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  1. Let's continue: Sonoma's rear axle back part was horrible. New one was made of acril bead & styrol. I've casted Ford's rear axle, cut off the excess and added semi axles of profiles + steal spike. Let's glue it together... ...add epoxy putty... ... and get TopKick rear axle. It slightly longer, then must, but I will cut it after fit brakes and wheels.
  2. Note that it is 1:24 scale.
  3. Try Italeri's Peterbilt 378.
  4. But question about the width of wheel arches of bigger models is still open.
  5. Thanks to all of you, gents! Finally I have got it!
  6. Oh my good! Those seems on tanks, air cleaner - too visable.. I would prime the chassis before paint.
  7. Hundred precently aggree! I would love to see present time RAMs (2002-2017) and Silverados (2007-n.d.) too
  8. Thank you Jeff! That's good news! So I will wait and won't buy expensive rare kit.
  9. Hello, Gents! Does anyone heard any rummors about reissue of '68-72 Chevy PickUp (Cheyenne)? I have a plan to built 1968 -72 Chevy C60-80, or may be M60-80. The Pick Up is nice source for it. Blazer doesn't have roof & back wall.
  10. In that case, I hope the link will help:
  11. What have happened with Fireball Modelworks site? Does it moved some where?
  12. I guess everyone have the kit he wants to be reissued. I'm waiting for '68 Chevy Cheyenne. It haven't been reissued for long time. Plan to make 1967-72 C-40...C-60, using Cheyenne cab.... I love medium duty.
  13. Have got my order couple days a go! Thank you very much, Bill! As Brad said: "Super fast shipping & well packaged too!"
  14. Thank you Jim! Dual rear wheels arch width is - 96.1'
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