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  1. Oh my good! Those seems on tanks, air cleaner - too visable.. I would prime the chassis before paint.
  2. Hundred precently aggree! I would love to see present time RAMs (2002-2017) and Silverados (2007-n.d.) too
  3. Thank you Jeff! That's good news! So I will wait and won't buy expensive rare kit.
  4. Hello, Gents! Does anyone heard any rummors about reissue of '68-72 Chevy PickUp (Cheyenne)? I have a plan to built 1968 -72 Chevy C60-80, or may be M60-80. The Pick Up is nice source for it. Blazer doesn't have roof & back wall.
  5. In that case, I hope the link will help:
  6. What have happened with Fireball Modelworks site? Does it moved some where?
  7. I guess everyone have the kit he wants to be reissued. I'm waiting for '68 Chevy Cheyenne. It haven't been reissued for long time. Plan to make 1967-72 C-40...C-60, using Cheyenne cab.... I love medium duty.
  8. Have got my order couple days a go! Thank you very much, Bill! As Brad said: "Super fast shipping & well packaged too!"
  9. Thank you Jim! Dual rear wheels arch width is - 96.1'
  10. Once again: Can anyone help me with DIMENSIONS OF 1999 SILVERADO DUALIE BED 8FT? I need the width of wheel arches to determine the width of rear axle now.
  11. Thank you! Coils will be cut off soon. It's a dry fit.
  12. Many nice and quik offers for the market with one base model. Well done!
  13. Let's continue! Rear springs Front springs and brackets Dry fit. Suspension parts are waiting for further work and some more parts. Searching for axles in my boxes, gave me this. Black parts are from Meng's Ford 1/24, red - are from GMC Sonoma 1/20. As you can see on photos above - rear axle should be square & rear part of reduction gear should be like Sonoma has. Front axle reduction gear looks similar to GMC, but shifted wrong side. I shoul turn the axle 180 degrees, cutting off springs.
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