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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. And yes it was done in under a month. All the work was done between calving out cattle on our ranch. Calving came first and had little time to work on this on some days. Glad to have it done though. I've been meaning to get some pics of the paint in the direct sunlight. Will do so sometime. Unsure when I'll get the IROKs ordered, it really needs them I think. I'll get pics up whenever I get those on.
  2. Springs came out of a ballpoint pen. I followed this tutorial: http://s46.photobucket.com/albums/f135/BigEd0601/Coil-overs/ And thanks for the comments guys.
  3. Thanks. If any of the wheels look 'out of alignment' in any of the pics, its because they aren't glued on. I plan on building the 49" IROKs to put on this soon. They'll be a bit taller than these boggers and will make it look a bit more proportionate. Thanks for looking!
  4. Assembly Interior Cab sitting on the frame
  5. Drop pitman arm for the steering box Working on the steering Here I got the bumpers painted, pulled off the masking tape and when I did that, it pulled off a bunch of the chrome and some of the paint on the bottom valance on the front bumper Got some Bare Metal Foil and fixed it. Painted the bottom valance black instead Frame all done, ready to be painted
  6. Bear with me, I got A LOT of pictures... Making the front axle Done, steering done as well Mocking up the front axle Links Hydro assist One coilover Front axle and suspension mounted
  7. Been meaning to post my in progress pics and what not on here but never got around to it. Anyways I'm a member on a GM truck forum and inside the 'lounge' area there was talk of building models and a member suggested maybe doing a model contest. The model was chosen to be the 99 Chevy Silverado. I already bought this model the summer before, so I was fair game to participate. A lot of researching on models, wheels/tires, etc. eventually led to this site as well. The contest ended up not being much. Me and another member are the only ones who were actively participating in it. Contest went from the 1st to the 22nd of March. I made my final touches on the 23rd. Specs on the model: Custom handmade parallel 4 link suspension with pan hard bars. Dana 60 axles. So-Real Concepts SSR Boggers and Weld wheels. Other details include handmade coilovers with reservoirs - handmade transfer case - front driveshaft kit bought off of ebay - front axle made to resemble a Chevy Dana 60 with a driver side driveshaft and transfer case drop - hydro assist on the front steering - colormatched paint on the bumpers and engine cover - custom painted dash/interior - real 35% window tint on back 3 windows and 'brow' on the windshield - shaved '1500' emblems. This is my first time messing with a plastic model for a long time. I used to building 1/64th diecast semis and farm equipment. There is some flaws with this model. The cab and bed doesn't line up perfectly; headlights are fogged up from the glue; and other tiny mess ups here and there. Starting out. Suspension hangers, brackets, etc. all cut off. End links Rear axle Rear axle and suspension work
  8. I found a model website a while back that showed how to make end links for linked suspensions and that. I'm trying to find it again and am having no luck at all. Does anybody know of this website? Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys! Actually the last one I bought was a year ago, I've been out of the model truck game for a while. Little bigger than H.W. stuff. The one pictured above name Pure Outlaw, the long low black and orange Peterbilt...that measures 2.5in. tall x 14.5in. long. That thing has a scale 330" wheelbase as well.
  10. BARBER

    Newb from SD

    Thanks guys. Its a combine harvester. Used to harvest most cereal grains (wheat, barley, oats, etc.), corn, sunflowers, etc.
  11. Second one is a 379 with a spread axle hopper bottom. Two-toned the painted, lowered it, added the pusher axle with half fenders on top, shaved and added the nine cab lights, boxed end bumper, rear light panel, and silver and chrome accents. Thats it for now. I do have a few other W.I.P. that need to be finished up sometime. The last couple were built around a year ago and the others up to 3 years ago were built. A lot are gone now...either sold online or on ebay. Ask any questions you got on them. Thanks.
  12. Custom combine hauler. Truck with combine trailer, customized CaseIH 8010 combine and double header trailer with both headers. First one is my first custom 389. Shaved, lowered, and stretched with a Brenner tanker. All handmade and polished aluminum accessories, painted tanks, half fenders, light bar.
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