:
  15. highway added a post in a topic Mack R with Freuhauf Tanker   

    Yeah, but my tendency also includes starting but not finishing! 
    I can't remember if I had this one or not, but I do remember the 1/25th scale original of the now Revell Kenworth. 
    I just looked at the kit to see if I could find an original copyright, and I would say 1982, but oddly those copyrights also say "Revell". There is a copyright both in the roof of the sleeper and on the kingpin apron of the trailer of "Revell 1982".