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  1. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    O-key! Seems to be I clarified the situation with International books.
    1. The first book was published by Motorbooks in1995 and (I think) looks like this:
         It covers trucks from 1907 to 1995.
    2. The second  issue of the same book published by Victory WW2 Publishing in 2002 and looks like the first issue. It covers trucks 
       from 1907 to 2002 years. It have 645 pages. All photos are black & white.
    3. The third issue published by Victory WW2 Publishing in 2007 called "International trucks 100 years 1907-2007" paperback and 
         looks like:
        It covers trucks from 1907 to 2007 years. Reviews said it has 720 pages, 55 of which are colored photos.
    Correct me if I wrong.
    I wanted the last one, but got the second.
  2. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Nobody have second edition?
    O-key, the reason why I ask is, that I have bought the second edition of "International trucks", but when I've got the package, there was first edition inside. Now should I complane to seller or it make no difference between these books? Is there color photos inside second issue?
  3. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Hello, guys!
    Can  you tell me please: does these books differ with content?:

    I heared second edition has color photos. Is it true?
  4. Sergey added a post in a topic '90s GMC TopKick C7500   

    Finally I've finished season work and returned to TopKick:

    Here I used Italeri's steering axle + suspension, although steering link was altered.

    Notice a piece of plastic between frame rail and front suspension bracket. Original Italeri frame has a radiator pocket this place.

    Rear suspension is a copy of AMT's one. You can see different tubes to fix axles in suspension brackets. 

    Rear tyres are from Mo luminium. Bought some years before. I can't decide now which wheel discs to use: Italeri's spare wheel (without a hub) or AMT's one. The tyre can suit to both. On Italeri it is taller - 43,5 mm, then on AMT - 42 mm. I plan to use hubs from Mo luminium too. 

    Some semi result. It takes time to drill rear axle through.

    It is temporary asembly. I think to shorten the frame by 9 mm to fit 14 ft. Dump body.

    All I left to do is to make a dump body for fitting.
  5. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Well I choose this book and I glad. It's very informative. There is chapters year by year with short description of events that year and many photos of trucks (not only PickUps, but Big Rigs too) with theire own descriptions. Kind a Dodge Truck Chronicle. The only minus - there is no color photos.
  6. Sergey added a post in a topic Old Ford wrecker   

    As I know it sold out for now. I'm waiting for this kit myself.
  7. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    O-key, which of these books more interesting?

  8. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Unfortunatelly - no Dodge trucks.
    O-key! Arrived "The Great American PickUp Trucks" book.

    Well it tells about all kinds of PickUps from 20-s to 80-s. It were not only Fords, Chevys and Dodges. Mack, International, Dimond T, Studebaker, Hudson, Reo - were PickUps of 40-s and 50-s too. High rolers and Low riders are shown here too, as stylish Terraplane bizare and little Crosley. Written in best tradicion of Motorbook. There are prices some old trucks costs at that time, beside other information.
    The only minus of this book that there are 3-4 photos of the same trucks from different racurs because most of them left in small number. But from other hand all phoptos are colored. Another minus just for me, that my favorite period (from 60-s to 80-s) partly presented by Toyota and Nissan, living empty gap in large amount of US trucks. That' s why I need Dodge truck book.
  9. Sergey added a post in a topic Automotive Car Books? Who Collects?   

    The topic is old, but I think it is the best place to ask:
    Does anyone knows the best Dodge PickUp trucks book about photo history of these trucks and thair main features; with pictures for reference and inspiration? Time period: from 50-s to at least 2002.
    Im looking for something like "Ford Trucks chronicle" but about Dodge.
    Thanks in advance!
  10. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Does anyone knows the best Dodge PickUp trucks book about photo history of thisese trucks and main features; with pictures for reference and inspiration?
  11. Sergey added a post in a topic rubber duck truck   

    Well, the forum in Russian, but pictures talk for themselfs. It's not my model. It is from friend of mine.
  12. Sergey added a post in a topic rubber duck truck   

    Here is the WIP of one Rubber Duck truck^
  13. Sergey added a post in a topic Truck Books   

    Thank you Wayne!
    Nice collection!
  14. Sergey added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Truck Books
    Hello every one!
    I suggest to post here all the questiones and news about Truck boks.
    For example: does any one knows about "Ford F-Series: America's Pickup Truck" content? Is it al about PickUps, or Medium Duty F-series get in this book too?
    I have bought "Ford truck chronicle" by same author some time before and I like it!
    I Just try to decide which book to buy: "Ford F-Series: America's Pickup Truck" or "Ford Medium-Duty Trucks"  by Paul Mclaughlin + Ford Pickup Trucks by Steve Statham ?

    Thanks in advance
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  15. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Have found "Reflective Tape Regulations": "Also, the two segments should have a minimum of 12 inches in length plus or minus six inches. This would mean a range of six inches to eighteen inches. ....Besides the 2 colors, the reflective tape should only come in the following widths: 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches."
    So Microscale striping is 0,5mm narrower, than minimum. ...... BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! I could print it my self with ink jet printer, but it mean I have to cover it with Liqued Tape, and even then, when I cut out the strip and put it in water - red edges will contact with water and bleed!
    Or may be I still should try Microscale? Nobody care about safety tape but me?