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  1. Dodge D/W 100 dimensions

    Thank you Charles! Could medium duty trucks of that era had width of 88 inches?
  2. Well done, Yura! Looks great!
  3. Dodge D/W 100 dimensions

    Thank you! Anyone else? It there cab/hood meassurements? The reason I'm asking, that I noticed^ heavy trucks and PickUps differs only with wheel ark flares, which are aproximatelly 4-5 inches each side. I may be wrong, but is'n it too small for difference between heavy dumper and pick up?
  4. Dodge D/W 100 dimensions

    Well, according to "Dodge Trucks' crestline by Don Bunn, C-series mentioned up to 1955 year. In 1956 same trucks refered to as Y-series and in 1957 - as D-series. Anyway, Gaute, thank you for the link. I guess in this video, on 5:40 there was Danbury Mint 1:24 Diecast of 57 Dodge as you mentioned?
  5. Dodge D/W 100 dimensions

    Hello everyone! I plan to built Dodge D/W 100 or may be D/W 900, but I have no cab & hood dimensions. Can anyone point me to source of that kind information? Drawings or broshure would be nice!
  6. Thank you! I'll try this tip on my 90's TopKick dash.
  7. Nice polishing Joe! I wonder: how have you painted gauges on dash board? Looks real!
  8. Thanks in advance. One more question: Can anyone point me to DIMENSIONS OF 1998 SILVERADO DUALIE BED 8FT?
  9. '90s GMC TopKick C7500

    Thank you guys!
  10. Does anyone here have Leader Class'es TopKick? Can you give me the width and the hight of just a cab of this toy?
  11. For now - some progres. A little work with frame spars. I've lived small rear spring bracket rudiments and made a plate from brass. Front bracket of rear spring is made of Evergreen profile. Later I've complicated brass part. Now I've got brake discs. If someone need dimensios - here are they: Here I started to make crossmembers and second of rear springs. All I left to do are - rest of springs, suit some differentials and I ready for cab...
  12. '90s GMC TopKick C7500

    Thank you Hermann! Glad you like it. So, I have came to hydraulic ram. It made out of aerial, cut to size. My aerial was stainless. So it was cut by tool, like "Dremel". Here is a jig to cut. I will use plastic tube to enlarge outer part of ram To drill new holes I used diamond boer Here is how the truck looks now Here are king pins soldered for moving parts A load I made for gate lockers
  13. I also consider to buy used Peterbilt 352. May be - glue bomb, or just a cab.
  14. One More Class 325 on the bench

    I love those hoses! And all the rest work - too!