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  1. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

    That is very nice!
  2. Revell's 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit

    That is beautiful and exactly the color combo I was planning for mine.
  3. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Yes, but I want to do the street car!
  4. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    The rest was also cast by myself from a mint 68 Javelin kit I bought. I used those parts to cast up just about all the parts to a 69 Javelin. 69 Body was from a promo as the hood is molded in. The chassis and all the under hood parts were cast from this. I had learned a lot doing this and also learned that it was a lot of work and that it was better to start with the best rebuilder you can. Plus I learned how much work goes into casting and can appreciate what resin casters do to offer parts and kits. Please don't ask for these parts as they are gone and the molds have shrunk a bit. I keep watching ebay and every now and then I get lucky and score a good rebuilder but really miss Modelhaus!
  5. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    I had no interior. So I picked up this promo and made a mold and cast the interior tub from it. Glass was cracked so that was no use to me. I also got a dash from Missing Link from the AMX kit that they offered. Shifter and steering wheel came from Modelhaus.
  6. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    This particular build is almost all resin. I have worked with resin before and have done my own casting and learned a lot. here is what I started with: This was a Decon Resin offering that I literally ran into in a local hobby shop. I did not know it was even offered. Body is stock but had no emblems, Bumpers were not plaited and the rear bumper is missing the Javelin plate. Glass was vacuum formed. I replaced both bumpers with Modelhaus chromed ones along with a 71-74 spoiler also from Modelhaus.
  7. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Pretty much what it is. They made 100 of these Trans Am versions as they were called. Hardest part is the special rear spoiler but I think I know how I'm going to do it.
  8. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    I have one cut from a promo and fitted to this one. Plus I have stock wheels and tires for it also. I think I have a stock engine for it now. I originally bought this for the glass to finish the above build. I stripped it and it was nicer that the resin body kit I started with so that is when I decided to restore this one as well.
  9. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Awesome! I also picked this one up to rebuild. It will become a dealer issued Trans Am version. I now have all the parts I need to build this one too.
  10. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    They are from Fred Cady. An old sheet I had picked up along the way. Funny part was it had both black stripes and only one white side. Other side was missing from the print.
  11. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Here is a 70 Javelin Mark Donahue edition that I finished in 2016 but didn’t get to posting it. This was one of my long going projects that I started in 2010. Almost all resin. So it is not a restoration but more of a recreation. Decals are Fred Cady. Glass is from a damaged promo. Engine is mostly Johan. Wheels and tires are AMT. the rest is resin.
  12. Revell's 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit

    I know. And I still haven’t built the two I bought back then. I did get the corrected interior parts.
  13. Revell '49 Merc

    That is a nice build!
  14. 1967 Shelby GT500 SUPER SNAKE

    This engine picture is correct for this car only. The other pic is a 428. The stripes on the cowl give it away as another car.
  15. 1967 Shelby GT500 SUPER SNAKE

    I love this car and have the same project in my stack but it is on hold. Model car garage announced a set of photo etch for the 67 Shelby’s over two years ago but still not out. Hoping it has the outboard headlamp grill that this car needs. Also delaying my project is the hood grills that this car also has.