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  1. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic Clear coating MM Metalizer paints   

    hey guts, I hear this alot, alot!
    Clearcoating metalizer is as simple as using the metalizer clear! It never dulls my finish, I even use it over Alclad chrome. Never, I repear, NEVER, do I have a problem with it.
  2. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic tale of 2 69s   

    Those look great! Did you polish out the paint before clear coating? I noticed the or peel in the first shots, but they look just awesome after the clear. And did you say you put on the BMF before the clear? Looking forward to your response as I am at that point with my 69 Charger. Thanks and again; WOW!
  3. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic scratch built Jack stands   

    I like em Bro. They came out nice. This is one of the projects banging around in my head as well. Thanks for the measurements.
  4. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic Roll Bar Padding   

    Hey Lizardlust! what kind of hinges are those in the first photo of your post?
  5. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic '37 Ford Panel Delivery   

    Thanks Guys, Been a while since I worked on this one. Weird thing is, it's been a while since anyone here posted about it. Funny today there has been two of you and today I woke up early to finish this build. Funny sincronicity.
    I really upset myself last session with this one. I made all kinds of screw ups, more than I care to get into at the momment. I will post an update today if all goes well, hopefully she ends up "under glass" by days end.
  6. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Went to the freshly opened Hobby Lobby in my area. Large store, small model section, good prices on tools. Picked up some spray paint, an angled paintbrush and a tubing bender set. Got home to find the arrival of the Ghostbusters II Ecto 1a kit. I've been wanting build a hot rod hearse for a while. Gonna be flat black w/ blue "true flames". I'm Stoked. Maybe a surfboard or two on top. Maybe a coffin full of ice n' beer.
  7. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic Death Taxi   

    I believe that is Tom Daniels "Tijuana Taxi". I really like how it is done here. Did you buy it made, or did you make it? Either way I like it.
  8. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic 49 Ford custom   

    Love it Sam, I like your taste, bud. The green is a hit with me. I love the spare tire pinstripe work.
  9. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic '37 Ford Panel Delivery   

    I should be wrapping this one up pretty soon, gettin' close.
    Engine is done, less the throttle linkage and maybe some vacuum lines. I had to build a battery as the stock terminals would've interfered with the fuel lines (they were on diagonal corners). Glad it happened though, I like the scratch built Optima.
    Wheels got their knock offs and mounted to the chassis.
    Wow, I had to modify the interior tub because I placed the engine further back than in mock-ups, oops. I took off a lip where it meets the bed, that meant I had to extend the dash forward to make up for moving the tub back. I got lucky it came out good. Only bummer is that the interior was "done".
    Painted and cleared the main body. Sculpted (from Magic Sculpt) a sunroof ragtop, and painted it (no photos yet). I put some tape on the underside to simulate a headliner. It won't be seen, I did it anyway.
    I have wood side panels for the exterior. They have wet clear coat on them. When it dries I have made some decals for them. There is also wood panels and sun visors for the interior.
    That's about it for now. I plan on getting some big steps done this afternoon, I'll try to post more tonight.
    Thanks for stopping by the garage, look out for the "Central Scrutinizer".
    the stance...

    engine, pass side...

    -drivers side...

    painted and cleared, in the drying rack...

    complete Detail Master wheel...

  10. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic 49 Merc.   

    Very cool Bro. I love the idea of changing up the base color to get the two tone. Came out super clean, thanks for taking the time share.
  11. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic '37 Ford Panel Delivery   

    Thanks Guys.
    Crazyjim; I don't remember the size, I'll go throw the micrometer on it-1.6mm or 0.063in. We'll call that roughly as the numbers bounced a bit. I've not had and any trouble with bending it, sort of what it's made for.
    JB; I guess I forgot to mention the two tone paint scheme, oops! The upper part of the body, including the interior tub is shot (or will be) with House of Kolor "candy tangerine" over HOK "orion silver", That would explain the reddish color on the engine and interior.
    No photos today but things are happening. I should have an update tonight.
    Thanks for the interest
  12. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic '37 Ford Panel Delivery   

    a little progress worth noting on this project.
    I am using real wood on most of this project, for the bottom side of the bed, I decided to go with paint. I didn't want to lose any of the detail (the bolts in particular). I used oil paints for the wood, BMF for the strips and a silver marker for the bolts.

    Made the exhaust pipes with the same sculptors armature wire that I used for the headers. The Borla mufflers are cast in resin from a friends Mustang kit. I still need to add the tips and trim to final position.

    And here's a few shots of the engine progress. Since these pics I've started to mount the frame to the "lower body section". Lot's of wires on this one I need to get my firewall in place so I can finish routing them and get rid of the "Medusa" look.

    Thanks for stopping by the Garage to check her out. And thanks for the comments,much appreciated.
  13. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic interior flocking   

    try this link, i'd do the stripe first. http://www.briansmodelcars.com/tutorials/tutorial/106
  14. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic E.R. visit due to modeling mishap   

    I didn't need a trip to th ER, but I did have to pull my x-acto out of my big toe a couple months back! I was wearing "flip - flops" ("slippahs" in HI.), the knife rolled off the table and right into my toe, just next to the nail, wow it hurt! I really had to reach down and pull it out.
  15. Tradeshowjoe added a post in a topic Brand New 1966 Ford Bronco Bodies Debuting At SEMA   

    If anybody would like any specific info or photos from SEMA, let me know. I will be working the SEMA show and in all probability I will be working the Ford booth again. We still have a couple of months.