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  1. Here is a 2013 Camaro ZL1 that I built from the Revell pre painted kit. I didn't like the red so I stripped it and the chrome wheels. I painted it Atomic Orange from scale finishes! I really like how this one came out. This started off as a quick built but it was coming out so nice. I started to take my time and do it right. Hood is carbon fiber decals!
  2. That came out great! I have had a few fight me before. Good job staying with it and finishing it!
  3. These were also listed on the registry web sight. What I would love to build is one of the two 1970 Ranchero GT Twister Specials! One was recently found!
  4. Yes. I have a resin Mini Exotics kit of one! It needs a lot of clean up.
  5. Thanks! Can you imagine if they did the California Special as a earthquake theme!!
  6. My brother had a friend that has a 71 Torino GT with a shaker! It was a nice car!
  7. Here is a Torino Twister Special I recently finished!!
  8. I remember building one of these as a kid in the 80s. Testors box and I loved it and played with it. It's long gone now but I do have another one in my stash to build. Yours looks great!
  9. Inspired!! I have that one planned and the kit to do it. As a matter of fact I plan a 69 like yous and a 70 Super Stock AMX as well. Many of them were updated to 70 sheet metal!
  10. Nice! I’m slowly working on this one now!
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