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  1. Hello, Gents! Slowly going to finish! Let's start from nice touches. Her I made small red copys from originals, painted chrome. Sunvisors & front stand upholstery (marked with arrows). Glued windscreen with epoxy Rear window I really wanted to make a crushed stone crumb on the tread, as in the photo Yes, I planned to make the gravel in the body from drying pellets. These are sometimes put in new shoes inside bags . I picked it up - from the packages from the glucose test strips. And then rubbed on a spatula (in the photo-on the right). In my opinion, it turned out better than ZIP pigment. And here on the right - a bottle of those pellets. It took me years to collect this amount. Front wheels with nuts & nipples There is almost invisible nippers on rear wheels. Perhaps it is pointless to make a nipple on 10-hole disks. Up grated tanks Some chassis & body views I found another way to replicate mud flaps. In electric shops it is called "heat-conducting dielectric sheet". This rubber is 0.5-0.25 mm thick. It can be sprayed. Ask questions! I will be glad to answer.
  2. It is Mobihel 47085002 There is another number on a can: s-0001326257. Good luck, Francis!
  3. Hi, Gents! Have sprayed discs with black gloss Next - Alclad: polished aluminum. It turned out so-so (sorry I didn't take a picture). So I rubbed some more Ginsun powder on it. Get better. I sprayed the cab and body with Kudo clear gloss can. First - the tail gate, using the balloon. It spits. Poured out the varnish for the airbrush. It's better, but there's orange peel on top coat anyway. I've tried different metallics. An interesting effect is given by burnt metal from Mr color. Polished exterrior. Enjoy the pictures!
  4. I don't stand close to your skill, Francis, but thank you for kind words! 🙂
  5. Thank you JT! Some more pictures without words. Now it's too lale here in Russia. Ask questions. I will answer later. This is technology to make reflectors for the body Chroming, using Alclad and Molotov Window masks Dashboard treated with white pensil Enjoy photos!
  6. Thank you a lot, Gentlemen for your help and coments! I will continue spraying. 🙂
  7. Let's continue! Have made towing eyes Sprayed top coat on white and grey primers Chose - white. Interior treated the same way Black parts. By the way: what color should be firewall painted? Instruction says - black. But I guess it must be body color? Chrome parts were socked in acid for drainpipes cleaning Though face & tail bumper were treated with sand paper. Thank you for attention! Feel free to ask questions!
  8. Thank you very much, Gentlemen! You very kind. It inspirit me to finish soon.
  9. Finally sprayed chassis, plus couple more parts ... and head light recess. I alves slightly fail with masking. But I'm glad, that this part of cab is finished. Though all plastic and rubbers on a cab are waiting. And small tizer:
  10. Thank you, Anton! Hi Gents! I have a holiday today. PETERSON have made wheels for this project! Many thanks to Michael Petrenko! Enjoy the pictures! Now it's time to start a cab.
  11. Hello, Gents! Now I have deepened panel lines and finally primed large parts outdoors. Some places need more attention When I was digging in interior panel lines, Scriber jumped off in a couple of places. And the muffler should be more fine sandpaper to treat. And I have gone to keep sanding.
  12. Hello, Gents! I have come to body work start. And here I stumble. I've got drawing, but can't believe it. It seems body hight is about 65 inches. Overall Savanna's height is 82 inches. Can it be: clearence between body and ground - 17 inches? Does anyone have GMC Savanna, TopKick- Pickup/Chevrolet Express, Kodiak-Pickup near to measure? I need body bottom edge to ground measure. Having overall height I can calculate body height and compare it to drawing.
  13. Geat built, Dan! Pleasure to watch how it going! Sorry for stupid question: why are these two platforms have different height? And how many Italeri's road pieces have you used to make one on your shelf?
  14. I'm sorry, Peter, but no working bulbs this time. Custombilt deforced me with it's 160 LEDs. Thank you, Francis! Very kind of you! I saw your 64 Dodge. That's really Superb!
  15. Some small update A friend of mine (probably known as Peterson) have drawn and printed roof lights: Here it is, fitted to my template.
  16. Hi, fellows! Still walking around the model. It's time to make a body. 😰 Have worked couple evenings in Corel Draw. Here are future decals for the project.
  17. Thank you, Alberto, Curtis and James! Here is Coca Cola - chrome remover:
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