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  1. wferrisok added a topic in General   

    Halibrand Quick Change
    Is there a kit or maybe a resin caster that makes a 1/25 older halibrand or winters quick change rear? AFter getting back into this hobby after 10+ years my memory isnt as good as it used to be
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  2. wferrisok added a post in a topic Then you might be a young model car builder   

    My $2 a week allowance was well spent on model cars..I was outraged when the price of model cars went over $2 because that didn't leave me enough for that Sgt. Rock comic I had been eyeballing. My Mom always wondered how I stretched that $2 that far, but then she also wondered why she never found change under the sofa cushions any more and why there didn't seem to be as many returnable pop bottles as she thought there should be
  3. wferrisok added a topic in General   

    Then you might be a young model car builder
    ok..lets have some participation and maybe a few laughs...I will procure (procure sounds so much better that steal) this idea from
    Jeff Foxworthy. My examples that follow are ummm "fond" rememberannces from my past

    If you ever thought that 1:1 meant one model car needed one tube of glue..then you might be a young model car builder

    If your parents ever wondered why you acted a little "odd" after spending time working on your latest model car purchase...then you might be a young model car builder (from the 60's and 70's)(In case you are under the age of 30 you might need to ask an older male relative about Testors glue )
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  4. wferrisok added a post in a topic Back in the Herd   

    I would like to say that my "creative" entry won...it had a shot but was disqualified for not having any wheels..I told the guy if he gave me a few minutes I could fix that problem..but he declined
  5. wferrisok added a post in a topic Finishing of some body filler work   

    thanks for the response...hi ho hi ho autozone here I come
  6. wferrisok added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Finishing of some body filler work
    I am currently using bondo on a model for the first time and here is my question...I have a few small pinholes and such that need to be touched up...do i need to whip up more bondo or is there something else I can use like a little super glue? I could probably just try that but I would like a second opinion before I join the "been there, done that and probably shouldnt have" list.
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  7. wferrisok added a topic in General   

    Back in the Herd
    Hey all. My name is Will. I am a newly minted 50 yo who has decided to get back into this world we love called model car building. I am new to this board but have been welding plastic parts together off and on since my Dad bought me my first model when I was 8. Im from Oklahoma City, any others from OK out there? I know there has to be or the employees at Hobby Lobby are taking models off the shelves just to confuse me or give me false hope. I used to be involved in 1:1 racing, dirt style and I tell you that to say this...while I absolutely love watching sprint cars tearing around the track and slinging rooster tails of dirt into the air the absolute best thing about it was sitting around for a few hours afterwards listening to stories some of these guys would tell. Thats what I have been doing the few months I have been lurking here. Just reading some of the comments and stories you guys tell. So now I will respond in kind and give you some insight into how I think . They used to have a model car contest here in OKC a few years ago. It was put on by a really nice guy but every year he would have this buddy of his be the judge and it became really frustrating because the best over all model car would not win, it was ususally the one with the best or coolest paint job. So me being who I am showed up the nest year with my entry tucked safely in a box. I walked up to the registration table paid my money and filled out the forms and proceeded to go set my entry on the table. It only took 15 minutes for this guy to track me down holding my entry in his hand. "What the hell is this?!?!" he said holding up my chunk of balsa wood with the killer paint job on it. I told him "Since the paint job is all that your buddy Earl is looking at I didnt see the need to waste time building a whole car"
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  8. wferrisok added a post in a topic A man has got to know his limitations   

    After a few months of lurking this topic has drug me kicking and screaming from the shadows. Hello, my name is Will and I am a model car builder. I don't have a lathe or a mill to make scratchbuilt parts. I dont own a model car stash that will soon require its very own zipcode. I am not on a first name basis with the guy at my LHS and I do not receive Christmas cards from aftermarket companies for singlehandedly trying to keep them in business. Is there anything wrong with actually being one of the guys in the above mentioned comments? Nope. If it werent for those guys and their willingness to show us all how they do things it would get really boring, really fast. " Oh look honey, another box stock red 32 Ford". What I am is the best model car builder that I choose to be. I am in fact the best model car builder in my house. My cat has built a pretty sweet 36 Ford but her paint technique is not up to par yet as she always leaves hair stuck to her car. If she ever goes bald I may have to step up my game. The one thing I love about this hobby is the time you can spend in your own little world sanding down some putty that you obviously laid on way to thick or cussing some model company because the body of your slick little hot rod doesnt fit on the chassis the way it should. So with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I will head over to another post for a proper introduction and whoever owns this soapbox, it leans a little bit to the left...you might wanna take a look at it.
  9. wferrisok added a post in a topic muddin...   

    I basically have used the same technique for mudding up a car. For a more permanent solution try using Elmer's White glue..it sets up like concrete when it dries.


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