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  1. I did a few videos on these. And this is the kit comparison so you can see the differences.
  2. This is another one I finished this last year. Revell 1970 AAR Cuda. This is the second release from back in 2007 and is 1/24 scale. I built this one mostly out of the box with a few modifications. I cut open the front valance panel as it was molded closed and also recessed it a bit more into the body. The last mod was changing out the plain tires for an older set of Revell tires with the molded Goodyear sidewalls. I also used the staggered set found in a few older Revell kits so the back tires are bigger than the front just like the real car. I bought this kit when it was new and didn't like what I saw. I wanted to do a comparison video of all the AAR Cuda kits as they are all different and had to get some unbuilt ones. So I decided to build this one anyways. I like how it came out. I have two other AAR Cuda builds and also now building the newest 1/25 scale version.
  3. Here is the Video on did on this one. It has my other build in it as well.
  4. This is another one I finished this last year. Revell Shelby Series 1. Mostly built out of the box but changed out the tires for others in my parts box. The original tires were miss molded and a little to big and fell off the rims. For some reason this build was a problem. My first paint job the clear reacted to the silver paint so I had to strip and redo. Since I used real automotive clear the paint didn't come off easy and I searched out a new body and decals. Then when I got restarted after sitting for years I had 2 more paint jobs I was not happy with so it was stripped a few more times. First one was German silver and I didn't like it. Second one was more of a chrome silver and it was just to chrome. I was trying different silvers I had lying around. Finally went out and bought Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum and was happy with it! I had to find multiple sets of decals for it as I also wanted extra stripes to go over the back and down under the rear bumper. It is finally done and I'm real happy with it. This is my second Series 1 and the first didn't give me to many issues. Just mainly getting the hoods to close.
  5. Here is the video I did on this build if you like videos.
  6. Here is a Pantera GTS that I built right from the Testors kit. I used Testors Sublime Green model masters paint for this one. I know it is a mopar color but it looks good on this car. I had the decals scanned and redone in both black and white. The kit only comes with gold decals. I built one years ago and left it molded in black and used the gold decals. This is a simple motorized kit and is a quick build. I have one more and the white decals.
  7. Wow! That's all that you sold of that one! I thought that it would have done better! If I remember you said the 62 Grand Prix didn't do well either. No love for Pontiacs?
  8. I could swear that this issue was with only the first issue of the Nomad kit and that later reissues got the corrected pan in it.
  9. Actually MCG announced that set about 4 years ago but it never came out just like the Thunderbird set shown right next to it in the header.
  10. Very cool! I have one of these on order as well. Mine has not arrived yet!
  11. Next Version will be a Coke Cola! Sorry, Just had to!
  12. You would need three pieces from the kit. The nose piece, grill and hood. The hood is longer and has no holes for the shaker. The DMold pieces actually fit the original hood and look real similar. I'm guilty of buying the parts but not rebuilding my 69 Mustang with it yet.
  13. Here is one I just finished up. This is the Revell 1968 Mustang GT. I built this right out of the box as a 428 CJ car! I actually enjoyed building this even thou it has die cast roots and that turned me off when I first bought it. I actually preordered two back in 2008 when it came out. It also had the 67 interior and I had to wait for Revell to release the correct interior. I can't believe it took me this long to finally build one.
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