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  1. Nice work James: Very well done and the vintage photos to go along with it are a nice touch... Regards Bill (Duntov)
  2. Duntov

    40 ford

    Hmmmm... This is pretty cool.... I may have to try something like this albeit a bit less.....aged???? Any way.....nice work on this ...I like!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  3. Wow!!! A very well done..... VERY elegant build!!! Nice work on this one!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  4. Wow!!!! I never tire of this old kit from the early sixties.....I have one built up and two left in my stock.... You nailed this build......VERY well done my friend!!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  5. Nice work on this one!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  6. Bernard: This is some seriously nice work!!! Very subtle.... Very classy..... Well Done my firmed Well Done!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  7. Add the decals.....(Nice work so far by the way.....)
  8. Some nice work here.....looks a bit like the "Matranga Merc".....
  9. Wow...some nice work here on a rare subject!!! Well done!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  10. You nailed this one my friend..... thanks for sharing it !!!!!!!!
  11. Duntov

    1936 Toyoda AA

    Philippe: Excellent work on this one.... I have one of these on the way --- I hope I can do as well with mine as you did with this one!!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  12. Michael: Some really nice work here for sure.....I like that you corrected the inaccuracies - it really helps with this car since it is so diminutive. With respect to the fuel gauge..... I had a '61 model and it had no fuel gauge as well --- but it did have a small handle ("L" shaped piece of rod actually - up in front of the trunk wall under the dash... that activated a 1 gallon reserve of gas when you ran out of fuel!!!) ---- keep up the good work..... I like your treatment of the kit!!! Regards Bill
  13. Philippe: Thanks for sharing this build....very interesting. I have been wondering about this kit and thought I might like to try it. Your work looks really good. Regards Bill
  14. Since I own the real deal (more than one!!!!)---- I really need to get my hands on this..... well done review and VERY informative! Thank You!!! Bill (Duntov)
  15. OK --- Harry you have shamed me into getting my kit out of the storage bin --- 1:24 version though --- You did a great job!!! Thanks for posting this !!! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  16. Duntov


    WOW---- NICE work on the tires!!! VERY INVENTIVE!!!! I like the rest of the car too!!!!!
  17. I like these snap kits --- You proved with a little attention to detail -- some paint and foil you can turn out a nice looking car!!! Great Job!!
  18. Congrats on the "SCALE" plug wires --- A nice change from the "garden hose" approach that a lot folks seem to resort to these days!!!!! This engine is looking good and I think the build will be great overall ---!!!!
  19. Wow---Rob--- This is very well executed!!! The two best things --- very clean build and its believable!!! You can actually imagine this thing blasting down the quarter mile!!! Nice work! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  20. Very well executed build --- !!! The quality of your builds is very good!!!!
  21. Excellent --- I love seeing these old AMT kits built up so well ---!!! Nice work!!!
  22. Very nice period pieces ---- brings back a lot of good memories of a Saturday morning bike ride to the hobby shop on Interstate Avenue, tube glue all over everything and working on one of these all week!!!! This is what model car building is all about --- REALLY!!!!!
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