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  1. No, actually it does not. It's a big block cross ram fuel injection set up. The Accurate Miniatures Webber cross ram set up is indeed for a small block. The best ever kitted.
  2. Yes. Please. I very much want one. And a Cutlass and Cougar.
  3. I've used a couple of the sets. There are quite a few different ones. I wish that they were more widely available. Sadly, I believe most if not all are discontinued.
  4. Planning this one as well. There was an article in the first issue of Motor Racing Replica News a long time ago on this very car. I saw it race at Road America.
  5. Very nice D Type. The E is pretty special as well. Ive got a bunch of the Revell E types squirreled away for racimg projects. Going to do the D as well.
  6. Very cool models and thread. I just scored a set of Studio 27 decals to build the SCCA racer out of the Hasegawa kit I have. BTW, the MPC convertible kit is so very close to 1/24, especially the engine. One is going in my coupe!
  7. Loving this. Cant wait to see the finished product!
  8. Thanks for the info all. Nothing lead to just the sleeper conversion though. I already have a C-600 cab to cut up!
  9. Looking for information leading to the purchase of a resin sleeper conversion for the AMT Ford C600. I've seen them on Ebay, but not recently. Any help would be great. JIm
  10. As do I. Resources such as this are great. Many thanks for posting. Jim
  11. Fred Cady did a decal sheet for this car. They're still regularly found on ebay. Neat project and build. I've got all the parts squirreled away to build a replica myself.
  12. Impressive build and photography as well. The single most beautiful prototype ever in my opinion!
  13. There has been one seller, over the past month has had at least four original body kits in boxes. I think he found a stash somewhere and is putting his kid through college with the proceeds! I have one that was used on a slot car and it's pretty badly heat distorted.
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