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  1. Deckerz added a post in a topic 71 GTX V-X   

    Stance mockup, im not using the viper wheels now i think they look a bit silly, in my opinion it should have deep rims so i got some random tyres i had from a chevelle kit, i have had the rims for these though so may have to contact revell about these. Anyway after some hard sanding on the front end to get the blending im going for i decided to take a break and see how it looks at the stance i want with the engine too, i get the feeling more modification is going to be needed to the hood slightly to clear the supercharger!

  2. Deckerz added a post in a topic 71 GTX V-X   

    Thanks man progress is slow but im getting there, i have ran into a slight problem though, i have lost the valve covers for the engine , i put a coat of primer on the body to see where im at with it and there still seems to be quite a bit of work but onwards and upwards!

  3. Deckerz added a post in a topic 71 GTX V-X   

    Its been a while since my last post, between work, my child and everything else life has been chucking at me this past year ive only been able to do bits as and when i can but slowly things are getting back on track. A little body work has been done, mainly getting the shape right and smoothing, also some work on the engine, im focusing on that right now to get all the little details done, fuel rails, realistic exhaust manifold pipes ect.

  4. Deckerz added a post in a topic Wanted: Rear axle   

  5. Deckerz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Dual project...
    So i have a dual project starting, an old viper GTS which is going to be near enough standard except some extra detailing under bonnet, realistic exhaust pipes and viper srt-10 acr wheels (wheels pictured just to mockup), it will be painted pink with black stripes and wheels.

    Second is a 71 plymouth gtx i call the gtx-s, all the front and back bumpers and grills will be smoothed to the body to update it a little, the engine will be a supercharged viper engine, paint is yet to be decided but i am thinking of a patchy snakeskin effect.

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  6. Deckerz added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted: Rear axle
    I am looking for the rear axle and stabliser bars from a 2005 revell ford mustang kit or something similar, feel free to pm me. Thanks in advance!
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  7. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    I got the rear clip of a 41 willys coupe through the post, it needs cutting and trimming but this is a rough mock up. Il have to put a piece of styrene tube across to keep it solid while I do what I thinks going to be the hardest bit to do. I need to embed the truck bed into the fap but still leaving enough room for the wheels.

  8. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    Bonnet and underside done, starting in the door now then its just finishing the body off. Im waiting for a old willys coupe to come through so I can do the bed of the truck, im going to be using the rear arches of the coupe and mould them to the truck bed as I don't really like the standard arches for the truck and I think the coupe arches will set it off a lot better especially with the big tyres tucked inside.

  9. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    A little update, i've rusted one door and done the hood and other door in primer, there is still sanding and another coat of primer for both then il add the black to the hood and rust and rust the primed door. I still have more rust to do for the rest of the body too. I have decided for the interior that at some point in its past it has been sealed so im deciding to use black underbody sealant applied by hand, it has a brownish tinge to it already which will help but il add just a sprinkle of rust within.
    Id say even though this build seems complicated because of the rusting details, to be honest its the opposite because I don't have to worry about tiny imperfections in the paint work

  10. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    Thanks guys i appreciate the positve feedback so soon! 
    Thanks for the Suggestion Steven, to be honest that's exactly what i was going to do in a way, i was going to get a little pot of tamiya base coat, mix a bit of it with the rust and a tiny bit of salty water to make a rusty paint/paste and hand paint the inside with a fine brush, hopefully while drying the rust will oxidize a bit more and cause rust runs, we'll see how things go though haha.
  11. Deckerz added a post in a topic Need desperately!   

    Thanks fellas, great help, just let me know! Very much appreciated!
  12. Deckerz added a post in a topic Need desperately!   

    Thanks for the offer man but im specifically looking for a used one just for the rear fenders as I want to mould them to the pickup bed of my 41 willys pickup.
  13. Deckerz added a topic in Wanted!   

    Need desperately!
    I need a 41 willys front grill and also the back end of a 41 willys coupe maybe an old glue bomb or anything as long as the rear fenders are in tact.
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  14. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    Thanks buddy, all the body panels will be to match except the hood which will be gloss black with rust to look like its been replaced and a door in primer again with rust on to look like it was replaced too but not painted for a long time. Possibly an old decal here and there. All underneath though will look brand new and a surprise is in store for the engine.
  15. Deckerz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    41 rust power!
    I decided to build this 41 willys pickup truck, I have limited supplies at the moment but that's not stopping me, I couldn't decide on a colour so I decided to rust it, not with all this fancy stuff for rust effect, this is genuine rust sanded off an old brake disc I have.
    I started by sanding the body as usual then rubbed rust powder all over the body. I then clear coated the body and sprinkled the dust hear and there and built it up. I still have more to do but thought id show how it stands.

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