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  1. I agree with you, Francis! Now I learn to convince myself that my faults are acceptable. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don't (like with Silverado's trim line; I already regretted it).😥
  2. Totally agree with those yellow little men! My eye rejoices at this level of work! Only minor notice: aren't those exterior door handles slightly short for hand? Any way they look perfect! I wouldn't have succeeded either if I had tried! 😉
  3. Hi, Gents! http://scalecustoms.ru/uploads/emoticons/default_drag_06.gif The kit I bought "from hand" turned out to be missing the C54 part. ...this is the panel covering this hole: It follows from the reference photos that there should be cup holders and pockets with lids So I made a blank from profiles The hole was covered with a piece of styrene, because this whole gear cover is the same color. Yes, I cut off all the elements, that should be sprayed black In my version of C54 - all black elements will be inserted after coloring Couldn't resist trying on a cup for another project I cut off the cigarette lighters completely. I'll replace them with homemade ones The hats were punched with his old puncher. For diameters of 1 and 1.5 mm, it is still needed. Enjoy watching!
  4. Happy New Year To all! My last update this year: I decided to change all blind turn signals and marker lights to transparent ones. That's how it was. and so it turned out. Yes, these transparent sprues are from Tamiya's Modena. Right next to the side windows. Slices of it - fit perfectly. Here I have moulded the marker lights. Then I 'll fill it with transparent resin I cleaned the underside of the rear gate from the pushers. At the same time, I changed the overlay bar to a thinner one. I also drilled and cut the pins with a hole (I don't know what it is). They are difficult to mask, and they should be painted black. Yes, here I decided to change the tactics of masking: Disguised BEFORE painting, so as not to cut the paint. Let's see how will it go later. Here I made the upholstery on the central posts And finally I started dismantling the dashboard panels. The excess that was removed was sealed with epoxy. It dries. Question? Is this panel line, which is formed when the roof and back wall are joined, is there on a real car? I didn't find any good photos of the back of the roof. So I am tormented by doubt: glue and putty before painting, or to glue them together - after. HAVE A NICE HOLIDAYS to everyone!!!!
  5. Thank you Steve! Yes, My builds "Goes a long way" (c) Thank you, Francis and Anton!
  6. Thank you, David! How d' you! Did you miss me? The pieces begin to form a picture. I mounted the wheels, inserted the nipples (although they are almost invisible), dusted the tyres Dusted the chassis too. I think during the assembly process, all this will crack a little. The engine was assembled, brushed and tinted The letters on the lid were made by Molotov. Dipped a toothpick and gently applied with the tip. I tried it on a chassis with a body. It seems to be fine. I haven't tried it on with the cab yet, since it's in the works. I polished the paint step on the door, but apparently I polished it badly... When I painted and varnished, I realized that I hadn't completely removed the step. It was necessary to be "more careful"! Plus, I cheated and didn't primed this piece. Apparently 2 layers of primer gave a good thickness. We'll have to do it in a new way or disguise it with a fast food table on the door. I added front seat belts and mats to the interior Prepared the rear reflectors. First I painted it with an old Molotov marker. It didn't work out very well. I remembered about the Gin San powder and rubbed it over. It got better. I didn't buy it for nothing. It have already helped me twice in this project. And more tar for the last. I don't like the side moldings. The paint did not lie evenly on the foil. I think to take it off, try Black chrome from BMF, and smooth stripes of chrome - on top. What do you think, Gents?!
  7. Thank you, Anton! Yes, this kit is not so easy. Some parts needs dry fitting and fine tuning. But my motivation is not depends on complexity of the kit. My motivation - is beauty of prototype. And I'll try ny best to repeat it in plastic.
  8. Thank you Chris and Carl! I will try my best to make next models like this!
  9. Hi, Gents! I decided to build a Hummer "out of the box" in contrast to TopKick. I have bought it started. The torpedo and the engine were already glued and, it seems, on the Tamiya Extra Thin cement. Barely tore the engine cover off "with meat". Levers and pedals are also already glued. The engine and frame are also assembled. someone patched the grooves on the frame before me. I started to putty cavities on interrior But the main reason for the opening of the VIP: I want to peel off the deflectors and black panels from the torpedo to paint separately. I put it to soak in the brake liquid for a week. Sometimes the parts, deeped into the brake liquid come apart. But it depends on the glue. I was able to tear off only two deflectors (again "with meat"). The rest is stay in place. Question: are there any other ways to take a part the parts glued with plastic glue? All that comes to my mind is: "remove the plastic with a milling cutter from the back side and squeeze out the panels. Only it will be more difficult to glue them back. Next I cut off - 1mm excess of the roof diagonally cut the lower edge of the window frame and the opposite part of the side panel .. and now the roof sits down without deflection between the first and middle posts But this is just one of the fails of the final assembly. In the rear part of the body, a horizontal gap is visible between the roof and the sidewall. The fenders, which are part of the interior, prevent them from coming together. We still need to sand them a little. "That's all, Folks!"
  10. Thank you Kit and Bob for your support! Let's continue! I decided that it is easier to process panels individually than together. The stiffness is greater. I sanded off the excess plastic on the roof. The front side of the roof had to be lifted with putty. I'm slowly processing it, but this is not the final yet I took care of the sidewalls. I started making stamping lines. The upper one: ... bottom one So - it 's clearer Next - putty in the right places, but first - are masks Then the most dreary thing for me: putty, sanding, putty, sanding ... Thank you for watching!
  11. Thank you, Tommy! I will remember final fraze. Have not heard it before. 🙂
  12. Thank you Francis and Steve!!! Last time I was busy with work on landscape field. Plus I still have work to do to make mý haus look right. I mooved from city to my own home 1,5 years before. But your words makes me to work farther with current projeckts. Thank you again! 🙂
  13. Oh,I wish I could use this Swan, when I was building Custombilt...
  14. Thank you very much, BROs for your comments! I Really appreciate it! Now I'm happy! For those who enquire - dump load is made of moisture absorbing granules. I've found them inside the plug from the tube of test strips for the determination of glucose in the blood. Sorry for long sentence. There is about 3 square centimetre (or 3 milliliter) of granules in each plug. I collect about a litre.
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