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  1. I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!!!!

  2. The Car-Toon Truck

    Exactly... My post above was in no way meant as critique of the vehicle. I was over the comment I replied to. To ask “why?†is the same as someone not in “our†hobby asking why. Why? Because this is what we want to do. Just because it’s not to your taste is no reason to… well there are rules about language.. I personally don’t like …. let’s not go there. I liked the heart and thought behind the vehicle and was shocked that a fellow modeler and artist would post such a reply.. I’m sorry if my non-clear comment offended. It was in no way a slight toward the vehicle.
  3. The Car-Toon Truck

    ? The same can be said for a model… No?
  4. A-tona

    Looking AWSOME!!!!
  5. You may have clicked "Delayed notification" And then it sent you a mail for each and every reply to your post all at once. Hope this helps?
  6. Today is 4/26......so how about a 426?

    Better late than never.. I hope!
  7. Rat Wrecker

    Here are a few progress pics. The new wheels CHANGE everything about the look of this project. Comments not only welcome but encouraged!
  8. Rat Wrecker

    That's ok, Nick. I like mixing up parts, thats how they (we) did it in the old days. Check out my 40 coupe build in the underglass section and you'll see what I mean. I'm from the school of "build what ya got". As a kid my dad had a 53 f-100 with a 55 Chevy bed on it, so I'm going to give it to him when I get it done. Keep watching the bench in future pics of my other builds and you may end up seeing the entire build up of it a few pieces at a time. I work on it whenever I find a piece that it needs.
  9. Rat Wrecker

    Good eye, Nick, it surely is. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. I decided to change the tire and wheel set up today and hope to get some pics of that up later.
  10. Sounds feaseable to me. But I've never entered a contest, so I have no clue how it would work in practice.
  11. Show Us Your Vintage Glue Museum

    I got one of those in an old box. I call it the (Stuff that wont make plastic stick to itself box).
  12. A-tona

    Looking slick, Jim. I told ya building the wing is a breeze.
  13. "The Drapoel Express"

  14. Rat Wrecker

    Here are a few more pics.
  15. Rat Wrecker

    I’m waiting for a set of wheels for another build so I decided to start another one… Too many on the bench as it is, but as you know it IS a sickness. Lower part of the cab is from the ‘Lil Gasser. The top is a highly modified Chevy Luv bed cap. Fenders from a 32 ford, grill is an old Mercedes, The frame started life as a 1:32 scale Volvo semi, and the engine is a V12 Lambo out of a Contach sp? The boom is scratch built from household stuff, mostly.