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  1. rlz58 added a post in a topic NO WAY   

    Congratulations,kinda makes you feel good to get a little publc recognition every once in a while.
  2. rlz58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    34 Ford
    Fictional modified 34 ford slammer kit .Lowered suspension and body,and shortened the chassis.Slixx and parts box decals

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  3. rlz58 added a post in a topic 1959 Jim Reed Chevy   

    Very nice.
  4. rlz58 added a post in a topic Rex White Black Widow   

    Thanks for the kind comments.
  5. rlz58 added a post in a topic Custom Accord wagon   

    Cool ,great color and graphics.
  6. rlz58 added a topic in NASCAR   

    More Powerslide decals,the flash washed out the colors somewhat. I had to take photos inside because of the weather.

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  7. rlz58 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Rex White Black Widow
    I really like this kit it went together so well and I really like these Powerslide decals.

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  8. rlz58 added a topic in General   

    New hobby shop in Apex NC
    I am really pleased to find a newly opened HobbyTown USA store close to my home.In these economic times I am surprised that someone would open a new store,but I'm really glad they did.I talked to the owner today and he said business was very good.Now I don't have to drive 60 miles to get supplies.
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  9. rlz58 added a post in a topic Speedy Thompsons 1957 Chevy "Southern 500" winner   

    Nice job ,I gotta put the bungie cords on mine then i'll post my Black Widow.I was looking at your gallery pics and I notice you like Chevys with the#4 in the numbers .They all look great.
  10. rlz58 added a post in a topic CKM Oct. 19th club meeting pics   

    Thanks for posting those ,I am going to try to get there one of these days.
  11. rlz58 added a post in a topic 64 Petty Belvedere   

    Nice looking car.
  12. rlz58 added a post in a topic 1961 Ford Falcon   

    Wow that is a cool car ,looks great.Even better is why you built it.
  13. rlz58 added a post in a topic Nova dirt racer   

    Thanks for the comments.I'm glad you like it.
  14. rlz58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Nova dirt racer
    71 nova dirt late model,built for the contest on another board.

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  15. rlz58 added a post in a topic Dale Jr. 2010 Nat'l Guard Chevy   

    Looks pretty good for a snap kit.I read on Randy Ayers board that the glue version has been cancelled for lack of preorders of the snap kit.It looks like AMt made a good looking and accurate kit I just wish they would reconsider.