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  1. I'm afraid of that for F1 Kurt also since they are a worldwide series and it would be heartbreaking for my favorite racing not to run this year, as I was anxiously awaiting the series start in Australia that never happened. As for today's NASCAR race, it was on for noise, but with the fact that the series doesn't even have a title sponsor for the season even before the virus craziness broke out, I think they drew the short straw being the guinea pig on the "no fans-tv only" experiment. It's not like it's much of a change from the dwindling numbers of fans paying to get into a race in the first place, many races I've skipped to the end of the race in the DVR to see who wins after watching F1 flag to flag I see plenty of empty seats at a normal race.
  2. Pierre, the answer to your question depends on where on the truck the spotlights are installed. If you are asking about cab mounted ones like these on the red Kenworth.. ...those are not very common on trucks in the US and mostly on independently owned rigs the rare times when they are seen. I would guess, since I have never driven a rig with them on but wish I had them a few times in dark areas to find addresses for shippers or receivers late at night. A much more common place for spotlights or auxiliary lights to be mounted are on the sleeper or the sleeper fairings facing rearwards like on the blue Prostar in this picture. Those are NOT as previous said to check on the trailer at night without stopping, those are used for extra lighting in addition to the factory "hook up" lights in the back of the cab for hooking up to trailers at night. They are also sometimes wired into the reverse lights to come on with the standard reverse lights to give additional lighting to the area a driver is trying to back into.
  3. You're still not obviously understanding that from the vendor's distribution information everything is saying TRACTOR! That and the fact that the price mentioned in one of the comments that the price would be 61.99 Euros and no price for the American market had been determined yet, but that figures out to close to $62 here in the states which is exactly what the distributor I was inquiring about the wrecker to is selling the recent reissue of the Kenworth W900 should be another clue it's going to be just a TRACTOR! Even Revell USA is ran out of Germany, why would they be giving prices in Euros if it was here? You can still believe what you want, but I know when distributors information says it isn't coming, IT ISN'T COMING!
  4. I have one about half built of the original Can Do issue Chris, and the instructions are typical Revell of Germany quality for that kit, very nice and easy to follow. I would guess since I have some of the other Revell USA issued Revell of Germany truck kits those instructions didn't deviate much from the German issued instructions, the ones for the last issue as the Will Do were also easy to follow. As for challenging buildwise, this blows that AMT kit out of the water because EVERYTHING is designed to operate as it would on the real truck. It will take care building and painting to make sure everything operates as it should.
  5. OK, so I did find it because I was on the home tab of the page and not the community tab of the page. Now, with the vendor distribution information James provided, it seems the Germans don't know an American wrecker from a tractor.
  6. It is not that I'm really upset about this, it is just that other than liking to add a couple more of these to the stash without paying an arm and a leg to do so, I don't like false information, especially when it makes me look like I'm the one that doesn't know what I'm talking about!
  7. It's right there on the screenshot where I looked, the OFFICIAL Revell USA Facebook page, and there were no pics of the will do and the only post that was made on that page even in March was on the 5th about a plane. https://www.facebook.com/RevellUSA/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
  8. So you asked?? Strange that I can only find someone else asking when I looked on Revell USA's Facebook page, and I know from the trucking groups I'm in there your profile pic is the same on Facebook as it is here. Anyway regardless of who asked, finding the answer from Revell may explain the confusion. The answer says" A " Pete 359 is coming out in the summer, it does NOT specify that it will be the wrecker. Hopefully it will be, but with just a vague "a Peterbilt 359" answer may be just the tractor kit.
  9. Yes Haken I did too and both posts started in by the same person. That is why I'm asking to see some hard concrete proof from Revell or a retailer or something else credible since the distributor I was going to order from his Revell contact said this was false info. It is just upsetting to not only me but my friend as well because we both wanted to get orders in early because I wanted 2 cases for myself for not only my building stash but for when prices go back up on them a couple for selling stash, and my friend holds live auctions on his Facebook group and he knows as soon he would get them in they would have sold so he wanted at least 2 cases for himself for his auctions.
  10. So, I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any more CREDIBLE information on this being reissued? I had a friend check with the distributor he orders new issues from about getting 2 cases for me when and if these were coming, and according to the distributor's contact at Revell this information is COMPLETELY FALSE, THE WILL DO IS NOT SCHEDULED FOR REISSUE!!!!! I'm sure that the distributor's contact or the distributor would not lie to my friend when he wanted to buy at least 4 cases of them, 2 for him and 2 for me, and I seen the message from the distributor saying his Revell contact has said this is not on the reissue schedule? Anyone have some FIRM PROOF??
  11. I'd go for another Capri in my stash. I just happened to look at my 76 Capri on the shelf tonight and thoughts of breaking it out as one of my next projects went through my head.
  12. The only one that I know of too in the Revell Squarebody Snap lineup is the wrecker also, but if the tooling is still floating around for a squarebody Blazer from Revell, someone better wake up because so far RC2/Round2 have already released their snap squarebody Blazer twice. 2007 Issue 2013 Issue
  13. That's why I can't remember either, because mine are in a backup folder on one of my external hard drives from a long since gone computer in one of my model research folders.
  14. You're welcome Peter! While I was looking through my pics for those Can Do pics, and even though it isn't one of the heavies I drove, I stumbled across this pic of one of the medium duty trucks I drove during my towing career. That was built out of an old Ryder truck re-purposed to be a wrecker. She, like many of the trucks in the fleet, could be heard coming because she had straight pipes, but didn't sound as sweet as the heavies that would set of car alarms!
  15. Yes, new rotators can easily go for around that price today, I'm sure Can Do in it's day new was probably every bit of a half a million dollar machine then. They also bring in the big money when they leave the shop too, one rotator operator I spoke to where I used to work while he was cleaning up from a trailer he had just picked up that had been dropped on its nose said in our small town area it was $600 an hour just for that rotator to leave the shop. The wheel lift, or as Hakan corrected you the underlift, or as I always called it on the unit I operated the axle lift because 99.9% of the time you're picking up the vehicle being towed by its axle, was one of the updates and the old school sling was deleted. Even though with today's plastic trucks the sling has little use anymore, it's still sad to see it go because on major wrecks it could still be used when the axles are too damaged to tow from, though the lift can serve the same purpose as there are hooks on it also to hook chains to just as the sling had. It basically was just a way to hook older trucks or severely damaged wrecks with chains around a strong point on the frame and hook the chains to the sling and lift. Thanks too, I know that FB page very well, I've had my eyes on quite a few of that seller's lightbars because I have quite a few projects in mind that can use them. I also pic up Lingberg Crown Vics and Dodge Charger police units (and especially the Chargers since they have 7 spare lightbars per kit) as donors for lightbars.
  16. He probably found them the same place I found these Peter. I can't remember if I just ran across them in a Google image search or if it was on a site somewhere, but there are some I saved to my computer of mostly the old but also of the rebuild.
  17. The Bandit has been there for many years, these were from when I has the chance to go to the 2012 Walcott Truckers Jamboree there.
  18. The "new" rebuilt Can-Do is a completely revamped truck compared to the kit this one represents from almost 30 years ago now. I honestly think maybe the only thing to survive from the original 1:1 in the rebuild was the cab. Old Can Do After Rebuild As it was, the kit was never correct for even the original, because it was a Pete 378 and not a 359, and powered by a Cat and not a Cummapart but Revell just rehashed their 359 to make it look the part. I've spent years collecting the kits and parts to put a 3406 under the hood and a correct cab and hood on the truck so mine will be correct, call me a rivet counter if you like, but when you have actually operated heavy wrecker they sort of become a passion. I have printed out pages of service manuals just to be able to build units and bodies from scratch like they would in the factory.
  19. While a condo would have been nice, I cut my teeth on two separates FLD-120 22 years ago that were flat tops just like the Italeri kit. The first had a gutless piece of junk M11 Cummapart, thankfully a real engine resided under the hood of the second one with a 470HP Detroit Series 60, and that is the only thing I would like to see more of in truck kits in general is more Detroits because my junk box is getting full of those junk Cummaparts. I never liked them in the 1:1s I drove and I don't like them under the hoods of my builds either.
  20. The glass is flat in a 27 Ford, it is not that hard to make flat windshields from clear plastic.
  21. It had been (and a much better kit in my honest opinion) by Monogram. I'm not sure if later Revell reissues of the same kit still also include the Pace car markings or not, but as I said in my opinion these are far better than any of the early AMT or MPC offerings of a 69 Camaro. I'm sure if nothing else there are aftermarket decals available for the Revell offerings for the Pace Car edition.
  22. EXACTLY!!! You hit the nail on the head and drove it in all in shot Jesse! My only question is how many that complain about Tamiya making this a curbside kit or any other curbsides for that matter and also complain about import kit prices would trip over a Tamiya kit running for the chance to spend twice to three times the cost of an import kit for an old screwbottom kit or promo that is gasp....A CURBSIDE!!!
  23. Yes, it might be one of the most important parts of the race car (last time I checked, a car doesn't get too far without a highly skilled driver) and if you watch racing regularly, you'll also know it is the BIGGEST GUARDED SECRETS IN RACING!! Sure, it sounds like the car the kit is few years old by now, but there may or may not be secrets under the hood the team doesn't want reviled to the public, because rival teams could buy the kit just as easy as any of us can to try to learn about the car. I tire of seeing these complaints of engine VS curbside, because in my honest opinion it doesn't matter to me because no matter if the kit is Tamiya, Revell, Aoshima, Meng, Italeri, AMT, Monogram, or Fujimi, 99.99% of the time the built model is going to be sitting on my shelf with the hood CLOSED so I really don't care if a kit has a fully detailed engine or is a curbside.
  24. Steve, I am quite aware that the SCCA owns the name to the Trans Am and not Pontiac/GM because I have loved anything associated with the screaming chicken for almost 40 years and have almost every kit made of the car except for a few of the annuals that have eluded me. I also know other than PMD for the real cars, the only model company that ever ponied up the money to SCCA for the Trans AM name was Monogram and like John said for the Challenger though that version of their car ran in the Trans Am series also, it was known just as a "T/A". That is also why most all of my Trans Am kits are older issue Monogram kits, because while I have thought of picking up the newer reissue of the 70 for the expanded decal sheet for interior details and such, I still have an original Monogram decal sheet for the "Trans Am" names that have been left off ever since the Revell/Monogram merger because Revell never would spend the extra to call the Trans Am what it truly was after they bought Monogram who had the licencing from the SCCA. That name on those cars are one rivet I can't skip counting!
  25. Oh yes, the wonder broken up TRA NS AM on the decal sheets! The only thing I still don't understand is how MPC without that licencing was able to use the Trans Am names on the box art, because quite a few of those old late 70s and early 80s Trans Am kits have "Firebird Trans Am" on the box even into the AMT days. One thing that I'm disappointed in with the Rubicon is I think Revell completely messed up more than just the spelling on LIFEGUARD with this kit. It's just my opinion so you can agree with it or not, but now that I have watched the unboxing video this has went from a "can't wait to see what's inside" to a "meh, I don't really care if I pick one up or not and probably won't" because I think Revell could have sold to many more by keeping the previous issue's off road parts in the kit as well as the new factory stock parts and day two add ons such as the snorkel and more aggressive tires than what you'd probably roll off the dealer lot with. I for one was planning on buying a few if the Baja Claw tires from the previous issue would have been included as options in this issue just for tires for the parts box without leaving me with a kit without tires and wheels I could have still built as a factory stock or a slightly modified in progress rig with a mix of the parts from both the new parts and the previous issue parts. As I said, this is just my opinion so I don't really care if anyone agrees with the way I feel or not, but I just see it as one more thing in a long line of things Revell messes up, and just not a misspelling on the decal sheet! Good job Revell, because I know for sure you lost at least a solid few kits you would have sold to me just because you couldn't make this kit be built optional ways.
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