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  1. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    One more quick mock up before I head to bed and back to the daily grind tomorrow, still have some fine paint touch ups to do and some more color to add.

  2. highway added a post in a topic Least favorite?   

    X2!! I had the displeasure of driving one of those as a rental car to the dealership to pick up my mom's car for her from the shop. It had a hard time outrunning a snail!
  3. highway added a post in a topic Least favorite?   

    It must just be a trucker thing, the truckers I'm friends with all think that truck is ugly with a capital UGLY!  At least for my personal tastes, this is a pretty good looking truck, because it is my other daily driver. 

    This is an even prettier truck because it has more chrome goodies, and yes, another former daily driver. 

    And this one is one you'd love more than a woman! No, this wasn't one of my driver's, even though I know the owner and did try to steal it a time or too! 

  4. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Thanks JT! If I would have been able to find the right box it was packed away in storage before the deadline, which is why I'm building this idea instead because I didn't find the right box, this build would have been this instead. It will still be a future build though! 

    I used to get to see that truck once or twice a week at one place I worked about 10 years ago. It was a featured Shell Super Rig and it worked every day (at that time anyway) and hauled cardboard packing materials to a window plant in IL from the warehouse I worked for. Dummy me though never made sure I had a camera with me then though, all the pics I have for reference I spent a lot of time in Google images to find!
    Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled build, I did (and still doing, just taking a smoke break ) some work on the interior to have it ready when spring gets here for me to paint the cab, frame, and trailer and was cutting the seat air bags and shocks off the sprue when SNAP ZOOM the shock snapped off the base of the air bag and became the first treat for the Carpet Monster in the apartment I've been in for almost 9 months now. I thought I told the Carpet Monster it was not allowed to move in with me, obviously it didn't listen!
    Well, after spending about 45 minutes looking for it, and then breaking the other shock off the other one too, it came to me. I thought my El Camino lowrider kit that wouldn't need the lowrider parts and "HMMMMMM, I wonder if it has shocks for the lowrider version?" and found that kit did make its way from storage to the model room closet. Then it hit me, this is a custom, why not give it some low mount seats! I cut down the air bag so it will have seats about the height that I drive with, because I cruise with no air in the seat. The modified one is on the driver's side, and the kit height is on the passenger side. 

    I still have some fitting to do with the new shock and the passenger side to lower, but I guess the Carpet Monster actually deserved its treat! 

  5. highway added a post in a topic Least favorite?   

    If I remember correctly, weren't those just a gas engine converted to the poor excuse of a diesel they were to begin with? 

    I believe there is a typo in both of your posts, it should start with the letter "P"! 
    Speaking of vomit inducing designs, and since I'm a trucker, a brainless wonder in the Peterbilt design group turned this

    into this hideous thing that looks like a football helmet in the early 90s. Cabover trucks were never meant to be aerodynamic!!

  6. highway added a post in a topic A List of Cars i would like to see new tools of   

    Yeah, and it's interesting not only did the Torino come out, about six months after I made the original post in this thread, I did also add a resin Ranchero kit to the stash. 

  7. highway added a post in a topic Undecided   

    And thank you for asking for the advice on yours Wayne, because it has also helped me on deciding what to do with my late friend's build as well. I actually have it on the bench right now and was looking it over earlier today, but as soon as I figure out if his idea was going to work, I'm going to put the finishing touches on the Olds. I do know that it is not all Johan, the frame, firewall, and front header panel are all a mystery, and there are a few parts that are mixed in that I have no clue if he was intending on using on this or not. 
  8. highway added a post in a topic Undecided   

    That has been what I have been thinking, too. I like the colors and what is done on it, that is why I've thought of just putting the finishing touches on it and calling it done for him. This one also gave me a scare about a week ago, life caused everything to go into storage a little over 4 years ago, and one other WIP that was painted and wrapped in a paper towel to protect the paint job, and the paper towel was stuck to the paint on that kit. It was a heavier Scott Shop Towel though that one was wrapped in, the Olds was just in a regular paper towel the way he had it in the box. As soon as I seen the damage on mine, I checked the Olds for damage too, because both kits were packed away in the same packing box. Thankfully this one was good, because I would have been heartbroken if it received damage too, because I would never be able to match the paint. 
  9. highway added a post in a topic Undecided   

    I've often debated this question myself. I got this Johan Olds 442 from a friend's collection when his girlfriend was selling off his collection about 8 years ago. 

    Part of me wants to just get the wheels and bumpers on it and call it done, then part of me wants to finish the entire thing, but yet still part of me just wants to leave it be. 
  10. highway added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Not only MY definition, but also by Merriam-Webster as well.
    Simple Definition of fully
    Popularity: Bottom 30% of words: in every way or detail : completely or entirely
  11. highway added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Honestly, I don't think there is probably any builder who could truthfully say they "fully" detail a model, and if they do I'd still have to question it. 
    I take the term "fully" detailed to mean that EVERYTHING that would be on the 1:1 would also be on the model. Wiring harnesses throughout the body, wiring to everything in the dash, wiring to the power windows and locks (not to mention everything that works those parts), the list can go on and on, and having all this done would be my definition of fully detailed.  
  12. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that last sentence Mike!  You sound like me with my "seems like forever" Ford custom project and engines for it. I've tried everything from a V12 Allison aircraft engine, a Detroit 16V71, a Detroit Series 60, a 4306 Cat, and even dropped a Detroit 8V92 between the frame rails the other night, and if I had a kit that had one, would have probably tried a 3408 kitty in it. I only know it will have an engine!
  13. highway added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

     Believe me, having driven flat tops, midroofs, and condo sleeper trucks, it's much nicer to be able to stand up to put your pants on in the morning! Once I had a Freightliner FLD 120 flattop that still half asleep tried to stand up in one morning, would still like to know the genius who thought the big square light in the center of the roof just forward of the edge of the bed was a good idea, gives me a headache just thinking about it!!
  14. highway added a post in a topic New International HX Line   

    Hmmmmm.......I wonder if anyone from Moebius is looking??  The HX 520 looks a lot like a 9900ix, and I'd take a few of those in a heartbeat.
  15. highway added a post in a topic Help with 'BJ and The Bear' project   

    That's better than me, I never even heard of Brown trailers!