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  1. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Trans-Am the pony wars....   

    I would love to see any of these race cars in kit form. It would have to have an accurate body for the race car. I think many would complain about a stock body in a race car kit at the current kit prices.
    Also having a race version of the 69 Trans Am would be kind of funny since it could not race in the series it was named after! I read in a book recently that that fact had a lot to do with why they only sold 600 of them but the Z/28 sold near 30,000 units in 69. They were allowed to race the 69 body in the 70 season with a 305 Chevy motor but was not competitive. This may not be fully accurate but it is what I remember reading.
  2. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1971 Cuda Question   

    I have the Revell kit and have yet to build it but I must say that this strikes me as kind of funny. I don't have an answer for the question but I remember when the only 70 Cuda was the MPC one. A few people offered resin conversions for the Revell 71 to make a 70.
    Here is my 70 AAR Cuda I built in 1990. It has an resin kit from MPB Detail products. Using the 71 Cuda and the engine and chassis from the 70 Challenger TA.

    Here are a few 70 Hemi Cudas built from the same parts but done much later. I think I built these in the early 2000s. The convertible I built shortly after the Nash Bridges kit came out. I was glad I bought so many of the MPB kits back then. I still have one more AAR kit still.

    This last one is a 71 Johan kit with a resin kit from Reliable Resin.

    I know have a MPC 70 and 71 to restore that will be done someday. And I will probably buy a resin 71 trans kit for the 70 Cuda if one does come out.
  3. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1968 plymouth roadrunner tail lights   

    I like the ones Missing Link offers.
  4. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1967 Cougar Fastback Project   

    That looks great. Seen a few online and they should have been made. For some reason Mercury never offered the fastback or even the convertible. The convertible did arrive in 69 but was not available for 67-68.
  5. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Last Modelhaus Order   

    Same for my order from may 16. It just shipped! 63 Corvair convertible. Now my last order is from July 2 and it's order number is just under 1000 orders from my may order! They closed the web sight shortly after the 4th weekend!
  6. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic RESIN   

    I have about 10 of his kits. All are buildable with some texture and no chrome plating. They are a great value for the price but I would not say they are as good as Modelhaus. One nice thing about his kits. They have instructions on what donor parts are needed and what version to look for or if more that one donor is needed.
  7. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Weatherman says:   

    Wait till July when it's 118! Or August when the humidity rolls in and it's 110 with 30%. I can't imagine what 9 is like.
  8. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic As Requested: My Resin Graveyard - yikes!   

    I like your Pyle and I have a similar Pyle of my own. Would love to have that 68 GTO convertible myself! I have more than 50 resin kits or body's. some I don't even know why I still have them. 69 Chevelle convertible, and MCW 65 Satelite come to mind. I have some duplicates too. Two 70 AMXs by Missing Link. Love that car and one is being built now. I also have two 70 Torino King Cobras. One is Jimmy Flinstone and designed for the Revell 1/24 kit. The other is Mini Exotics and is based off the AMT 70 Torino annual.
    Like you stated some have lost value do to new tool kits. I have a Modelhaus 68 Charger R/T and a Modelhaus 72 Olds 442 convertible with the W/30 upgrade. Both I have built and enjoyed. I built a Modelhaus 70 Charger also and have one more unbuilt Modelhaus kit of it in my stash.
    Some started getting some serious money on eBay and were sold off. Mini Exotics 68 Cougar GTE, Mini Exotics 427 Cobra Daytona Coupe, R&R 70 Chrysler 300. Some Modelhaus items are going crazy lately. Did anyone else see the 68 Chevelle conversion kit that was only the front, rr bumpers, dash and taillights go for $166?
  9. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic My five of 2016   

    Very nice!
  10. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Completed in 2016   

    They all look great but I love the 68 Coronet R/T!
  11. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Which resin 4 door kit would you buy out of these choices. Polara, Cherokee, or LTD LX Fairmont   

    71 Polara 4 dr I would make into a Police car. Now a 70 Fury GT! I would have to have!
  12. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 2016 builds from Sport Suburban   

    Thanks. The 60 El Camino came to me by a good friend. I told him I was looking for one to build and he gave me this one. I had to fill 14 holes in the body but all the trim was intact. His only request was the Honduras Red paint.
  13. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 2016 builds from Sport Suburban   

    Ha! That's funny! I have another 60 Edsel vert to restore in my stash.
  14. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 69 AMC AMX Big Bad Blue   

    Yours came out very nice! What donor did you use for the engine comp and chassis?
    I'm honored that my build inspired yours. My Big Bad Blue 70 AMX may have to get finished soon!
  15. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 2016 builds from Sport Suburban   

    2011 Shelby GT500 convertible. Revell kit bashed.

    2013 Camaro ZL1. Revell pre painted kit stripped.