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  1. Actually MCG announced that set about 4 years ago but it never came out just like the Thunderbird set shown right next to it in the header.
  2. Very cool! I have one of these on order as well. Mine has not arrived yet!
  3. Next Version will be a Coke Cola! Sorry, Just had to!
  4. You would need three pieces from the kit. The nose piece, grill and hood. The hood is longer and has no holes for the shaker. The DMold pieces actually fit the original hood and look real similar. I'm guilty of buying the parts but not rebuilding my 69 Mustang with it yet.
  5. I would like a set for the Monogram 1/24 scale Cobra!
  6. Here is one I just finished up. This is the Revell 1968 Mustang GT. I built this right out of the box as a 428 CJ car! I actually enjoyed building this even thou it has die cast roots and that turned me off when I first bought it. I actually preordered two back in 2008 when it came out. It also had the 67 interior and I had to wait for Revell to release the correct interior. I can't believe it took me this long to finally build one.
  7. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed building this one and have a few more to do. I built this maroon one when this kit first came out. A few times I thought about rebuilding it but left it alone. Now if a kit is readily available I will just build another one instead of redoing my first one.
  8. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed building this one.
  9. I do a lot of lurking. Focusing on my channel and building when I can. I spend a lot of time with my 3 year old now so that limits the modeling time and computer time.
  10. Here is the video on did on this one. And if you want to know how I did the stripes I did this video on that process. This took some time to do the process but I love how it came out!
  11. Here is a just about box stock build of the Revell 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette. This is the Phase III SS427 as it mostly resembles out of the box. I opened up the hood scoop and painted on the stripes. I also have a resin Mini Exotics 1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette Phase III GT that I am building.
  12. Here is a video from my You Tube channel. I did a lot of videos on this one from start to finish as I had a lot of requests to do this build step by step. But this is the finished one.
  13. I haven't shown many of my latest builds. Here is a 1973 Trans Am SD455 that I built from a MCW Resin body, Decals are from Keith Marks and the wheels are from Hobby Design. Built this mostly as a stock build and could easily take the wheels tires and brakes off to make this one stock.
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