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  1. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic '70 Chrysler custom   

    Great build and I love it. I remember when you first posted it. I had saved the pictures and had bought the kit. That R&R kit needed some work to make it as nice as yours. I didn't build mine and once R&R had passed and some of his kits went through the roof I had sold it. I wish more of these C body Mopars were available!
  2. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    Who knows what happened to the tools over time. Round 2 is doing a great job sorting out the tools and restoring the ones that fit there budgets! Time will tell if this 71 kit is found and what shape it is in. I understand that many of these tools are separate pieces and the chassis was shared between many body's but I don't know for sure but it makes sense.
    Also remember when RC2 owned them the kits suffered. As mentioned the 74 GTX when issued by them in the 2000s had the wrong dash and a chassis plate from a different kit with single exhaust. I bought one of them. Round 2 did find the right parts and corrected the decals for the collectors tin 74 Roadrunner! Only wished they would have filled the cowl vents on the hood as they should not be there for a 74 but that is an easy fix for us.
    Also remember the RC2 issued the 69 GTX kits with the 68 Roadrunner grill, hood and rear bumper but still had the correct taillights all on the same chrome tree.
  3. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Revell question   

    I have not got a reply in a while. They used to send a post card if they no longer had the parts. My last two request are processing but never showed up. They give you a order number that you can review the status of your order but mine is over two months old and still says a shipping label was created.
  4. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    This info is great to read and since I have built a few of these and have a few more to restore I can confirm that the 87 issue was a restored body from the progression of the body mods. The 71 annual has quite a few suddle differences from the 87 issue of the same body. When you put the two bodies side by side you can see the differences were it was restored. I always wondered about the hood but never had the petty version so now that makes sense to me.
    Also since the 70 GTO was mentioned it's tool was modified after the 87 issue. Model King had the tool located and issued it in its last configuration as the stock car. It is no longer stock but a dirt modified car of some kind.
  5. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?   

    I constantly watch eBay and buy parts that I need for many projects. I have a lot of annuals that I have restored and about 50 more that I plan to restore so parts are nessasary. Many of these have had the custom parts installed so finding the stock parts can be difficult. I have purchased 2 to 3 built ups to get all the parts I need to build one. Then I have resold the extra parts or packaged them together fore someone else to use. Sometimes I get ahead finacially sometimes I don't but I rarely keep track.
    One example that I think I did well on was a MPC 70 Firebird Formula 400. I bought the built kit for $50. It was built with most the stock parts but had the custom daisy wheels and drag tires on it. I restored it but sold the original custom wheels for over $20 on eBay.
    I have sold many parts too but never started with a complete kit. If they are MPC or Johan I usually make money. Revell and AMT I usually use to trade as they don't do well on eBay. I have also taken gambles on old kits that are not advertised well. I bought a 68 Cougar kit that was unbuilt. The seller had 6 pics of the box and one of the contents in the box. I placed a bid for a little over the opening bid that I thought was fair. Nobody touched it but had lots of views. I ended up with a kit that was missing a few custom parts and one taillight. So I scored on that one as I was trying to restore another built up 68 Cougar but had spent more than I did on the gamble kit after a few actions getting pieces.
  6. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 'Pro-built' from France...   

    I noticed the vinyl top too!
    Pro built has always made me laugh on eBay. Pros get paid for their work so every eBay sale is from a pro!
  7. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Scale Finishes Moving Sale, Anyone got their stuff yet?   

    Also his web sight has an update about falling behind and that he should be caught up by 10/1.
  8. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Scale Finishes Moving Sale, Anyone got their stuff yet?   

    I got my order that I placed on 8/14. It arrived on 9/22. I was not in a hurry as I already had about 15 bottles of his paint. 
  9. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic A reasonably SERIOUS new-tool '70 Charger Revell is hiding in plain sight...   

    It's funny but most of the Revell Charger kits don't have a Hemi in them. 67 Charger has race and stock Hemi, 68 Charger has race Hemi in Landy kit and race Hemi and 440 4v in 2 in 1 kit. 69 Charger and 69 Daytona pro modeler kits have race Hemi and 440 4v but stock version only had 440 4v. AMTs real nice 71 Charger is 440 auto. I believe all the MPC Chargers are Hemi. I personally would like to see a 440 Six Pack in this one.
  10. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Scale Finishes   

    I was not in a hurry for the paint plus I have used his stuff and have met him at shows. He has never offered a deal that cheap before so I was expecting it. Plus he stated on his sight why he was having the sale. Normally one bottle is 12.50 plus ship so I got 8 for the price of two. This hobby takes patience to do so waiting a month was no big deal. Modelhaus used to be about a 6 week wait right up until they announced the retirement. Now if you got an order in before they closed you will see it next year. I have two orders in myself. I think the longest I ever waited was 18 months for a resin kit from Historic Racing Miniatures. 
  11. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Scale Finishes   

    I ordered mine on 8-14 and was notified that it shipped 8-22. The package was finally received at the post office on the 14th and arrived today.
  12. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 72 Pontiac GTO bumper
  13. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Revell 71 Plymouth GTX to Satellite   

    I don't think anyone has made Satelite parts for that kit. The 80's issue marked Satelite is actually a Roadrunner. If you find that kit you will still need a stock Satelite hood.
  14. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Now what do I do with it ?   

  15. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T, 10/17, So Close I Can Taste It!!   

    Also the Six Pack cars were a mid year introduction and were selling so well Edelbrock could not make the intakes fast enough. So I don't see how any dealers could get the parts in 69 as they were all going to production first. To fix the supply problem Mopar cast the manifold in iron for 70 and opened up the option to more vehicles as it was more popular than they originally imagined.