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  1. Hi. Inbox me your mailing address. I have a set leftover from a slot car build. I'll get them out by the weekend.
  2. Hi. I have two tail light lenses you can have. inbox me the U.S. address you want them shipped to. I don't need anything for them.
  3. Beautiful work as ALWAYS!!!
  4. I think it's VERY cool kit. There's enough there to make something nice! I'm glad to see something different nowadays. The interior isn't a biggie because I'm sure SOMEONE out there in resin land will fab up what's needed in order to make it factory-stock. Swirls and other minor bodywork-related issues can easily be overcome. Enjoy the kit for what is IS or don't BUY it; NOT a difficult decision at ALL. Thank you for sharing the pictures of what's inside. I'm going to buy two of them.
  5. I have one sealed; what do you have to trade?
  6. Try Gravity-Colors in Spain; excellent customer service and communication.
  7. Beautiful work!! One of my favorite mangas!
  8. That's a fine build so far! The paintjob is NICE!!!
  9. This has been a wonderful adventure so far for me!! I would LOVE to have a TENTH of your skills!! Please keep updating us on this fantastic build!!
  10. Good morning! (as of the time I'm posting this, anyway! ?) I have just read through this entire thread and I have learned a few things from a few of you and also I have been thoroughly entertained by this build! Please keep posting updates! This is one of the coolest builds I've seen in a while!! Thank you for sharing! Antonio
  11. I LOVE it!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  12. Beautiful work as always, Tyrone!!
  13. That is TRULY a fantastic save!! I love it!!
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