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  1. Deckerz added a post in a topic Need desperately!   

    Thanks for the offer man but im specifically looking for a used one just for the rear fenders as I want to mould them to the pickup bed of my 41 willys pickup.
  2. Deckerz added a topic in Wanted!   

    Need desperately!
    I need a 41 willys front grill and also the back end of a 41 willys coupe maybe an old glue bomb or anything as long as the rear fenders are in tact.
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  3. Deckerz added a post in a topic 41 rust power!   

    Thanks buddy, all the body panels will be to match except the hood which will be gloss black with rust to look like its been replaced and a door in primer again with rust on to look like it was replaced too but not painted for a long time. Possibly an old decal here and there. All underneath though will look brand new and a surprise is in store for the engine.
  4. Deckerz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    41 rust power!
    I decided to build this 41 willys pickup truck, I have limited supplies at the moment but that's not stopping me, I couldn't decide on a colour so I decided to rust it, not with all this fancy stuff for rust effect, this is genuine rust sanded off an old brake disc I have.
    I started by sanding the body as usual then rubbed rust powder all over the body. I then clear coated the body and sprinkled the dust hear and there and built it up. I still have more to do but thought id show how it stands.

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  5. Deckerz added a topic in Wanted!   

    Donor body
    Im looking for a donor revell dodge charger body, 68 or 69. It really doesn't need to be the best of shape, aslong as it has the roof and pillars. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  6. Deckerz added a post in a topic Disaster!!   

    Hes around 7 months old now and hes just not learning, i swear he still doesn't know his name and we've tried all sorts to stop his bad habits and get him taught but he won't have any of it, hes awful with me and my girlfriend but won't go near our daughter. I guess all we can do is keep on trying but when hes no longer a puppy and hes still doing it we will just have to get rid of him. At least i know now to put all my parts back in boxes even if i only pop out for a minute.
  7. Deckerz added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Has anybody got a dog? Is that dog annoying? Does that dog chew anything in sight?
    Well my dog is called Alf and i am not very happy with him, i mated an AMT quad cam 426 Hemi to the transaxle gearbox of a revell Ferrari Enzo, it took ages to get everything straight, filled and detailed to look as if it was meant to be together, luckily i hadn't finished building the engine, it was literally the block with cylinder heads and gearbox.
    Just as i finally decide what to use the engine in, the dog decided to get hold of it and now all that remains is the cylinder heads and a lot of chewed plastic. Now i have to find a new 426 doner block and a Enzo engine.
    Thanks Alf.....
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  8. Deckerz added a post in a topic Viper SRT-10 windscreen, 426 Hemi block, Enzo Engine   

    Im interested, guess il be stuck with the rest of it haha but I can make something of the other parts.
  9. Deckerz added a topic in Wanted!   

    Viper SRT-10 windscreen, 426 Hemi block, Enzo Engine
    If anyone has one or more of the parts please pm me, specifically the hemi must be a AMT piece, thank you.
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  10. Deckerz added a post in a topic Off-road tyres   

    Specifically im just looking for some type of all terrain tyres, all I have is the road going tyres which definitely won't work.
    I have a complete revell viper gts kit, I only opened to check everything was there.
    A complete unbuilt monogram 440 sixpack engine.
    A unbuilt monogram ford 427 engine that is missing the intake manifold.
    A lot of other bits and pieces il have to sort through.
  11. Deckerz added a post in a topic Off-road tyres   

    I was preferably looking for a trade to be honest, after looking at a few sites it's going to cost me about 4 times the price of the tyres just for shipping.
  12. Deckerz added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Off-road tyres
    I recently bought a dodge ram vts kit but im wanting to make it an off-roader, all im really needing is some off-road tyres, ive got a few bits to trade, whats about? Thanks
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  13. Deckerz added a post in a topic 71 GTX V-X   

    A few little things have been done, I had trouble with the rear bumper with panel lines and general fitting so I've decided to glue as I've dine what I can, just waiting for some putty and il smooth the bumper into the body. I also cut the grill part out of grill leaving the surround which il will put some mesh behind and some new headlights. Finally ive been able to decide on the ideal ride height!

  14. Deckerz added a post in a topic Srt 10 / rt 10 engine   

    Yeah I had a look earlier, im thinking of just buying the vts when I get paid as I do need the engine.