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  1. With no emblem in that grill it would probably work well on a 69 Charger 500 as well!!
  2. I didn't get a notice of shipment but mine showed up today! Actually it showed up Saturday but needed a signature! I was able to get it today!
  3. I preordered mine as well. May also do the Super Snake! Would love a Shelby GT350R or GT350 as well!
  4. he posted on his Facebook page that they were getting closer.
  5. I plan to build mine aqua with white interior!
  6. This is looking good! I have two of the earlier versions but have not built them.
  7. I had built the Black Rat version long ago when it was new. The stock 65 I posted is the same kit just updated in 1995. Didn't notice the missing wipers but I was very young back then. Also my stock 65 396 version still had the custom mirrors and fog lights in the kit still. I forgot about the Black Rat having tinted windows! I remember it being molded in black and I didn't paint anything. Just glued it together and put on the decals! It was a fun quick build!
  8. My Monogram 65 Corvette has them on the chrome tree. Are we talking about a different kit or later version?
  9. Love this! If this really does turn into a resin kit I'm very interested. I really like the 69 GS 400!
  10. Sorry. Long gone and I only did a limited run of 25 or so.
  11. Here is a link to his webpage. Look at the header! He has it on his header along with a set for the 1967 Shelby GT350! I want them both but they are not yet available and he announced them over 4 years ago. The Model Car Garage - The Model Car Garage
  12. There are multiple Guillaume Cossette and I cant find a K7 resin.
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