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  1. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic MPC 79 FirebirdT/A   

    The decal sheet is very nice and may be why this kit is so much. For a while nobody had Trans Am on the decal sheet. Even the Revell kit was missing them. My older kit of the 79 Trans Am anniversary kit, it had decals that had the entire alfabet in the font so you could make it say Trans Am on the car but it was the way they had gotten away from the licensing but still giving us the decals. Also remember GM paid licensing fees to the SCCA for every Trans Am they sold. GM never owned the rights to the name! 
  2. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Fujimi GT40 MkII parts   

    Rex, Thanks for looking. That is correct. Fujimi only put that parts tree in a few of the MKII versions. Mostly in the 67 Daytona kits and a few of the 66 Sebring kits. It depended on the race and specific car.
    I have the Revell version of the car pictured. It was issued in 1989 and has the Fujimi GT40 MKII. Back then the tooling for the extra tree did not exist. I understand the Fujimi boxed kit of the same car came out in 2002. By that time Fujimi was doing the extra tree for the different versions. All Revell did was get the kits and add the decals to do this car. I understand that this car is the first GT40 to take the checked flag.
  3. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Fujimi GT40 MkII parts   

    I was just looking up the differences between the two kits of chassis P1015. For the white #98 66 Daytona car it had E15 in the radiator hood vent, E13 was on the right fender for tire clearance. Different rear spoiler E12. For the 67 Daytona version blue #2 it now uses the flares E1, E2, another modified spoiler E4. That car now had the dual quad 427. Earlier car a single 4V 427. Both versions had the dual gas caps and no scoops on the rear section, E3 plugs. The front was back to the more common kit fenders and radiator hood divider. Also both body's should not have the gurney bubble. Mine does but the Fujimi box kit should not. I really need E12, E13, and E15. The rest I can fab up.
  4. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Fujimi GT40 MkII parts   

    I have the Revell box of the 66 Daytona winner #98. It is the black and white car with a few red rectangles on it. It is also Chassis P1015. The Fujimi kit has the "E" tree and the updated directions. The Revell kit has the standard Fujimi GT40 MKII in the box. If you have a Fujimi kit with the E tree. The instructions will grey out the parts you don't need for that version.
  5. Sport Suburban added a topic in Wanted!   

    Fujimi GT40 MkII parts
    Looking for parts from the "E" tree from some of the Fujimi GT40 MkII kits. This tree is in most of the 67 Daytona kits. Not all the Fujimi GT40 MkII kits have these. This is why I'm looking for them. I need E3 (2), E7, E8, E12, E13, and E15. Willing to trade or Paypal. Would even consider the whole kit if it has this tree in it.
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  6. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Thoughts on the MFH Type 65 Daytona Super Coupe   

    I bought it directly from MFH. I tried to order off the web sight but ran into a problem. So I sent an email. They did respond and sent me a Paypal invoice that I paid. Paypal will do the currency conversion.
  7. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Any opinions on the Jimmy Flintstone '70 Challenger body?   

    I built one many years ago. The Jimmy Flintstone body is an RT/SE with the small rear window and vinyl top. It is not the cleanest casting and will require some work and thinning. That is to be expected with a Flintstone body. I'm pretty sure the shaker hood does fit the body but I did not use it. I don't believe the rest of the body has any corrections that I can recall from the AMT body. I can post pics of mine after I get home.
  8. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Thoughts on the MFH Type 65 Daytona Super Coupe   

    I just bought one of these a few months ago. I must say it is an impressive kit and if you can afford it then it is worth it. I have wanted the kit for some time but it was really expensive at close to $400 at the time it came out. I just paid $245.00 buying it directly with shipping because the Japanese yen is so low right now. It took less than a week to arrive. I have not built it yet.
    The only other offering was from Mini Exotics and it has not been available for some time. They show up on ebay from time to time. I had one of those kits and it is not as nice as the MFH kit. It also is not complete and requires a donor Monogram 427 Cobra and no decals.
  9. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic difference b/t '68 Dart and the '69 Dart bodies   

    The body's will interchange and all the 68 parts will fit it. The 69 kit is harder to find since it was not reissued. The 69 kit was the first issue of this tooling. It was modified into a 68 Mr Norms GSS Dart, then issued as a Dick Landy 68 GTS Dart and last the 68 Hemi Dart. So the 68 body should be easy to find. Keep in mind the first Mr Norms 68 had a vinyl top. Dartman is correct that the marker lights are different. But if I remember right the 68 Hemi Darts did not have front marker lights anyways since the used fiberglass fenders.
  10. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic I need a Charger 500 grill   

    I checked my stash of parts and I do have a spare 69 Charger 500 grill and bumper piece.
  11. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic I need a Charger 500 grill   

    No they are not the same. You want the Charger 500 grill for the Dukes kit. It has the front bumper and is the same as the kit issued Charger 500 part. The 68 Coronet grill is grill only with no bumper. It also had R/T molded on it. It is from the MPC 68 Coronet RT kit.
  12. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 71 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler   

    Very nicely done! I have one of these MPC Cyclones kit bashed also with the Revell Torino. It has stalled because I just could not decide on a color. The green with the vinyl top is really cool.
  13. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite news   

    I got one today and the body was wedged in the box and warped also.
  14. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic '68 Shelby Mustang Convertible   

    I like what I see here!
  15. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Questions about AMT 67 Barracuda and MPC 68 & 69 Barracuda's   

    I don't know the full story of the tooling, but the kits are from the same tooling. It would be difficult to backdate the 69 to a 67. The 69 has a peak on the hood that matches up the front grill mounting panel. The grills are different shapes and the rear tail light panel is completely different. Modelhaus offers the chrome and tail lights but not the rest. I know Modelhaus offers a conv 67 body.
    If you are looking for a 67 Barracuda. I may have one for sale.