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  1. Rebuilding a 1:1

    If your looking to make money your chances are slim. Best bet is on truck but no bed is a killer. If your looking for fun and experience go for the Chrysler with the 383. Car can be fun and engine and trans parts should be easy to get but not always cheep. Rest of car is hard to get parts for. This I know all to well. AMC is also difficult to get parts for and even less of a market for it.
  2. Pro Modeler 69 Charger Daytona

    That is beautiful. I built the original issue and the decals were brittle even then. I have one more of the Pro Modeler version and I'm sure the decals are toast now.
  3. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    It gets worse if they know you can fix things, have a truck and a welder! At least I'm in AZ, everyone has at least 1 truck.
  4. 60 Impala

    Thanks for the tip. I'll probably do that to the 59 as well. It's not as noticeable on this 60 because of the black paint.
  5. 68 GTO Convertible

  6. Glue Bomb Rescues and Survivor Restorations of 2018

    Those are really cool.
  7. Revell 1958 Corvette

    Really looks great!
  8. Revell Ford GT

    Looks great in white!
  9. 61 Lincoln Continental convertible

    Thanks. This one is one of my favorites and just looks great!
  10. 60 Impala

    Thanks everyone! This is a really nice kit and for the most part builds well. The chassis doesn’t seem to fit well into the body and I think the rockers need to cover the sides better. Now to build the 59 Impala but what color? HMMM.
  11. 72 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Thanks everyone. This one was an easy build only because I started with a nice unbuilt kit. Sometimes it is easier to buy a complete unbuilt kit at just over $100 than the rebuilders. I bought the three rebuilders between 50-75 each and was still trying to find some parts for these. But once they are past the 1/2 way point and I’m enjoying what I’m building I forget all about the money. And that is what this is all about!
  12. 68 Cougar GT

    Thanks everyone. This one came out awesome and the redlines are the kit issued tires! My only problem was buying up a bunch of builders to get all the parts. I had a resin 67 from F&F, resin Mini Exotics 67 and a resin Mini Exotics 68 GTE. Along with 2 67 rebuilders, this 68 rebuilder and another unbuilt 68 that I scored for $100 only missing the tail light lenses but I had some! Some of the resin I had a long time and this is the first one that I finally built!
  13. 69 Charger 500 from Revell kits

    Thanks everyone. I love this one and was not real motivated to finish it for some reason. All Revell has to do is tool up a new body, grill and decals and this could be a kit. Exspecially now that I finished my project and they have all the rest of the parts in various kits. I built a 69 Boss 302, 70 Mach 1 and 72 Olds 442 convertible before Revell issued kits of those so it could happen!
  14. 68 GTO Convertible

    Thanks everyone! This one came out great and just seemed to want to be built. I have had some fight me but this one practically put its self together. Even the paint just about applied itself! I hope my other GTO go as well as this one did!
  15. 71 Grand Prix

    Thanks everyone. This one was a pretty easy resto one I got all the parts gathered up.