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  1. Geat built, Dan! Pleasure to watch how it going! Sorry for stupid question: why are these two platforms have different height? And how many Italeri's road pieces have you used to make one on your shelf?
  2. I'm sorry, Peter, but no working bulbs this time. Custombilt deforced me with it's 160 LEDs. Thank you, Francis! Very kind of you! I saw your 64 Dodge. That's really Superb!
  3. Some small update A friend of mine (probably known as Peterson) have drawn and printed roof lights: Here it is, fitted to my template.
  4. Hi, fellows! Still walking around the model. It's time to make a body. 😰 Have worked couple evenings in Corel Draw. Here are future decals for the project.
  5. Thank you, Alberto, Curtis and James! Here is Coca Cola - chrome remover:
  6. Thank you David! I wish I can keep this effort through all the build! Something is escaping my attention sometimes. 🙂
  7. Hood hinges were extended to let a lid stand in opened position, when it need. I noticed plastic mud guard on a photo and tried to replicate it Tail lights needed reflectors Tail lights lenses were copied in clear resin in case I won't make with kit's one. Also I saw at the picture above, tiny shock absorber brackets. So Revell's horrible brackets were removed and replaced by a piece of PE fret. Feel the different. Also tried to make wheel arc overlays (correct me if It wrong term)
  8. Here are pinned rear spring brackets Front upper arms (I hope it the right term) treated the same way Gaps will be filled latter Inner and exterior trunk walls got a styrene piece inserts to make more room for tail lights. Filled cavities on rooth. Filled battery bottom line and made a corresponding groove on wheel arc. Deepened panel lines.
  9. Hello Gents! I decided to build one more GM truck. I guess it will look right without much rework. Seme parts were used to copy for Ironhide TopKick. So opened the box I've found that only one tyre left. Other 4 were remade for different priject. O-key, I heve Dodge ram with the same tyres. First I wanted to build this: BUT I guesss it is 4x4 and only 4x2 version in the kit. So I switched to this: Here it is Cleaning up and test fit some parts. Filled cavities Heve found couple parts to replace - front springs.
  10. Thank you, Nicholas! I thought the same way! Now I have copied the steering wheel, wheel column, side mirrors and passenger handle from Silverado kit The first casting brings me some air bubbles So I will try again. I copied Silverado's tail lights too, with little change. That's all for now. Thank you for attention!
  11. Hello, Gents! Building Silverado, I found rear mirrors, wich I can copy for Iron Hide Topkick. Unfortunatelly they 1/25 (white one). I also have Asto van, which is 1/24, bud they are different (black one). I also wiĺl copy Astro steering wheel (grey one). The question is which steering wheel column to copy for TopKick? Asrto's (grey) or Silverado's (white)? What do you think?
  12. Let's renew this dusty topic. I understood why I haven't pick up the Truck for a long time. It was time to make fasteners for axles to springs, and this is a tedious job. I worked on the front of the frame. It tapers to the bumper Cut off the excess plastic, made the front crossbar and added styrene on top The gearbox of the front axle was not quite correct, if you look at the photo from updates abowe. I cut it up and reversed the parts however the front and rear of the gearbox did not quite match. Made a spacer I couldn't resist trying it all on Now it's ready to attach the wheels and I can make up the cab. But while we're quarantined, I'll get another Pickup.
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