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  1. OK, those pics help much better! The way I was understanding your first post was that you were missing the Durastar cab.
  2. I'm sorry Rick, but I'm confused at what you are trying to find. Prostar parts? Peterbilt parts? Or trying to use the Prostar Interior in the Peterbilt?
  3. What did you get today?

    I do too, I have almost every body style of Trans Am including the 79 Type K sportwagon, the only missing gap is a 74-76. I've also owned two 1:1s in my younger days, a 79 Firebird Esprit and an 88 GTA. My plan for the 69 is make the rare 69 Trans Am convertible which if I remember correctly only 6 were made and the original idea for the GTA was to replicate my old 1:1, but I forgot the Monogram kit was a solid roof and had the paddle style mirrors where my 1:1 was a T-Top and had the sport mirrors.
  4. What did you get today?

    The mailman dropped these off yesterday.
  5. "My Year In Review" Threads

    Really!?!?!?!? I don't see what getting the panties in a bunch here, because unless I'm missing something, there are only 2 "My Year in Review" threads currently on the front pages of all 3 (including the pickup under glass and big rig under glass sections in the truck area) of the under glass sections of this forum, and both are in the car section! I guess that must just be two too many for some to handle!
  6. What would YOU like to see as a model

    They did both the GN and the GNX and many reissues of both.
  7. Single Axle Dolly?

    The 2002 release of the US Mail C900 truck and trailer I have does have the dolly though it is not used in the kit, and the 2008 release of the doubles I have actually has two dollys in the kit.
  8. I enjoy looking at everybody builds and /WIP

    I know what you are going through, I tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder in April and had surgery on it in the end of August. After almost 6 weeks in a sling and ongoing physical therapy since October, everything is slowly getting a little back to normal but I may be off work until spring comes too. It will take time, but you'll be back to the bench soon and just take it easy, because even though you will feel like it's taking forever to do even simple things you'll start seeing the slow improvements also.
  9. Reliving your modeling youth

    Oh, that must be when these were first issued!
  10. While I would like to see a modern flatbed also, I DON'T want to see it offered with super singles! I won't drive a truck with them on and I don't want them on my builds either.
  11. If you would want to do a closer version of the BJ and the Bear rig like the original here owned by Paul Sagehorn, the Revell Aerodyne would save you a lot of cutting and modifying to the Papa Truck frame. If you want a close to correct trailer, the AMT Freuhauf beaded van trailer is close to the trailer, which was a Brown if I remember correctly. The rig in the picture is a real BJ and the Bear truck and trailer that has been restored. The owner Paul also has a restored "Movin On" Kenworth and actually used it to pick this one up from where it was hiding in the woods of Georgia. As for the length, just going by my pic and not digging the shorter frame out of the parts box, it looks like the two frames are maybe only about a 1/2 inch different. By the way, the frame length isn't the only thing custom for my BJ and the Bear inspired rig! These are the stacks it will have along with a rough mock up of the intake stacks to let this big beast that will be hiding under the cab breathe!! You're welcome, and that is going to be a long beast!
  12. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    At one time I had four cats, though only one ever really ventured into the area of the living room I had as a model area. One was older and was my girlfriend at time and really could care less if it didn't involve her blanket, the other three were kittens we had rescued, and the boys didn't venture around the models because they were trained not to go near my model desk with the aid of a squirt bottle filled with water and they knew model desk = a squirt. My little girl Libby was a little more hard headed though, because while she was trained the same way as the others with a little squirt of water to the head the way the others were when any of them crossed the "boundary", she liked to push her boundary a little farther. She was always back near my desk when I would be there. Libby never really laid in any model boxes, but would lay on them and my tool box too! This is one of my favorite pictures of Libby. My desk was just inside the front door of the little house my ex and I rented, and the floor was built up about three feet above the level of the doorway and my desk was at the edge of that. My camera was always on the desk, and coming home from shopping one night I came through the door to see this: I very slowly grabbed the camera so she wouldn't think she was in trouble, because even though she knew she wasn't supposed to be this close to the model desk, she just looked so cute!
  13. While it may be the Aerodyne version that is basically the same as this flattop from Revell, in a way, whether the AMT Aerodyne has been reissued or not, it is still on the shelves. The reason I say that the old AMT Aerodyne is basically on the shelves now is that the Papa Truck is the same kit, just with a slightly longer frame for the hauler bed. The painted frame in the pic is from the AMT Aerodyne, and the white frame rail beside it is from the Papa Truck. The advantage of the AMT is if you like the longer frame look like I do, either the regular Aerodyne or the Papa Truck (though you have to get a parts box fifth wheel) does give that. The frist pic is a Moebius 53 on the older AMT Aerodyne and the second is with the Papa Truck frame.