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  1. Another Quick Poll

  2. Round2 for 2018

    Looks like they are taking the Caterpillar logo off the front grill too...
  3. 1954 Maxim Pumper In Service

    Another beauty!
  4. Check out my 1/25 built carnival rides

    Very cool stuff. I have vomited on a number of those rides. Thanks for the link!
  5. Too bad the engines are in the wrong end of the car...
  6. Revell, kit this.

    Yaba Daba Doo! That's a big YES from me! There is a in 1/43rd kit made by Soldan Models, but he only releases a few at a time and they are hard to get. Land Speed Racing has always been underrepresented in 1/25th plastic. And Garlits keeps EVERYTHING. They could do an episode of "Hoarders" on the guy.
  7. The many faces of Revell's Tee Bucket (Tweedy Pie)

    This car almost became the Kookie car on 77 Sunset Strip, but the original owner wouldn't let anyone else drive the car. So they went to Norm Grabowski and used his car instead.
  8. Two more iconic cars we need kitted

    Hey, I liked you Cheetah idea. These two just don't do it for me.
  9. Two more iconic cars we need kitted

    A big fat NOPE from me.
  10. The simple answer is all clears, enamels and lacquers, turn yellow eventually. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop it. The question really is which ones stay clear longer and how yellow they get. It's the UV rays in sunlight that turn the clear coat yellow, but they will turn yellow even if you don't keep the item in the sun. I have had good luck with Rustoleum's Crystal Clear enamel (not the gloss clear, but the Crystal Clear). I would think that two-part finishes would also be very stable, but I have never used them so I don't know for sure.
  11. 1957 Diamond T M-52 Ready for Delivery

    Another great piece Charlie. What's the next show you are going to so I can see this model (and you) in person?
  12. How much is the Breadvan kit and how do I get one?
  13. Nightmares, it'll just give me nightmares. After living in New Hampshire for 20 years and "meeting" a few of our pleasant and polite State Troopers I can safely say that I don't miss the Mass. Troopers at all. Good luck with the model.
  14. License plates

    The best website to get license plate artwork is http://www.licenseplates.tv/ They have an incredible variety of locations and years. (with the exception of California. California sells "vintage" plates so they don't want any aftermarket company selling them because California would lose that revenue). You can type in what you want and the site will create a small PNG image the you can copy and resize and then print it on photo paper. I make a variety of samples on one 4x6 photo paper and print it out and then cut out the one I decide to use. I spend a bunch of time during each build coming up with license plate ideas and then save the samples to my computer so I have them all at the end.
  15. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    I have faith in you Gregg. I was editor of the New England Dragway Newsletter for a few years, so I know the pitfalls, landmines and costs. You have my support and my sympathy. Publishing is a very hard way to make a buck.