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  1. I've made my own circuit board for flashing lights in the last Custombilt 379 project. Anyway - Great work! You right, it make things easy. Where have you got that flashing system from?
  2. From what I heard about this kit, that front axle wider (or narrover) then it should be. Before gluing try on the cab and front axle with wheels. Also head lights sitting higher then they must. Good luck with the build, Joe!
  3. Oh, didn't know they are flashing. You have done it your self, or used ready circuit board?
  4. Clays kw daycab

    Nice painting scheme! Will you leave the stacks so far from cab?
  5. Well, I would first determin: how many circuits it will be? And how many LEDs and which will have each circuit? I prefer each circuit to have equal summary voltage drop to all LEDs light with same brightness. For example: 1-st circuit = 3V+3V+1,7V = 7,7V + 40 ohm additional resistor 2-nd circuit = 3V+1,7V+1,7V+1,7V = 8,1V +20 ohm additional resistor 3-rd circuit = 1,7V+1,7V+1,7V+1,7V+1,7V = 8,5V You can use 1 battery. It's up to you. Besides you already finished front lights and you don't need lights working long.
  6. I see. You must know: 9V battery have small capacity and as more parallel circuits you make, as short their working time. This power source is O-key for photo session, but not for exhibition. I guess battery have 0,6-0,8 A/h. Each LED circuit eat 0,02 A. If you have 1 circuit, lights will work about 30-40 hours. If 2 circuits - about 15-20 hours. I guess your white LEDs need 3V - each, and red one - about 1,7V. I would change white emergancy light for blue LED. It usually needs 2-3V. I had both voltages blue LEDs. Probably tank light will be red? I don't know how much space you have for power source? And how much LEDs wiil tank have? And main question: how long you want to lights work? By the way, nice looking tank!
  7. That's O-key! Nothing to appologize for. Do you plan to use more LEDs? I guess the power source is 9V battery and you have 2 parallel circuits? By the way, what is Newton dump?
  8. O-key! Finally, the main goal is to get what you want.
  9. Hello Dave! Nice build! About LEDs: have you used resistors to make LED's shine not so bright? Now I'm writting the arficle for TMW about LEDs.
  10. ISO KW W900L

    Well done, Ben! Isn't the cab roof too flat?
  11. Nice P/E set, Dave! Will they sell together or separate?
  12. Cheyenne Super 10

    Thank you Mike! It's allwes nice to read about PicpUps, current and new! I like new Chevy disign.
  13. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Nice work! I love this model too! I guess hood lid needs some more work to minimise the gaps. Have you bended it in hot water for leveling (I saw some Frontier resin)? Though upper panel lines looks not parallel anyway. May be the better way is to sand them off and make your own one?
  14. '90s GMC TopKick C7500

    Small update. Here I made a blank (I hope it correct word) from balsa wood. Stick a plastic to frame Warmed it over gas oven and cover a blank with plastic. Unfortunatelly plactic goes covered with very small pimples. Plastic thickness is 0,1mm. Why could it happen?
  15. Sleeper Interiors

    Hello Clayton! Well done Peterbilt! I like interior! I making something like this. I can see LEDs flashing on it. Where can we see ready model with working lights?