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  1. The Revell 64-66 Mustangs have them as well.
  2. 70 Sox & Martin Superbird

    I finished this one up this year. I would have to say that this is one of my longest works in progress. I actually rode my bycicle to the hobby store back in the late 80s and bought this kit new. I did a little preassembly by glueing on the nose and started the engine. I didn't know how I was going to paint it and was discouraged. It sat in the box for many years along with the Sox & Martin Cuda I also bought. Life happened and I was out of the hobby for awhile. I got back in the hobby and over the years bought slixx decals and a resin hood from AFX-N-Scale about 12 years ago but not real happy with this kit. Fireball Modelworks carbs were recently purchased as they are very nice and one of the things that bothered me were the carbs that came in the kit. I don't know how many times I have tossed this back in the box but I'm glad it is done now.
  3. The Fire Chief

    Nice! Love it.
  4. Show your Revell '68 Chevelle"s

    Very Nice! I haven't even started on mine yet but I did build a resin 68 Chevelle Convertible in Rally Green!
  5. Ferrari 288 GTO

    Wow that is nice!
  6. Lamborghini Countach LP400 wheels

    Fujimi did offer that version. I don't know of any other kits having them.
  7. 1968 Bullitt Mustang

    Love it!
  8. Courious? If a resin corrected interior tub was available. How many of you would buy one @ $15 a tub?
  9. 1969 Charger 500

    They are the same kit and same tool in different boxes. Only difference is my old one has the correct hood.
  10. 1969 Charger 500

    Very nice build! I bought that kit in that box as well. The box art car had the entire chassis, engine and engine compartment from the 69 GTX! Notice the front sway bar! Just like you stated it had none of those parts in it and the Daytona hood instead of the correct 69 hood. The hood issue has been that way since the 80s. The last issue I know of that had the correct hood was molded in yellow from the 80's
  11. Plamoz

    Same here. I was wondering what happened. I bought his 2013 Shelby and 2014 Camaro Z28. Both are very nice and I got a few sets of his 67 Shelby wheels. I'm wanting his 2012 Boss 302 and his Dodge Demon Widebody.
  12. 71 Grand Prix

    Here is another one of my restorations for 2018. A 71 Grand Prix MPC rebuilder. This one needed some work and a number of missing parts but nothing major. All the 71 parts were here. A Revell 69 Camaro gave up its mirror for this one. For some reason MPC really didn't give you outside mirrors. A few other things that is funny with MPC is the usual automatic interiors with manual transmissions! Another thing that made me laugh is the fact that both front door panels have all four power window switches and the rear windows are manual crank.
  13. 70 Cougar Eliminator Convertible

    Here is another long term project that I finished in 2018. No longer a restoration but started that way and progressed into this 70 Cougar Eliminator convertible. No real Eliminator Convertibles were made but I really wanted to do one and set it up with a Boss 302! It started with an original build up hardtop MPC kit. It has a cracked a pillar that was easily fixed but the body is crazed and the emblems and wipers are sanded mostly off. Perfect for an Eliminator. So that was my goal but needed lots of parts. I was gathering stuff up and also bought Missing Links resin convertible kit. I eventually lost motivation in building the hardtop as I already built one and really decided on building the convertible. I had enough parts to build one. So I switched to the convertible and built this.
  14. 68 Cougar GT

    Here is another one I finished up this year. I have been focusing heavily on stalled projects. This one was a restoration that took a few built up projects to restore this one. I bought enough 67-68 AMT Cougars over the years and I needed to get one finished. I have one more 68 and a 67 to build still. This one is pretty much all stock 68 AMT kit that was restored and rechromed by Chrome Tech. Mirrors are from the AMT 67 Mustang GT kit and I need a few more of them!
  15. 69 Pontiac Grand Prix

    69 Pontiac Grand Prix. Another one of my completed restorations of an MPC kit. I really like these cars and have to do a 71 and 72 also. I just really like the look of these 69 and 70 Grand Prix best. I was stuck trying to pick a color for this and it was almost a raspberry red. It is now Testors Anthresite Grey metallic. It was previously built in a similar color.
  16. 72 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Here is another one I finished up this year. Another restoration as well. This is a 72 Pontiac Grand Prix. I really like the 69 and 70 version better but had to finish up the set buy doing the 71 and 72 cars. I had collected a few builders to make a few good ones. This one landed in my lap as an unbuilt kit so it was an easy build. I had the chrome redone but everything else was good on this one. I really like the color combo on this one. This was one of the preprinted versions. I did strip it and redo it.
  17. 61 Lincoln Continental convertible

    Here is another one I finished up this year. Another restoration as well. This is my favorite year for this car. 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Really like this grill and didn't want to do black. I have a 62 as well and that may be black. Modelhaus provided the tires, rear bumper and hood ornament. Rest of chrome is redone by Chrome Tech.
  18. Rebuilding a 1:1

    If your looking to make money your chances are slim. Best bet is on truck but no bed is a killer. If your looking for fun and experience go for the Chrysler with the 383. Car can be fun and engine and trans parts should be easy to get but not always cheep. Rest of car is hard to get parts for. This I know all to well. AMC is also difficult to get parts for and even less of a market for it.
  19. 69 Camaro RS SS396

    Here is another one of my previously stalled projects I finished in 2018. 69 Camaro RS SS 396. It is also supposed to represent a rare L89 aluminum head 396/375 HP engine although I was not sure if the heads are raw aluminum or painted orange. This one was a tougher build as it seamed everything I changed would fight me. Hood is from the AMT 69 Camaro. It was trimmed to fit as it is bigger and also needed to be thinned. The hood hit the air cleaner and also the core support braces. I painted this one twice as I didn't like the fathom green from Testors spray can. It is now Testors British Racing Green met from a jar. It looks closer and I like it better. Then I added photo etch SS emblems and the lower rocker grills. And last up was the exhaust from the Revell 69 Nova COPO kit. Actual exhaust fit the chassis real nice but the manifolds did fit the crossmember so I clearanced the crossmember. Last thing I did was modify the bumper guards on the rear bumper and rechrome it. I'm now rear happy with this green machine!
  20. 66 Shelby GT350 convertible

    Here is another one I finished in 2018. This 66 Shelby GT350 convertible is built from kit bashing two Revell kits. The 64 Pace Car convertible and the 66 GT 350H. Pretty strait forward kit bash and real easy to do. This is my second 66 GT350 convertible build. It also has Plamoz wheels meant for the 67 Shelby kit that I had chromed. Not truly correct but I like them. Decals are older Fred Cady decals that I had a long time but could not get the hood stripes to lay down and appear strait. The hood was stripped and repainted and the stripes on the hood is now painted. I should have just painted all of the Le Mans stripes and only used the side decals. I just love this tooling model kit and really enjoy building these kits.
  21. 68 GTO Convertible

    Here is one of my grail kits that I finally was able to build. It's a 68 GTO convertible MPC kit and the one I had a hard time getting. It is painted Verdoro Green by Scale Finishes with automotive clear coat. Interior is light lime green. Chrome was restored by Chrome Tech and everything else is strait forward restoration. I'm real happy with how this one came out! I did add mirrors from an AMT kit. I think they are from the 69 Olds 442 kit.
  22. 69 Charger 500 from Revell kits

    I finished quite a few for 2018 and I finally sat down and took photos of them. I got more finished than I originally thought I did. Even though I have a limited amount of time to build mostly because I'm playing with my 2yr old son! So I will get right into this build. This was a stalled project that I didn't take to seriously at first. I started this 69 Charger 500 back in 2010 with a Daytona parts kit. I changed out the front fenders with the 69 Charger and roughed in the bodywork. Once that was done I started on the grill. Using a resin Modelhaus copy of the MPC 69 Charger 500. I quickly realized the bumper was not going to work. I removed the bumper from the grill and also removed the grill from the Revell bumper assembly. The 500 grill just didn't look right and was too small all by itself. It sat for awhile then I got a 68 Charger kit. I dropped the 500 into the 68 grill and it was a close fit and with some trimming it dropped right in and looked pretty good. The 68 also gave up its Dog dish wheels. Decals are a mix of Revell and the rear stripe is Fred Cady but cut up to fit the car. The last bonus was getting the new 70 Charger Revell kit and seeing the redline tires. I thought that what are they doing in a 70 kit, they should be white letter! Then I remembered I was mostly done with this build, so here they are.
  23. 70 Plymouth GTX Johan kit

    Here is another one that I finished up in 2018. Not really a true rebuilder as it was a very nice built model when I bought it. It was already painted Lemon Twist and looked really good and had a vinyl top added. I'll post the before pics then explain the changes.
  24. Pro Modeler 69 Charger Daytona

    That is beautiful. I built the original issue and the decals were brittle even then. I have one more of the Pro Modeler version and I'm sure the decals are toast now.
  25. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    It gets worse if they know you can fix things, have a truck and a welder! At least I'm in AZ, everyone has at least 1 truck.