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  1. I just order cross drilled brake lines to match my cross drilled rotors!
  2. You need most of the 70 to do this. The body is different at both bumpers and grills so you will need all the body parts. Even most the emblems are in different spots. Most 69 kits actually have the 70 intior tub. Look for one piece high back bucket seats. The correct 69 interior tub has buckets with a separate headrests. The dash is different and so is the steering wheel. Here are the two I have built. The 70 is a resin kit from Missing Link. It hasn't been available in years.
  3. That glass you have pictured is from a 60 Thunderbird kit.
  4. Very Nice! I haven't even started on mine yet but I did build a resin 68 Chevelle Convertible in Rally Green!
  5. Fujimi did offer that version. I don't know of any other kits having them.
  6. Courious? If a resin corrected interior tub was available. How many of you would buy one @ $15 a tub?
  7. They are the same kit and same tool in different boxes. Only difference is my old one has the correct hood.
  8. Very nice build! I bought that kit in that box as well. The box art car had the entire chassis, engine and engine compartment from the 69 GTX! Notice the front sway bar! Just like you stated it had none of those parts in it and the Daytona hood instead of the correct 69 hood. The hood issue has been that way since the 80s. The last issue I know of that had the correct hood was molded in yellow from the 80's
  9. Same here. I was wondering what happened. I bought his 2013 Shelby and 2014 Camaro Z28. Both are very nice and I got a few sets of his 67 Shelby wheels. I'm wanting his 2012 Boss 302 and his Dodge Demon Widebody.
  10. If your looking to make money your chances are slim. Best bet is on truck but no bed is a killer. If your looking for fun and experience go for the Chrysler with the 383. Car can be fun and engine and trans parts should be easy to get but not always cheep. Rest of car is hard to get parts for. This I know all to well. AMC is also difficult to get parts for and even less of a market for it.
  11. That is beautiful. I built the original issue and the decals were brittle even then. I have one more of the Pro Modeler version and I'm sure the decals are toast now.
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