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  1. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic superbird kit info needed   

    Didn't the original Cosma Ray kit have metal springs and look similar to the Superbird in some respects?
  2. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 67 Eleanor transkit available?   

    I really liked the newer movie and I love 67 Shelbys so it was just a natural for me. The car was treated like a character in the film. It was his nemesis. The wild stallion that could not be tamed so to speak. The main character always wanted his own but seem to always get busted steeling one. He finally got his in the end.
    As for the fact that so many movie clones were made and the demand was so high for them blows my mind. Plus watching some of the clones sell for more money that the real Shelbys is crazy.
  3. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 67 Eleanor transkit available?   

    Just wanted to point out that the donor kit AMT 67 Shelby GT-350 was rereleased recently (amt800/12) and is much easier to find!
  4. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Pontiac TransAm fans unite   

    Actually GM never owned the name. SCCA did or does and GM paid them for fee for every Trans Am they made. 
  5. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic So I'm sitting on a stack of 63 Country Squies and 64 Colony Parks   

    an original Paul Hettick interpertation of a Ford, misspelled to avoid licensing from Ford Motor corp.
  6. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic building 1969 - 70 Roadrunner in 1:25 scale   

    I built one long ago and the resin parts I used are no longer available. Currently Harts parts lists a 69 Roadrunner grill for the AMT 69 GTX. As mentioned sand off the GTX trim and don't use the chrome piece for the trunk. The only exterior issue is the taillights. The GTX has tunneled taillights and the Roadrunner are more flush. Keith Marks offered some excellent decals for this also! Harts also offers better seats in resin for a Roadrunner if you don't want to use the GTX bucket seats.
  7. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic building 1969 - 70 Roadrunner in 1:25 scale   

    You have a few options. First are you ok with resin? AMT did a 69 GTX and a few people offered Resin conversion parts to turn one into a Roadrunner. A 70 Roadrunner is also available in resin but is only the body parts. It is a direct copy of the Johan kit but donor parts may be an issue.
    In plastic Johan did both the 69 and 70 models in 1/25 plastic. They also did the GTXs. The most common is the 69 Roadrunner. They are all over eBay and get about 50-75 on average. The 69 GTX is rarer and gets a lot more. For the 70 kits the 70 GTX is more common than the 70 Roadrunner. I just watched a 70 Roadrunner that was busted up some sell for $130 but another nice one that is built up is offered at $200 but no buyers. 70 Superbirds from Johan are way more common and share many parts. Anything Johan is going to be more money if you are not familiar with them.
  8. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars   

    I would love more AMC muscle but I think their is enough interest in them. Like what was said before. Missing Link did the Hornet SC 360 and 70 AMX. I have one Hornet and two AMX. Devon resin did a 70 Javlin and so did Jimmy Flinstone. I have all the Johan Javelins and AMXs in my stash. I had even cast up my own 69 Javlin kit in Resin. I had close to 100 people who were serious about buying one but only 20 who actually did.
    Plus Fiat owns the copyrights to the AMC lines and may not be interested in licencing.
  9. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic +Modifying a Promo+   

    I have a few promos that I have modified. All were damaged to some degree so I got them at a good price.
    The one I did finish was a 64 Thunderbird hardtop. Roof was smashed and I wanted to do a convertible anyways. I got some Modelhaus replacment chrome and hood since the hood was molded in. I cut the hood and used what I needed from a 66 kit. It came out great but it would have been easier to start with a built kit. I usually go for restorable kits anyways.
    My other two promos are because no kits were offered of them. One is a 74 Cutlass that will become a 74 Hurst Olds. The other is a 64 Barracuda friction. The Barracuda had all the chrome beat up and stickers placed on the body. The body itself was in good shape dust sun faded. A kit was offered of the 65 Barracuda. The only difference between a 64 and the 65 as far as the promo goes. The 64 has Valiant script on the tail panel and a completely different dash. I got Modelhaus replacment chrome and hood and cut the promo hood out. I need to finish that one.
  10. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 20th Anniversary (1984) Mustang decals   

    Keith Marks makes some. https://public.fotki.com/mofobow/
  11. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Greg Wahn's Eleanor   

    I can't wait to see the Eleanor convertible kit come out. He has had my master for awhile now.
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v385/darkrapid/WIP/67 ELEANOR/Eleanorconvh.jpg
  12. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS   

    Very nice! I really like these Revell kits. I'm building a pace car convertible currently. Just a note, the SS package and Z/28 packages could not be combined even though they are very similar. Both could be had with the RS appearance package like yours. The SS package could be had with the 350 or a few different 396s with both automatic or manual trans for 69. The Z/28 comes with the special 302 and manual trans only for 69. The RS package could be ordered on any Camaro even a COPO!
  13. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic Trans-Am the pony wars....   

    I would love to see any of these race cars in kit form. It would have to have an accurate body for the race car. I think many would complain about a stock body in a race car kit at the current kit prices.
    Also having a race version of the 69 Trans Am would be kind of funny since it could not race in the series it was named after! I read in a book recently that that fact had a lot to do with why they only sold 600 of them but the Z/28 sold near 30,000 units in 69. They were allowed to race the 69 body in the 70 season with a 305 Chevy motor but was not competitive. This may not be fully accurate but it is what I remember reading.
  14. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1971 Cuda Question   

    I have the Revell kit and have yet to build it but I must say that this strikes me as kind of funny. I don't have an answer for the question but I remember when the only 70 Cuda was the MPC one. A few people offered resin conversions for the Revell 71 to make a 70.
    Here is my 70 AAR Cuda I built in 1990. It has an resin kit from MPB Detail products. Using the 71 Cuda and the engine and chassis from the 70 Challenger TA.

    Here are a few 70 Hemi Cudas built from the same parts but done much later. I think I built these in the early 2000s. The convertible I built shortly after the Nash Bridges kit came out. I was glad I bought so many of the MPB kits back then. I still have one more AAR kit still.

    This last one is a 71 Johan kit with a resin kit from Reliable Resin.

    I know have a MPC 70 and 71 to restore that will be done someday. And I will probably buy a resin 71 trans kit for the 70 Cuda if one does come out.
  15. Sport Suburban added a post in a topic 1968 plymouth roadrunner tail lights   

    I like the ones Missing Link offers.