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      The Report function of the forum works well. If you see someone acting up, acting out, or just being an okole, use the Report function. It works! I have it set up so it not only sends me an email, but that email is then marked with a flag, and get's put to the top of my email list. I will try to access/look at the report/topic as soon as possible, but remember, I'm on a six hour time delay, and other mods not only have a life, but a real job as well.  k den


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  1. REDFROGHOBBIES added a post in a topic 2012 iHobby show - Round2 2013 Announcements   

    I was also at I hobby. The problem today with all shows is the cost to do them. Manufactuers of models and accesories can't justify the costs any more of doing these shows as they can release the info on the internet and many more people can see and hear about new products at little to no cost to them.
  2. REDFROGHOBBIES added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Redfroghobbies news
    Hello all,
    Just a quick update to let you all know that we @ redfroghobbies.com continue to persue our first love, car models. We are expanding our line up of car models with Profile 24 models from France along with Model Factory Hiro from Japan. We already have stock on some Profile 24 ready for shippment.
    We have wanted to go in this direction for a while and now we feel is a great time as our business continues to grow due to strong support from the great modelers all across the globe. We also have full stock on Historic racing miniatures along with many other great lines such as detail master and model car garage, Jimmy flintstone etc.
    We will be adding more high quality resin models shortly and thank you all for your support now and in the future. Please check out out new website and please let us know what you think. Also suggestions are welcome as we continue to look for new and exciting lines to provide to our great customers.

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  3. REDFROGHOBBIES added a post in a topic Red Frog Hobbies   

    If you do a search here on the forum you will find some info on us.
    If you have any questions call or email us.