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  1. 1/25 AMT '71 Plymouth Duster 340

    I'm glad to see it back as well! Nice kit with a very nice 340. I have already bought many for my projects. I have one to build as a 70, another was done as a stock 71. A third one was being converted into a 72. Plus two more for resin Demon's, (a 71 and a 72) plus I bought many more for the 340 that went into 72-74 MPC Challengers.
  2. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Yes great score. I bought this one from eBay and it was a steal! I could see it had extra parts as it was both molded in white and red and I seen two sets of wheels. Seller did not inventory it and admitted it in his add. When I got it it was two complete kits in one box! Here are the finished builds.
  3. Is the 1957 Chevy the most kitted ?

    I was wondering the same thing? Are we talking number of tools made of this subject including modified retooling? Different box art issues of the same kit inside? Definitely an interesting topic. Much like the 69 Camaro, 32 Ford, and 69 Charger.
  4. Eleanor

    Well, from that picture the cowl and engine compartment are from the Revell 1/24 scale 64-66 Mustangs.
  5. Eleanor

    My question is that the USCP is listed as 1/24 Scale and has the dash shown. No need to cast the dash if you are using the Revell 68 but that is 1/25. The 1/24 kits are the 70 Mach 1, 70 Boss 302, 70 Boss 429, and the 65 and 66 Mustangs. Scale Productions is an awesome kit and I wish it was still available as it was worth every penny. I bought a few myself. Greg Wanns is available and much cheaper but does not have the photo etch and decals and some other parts. Both of them work with the AMT 67 Shelby and that kit is great.
  6. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    These were all mostly mint kits that I have built or are 1/2 done. Some the boxes were not mint thou. The Rebel was a water damaged kit so decals and box were bad but kit was fine. 71 cyclone box was crumbling and tail lights were missing. That one is 1/2 done. The 70 Grand Prix was factory sealed but that is done now. Most of my rare builds are restorations of previously built kits. I know I have some very racer resin kits to build to.
  7. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    I'm not sure which ones of these would be the rarest but I would have to say the 71 Torino kit is still factory sealed and pretty rare. Then maybe the 68 and 69 Javelins. All of these are mint unbuilt kits. Only the 68 Javelin is somewhat started. I had the bumpers rechromed and sold the funny car parts from that kit. All the rest are complete and I have not built them. Some of them like the 69 Javelin I have duplicate rebuilders.
  8. Thanks John and Ron, Since this was brought up I want to say thanks to anyone whom bought one of them but want to make it aware that this was back in 2012 and I don't have any more of these for sale. I only did it as a very limited run and I don't cast on a regular basis. I do love my Javelins and I have 2 68 Javelins and 3 69 Javelins in my stash of rebuilders. So the decals for them interest me very much along with the 70 Duster 340!! I also plan to do the 84 Hurst Olds 442!
  9. I see a few I have to get from you but that 69 Javelin is one I have to have. I had these made years ago and built this one. I have a few more 69s to restore!
  10. Do You Get Fixated On One Type Of Car?

    For me it's a yes and no. I build mostly stock muscle cars, I also build Thunderbirds, Corvettes, and Impalas. Occasional exotic and a few race cars. So far I recently finished a 60 Impala, 69 Charger 500, 68 Cougar GT, 69 Shelby GT500, and a 71 Grand Prix.
  11. Dick Landys 68 Charger

    Yes that is they way Revell offered it. The body is 69 and you filled in the markers and used decals for the 68 markers. Also this body does not have a vinyl top! The later issue stock 68 kit has no markers on it at all.
  12. I'm really interested in your 70 Duster set but looks like it is missing a few emblems. These are on the front fenders of 70 Dusters only. I don't see the V-eight emblem or the Valiant emblem.
  13. Johan Superbird

    Yes, that is what I understand. 69 GTX was first, then 69 Roadrunner, then all new body for 70 Roadrunner and tooling updated for 70. 69 Roadrunner body survived but 69 interior lost to 70. Then tooling was modified into 70 GTX and then 70 Superbird. Then Superbird was modified into Sox and Martin drag car and lost NASCAR parts. 69 body survived and was reissued with 70 interior along with a few runs of the Sox and Martin Superbird. ,
  14. AMT 50th Anniversary Camaro

    I'll check mine as well and let you know. I have both the 50th and the pace car 50th issues.
  15. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I know. I have the MFH Cobra Daytona 427 Super Coupe. I open in on occasion and just stare at it!