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  1. Awesome. I have a few of the original annuals that I have restored and a few more to restore. This is great. I also wonder if they will do the same as they did with the 64 Cutlass. Offer the stock almost as issued convertible. Then when the hardtop comes out, issue it as the never offered 64 442 (hoping 68 Super Bee)!!
  2. Yes. I have been doing a You Tube Channel. Having fun with that and I can get into more detail in a video.
  3. I'm looking forward to this one even though I built this one.
  4. This kit looks good. I wasn't that interested in this kit till I saw those pics. Thanks Tim! I'll be ordering one maybe two.
  5. With no emblem in that grill it would probably work well on a 69 Charger 500 as well!!
  6. I didn't get a notice of shipment but mine showed up today! Actually it showed up Saturday but needed a signature! I was able to get it today!
  7. I preordered mine as well. May also do the Super Snake! Would love a Shelby GT350R or GT350 as well!
  8. he posted on his Facebook page that they were getting closer.
  9. I plan to build mine aqua with white interior!
  10. This is looking good! I have two of the earlier versions but have not built them.
  11. I had built the Black Rat version long ago when it was new. The stock 65 I posted is the same kit just updated in 1995. Didn't notice the missing wipers but I was very young back then. Also my stock 65 396 version still had the custom mirrors and fog lights in the kit still. I forgot about the Black Rat having tinted windows! I remember it being molded in black and I didn't paint anything. Just glued it together and put on the decals! It was a fun quick build!
  12. My Monogram 65 Corvette has them on the chrome tree. Are we talking about a different kit or later version?
  13. Love this! If this really does turn into a resin kit I'm very interested. I really like the 69 GS 400!
  14. Sorry. Long gone and I only did a limited run of 25 or so.
  15. Here is a link to his webpage. Look at the header! He has it on his header along with a set for the 1967 Shelby GT350! I want them both but they are not yet available and he announced them over 4 years ago. The Model Car Garage - The Model Car Garage
  16. There are multiple Guillaume Cossette and I cant find a K7 resin.
  17. This I understand to be true and that the 71 Air Grabber hood and bumpers were untouched but the 71 Annual body was modified into the 72 Annual body then the petty car. The body was restored for the 1987 release as it was easier to do a 71 with what was left of the kit. If you look at an annual 71 and compare it to the 87 issue of the 71 you can see all the marker lights and handles were retooled and the 1971 is missing from the front valance.
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