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  1. vista69 added a post in a topic '72 cutlass/442 detail   

    I've been doing a comparison study of the two kits also. It looks like the '72 body WOULD make a good donor for a '70 convertible. the bumoer profiles appear to be the same with some very minor filing to make the two kits work together.

    The front of the hoods or completely different so you need to use the '70 hood with the '70 grill

    The tail ight openings are also different, so you need to use the '70 rear bumper too.

    I don't know if you noticed, but there would be a lot of modification needed to the quarter panels to make the Johan '70 442 hardtop into a convertible. There's a lot more to it then just chopping off the top. That's why the '72 makes a perfect candidate for a '70 Oldsmobile convertible.

    I'm curently waiting for some parts from the Modelhaus. Since I want to make a '70 Pace car out of the '72 body, I orgered a '71 grill for the johan '70.

    I hope this helps, MIke
  2. vista69 added a post in a topic '72 cutlass/442 detail   

    Nevermind, it appears that I should look for a '70 Monte to donate it's roof.

  3. vista69 added a post in a topic '72 cutlass/442 detail   

    Thanks for the reply, Ron. I'm ordering the '72 442 grille "Insert" to modify the kit's Cutlass grill. I also noticed that to make it more correct is to attach the top border of the grill to the hood. I might try that too.

    But now you drove me to another question. Where or how did you get the coupe top to convert the convertible body like the Hurst you have pictured? I've been wanting to do that conversion too.

  4. vista69 added a post in a topic '72 cutlass/442 detail   

    These are a couple of great tips. I didn't notice the black and silver differences in grille between the '71 and '72 before your post.

    But could you tell me more about the source for your grille?

    I'm looking to buy a conversion from Modelhaus, but they offer both a Grille "Insert" and the full Grille with bumper peice. Do you know anything about the "Insert"? Do you know if it's a fairly simple modification to cut out the Revell 'eggcrate' '72 Cutlass portion and attach the deepdish-like 442 Grille?
    Or would I need to create a deep-dish-like border for a flat insert?