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  1. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic ROUND2/AMT 1969 GTX QUESTION......   

    Do they also have the correct GTX grill and rear bumper with the back up lights. I had stocked up on a few of these kits and got the 68 hood with 440 emblems. Ironically the 68 Roadrunner hood says Hemi. My convertible kit had the 68 Roadrunner grill and rear bumper without the back up lamps. The back up lamps were in the tail lights for 68 and in the bumper for 69.
  2. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Goodbye Scion   

    Same with Geo. From 98 on they were just Chevrolets.
  3. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic ...asking for some MPC 1967 GTO opinions .....   

    I bought an 80s issue molded in dark blue and it had the 70 seats in it. The body was way better than the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that was in my later issue RC2 kit. That was the worst I have ever seen. I heard round 2 did clean it up. Also Modelhaus has the correct seats in resin. I bought those for mine.
  4. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic AMT 1960 Edsel rebuild   

    Those are some nice builds!
  5. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1969 Johan/AMT road runner   

    Very nice! Who's A12 hood or kit did you use? I built one many years ago using Perry's Resins kit and it came out nice. I recently bought Modelhaus's A12 kit and it is very nice and has an interior plus wheels and tires. I have started restoring the Johan parts but have not really started the build yet.
  6. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Perrys Resin info   

    I have not purchased anything from them in quite a few years. When I was buying it was fast and the stuff was nice. When I heard he bought a hobby shop and his resin business was suffering I have not bought anything since or heard anything good since then.
    If this is any indicator of the demand for his stuff. When it does show up on eBay it sells for way more than he was asking. I recently watched a 68 GS 400 sell for almost $300!
  7. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic BOSS 429 - 1969 vs. 1970   

    BTW the valve covers, air cleaner, strut tower braces and master cylinder booster were all glued in place after the chassis was mated to the body. Otherwise the engine will not fit into the body.
    Also note that 69 Boss 429's have body color hood scoops and the 70 Boss 429's have semi gloss black scoops.

  8. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic BOSS 429 - 1969 vs. 1970   

    I built one using the Revell 1/25 69 Mach 1 and the Revell 70 Boss 429. It is easier than building a 69 Boss 302. That was more work in my opinion. The scale difference is slight and the motor is a tight fit but not impossible. I used the hood scoop engine from the 70 as they will be needed. Everything else but the decals came from the 69 kit.
    On the 69, the only body mod I did was remove the molded in battery from the engine compartment. The real car has the battery in the trunk. Plus the air cleaner snorkel would hit it anyways. I assembled the engine without the valve covers glued on as it will not insert into the body from underneath. You will need to mock it up with the air cleaner in place as you will need to cut the hole in the hood and fit the scoop. This needs to be carefully measured as the air cleaner will actually fit in this hole for the hood to close but the scoop covers it. I think the motor being larger also gives the right look to the size of the real motor in the real car! I also used the exhaust from the 429 kit and shortened it to fit the 1/25 chassis. The tires are from the 429 kit and the wheels are AMT and I believe from the 68 Roadrunner kit.

  9. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    Not to mention I will have these finished this year!

    69 Big Bad Green AMX. I have Keith Marks decals for this one.

    70 Big Bad Blue AMX with shadow mask. Missing Link resin kit.

    70 Javelin Mark Donahue. This is all resin. Body kit is from Decon Resin, Modelhaus provided bumpers, grill, tail lights and spoiler. Interior, chassis, engine, firewall, steering wheel, shifter, battery and radiator all cast by me. Missing Link dash. Fred Cady decals.

    72 Olds 442 convertible Modelhaus kit with W30 parts. AMT 69 olds 442 chassis and engine. Fred Cady decals for this one also. I need to finish this before Revell issues another 72! I started this one before Revell did the first one.
  10. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    70 Rebel The Machine, Keith Marks decals.

    69 Javelin SST. Custom decals and a major restoration from two bodies.

    71 Javelin AMX. Fred Cady decals.

    72 Javelin AMX. Fred Cady decals.

    73 Javelin AMX. Fred Cady decals.
  11. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    Very Nice builds! I'll add mine.

    70 Olds 442 Pace Car convertible. All American Resin kit with 69 442 chassis. Only real JoHan parts are the bumpers. Fred Cady Decals.

    70 Olds Rallye 350. Modelhaus W30 parts, Scale Equipment wheels, Fred Cady decals and 69 Olds 442 chassis. Grills are the custom ones in the kit and fitted to the 442 grill.

    71 Olds 442 W30, Modelhaus 71 Bumpers, grill, tail lights, and W30 parts. Plus another 69 Olds 442 chassis and engine in this one.

    69 Roadrunner. This one is getting rebuilt with correct 69 interior and Johan Hemi. Plus chrome is getting redone. In this photo it had AMT Hemi and Revell wheels and tires.

    71 Sox & Martin Cuda. Slixx decals and photo etch hood pins.

    70 Sox & Martin Cuda. Reliable Resin conversion, Slixx decals and Photo Etch hood pins.
  12. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Build journal anyone?   

    I do and I don't. My finished models are done and I don't keep build notes on them. Sometimes I think I should thou and could see the value in it but having close to 200 finished builds on my shelves my notes would take a while to look through. Most of my builds jog my memory of what I did and some products used.
    I do keep worksheets of my inventory of unbuilt kits in my stash. What my plans are if any or I'll list it as a "donor" for parts or resin kit. I'll list it as "spare" if I have no plans. I will also put simple notes like that on the boxes also. Build detail notes will go in the box as well as any parts I still need for that project are also marked on the outside of the box.
    I have another worksheet for my stash of resin parts and also rebuild projects. I also have a worksheet of parts I know I need for projects that I update regularly for trades and stuff. My last sheet has my started projects with the year I started them and what the finished project plan is. I put that info also on the box and what parts I need or if it's waiting on chrome or whatever. 
  13. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic AMT '60 Edsel rebuild   

    Very Nice! I like how your tail lights came out. I'm going to do the same with mine. I love these restorations too and will be watching this one.
    I recently finished a 59 Edsel convertible and started the restoration on my 60 also. Mine has some serious crazing on the tail panel from paint. I remember that one coming up on eBay and almost bid on it but was worried about the fender skirts.
    Here is mine from when I got it but it is much farther along than this.

    Thanks again for the tail light tip!
  14. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic '72 Roadrunner decals   

    I got these decals from Keith Marks.

  15. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic I finished 8 for 2015   

    I send my chrome work out to Chrome Tech USA. I do so many restorations that need chrome redone that I usually send out two racks loaded with parts to be chromed at a time. In this batch of finished builds only the Nomad and GT40 have not seen any rechrome work. The Nomad almost got it's front bumper redone. The GT40 didn't have any chrome anyways.