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  1. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Have found "Reflective Tape Regulations": "Also, the two segments should have a minimum of 12 inches in length plus or minus six inches. This would mean a range of six inches to eighteen inches. ....Besides the 2 colors, the reflective tape should only come in the following widths: 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches."
    So Microscale striping is 0,5mm narrower, than minimum. ...... BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! I could print it my self with ink jet printer, but it mean I have to cover it with Liqued Tape, and even then, when I cut out the strip and put it in water - red edges will contact with water and bleed!
    Or may be I still should try Microscale? Nobody care about safety tape but me?
  2. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Yes, they say the thikest stripes are 1/16" high (mean - 1,5 mm) and I guess each color about 6 mm long. Is it small?
    I haven't see many US trailers in Russia. Our trailers don't have safety strips.
  3. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Does any one tried this?
    Can it suits to our scale?
  4. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    I tried to contact Line O Tape sales office, but unfortunatelly my mail can not be delivered. Is this site working?
  5. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Thank you Richard. 
    I heared about this manufactorer before, but never tried. Is thair safety tape suit our 1/24 (1/25) scale?
    Main question is - how can I order it? Product list doesn't show up.
  6. Sergey added a post in a topic MCRC's 73' El Camino review?   

    Thank you, Mike!
  7. Sergey added a post in a topic Modeltruckin.com   

    Haven't found modern topic about Modeltrucking, so I ask here.
    Does Jerry have Red/White safety strip decal set for semi trailer sides? I need one for current project.
  8. Sergey added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    MCRC's 73' El Camino review?
    Hello colleagues!
    I came accross 73' El Camino at MCRC. The picture of the real car is beautifull, but I can't find any review about a trans-kit himself. Also I couldn' t find any WIP with the subject. All I have found is WIP of master-patern of this El Camino which was used to make moulds. But this is not telling me about MCRC quality. Can any one point me to review or WIP with resin 73' El Camino?
    Thanks in advance.
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  9. Sergey added a post in a topic What size led,s to use as markerlights?   

    Use SMD LEDs size 0805 or 0604. I use the last one for head lights. They are wery small.
  10. Sergey added a post in a topic 1978 Dodge Pickup(AMT)restoration   

    Yuri, glad to see you here! 
    Well done, my friend!
    I wish I could build modes like you: smooth and fast.
    I mast review my modeling style. 
    One question: why did you placed H-profiles in bed like that?
  11. Sergey added a post in a topic '90s GMC TopKick C7500   

    Well Mark..... For those who want to make a model using resin without donor-kit (like me), or for the man who scratchbuild models, KFS frame kit is must have IMHO.
  12. Sergey added a post in a topic '90s GMC TopKick C7500   

    The more I work on TopKick cab, the more imperfection I found....

    Here we see, that the bottom of the back wall of the cab is not parallel to under grill bar. So the cab/hood is twisted slightly.

    Here headlight niche was depressed on hood corners. Stock state on the left.
    Now let's make a frame. I tried CNC-milled frame from KFS.

    There are nice cross members in a kit, though it is hard to glue bottom and upper strips to the main strip at once.... I think I must make a jig next time

    There should be reinforcement abowe rear boogy. This was made of right angle and styrene. Perhaps I will change it a little.
    Try on.

    The inside of the grill was treated with ceramic blade to open the holes. Here they are almost opened. The side columns of the grill shouldn't be opened on a real truck. That's why I used ceramic blade for accuracy.

    Head light bezels was made of halves of 5 mm plastic tube and pieces of styrene by sides. Also I found head light lenses in my spares

    I guess it's a resin copy of this Ford's face

    The only probleme, that sikkens resin has tinted yellow in time.  Anyone knows vhere can I get transparent resin, that won't get yellow anymore.
  13. Sergey added a post in a topic '90s GMC TopKick C7500   

    Thank you guys! Hey Craig! Where is that bed from?
    I guess the cab is Silverado's?
  14. Sergey added a post in a topic '90s GMC TopKick C7500   

    Well, it is hard to transfertransfer COE paint scheme on such conventional. Genelal hood sides slightly higher, then TopKick's, so it not so easy too. Perhaps Ford L-series have similar hood and that schemes in the bottom of first page will suits TopKick.....         I should think it over.                               Thank you Russell anyway!
  15. Sergey added a post in a topic Which Build Next? IH S Hood   

    Sorry for my 50 cent to the converstion. If I have an International S-series, I would build a safe on wheels (a bank truck). Sertanly it wasn't offen.